I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 72.1

Chapter 72 Part 1

“Here…I’m late. I don’t know if mom and dad were waiting for us to eat.”

Yan Hongying came home happily while holding Chen Zeqing’s hand. She saw her little brother waiting at the door, with a deeper smile on her face, she said “Ah Qing, what are you doing here?”

“Mom asked me to come out to pick up my sister.”

The youngest brother of Yan Hongying’s family, Yan Hongqing, said obediently while glancing at the man beside Yan Hongying.

He heard that this man was working in the city library. Yan Hongqing looked at this man and he also felt very comfortable. The corners of his mouth hooked up, revealing the rural children’s ‘simple and unpretentious’ smile.

Since he’s the one who is about to get married, it’s true that Chen Zeqing is older, but he would still meet the basic social relationship.

He also smiled and greeted the child, “You are Hong Ying’s brother, right? Brother, I brought you a gift.”

“Really?!” Yan Hongqing immediately made a surprised sound.

“Really, it’s a good toy!”

Yan Hongying smiled and answered, reaching out to touch Yan Hongqing’s head, “Come on, let’s go inside and I’ll give it to you.”

“Yes, yes! Thank you, brother-in-law!”

When Yan Hongqing found out that he had a gift, he was already so happy that he even called out to his brother-in-law.

The two siblings, Yan Hongying and Yan Hongqing led Chen Zeqing into the Old Yan family’s house, first passing through the doorway of the Third Branch room and directly meeting Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang.

Lin Xiaoyue was staring at the three of them, eating melon seeds, and watching a good show.

Yan Hongying usually does not like Lin Xiaoyue. But now, when she saw Lin Xiaoyue, she also did not have a good face.

She didn’t even introduce them to Chen Zeqing, so she directly dragged him towards the big house.

On the threshold of Second Branch’s house, Yan Lianhua was waiting for Yan Hongying to bring her partner over…

Yan Hongying wasn’t ready to introduce Yan Lianhua to Chen Zeqing and was about to drag her towards the older family.

As a result, Yan Lianhua called out to Yan Hongying, “Sister Hongying, it’s late, where did you go?”

“Back from town.”

Yan Hongying casually returned Yan Lianhua’s voice, but did not intend to say more to Yan Lianhua, and continued to pull Chen Zeqing towards their own house.

“Sister Hongying…”

As a result, Yan Lianhua, worried about missing this opportunity, directly got up and hurriedly ran towards their side, defiantly stopping the three of them, “Sister Hongying, is this your new partner? Why don’t you introduce it to me ah? “

Yan Lianhua, who is not intelligent enough. She didn’t think of any reason to talk to Yan Hongying. She can only ask a casual question like this…

And when asking this sentence, Yan Lianhua’s eyes from time to time skimmed over to Chen Zeqing, who was on Yan Hongying’s side.

Her eyes flickered. How could Yan Hongying not see Yan Lanhua’s mind and purpose?

Yan Hongying instantly changed her face, but still pressed her displeasure and squeezed Chen Zeqing’s clothes more tightly, “He is your brother-in-law. Zeqing. She is the daughter of my second uncle’s family. As I told you before, there was an accident in my second uncle’s family and she owed a lot of debt, so my sister’s marriage was also delayed. Then, I’d like to ask if there is a suitable person around you to introduce her.”

Yan Hongying said such warm and polite words, but in fact, the words are deliberately exposed to the fact that the Second Branch family owes a large debt, Yan Lianhua does not have any dowry, and will even become a drag on the male’s family.

Chen Zeqing is already a divorced man. He naturally knows the meaning.

When the first time he heard Yan Hongying say this, Chen Zeqing felt disgusted as he saw Yan Lianhua’s face.

But as a guest, Chen Zeqing still greeted Yan Lianhua politely, “Hello, sister.”

“How are you, brother-in-law?”

Yan Lianhua’s smile was stiff at this time. Yan Hongying directly exposed her family’s debt. She was ashamed.

The expression on Yan Hongying’s face was much prouder. “Then we won’t talk anymore. Mom and dad are still waiting for us in the house. You should also go back inside.”

“Oh…” Yan Lianhua nodded her head dumbly.

Immediately, Yan Hongying took Chen Zeqing back to her house with her brother, Yan Hongqing.

Yan Lianhua kept watching the three of them enter the house. Only then did she bow her head in disappointment and turn around and go to her house.

