I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 75

Chapter 75

Because it involves the interests of the family, Lin Xiaoyue’s words directly made Chen Cuiyun explode.

Originally, the courtyard was still lively. The other tables were talking and laughing. They were eating wine and meat as they chatted, and Chen Cuiyun suddenly exploded. Immediately, everyone’s eyes fell on her.

She came to be a guest in someone’s home, not to mention the family built a new house. She did not even give them a red envelope. They rubbed a meal with vegetables and meat. They should have been low-key.

As a result, the host family was cursed in a bad manner!

Even the first branch family can see. In the third branch family, the head of the family was Lin Xiaoyue. Chen Cuiyun actually directly scolded Lin Xiaoyue. Was she not afraid to have bad luck?!

Sure enough, after Chen Cuiyun scolded her, she was pulled by her husband. Her husband Yan Dalin’s face was also very bad, but he still held back his emotions and said to her, “Sit down!”

“Yes, yes, yes, sit down, we are all family, talk and discuss properly!”

Yang Chengyu of the First Branch family also hurriedly followed to persuade Chen Cuiyun to cooperate, and not let Chen Cuiyun make a big deal out of this matter.

The Third Branch’s Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang can now be difficult to provoke. Yang Chengyu was afraid that with this crazy woman, Chen Cuiyun, this matter would fall through.

To be honest, Lin Xiaoyue’s proposal was good for the first branch family, so Yang Chengyu heart was thinking that the old man better agrees to this condition!

In this way, the money saved by the old man can be given to their first branch family. Because the Third Branch family was now so rich, they did not need the little money in the hands of the old man.

Chen Cuiyun was forced to sit down by Yan Dalin, but her face and expression were very bad, and her red eyes were staring at Lin Xiaoyue, and she wanted to tear Lin Xiaoyue’s mouth apart!

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t care about Chen Cuiyun’s attitude toward her. The more Chen Cuiyun was pressed, the more her arrangement was justified.

She also has to insist on this condition!

“With this woman in, this matter is not negotiable.”

Yan Yang spoke protectively, staring straight at Yan Dalin, “Get rid of this woman first, otherwise our family will not agree to any condition.”

“Why do you want to get rid of me? I don’t want to go!”

Chen Cuiyun, with thick skin, sat on her butt, “You just want to get rid of me and then bully our family! I am telling you, although our second branch family owes some money, its pride is still there! Isn’t your family just a little more money than ours? You can’t look down on our family? Do you think our family is easy to bully? Bah, that can’t be!”

“Don’t argue!”

Yan Dalin slapped the table and frowned deeply, “Now you are in someone’s home, talk properly!”

Chen Cuiyun grunted, throwing out a stinky face and turning her head. Until now, no one is protecting her, so she won’t quarrel for the time being.

But her mouth still stubbornly said: “that’s a bad condition. I won’t agree! If it’s a big deal, let my parents go to our house to eat! It doesn’t matter whether it’s delicious or bad! It doesn’t matter if you’re hungry! What’s the matter? It’s all our family’s business!”

As soon as she heard Chen Cuiyun say that it didn’t matter even if the two old people were hungry…

At once, the two old people who had been eating vegetarian for a month had their faces pulled and their tempers flared.

“Chen Cuiyun, what do you mean?”

Grandma Yan opened her mouth to tear into Chen Cuiyun, “Didn’t you two elders give your family money? And your family only wants us to starve? It doesn’t matter, right?”

“Grandma, I don’t mean that!”

Chen Cuiyun was so anxious that she stomped her feet, “Don’t be fooled by this girl Lin Xiaoyue! She is very snobbish! We are all family. She counts money and cares about everything! This is her problem, not mine!”

“Do you want me to throw you out?”

Yan Yang’s palm at his side had already squeezed into a fist, and he was ready to directly use brute force to throw Chen Cuiyun out.

As a result, before he could take a step, Lin Xiaoyue pulled him back.

