I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 72.2

Chapter 72 Part 2

The next morning, Lin Xiaoyue woke up in Yan Yang’s arms…

Today’s morning was really different from the usual morning.

Because when Lin Xiaoyue woke up this morning, she moved her fingers and touched real muscles, which were still hot.

Raising her head and looking at Yan Yang, whose eyes were still closed, Lin Xiaoyue let out a soft sigh in his arms.

With emotion, she was busy appreciating men’s sex last night and forgot to place an order on Taobao.

Lin Xiaoyue had to blame herself for putting aside her profitable business for Yan Yang’s sake. She didn’t have strong ambitions.

Compared to other female protagonists in the ancient theme novel, Lin Xiaoyue felt that she was the saltiest fish among them.

Buddhist money, salted fish life. As long as you have meat, money in your pocket, a husband who dotes on you, and your own house standing there, it seems that your career is not strong.

After a while, Yan Yang woke up.

They were lying in the warm quilt and chatting softly. Today is a day when they don’t want to go out for business.

However, today there is a business that they must attend to.

Because Yan Yang and Zhou Zhengwei negotiated a business deal today.

Zhou Zhengwei told Yan Yang that he had a batch of more suitable high-class people with whom they could sell the goods. As a result, Yan Yang must go to him and discuss the matter in depth.

Yan Yang naturally does not refuse. With this kind of business coming to his door, plus his family still needs money to buy a house,

Therefore, he and Lin Xiaoyue didn’t stay in bed for long and got up at 8 o’clock.

At this hour, there were only two old people left in Old Yan’s house, and all those who could work had gone to the production team to work in the fields.

Therefore, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang are also very comfortable.

After last night’s experience, they even brushed their teeth like they were flirting…

Lin Xiaoyue bumped into Yan Yang with her buttocks and winked at him. The little girl was as active as a little monkey.

Yan Yang later found her annoying. He reached out and hooked her neck. The two stood side by side and brushed their teeth as if living like a newlywed couple.

As it turns out, nightlife helps to enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

After last night, Lin Xiaoyue felt that Yan Yang had torn off his shell from her and that he was much more lively!

Breakfast was prepared by Wang Xiuying. The two of them casually drank a bowl of porridge and ate some small dishes, then set off for the town.

Because it was to talk to Zhou Zhengwei about new business, Yan Yang did not call on his little brother, and there was no bus to take.

When they arrived in town, they both went to the city center by ferry.

At 10 o’clock, at the port in the city center, Zhou Zhengwei received them both with a big smile.

Taking Yan Yang’s shoulder, Zhou Zhengwei patted and said, “man, I think your luck is really good! Listen to me. This opportunity is very rare. You must take advantage of it ~”

“What opportunity?”

Yan Yang felt that there was something wrong with Zhou Zhengwei’s words, “Didn’t you come to inspect the goods?”

Zhou Zhengwei’s expression changed, but he still smiled and patted him on the shoulder, saying, “You’ll know when you get there; it’s a great opportunity! Trust me, it’s a good thing to take it!”

Yan Yang stepped down and fixed his eyes on Zhou Zhengwei’s face, “speak clearly first.”

Lin Xiaoyue also looked at Zhou Zhengwei. Although she felt a little nervous at the moment, Lin Xiaoyue was not afraid.

“Well … then I will say it clearly. Don’t go!”

Zhou Zhengwei pointed a finger at Yan Yang and gave him a precautionary injection first, “The fifth master asked me to call you here. The fifth Master said that he used some means, such as contracting a seafood processing factory. He used some means to get rid of the original factory director. Now the new factory director is his son. Then, he transferred the original factory director secretary. He wants to leave this position to you!”

Yan Yang narrowed his eyes, “It’s not that simple, right? What is your position?”

Yan Yang must have received some benefits, otherwise, he would not have taken such great pains to trick Zhou Zhengwei.

You know, in the past, when the fifth master extended an olive branch to Yan Yang, Yan Yang refused every time.

And each time he didn’t give an explanation for his refusal, making people feel that Yan Yang was looking down on the fifth master.

The fifth master does not care if Yan Yang’s attitude towards him is arrogant, but it is still his regret that he has not taken Yan Yang under his wing.

So after the last visit to Old Yan’s house, this thought came back to the fifth master’s mind.

He had managed to get such a seafood processing plant for both his own son and Yan Yang…

Zhou Zhengwei understands the general idea of the fifth master, so he relayed it to Yan Yang, but he also frankly told Yan Yang. “The fifth master doesn’t think much of me. The position was only reserved for you. The position of factory director’s secretary can be said to be below one person and above ten thousand people in the factory! There is only one factory with such a good position. He likes you in his heart. It certainly can’t hold me. If you want to ask about the benefits he has given me… That is, I can privately circulate my goods with their factory… This fatty water will not gradually leak into my hands? This is only a little benefit…”

Zhou Zhengwei was not the person that the fifth master sees, so the fifth master did not give him a position, he also admitted.

If the fifth master gave him a small position, he might as well stay in his father’s seafood factory as a small steward!

Therefore, the fifth master gave him an opportunity for business circulation and let him make a sum of money from time to time. Zhou Zhengwei thinks it’s very possible.

“So, you are just selling goods and I am selling my body?”

Yan Yang has seen the essence through the phenomenon and fully understood the position and benefits of him and Zhou Zhengwei under the arrangement of the fifth master.

However, Yan Yang did not resist the Fifth Master’s arrangement.

He also weighed in his heart clear…… perhaps that the factory manager’s secretary position was not bad.

“Tsk, this is not a sellout!”

Zhou Zhengwei patted Yan Yang on the shoulder. “This is a golden job! How many people want to take this? If the fifth master is willing to give me this job, I’ll have to do it for him! It’s a pity that he likes you!”

At this time, Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t help interrupting, “it must not be a simple secretarial job? There must be some illegal aspects involved? There must be risks!”

Her first two sentences are still playing with a question mark, but the last sentence has become a positive statement.

Lin Xiaoyue has also seen the essence through the phenomenon, and Zhou Zhengwei is impressed by her ingenuity.

“Sister-in-law, how should I tell you this…”

Zhou Zhengwei rubbed his head, “You say it’s illegal. What Yang and I do is always illegal, right? I and Yang have always taken the risk, ah. So, if you want to make a lot of money, if you want to make money and take it out openly, there are some risks that you have to take. But sister-in-law, I understand your concern. You are quite smart! “

Lin Xiaoyue took a worried look at Yan Yang and said, “Then what do you think, ah?”

Yan Yang stroked Lin Xiaoyue’s head, not in a hurry or panic, and said steadily, “Let’s talk first.”

In his heart, he was not afraid of the fifth master and the matter.

Yan Yang has gradually realized that he was not his original self.

That personality has the guts. Little by little, he also had it.

He hopes that he can also have that personality’s courage…

Last night, he had already taken over what that personality had with her.

In the future, he also wants to dominate all the things that personality has.


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