I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 74

Chapter 74

After buying a new house in the city, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang packed up their things the next day and moved directly into their new house in the city.

The feeling of living in a new home was definitely better than living in the original small house.

That night, the two of them also went to a restaurant to eat a good meal to have a housewarming celebration.

On their second day in the city, Yan Yang went to work in the seafood processing factory.

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t go with him because Yan Yang could handle the mental work alone. If Lin Xiaoyue went with him, it would be all for nothing, so she simply did not go.

From this day on, Lin Xiaoyue’s serious salted fish life began to kick off.

She went to the market during the day to buy this and buy that. Just to add some things to their new home. After buying food, she ran to Yan Yang. The two people eat their lunch at a restaurant.

Her life was similar to the life of a full-time rich Madame, but Yan Yang doesn’t dislike her doing this at all.

On such days, Lin Xiaoyue spends about three days a week. In the remaining four days, she will engage in the speculative business that she previously did with Yan Yang.

Previously, when she was still in the village, she would stay at home 3 to 4 days a week, spend a few days doing business with Liu Jiang, and go home and live for a few days. Similarly, there were 3-4 days of rest when she was in An City.

The pace of her life was now equivalent to working in the village and resting in the city, with 3 to 4 days off a week, which is very enjoyable.

Liu Jiang, as Lin Xiaoyue expected, was a very good businessman, but he was also a profiteer.

After Lin Xiaoyue reached fixed business cooperation with Liu Jiang, Liu Jiang took more and more goods, and he also built a bus and invited several people to help him work together.

Among the goods Lin Xiaoyue gave him, the best seller was fruit. However, only apples, pears and bananas can sell well, and Liu Jiang can’t sell high-end fruits.

Therefore, the business of these ordinary fruits was handed over to Liu Jiang for sale, while the business of high-end fruits was privately traded with Wang Sheng.

They earned more and more money. Just a month later, Lin Xiaoyue went to the town with Yan Yang to buy a house and bought a bike to ride back to the village.

The main reason for buying a bicycle was that the road from the town to the village was too far. It takes about an hour to walk every time.

With a bicycle, you can save both energy and time. Naturally, it is very suitable.

Because in this era, bicycles had not been popularized in every household, and the price of bicycles was also very expensive.

Therefore, very few rural people could afford to buy a bicycle!

In Shang Yan village, there were a few bicycles in the commune, but they were for the commune employees to use when they went out to work, and they were not allowed to use them for private use.

Therefore, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang rode their bicycles back to the village on this day. When the two of them passed by the entrance of the village, many villagers were staring at them on the way!

The villagers can see at a glance that this must be the bicycle that the husband and wife bought with their money, but they can’t believe it. How long have they been working in the town? They were building new houses and buying bicycles… Was their salary so high?

On the other hand, the third branch family’s new house was also built.

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue rode their bicycles directly to Third Branch’s new house, which had just been built.

The third family were going to move in tonight, so they also hosted a banquet at the new house tonight to invite the villagers who helped them build the house together.

Of course…

Although they were very reluctant, the Second Branch family were still their relatives, so they had to be invited.

Therefore, to rub this bite, the family of the second branch and the first branch had to endure their stomach full of anger and jealousy and came to the new house of the third branch family.

The Third Branch’s new house was built according to the plans given by Lin Xiaoyue, and many of the furniture and equipment inside were also added by Lin Xiaoyue.

The design of the new house was modern style, and it was designed by Lin Xiaoyue.

However, because of the limited materials, many aspects did not meet Lin Xiaoyue’s needs.

Lin Xiaoyue did not ask for much, so she settled everything with Yan Dayong. As long as it was somewhat similar to her design.

Thus, the Third Branch family built this 3-story house with three side rooms and a large courtyard, and the house stood in a certain location in the village of Shang Yen.

The villagers who helped build the house were invited, and so were the people from the second branch family.

The villagers who helped build the house participated in the whole process, so they didn’t look surprised when they saw the new house. They had been amazed when they saw the drawings before.

But the First Branch family and the Second Branch family had not been here the whole time, so now, when they saw the Third Branch family’s new house, both of them stared in amazement with their eyes wide open.

Yan Shusheng, Yan Dayong’s brother, was leading a group of women who were introducing Yan Dayong’s new house.

“Come and take a look, everyone. This 3-story house with 3 side rooms has a separate design for each side room. This is the east side, this is the west side, and this is the middle side. There are more than a dozen empty rooms, as well as independent toilets and bathrooms. This is designed after learning from the avant-garde new houses in the city. It’s not like the huts in our countryside! Dayong’s family will have no problem with living in this house for three generations. “

Yan Shuisheng was excitedly introduced. He was like a tour guide, showing the place around. He raised his palm and waved, “Come, come, I’ll show you inside!”

