I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 73

Chapter 73

This fifth mastery consists of In the original novel, Lin Xiaoyue did not see this character, or perhaps he had too few opportunities to appear. Maybe she read about him but forgot about it?

After all, the original book was a long novel of more than 4 million characters…

Since it’s a character she didn’t know, investment with caution is a must.

It is still necessary to treat this matter with 120,000% vigilance.

Soon, under the leadership of Zhou Zhengwei, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue came to the seafood processing plant that was already in operation.

There is a difference between a seafood processing plant and a seafood factory. Naturally, the business undertaken was not the same.

The existence of processing plants is mainly to carry out secondary processing of seafood and then flow into the market.

The scale of this seafood processing plant is not large, but it is definitely not small.

It covers a large area and has a lot of staff. It is also divided into several areas. There are different types of processing methods for different types of seafood.

This year, the era of machinery has not officially arrived, so many food processing operations-basically rely on purely manual labor.

The ratio of men to women working in this factory was basically 1:3, and there are more aunts. Maybe women are better at cooking.

From the processing room, Yan Yang was taken directly to the factory director’s office, where there are two desks, one for the factory director, and one for the factory secretary.

It is said that this is the arrangement of the fifth master, hoping that if Yan Yang can come, he can directly help him to control his son.

At this moment, the office is empty.

Zhou Zhengwei let Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue sit first, “I will go find the fifth master ah. Don’t run away rashly. It’s not fun to run away at this time!”

Yan Yang lightly responded.

Since they have come here, he will definitely not leave.

Zhou Zhengwei was too worried.

However, after Zhou Zhengwei left, Lin Xiaoyue had a chance to talk to Yan Yang alone in the office, where the married couple were present.

She grabbed Yan Yang’s clothes and talked to him first, “What do you think now? Tell me what’s in your mind. Do you think the fifth master can be trusted? Is it worth it to cooperate with him?”

“I don’t know.”

Yan Yang gave her a very unsettling answer.

Lin Xiaoyue could not help but take a deep breath and stare at him. “So what are you going to do now? Take one step and see what happens? Hey, if we can’t get a great deal on cooperation, can we both walk away later?”


Yan Yang again gave her a quite peaceful reply.

In fact, this personality of his originally did not have contact with the fifth master. As a matter of fact, it is not quite appropriate to give such an exact reply.

However, Yan Yang does not know where he got the confidence, so he gave her such a reply directly.

Lin Xiaoyue believed in his decisive reply. She patted his hand and said, “Okay, I believe in you! When the time comes, I’ll cooperate with you then. If you want to go, I’ll play the role of the vicious wife. “

Yan Yang’s lips gently hooked and pinched her little fleshy face. “No, we can go.”

If he really let her play the role of a vicious wife, would he still be a man?

He was the one who had to conquer her from the beginning to the end to protect her, even if he was not that personality, even if he did not have that personality’s strong…

“Believe you, I believe you!”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, hugging his hand tightly, “But if this cooperation can be negotiated, do you have to come to An City every day? Do you have to go on time to work?”

The two of them were just hanging out in Zhou Zhengwei’s father’s factory, and there was no work substance, so they didn’t have to come out to work every day.

But now, if this cooperation is negotiated, Lin Xiaoyue feels that he may have to live the life of a working person.

The daily commute to and from work, and also the ferry back and forth. Ah! Thinking about it now, it was quite troublesome.

Wouldn’t she have to be separated from him in the future? A whole day apart?

It’s over, it’s over…

I can’t let go…

“Let’s talk about it.”

Yan Yang said this in a simple and general manner.

After a while, Zhou Zhengwei came over with Wang Laowu.

Wang Laowu, in the end, was a person of style. One hand on crutches, the other hand holding two balls slipping around He is still followed by some of his men. When he comes out, he looks like the boss of Shanghai beach.

Lin Xiaoyue looked at Wang Laowu from top to bottom.

Well, it may not be a crutch in his hand, because he doesn’t need crutches at his age. It’s probably just for style!

“Finally, I got you here, haha…”

The fifth master’s thick voice said this and added two laughs that sounded like they were from a successful person.

Indeed, throwing up his hands and feet was like the aura of a superior person.

Lin Xiaoyue could feel that this fifth master was not a person of their level.

However, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang are also no longer afraid.

The two looked at the fifth master with fearless eyes and a light expression.

“That’s right, it’s hard to ask him out! I still have to call their commune to trick them out! ” Zhou Zhengwei said after the words of the fifth master,

Wang Laowu had already walked to the desk opposite Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue and sat down.

Zhou Zhengwei raised his hand like a little follower and waved, the men behind Wang Laowu withdrew from the room, leaving the office to them.

So, there were only a few of them in this office, so it was convenient to talk.

“Did your brother tell you the details?”