All the scenes here were seen by Lin Xiaoyue, who was sitting at the door of the third branch watching a good play.


Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t help but laugh. While laughing, she patted Yan Yang’s shoulder. “Do you think she’s stupid? Even if she wants to rob someone else’s partner, she doesn’t have to rush so blatantly? She almost didn’t write the word ‘mistress’ on her face.”

Yan Yang asked again, “What’s a mistress?”

Lin Xiaoyue gave him the answer, “A mistress is a third party in a relationship, the one who intervenes, the most shameless one anyway!”

“What are you talking about, you cheapskate?”

Yan Lianhua completely heard Lin Xiaoyue’s words and shouted at Lin Xiaoyue in anger, “Stop talking nonsense! I don’t have that kind of mind! If you dare to spread such words to the village, I will tear your mouth apart! Hmph!”

With an unruly hum, Yan Lianhua was so angry that she went back to her house.

Chen Cuiyun saw what had happened in the yard just now.

Seeing her daughter being humiliated in front of others, easily suppressed by Yan Hongying, Chen Cuiyun was also angry!

Unfortunately, the Second Branch family was now in debt. Chen Cuiyun’s reputation in the village was also very bad. She also lost the thought of trying to give her daughter a head start.

She just comforted Yan Lianhua, “OK, OK, with the situation of our family, you can’t get married until our debt is paid off. Even if you want to get married, our family can’t get a little dowry, and no good people will want you.”

“But all girls have to get married! I’m old enough!” Yan Lianhua sat down at the dining table with a puffed-up expression on her face.

“We can’t help even if you are old enough. How can you get married without a dowry? There are some people whose families really do not want a dowry, but those people are poor. Do you want to marry there? “

Chen Cuiyun was not accustomed to Yan Lianhua’s temper. She then said to Yan Lianhua, “Now the family is in this situation. Just stay at home and pay the money back to us! When the money is paid off, we will save a dowry for you to find a good family to marry.”


Yan Lianhua shouted in anger and stomped her feet, “What’s this all about? That bastard, Yan Hongwen! Why didn’t he go to hell? “

Even if Yan Lianhua scolded Yan Hongwen like this, Chen Cuiyun would not say anything about her, because Chen Cuiyun had also scolded Yan Hongwen a hundred and eighty times behind her back, hating herself for giving birth to such a son!


Yan Lianhua still has the idea of stealing Yan Hongying’s match in her heart, because she thinks she is prettier than Yan Hongying and has been better than Yan Hongying in every way since she was a child…

The person who can look at Yan Hongying must be able to look at her better.

So, when the blind date leaves later, Yan Lianhua has one more chance.

She wants to chase him out without Yan Hongying’s knowledge.

This thought, Yan Lianhua, hid it in her heart. She said it to no one.

All three families in Old Yan’s house had already started to eat.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were the only people at the third branch’s table. Wang Xiuying cooked the food and sent it to Yan Dayong in her new house. Of course, she ate with Yan Dayong there.

Dinner was two meat dishes and two vegetables. Meat dishes were one egg and one meat. Yan Yang mixed Lin Xiaoyue a bowl of lard rice with shrimp skin.

There is a bowl of lard bibimbap and two meat and two vegetable dishes. Lin Xiaoyue wasn’t picky about her own food.

She ate a big mouthful of meat, a big piece of meat into her mouth, she ate with relish and said~

“It’s so delicious.”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded as she ate, “I’m going to have another bowl of lard bibimbap later. You can mix it for me again!”

In fact, this lard bibimbap is so oddly simple that Lin Xiaoyue thinks she should also be able to do it herself.

But she was just lazy and wanted to ask Yan Yang to help her make it.

Yan Yang was also happy to take care of her, “You eat first, then I will mix it for you.”

“My appetite seems to be getting better and better…”

Lin Xiaoyue stuffed a big bite of meat into her mouth, her cheeks moving as she chewed. She was eating very cutely, “I think I’ve gained a lot of weight recently, do you feel it?”

Yan Yang slowly and methodically ate a vegetable. The corners of his lips slowly raised, “Yes, you are right.”

He slept with her every night. From the beginning, he felt that her body was full of bones. Now he can finally feel a little flesh. Yan Yang’s heart is more and more satisfied.

But unexpectedly, he received the next sentence from Lin Xiaoyue. “Do you mind if I’m fat?”

Yan Yang replied directly, “Fat looks good, I always wanted to fatten you up.”