The women and children of the village followed Yan Shuisheng into the house with great enthusiasm.

The family of the first branch and the family of the second branch also followed behind and went inside the house to see what it was.

As Yan Shuisheng said, the bathroom was indeed the biggest highlight and feature of the Yan Dayong house!

The bathroom was equipped with a white squatting pit, a plastic showerhead and a water heater. There is a long cloth covering the shower to divide the dry and wet area of the bathroom. It is said that these things were bought by Lin Xiaoyue from the city and brought back. They are all trendy goods. Alas, they can’t be used by their rural people!

If you want to use hot water, you have to use electricity. The electricity in the village stops at three or five o’clock, which is very troublesome…

The floor of the toilet is cement and retains the simplicity of rural households.

But anyway, there is no such thing as a shower in other people’s homes. Even every family still uses a pit. Open a lid and there is a cesspit directly below.

Yan Dayong dug a cesspit at the bottom of his house and then built a squatting pit on top of it.

In short, they are all new things used by some urban people, which have not been popularized in the countryside.

Therefore, when the villagers saw these things, these designs, it was very fresh in their eyes, and they couldn’t help but feel awe from time to time.

The two families, the first branch and the second branch were also looking at this whole new home with incomparable envy…

I am so jealous of the third family’s new house!

Such a large, three-storey, more than a dozen houses …… only two people who live here, Yan Dayong and Wang. Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue, these two children who also went to live in town, must be empty.

It’s a waste!

The first branch and Second Branch have some thoughts in their hearts, but of course, they didn’t show it yet.

After almost finishing the viewing third branch’s house, Yan Shuishui took a group of women to the yard. There are several tables in the yard. There is some food on each table. Because it is not full, everyone can’t sit down and eat.

It was at this time that Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang came back on bicycles.

“Mother-in-law, we’re back from town.”

Lin Xiaoyue was sitting behind Yan Yang, and the basket in front of her bike was filled with a pile of newly bought meat and vegetables.

Lin Xiaoyue’s shout made all the guests in the house cast their eyes towards them both!

“Aiya is this a new bike!”

Yan Shuisheng couldn’t help but let out a cry. His eyes were bright. He ran over in a feverish hurry.

“Aiyayaya, you two bought this?”

Yan Shuisheng had seen the bicycles in the commune, because they were for public use, and they were quite worn out.

The bicycle Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang rode were brand new. It was new!

Yan Shuisheng also saw at a glance that it was definitely a new bicycle bought by the young couple!

Awesome awesome…

“Uncle Shuisheng.”

Yan Yang politely called out to him. He was a little impressed with him.

Lin Xiaoyue also hurriedly followed and called out, “Uncle Shuisheng.”

“Aiya, you two are back. But let me take a look at this bicycle…”

Yan Shuisheng hurriedly went up to touch the brand-new bicycle, because he was an old employee in the commune, so he could ride a bike and had touched it.

When he saw the brand-new bicycle, it was normal for him to show emotions of adoration.

In the courtyard, the guests came out and immediately gathered around Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang’s new bicycle.

The people from the First Branch family and the Second Branch family also joined in. So many pairs of eyes shifted from the new house to the bicycle, but without exception, their eyes were full of envious expressions.

“This bicycle must be very expensive, right?”

Yan Shuisheng sat on the bicycle and asked, “The sound of the horn was ringing crisply!”

Lin Xiaoyue replied with a smile, “Uncle, fortunately, it’s only 300 yuan.”

Lin Xiaoyue quoted the lowest price because she bought a high quality one, and all the parts were the best, so the price was close to 400, but she cut some more.

There are also second-hand bicycles sold there, and the price was cheaper, but Lin Xiaoyue can afford to buy first-hand bicycles, so she doesn’t want to buy s second-hand bicycles.

“It’s so expensive!”

Yan Shuisheng let out an exclamation, “The bicycle bought in the commune cost more than 200 yuan… However, it was used by the commune in the town, so it was second-hand. It can’t compare with yours…”

“It’s good as long as you can ride it. It doesn’t matter if it’s second-hand or first-hand.” Lin Xiaoyue said with a smile.

In this era, the price of a bicycle was a few hundred yuan.

But for the next many years, people’s wages got higher and higher, but the bicycle never increased in price, so it wasn’t long before bicycles became popular.

In the future, electric bikes and cars will gradually become popular.

But at that time, the value of electric bikes and cars was not much different from bicycles.

At first, it was beyond the reach of farmers, but later it began to spread.

Chapter 74, Part 2

“Xiao Yue, Xiao Yang, you’re back!”

In the new kitchen, wearing an apron, Wang Xiuying hurried out with a spatula in her hand. When she saw everyone around the door, she also came up to take a look.