The fifth master looked at Yan Yang with a smile. “What’s your intention? You are capable of calling me over to talk with you. Shouldn’t we be able to talk this time?”

From his words, Lin Xiaoyue heard …… that they were all in a state of negotiation before!

She couldn’t help admiring Yan Yang…

Yan Yang, with the identity of a small farmer, refused such a big man, ah?

Excellent, excellent!

“Let’s talk first.” Yan Yang replied simply.

The fifth master then asked, “And what specifically do you want to talk about?”

Yan Yang said directly, “The real purpose, the nature of the work, the legal situation, the money.”

Lin Xiaoyue now feels that Yan Yang was very powerful…

In this interview, they directly talk about money without changing their faces. Decisively, they are all-powerful people!

Wait a minute…

He does not seem to be in an interview. Shouldn’t they be talking about cooperation, right?

The fifth master smiled carelessly and really explained to Yan Yang, “There is no purpose that cannot be seen, it is to make the factory for my son to play in. Some goods need reliable people to handle them. My son has no talent in this area, and I cannot put my trust in him. 7 days a week, you must be at work for 3 to 4 days. You had to keep an eye on every transaction in which my son was involved. The law doesn’t allow it. We are used to playing by the sides. In terms of money, is 500 yuan worth it for a month? “

Yan Yang smiled and shook his head, “I own a business. A trip was hundreds of miles away. You only want to give me 500 a month?”

The fifth master knows that this amount is too small, but he still wanted to give the lowest price to test him. “How much do you want?”

Yan Yang glanced at Lin Xiaoyue beside him, who gave him 4 fingers under the table.

What she meant was, at least 4 figures a month, otherwise, there is no need to come and do it. They can make a lot of money from their own business…

So, Yan Yang, who received his hint, spoke directly, “4000.”

Lin Xiaoyue: “……” Cow!

This is really a beautiful misunderstanding, ah…

“Are you a lion?”

The fifth master frowned, “Now, which working-class can get 4000 yuan a month? Do you really think that I must have you?”

Yan Yang opened his lips and said, “I actually do not need to work part-time. I’m free to do business by myself, and I can spend more time with my wife. So, I don’t know why you asked me to come here and asked me to take the job. If you can find someone else, you can find someone else.”

The fifth master knew he had such a casual attitude.

What a hard nut to crack!

With a sigh, the fifth master raised one finger, “What about 1500?”

Yan Yang frowned, “Do you think we are selling vegetables?”

Yan Yang looked just like a person who was hard to negotiate with. He seemed to insist on the salary and refused to step back.

The fifth master, therefore, gave a further negotiation, “2000?”

Yan Yang gently shook his head, this time not even saying anything.

The fifth master then said, “You go to the market to see the working class. Who has more than a four-figure salary? I offered you 2000 and you still refused? Can you make 2,000 a month doing business?”

Before he thought of asking Yan Yang to do something, the fifth master’s heart price for Yan Yang was 2,000, and he thought 2,000 was already very high.

Although this is the city center, 2000 is indeed considered very high!

Even though the salaries of the management class in large factories were more than 4 figures, they were basically a handful, and you can even say that there were none! Even if there is someone with a more than 4-digit salary, it must be from the bonuses and commissions.

Even if they are in the city centre, the average wage earner’s salary, at most, was only a couple of hundred dollars, more than 200 were already considered very good.

The fifth master did think that if it goes to more than 2000, even if he wants Yan Yang, it is estimated to be a loss.

Yan Yang calculated an account for the fifth master, “I do business with Zhou Zhengwei three times in two weeks. When there are a lot of goods, I can earn three to four hundred at a time and 1800 to 2400 six times a month. After deducting the capital and labour, I can get at least 1500. In addition, I also have a fixed object to trade twice a week in Liu City. I can earn 100 to 200 at a time and 800 to 1600 eight times a month. This is a net profit. I add up to 2000 a month. I’m sure I can earn more. Why should I leave my own fixed business and work for you? “

The fifth master tapped his finger on the table, “I did not say that you have to stop doing your regular business. Did I not tell you? On my side of the work, you can go for three or four days a week. Then on your days off, you can run your own business. Wouldn’t you earn more money? You still want to cheat off some money?”

Yan Yang glanced at Lin Xiaoyue beside him again, consulting Lin Xiaoyue’s opinion.

About the nature of the job given to him by the fifth master, Yan Yang probably already knew, and he did not think it was a big problem.

Now it is the issue of salary that needs to be talked about.

When it comes to salary, Yan Yang listens to Lin Xiaoyue. She can accept as much as she can. She can’t accept it. After all, the money will also be given to her.

At this time, after Lin Xiaoyue’s half a day of thinking, timely added words, ” “You must give me a title of a formal worker just in name in the seafood processing factory and a salary of 2500 a month for Yan Yang. If this can be agreed, the conditions will be almost the same.”