“That is because the flesh in me was just enough. Later, if I become fatter, you will dislike me! “

Although Lin Xiaoyue said such words, the action of putting meat in the bowl didn’t stop at all.

Fortunately, there is a lot of meat in the bowl, which can stand her crazy clipping method?

Yan Yang smiled and touched Lin Xiaoyue’s head, and pinched Lin Xiaoyue’s bulging cheeks, the corners of his mouth involuntarily raised, “You will be more and more lovely.”

I really want to eat her…

Thoughts suddenly surged in his mind …

After reacting, Yan Yang hurriedly shook his head to clear the distracting thoughts in his head.

Lin Xiaoyue squeezed her eyebrows at him, firing cute waves, “So do you want your little cutie, to give you a little cutie ah?”

Suddenly, she asked such a question…

Yan Yang looked puzzled. His eyebrows could not help but reveal a look of surprise. “Can you?”


Lin Xiaoyue was embarrassed about her initiative to “become a woman”. She quickly took a big bite of rice, bulging her cheeks on both sides and focusing on chewing.

The delicious lard-rice overflowed in her mouth. The pleasure of tasting the delicious food eliminated some of her embarrassment.

Yan Yang’s voice shivered slightly as he repeated the question, “Can you …… help me have a baby?”


Suddenly, Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t help spraying rice when he heard such a rustic expression.

This made her even more embarrassed.

“I didn’t mean to……”

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly got up and ran to get a rag. Yan Yang behind her quickly took a deep breath to calm himself. At the same time, he was also reflecting. ‘Did he scare her by what he just asked?’

Lin Xiaoyue brought the rag to clean up the table, and only then continued to sit down. She looked at Yan Yang, “You you, you …… don’t care that there is my saliva in the dish, right?”

“Of course.”

Yan Yang decisively replied. In order to express that he didn’t care, he also deliberately extended his chopsticks. He took a bite of each dish, chewed it, and nodded, “It’s becoming more delicious.”

Lin Xiaoyue herself had a sense of nausea as her saliva came out. Then, how can he say this?

However, he didn’t dislike it. Lin Xiaoyue was quite happy with his action.

She continued to pick up the rice bowl. Her big, slithery eyes stared closely at Yan Yang, “With what you just talked about, do you want to continue?”

Yan Yang was instantly nervous again. He took a deep breath, pursed his lips, squared his body and asked, “Then, I will ask once more…… can you give me a baby?”

This time, apparently, she apparently had the mental ability to accept such a rustic question, and her heart was also feeling sweet!

To die, to die…

“We are a married couple…”

Lin Xiaoyue used chopsticks to pick up lard bibimbap and raised a shallow arc at the corner of her mouth. “As a wife, my obligation is to open branches and leaves for your third branch family? Don’t you want me to give you a baby?”


Yan Yang immediately refuted her words and seriously and nervously picked up, “Of course I do want to.”


At this point in the conversation, Lin Xiaoyue was already satisfied.

As long as he wanted to, that meant that the two of them could hum and haw!

Since she can save the country and get through his idea so naturally through the way of children… What a clever little ghost!

Lin Xiaoyue slightly nods in satisfaction and moves his chopsticks. “Eat… Eat more. You’re stronger and I’m fatter. I’ll have a healthy fat boy at that time.” and moved his chopsticks. “Eat… Eat more. If you’re stronger and I’m fatter. I’ll have a healthy fat boy at that time.”

Yan Yang obeyed and hurriedly gave Lin Xiaoyue several chopsticks of meat, “Eat more.”

Lin Xiaoyue holds the bowl, smiles and nods.

She and Yan Yang enjoyed the meal.

They looked at each other from time to time and then couldn’t help laughing. The atmosphere of the table was full of pink, sweet love.

And that night, after the exchange of ideas, the two finally had rain of joy.

Beforehand, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang both took a shower.

The two of them tossed and rolled on the bed, doing things that could not be described in words.

Finally, their hands clasped as they fell into a deep sleep.

In the dream, Lin Xiaoyue came to the study space.

She met Yan Yang, who was the only one left in the space. With a gentle water-like smile on her lips, she slowly sat down beside him.

Lin Xiaoyue no longer cared which of the three Yan Yangs he was.

No matter which Yan Yang he is, he is her husband.

Lin Xiaoyue wanted to spend a lifetime with him.

She will, with all her heart, manage this marriage.


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