“Mother-in-law, I bought a new bicycle and to be put at home. In the future, if you go to town, you can ride a bicycle, saving more than half the time, and also saving some energy. ” Lin Xiaoyue immediately reported to Wang Xiuying.

“Oh, this is our family’s!”

Wang Xiuying’s eyes were shining, and there was no way to take her eyes off the bike, “Oh, get out of the way, let me take a look.”

When the owner came out, the villagers made way for her, and Wang Xiuying hurriedly squeezed in to see the new bike.

It was brand new…

The smile on Wang Xiuying’s lips couldn’t be tucked away!

“Oh, this is great! We have a bike!”

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang built a new house for the family and added a bicycle to the family. Their family’s life was really getting better and better every day and they became more and more prosperous every year.

Wang Xiuying’s many years of happiness were hoarded in this year. She had never been so happy before.

Of course, she has never raised her eyebrows so much.

“You’re lucky! Your son and daughter-in-law are so capable! They built you a house and bought you a bike. If there’s anything new in the city in the future, you’ll bring it home!

You, two old people, don’t have to work anymore!”

Their previous neighbour, Lin Dame, patted Wang Xiuying’s hand, laughing and joking with Wang Xiuying.

But what she said was completely true!

Wang Xiuying likes to hear the truth and these words of praise!

She’s happy to hear that!

“Hahaha, not as good as you said, but everyone will get better!”

Although Wang Xiuying’s tail was already up in the air, she couldn’t be too proud in front of the villagers, so she had to say these modest and humble words.

With her proud face, the people of the second branch family in the big room are very unhappy and unhappy!

“Can I ride?” Yan Shuishui asked Lin Xiaoyue.

“Yes,” Lin Xiaoyue nodded.

As a result, after Lin Xiaoyue agreed, Wang Xiuying disagreed again. She quickly grabbed the handle of her bike and chattered anxiously. “It will get old when you ride this new car! Down, down, after it was old then, I will give you a ride! I haven’t tried it yet!”

All the people around burst into laughter, either laughing or being teased by Wang Xiuying.

Yan Shuisheng did not feel unhappy. He also laughed. Well, well, I won’t ride it, I won’t ride it! I’ll ride it after you have ridden it!”

“Hurry up, move this bike inside!” Wang Xiuying said she was protecting the bicycle.

Then everyone moved the bicycle to the house and occupied a vacant room.

The status of the bicycle in the family was very prestigious!

Again, it was a pet, and it took up a room in the …… house.

For dinner, five tables were set up in the courtyard, each with 10 dishes, large and small plates of the same color.

The villagers drank and ate meat, raised their glasses and congratulated Yan Dayong’s family for having a new house and buying a bicycle. The same congratulations were given to Yan Dayong for having an excellent son and daughters-in-law like Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang.

While every family was happy for Yan Dayong’s family, only Old Yan’s family’s Second Branch had an average expression…

The two families in the second branch and first branch were put together with Grandpa and Grandma Yan. It happened that they filled all of the seats at the table. The two people stared and ate. It seemed that the excitement on the next tables had nothing to do with them. They only had to eat.

Although they could not fit into such an atmosphere, this table of big fish, meat, and prawns was enough to attract their attention.

It’s been a long time since they’ve eaten such good food. They eat the meat as if their lives depended on it! One after another, they put it in their mouths…

Grandma Yan and Grandpa Yan had been eating vegetarian food for a month in the first branch. But at this time, they were also eager to eat meat. They shove a big piece of roast meat into their mouths.

At their table, the vegetarian dishes were basically untouched, while the meat dishes had long been eaten.

When they were almost done eating, Yan Dajun of the big house family wiped his mouth and called out to Yan Dayong, who was about to go to another table for a toast, “Dayong, come here for a moment.”

Yan Dayong has already restrained himself from taking too much care of the two families today.

But still, Yan Dajun called him. Even though Yan Dajun had not even begun to speak, Yan Dayong’s heart was already beating like a drum.

“Dayong ah, congratulations on your family for moving into a new house. This still has to be a token of appreciation…”

Yan Dajun unprecedentedly took out a red envelope from his pocket and stuffed it into Yan Dayong’s hand, “On behalf of our first branch family only, I congratulate your family for building a new house and buying a new bicycle.”

“Good, thank you, brother.”

Yan Dayong was relieved to see that it was a red envelope.

When he was ready to leave after receiving the red envelope, Yan Dajun pulled him back, “Dayong, there is one more thing I have to tell you.”


Yan Dayong felt that he was nervous and had a layer of false sweat. He quickly touched his forehead… No sweat!