Yan Yang listened very much to Lin Xiaoyue, and when she finished, he nodded, “That’s it. Just agree or disagree.”

The fifth master raised one side of his eyebrow, “That’s it?”

So obedient to his wife’s words? Not even giving him a little space to fight?

Lin Xiaoyue said, “We both need proof of employment as regular workers. I’ll just put up with a name, I won’t get paid. You should be able to do that, right, Master Wu?”

“It’s doable.”

The fifth master nodded, “But this 2500…”

Lin Xiaoyue hooked his lips and smiled, “Fifth master, further bargaining would not look good. You are at least a big shot. You will not be stuck with these 500 yuan, right? “

Wang Laowu was held up by Lin Xiaoyue.

She said he was a big shot while telling him not to bother with the 500 yuan.

A famous person on the road like Wang Laowu indeed earns more than five figures.

He need not care about the 500 yuan. The answer is just a thought.

But Wang Laowu still pretended to be in a difficult situation, gritting his teeth and painfully agreeing, “Okay! 2500 is 2500. As long as you can get it done when I give my instructions, I’ll pay for this money.”

Yan Yang’s tone was light and said, “Don’t worry about what I do. I can do what you do naturally.”

“I just like this confidence in you, haha.”

Hearing his unmistakable answer, the fifth master immediately changed his attitude. he laughed and then asked Zhou Zhengwei to take out his work certificate, “Let’s say in advance that you are responsible for anything that happens to my son, and everything in this factory is handed over to you. Every business my son handles, you look after it for him. You should know what kind of business I am talking about, right?”

Lin Xiaoyue turned her head to look at Yan Yang. She actually wanted to ask: what kind of business is it?

She always feels that it does not sound good.

However, Yan Yang’s face was unchanged, and he was calm and collected.

Believe him or not… Believe him or not…

Lin Xiaoyue told herself in her heart.


Yan Yang nodded, “Give me 2500 first.”

The fifth master frowned again, “What? Lack of money, huh?”

Yan Yang said bluntly, “Want to buy a house.”

The fifth master laughed twice, “If you think you have no place to live here, I have plenty of houses for you to live in. There is no need to buy a house here specifically.”

Yan Yang refused, “I just want to buy my own house. Doing business with you is not the same as doing business with other people. You should be able to agree to my unreasonable request.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…”

Wang Laowu pointed his finger at Yan Yang and said, “You know it’s an unreasonable request yourself, and you can still ask for it!”

Yan Yang opened his lips and said softly, “Can you give it?”

Wang Laowu was still a fast worker and agreed directly, “Yes! I’ll pay for it personally!”

Yan Yang: “Good.”

This matter is now settled.

Because it was his own factory, Wang Laowu immediately gave Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue work certificates.

The two work certificates stated that Yan Yang was the Director Secretary of the seafood processing factory and Lin Xiaoyue was the Director Secretary’s secretary of the seafood processing factory.

This work certificate, if brought back to the village for the village chief or commune secretary to see, might have to broadcast the news that Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang went out of the countryside and went into the urban area.

Of course, it is

With these two certificates, Lin Xiaoyue just wants to go back and explain to her father-in-law and mother-in-law and show off with the people in the other two houses.

Especially Yan Hongying, who recently had a date in the city.

This girl, Yan Hongying, because of the good progress of her blind date from the city, will soon be married in the city, and her future work will also be in the city.

By the time Lin Xiaoyue took out this proof of work, Yan Hongying that girl’s sense of superiority must be gone, but also to stimulate Yan Lianhua, that rude girl.

When she thought of those two girls gnashing their teeth, Lin Xiaoyue felt quite happy.


After the handover, Wang Laowu also paid Yan Yang 2500 yuan. This can be regarded as his salary that was being paid in advance.

The reason for doing so was purely out of personal friendship.

But this time the money was different. Yan Yang received it with a clear conscience.

After taking the money, he and Lin Xiaoyue immediately found the agent who introduced them both to the house in the city center last time.

While still downtown in the afternoon, the agent showed them several large houses with an independent courtyard.

In the end, they bought three three-story buildings with independent courtyards for a total price of 2,100 yuan. The decoration was good, and there’s no need to move it.

Now, it can be considered that Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang also have a home in the city.

However, after buying the house, Lin Xiaoyue always had a very unsettling feeling.

At 4:00, the couple got on the ferry to go back.

On the ferry, Lin Xiaoyue held Yan Yang’s hand. Her head was resting on Yan Yang’s shoulder. The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she felt…

She couldn’t help but look up and ask Yan Yang in a whisper. “Are there any problems with your work over there? Is there any illegal content?”

Yan Yang knew what she was worried about. He lowered his head to her ear and asked softly in return, “Is speculation considered illegal in the future?”

Yan Yang went to Lin Xiaoyue’s ear and said, “It seems that in the second half of the year, the reform and opening-up will arrive. After the reform and opening up, it will no longer be illegal. It will be legal. “

After listening, Yan Yang continued to attach himself to Lin Xiaoyue’s ear, “Hold on a few more months, this will be legal. We have always been breaking the law. Only that this time, we are just taking a larger amount of money. Don’t worry, this kind of illegal business will only last for a few months. According to what you said, it will be legal soon. “

Lin Xiaoyue found out from Yan Yang’s mouth that he had actually just taken on some big speculative deals.

The fifth master got this seafood processing plant and probably just needed the platform to maintain it in name only.

just like Wang Sheng of Liuzhou City, who was privately making investment deals but working in the supply and marketing agency on the surface.

But Lin Xiaoyue was still quite worried about it…

She thought about it right and left, and pinched Yan Yang’s ears and whispered, “But what if you are exposed in the next few months? Will you be arrested for education? Will you go to jail? After all, this time, the amount of money was very large.”

When Yan Yang heard her worries in her words, his thin lips gently hooked up. He continued to whisper in her ear, “I have a way.”

Lin Xiaoyue asked again, “What method ah?”

Yan Yang returned: “The method was still unclear. It will not happen.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang’s eyes met: “……”


Trust him! Trust him!

Otherwise, what else can we do?


At home in the evening, Lin Xiaoyue showed the two new job certificates to Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong.

Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong, both of whom had been transferred directly from the town to the city and had become regular workers, both made surprised noises!

Wang Xiuying clutched the two work certificates, looked at them again and again, and kept laughing.

“Well, this and other good things have fallen on you? Our Third Branch family is really lucky recently! How did you do this?” Wang Xiuying’s excited voice was shaking and couldn’t wait to know all the information.

“Mother-in-law, didn’t I just tell you? Because we both performed well, we were transferred directly to the city. We were transferred there!”

Lin Xiaoyue could only fool Wang Xiuying like this. She grabbed Wang Xiuying’s shoulders and pushed her toward the stove, “Mother-in-law, hurry up and make us something to eat! Next, we may live directly in the city! We’ll only come back once in a while when we have a break. There are work quarters over there. “

“Oops…you two are moving out directly…”

Wang Xiuying looked regretful, “It’s really good to have a regular job, but you two are moving out. His father and I will also be very sad.”

At the dinner table, Yan Yang and Yan Dayong were sitting wide-eyed.

Although Yan Dayong was also very happy, as a man, Yan Dayong could not be too obvious about it.

Hearing that the two children are moving to the city, Yan Dayong’s heart was also disappointed, but as a man, he could not show it.

He just glanced at Yan Yang, who was slowly drinking tea beside him. Yan Yang also looked at him. The father and son looked at each other without making any sounds.

On the other hand, Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair were laughing and talking.

“Mother-in-law, we will come back to live here for one or two days a week. Rest days are still quite a lot, so don’t worry, we basically won’t bring anything over. This house is still for us to keep. “

Lin Xiaoyue said, “Yes, yes, for the new house, you must also leave a room for me and Yan Yang. We will still have to come back to live occasionally there.”

Wang Xiuying’s head nodded straight, “That’s for sure for you guys! You’re just going out to work. It’s not like you’re not coming back. You’re still the son of my family! Do you want to eat lard with rice?”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded frantically, “Eat eat eat eat!”

Wang Xiuying smiled happily, “Well, well. I will immediately do it for you and mix it! This is one less meal to eat.”

Lin Xiaoyue was happily lying on Wang Xiuying’s shoulder, saying, “Mother-in-law, Xiao Yang and I are not here. You should also eat better. Remember to eat meat every day. If you are aggrieved, call me. I’ll return home to back you up. “

“Good, now only you and I are on the same side, and I can only say it to you.”

Wang Xiuying smiled, and suddenly cued Yan Dayong, who was sitting over there, “Did you hear about Xiao Yang’s father? Your son’s mother said that you can’t bully me! I will call them both back to back me up!”

Yan Dayong didn’t know if he should cry or laugh. “I will not bully you… I think I… How can I bully you ah? “

Wasn’t he always embarrassed by her?

“By the way…”

Wang Xiuying suddenly remembered one thing, “The first branch family’s Yan Hongying will be getting married next month. The family set up a wine tasting. Our family was also invited there to eat. Do you two want to come back to eat ah?”

Lin Xiaoyue asked, “Will our family be giving a gift?”

Wang Xiuying said, “It’s not like we have separated our family’s ties, we can’t avoid it.”

Lin Xiaoyue said, “Then come back and eat! You can’t give gifts for nothing!”


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