“Dad and Mom have been living in our house for a month. According to the rules set by the village chief before, they should have gone to the second family and lived there. But you know, the second family has to pay 80 yuan for their debt each month. Their family has eaten the last meal but not the next meal. So they come to you for this meal. Their family can’t even get a red envelope of one yuan. So, why don’t you skip the second house and go straight to your family? Let our parents live here. ” Yan Dajun said in a nice voice.

Because Yan Dajun was now speaking for the Second Branch family, Yan Dalin of the Second Branch family also hurriedly spoke up, “Yes, Dayong, our family really has buns all the time, and sometimes we can only eat one for each person. Mom and dad will only suffer when they go to our house. We are fine if we are hungry once in a while, but it is not good if two old people are hungry. You see, now that your family has moved to a new house, there are so many empty rooms, two elderly people living in the house is not a problem at all. Besides, you can eat and drink well here. Do you think it’s okay? “

The first and second brothers spoke to the third like this. Yan Dayong looked at the two old men’s sinking faces again, and his heart was empty.

“Big brother, second brother, you wait ah…”

Yan Dayong was scolded by Wang Xiuying every day before. Now he doesn’t dare to make a decision alone.

He immediately went to another table and pulled Wang Xiuying over, then, at this table, told Wang Xiuying about the request of his First and the Second brother, and directly let Wang Xiuying make the decision.

Wang Xiuying took a look at the two old people and thought of the Second Branch family’s previous situation…

Considering that the two old people should have suffered for a month in the big house, it is not impossible to come over…

However, Wang Xiuying’s heart was also full of uncertainty.

She also said to the table, “Wait a minute…”

Then, Wang Xiuying went to pull Lin Xiaoyue over and then told me Lin Xiaoyue what the Second Branch family said.

The Second Branch family didn’t expect that the Third Branch family would now listen to Lin Xiaoyue!

The two elders can’t make decisions, and they have to listen to a junior?

It was ridiculous and foolish!

But they were scared…

Because as soon as Lin Xiaoyue came out, she often ignored her face in what she said and did and even didn’t care about scolding.

If Lin Xiaoyue refuses, I’m afraid they’ll wear out their mouths and have no use!

On the other side, Yan Yang felt uneasy when he saw Lin Xiaoyue being taken away. Yan Yang told Lin Xiaoyue the demands of the second branch family were simple.

So, the third branch’s family of four stood at the table, and united!

“Well… does your family of four need to have a meeting to discuss?” Yan Dajun asked, talking about the battle.

“It is not necessary to discuss it, it is not a big deal.”

Lin Xiaoyue spoke instead of the Third Branch family, “Before I choose to skip the Second Branch family, I would like to know one thing first: do the grandparents have no income at all? As far as I know, although they don’t work, they can still receive half of their salary every month after retirement.”

“They are two old people who naturally cannot spend money. The money is to be saved to be used in the necessary place.”

Yang Chengyu spoke kindly, “Moreover after we split up, the two old people also didn’t have a kitchen. We could not let them buy their own food and cook their own meals, right?”

Lin Xiaoyue shook her head and directly rejected Yang Chengyu’s reasoning, “Now that our family has moved out, the kitchen was not a problem. If the two old people are willing to burn it themselves, there is still money and a way to do it.”

“No, aren’t we talking about whose house the two old people are kept in now?”

Second Branch’s Yan Dahlin answered, “Even if Mom and Dad have money in their own hands, but we sons still have an obligation to support them. We are the only ones who should take care of our parents’ meals, but they are still the ones who decide on what to do with their own money. The main thing is that our family’s current situation …… the third branch can see, our family can’t take care of themselves, we can’t manage the elderlies this meal. Then if both of you do not care, it will be vacant this month. My parents can only pay for themselves. “

Yan Dalin’s words were tantamount to directly shaking off the responsibility of raising them.

It means that if the two families don’t give their parents food, they will have to pay for themselves this month.

He will not raise them anyway.

Lin Xiaoyue and the first house family understood the meaning of this, and as well as the two old people.

The Second Branch family was shameless before, and now they are even more rogue.

Lin Xiaoyue then asked the two old people, “Grandpa and Grandma, the Second Branch family won’t support you anymore. Then the first and the third branch will support you. There is no problem with the two families taking turns, but I hope you can give us some reassurance. Only if you can promise us that the money you have won’t be given to the second branch family in the future. You can give either to the first branch family, or to our family, or you can just spend it yourself. But not a single penny will go to the Second Branch family. In that case, it will be okay for just our two families to support you.”

“What do you mean?!”

Hearing Lin Xiaoyue’s words, Chen Cuiyun of the Second Branch family directly slapped the table and rose up, “There are people like you! How come I didn’t notice that you’re so cheap before?! Do you still want to take care of the money of those two old people? What kind of a person are you?”


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