Lin Xiaoyue was not anxious nor angry. With a smile on her face, she said. “Second aunt, today in front of so many neighbours and relatives, I’ll tell you directly. At that time, it was the rule set by the village head to separate the family. For a month, we, the third branch family, supported each other. This shows that we, the third branch, are supporting the elderly, and everyone has this responsibility. Our family has raised them, and my uncle’s family has raised them also. Now it’s your turn, and you don’t want to raise them. Well, if you don’t want to raise it, let our family and the first branch raise them. Since you don’t even want to raise the two old people, what kind of face do you have to be raised by two old people again?”

“Stop it! Stop talking! I know you are stirring up trouble!”

Chen Cuiyun didn’t argue with Lin Xiaoyue and put on a bad face and said, “Our family will be raising them! What our family eats, the two old people will eat! We originally wanted to skip our family. It’s just that we don’t eat well and we are afraid that we can’t raise the two old people. I wanted to ask you two to support them first. If your family has such a mind and is so calculating, then what else is there to say? Stop, stop, stop! No more discussion!”

The Second Branch’s family also accepted the condition of keeping two elderly people for a month.

This was a solution.

However, some of the people present could no longer accept this solution.

For example, Yang Chengyu, of the first branch family,

Chen Cuiyun had already conceded, but Yang Chengyu then made a provocative remark and asked the two old people, “Dad, Mom, the Second family’s situation will not be really in these two years. But the second family also has the heart to support you. You just stay up, eat some buns in the second family for the next two months, and then eat better in the third family next month. Then, if you really don’t feel good about eating at the second’s house, you can pay some money to your sister-in-law to buy you some good food. “

“That’s fine.”

At this time, Chen Cuiyun answered again, “Our family had a little bit of money, and now it’s the food. If grandpa and grandma feel that they can’t eat well, you can take out some money, and I’ll get you something good. That’s the only way.”

In this way, the Second Branch family was still not a loss.

Chen Cuiyun calculates the money in the hands of the two old people, because later on Yan Lianhua will need a dowry if she gets married. Chen Cuiyun also wants to give Yan Lianhua a better marriage. Therefore, we must prepare a better dowry.

Chen Cuiyun now has a son who has been ruined. She can only hope that her daughter will be married to someone better. After that, their son-in-law will help their family.

She absolutely must not let Yan Lianhua casually marry a poor man!

So she still wants to take advantage of the two old people. Lin Xiaoyue will never accept the idea.

“This… this I do not agree with!”

Grandma Yan listened to Yang Chengyu and Chen Cuiyun’s words, her heart was again a million times not happy.

With this calculation, Grandma Yan and Grandpa Yan were at a loss!

If they come to the second branch family, they have to endure hardship for a month. If they want to eat better, they have to pay for it themselves.

It’s not as good as the first branch and the third branch…

Chen Cuiyun’s sour face just wanted to suck the blood of the two old people.

Grandma Yan waved her hand and refused on the spot.

“What do you disagree with?”

Chen Cuiyun couldn’t believe that the old woman had actually put up this stance as well, and she stared in disbelief.

“The third ah…”

Grandma Yan could not care less at this time. She turned her head; her old hand was Yan Dayong’s hand. “The third ah, your family is now rich. The second family can not save money now. Look at the house your family built. Look at your family that can still afford to buy a bicycle. Your father and I can still live in your place. There are still more rooms. Are you so reluctant to support me and your father?”

Grandma Yan spoke to Yan Dayong in this way, and Yan Dayong felt very uncomfortable listening to her words.

But Yan Dayong knew that all the decisions at home were not in his hands, so he took a look at Wang Xiuying.

Wang Xiuying elbowed Lin Xiaoyue again…


Lin Xiaoyue knew that she could only be the villain in the family.

“Grandpa, Grandma, our family of four has discussed the matter of you two several times. To be honest, our family has no financial burden to support two old people. We can do all the obligations that we should do, including food and drink, and shelter. But…”

The turning point came, and Lin Xiaoyue’s tone was a little harder, “Some old stories and your two attitudes have long made our third branch family cold. Since I married into your family, when Xiao Yang was not clear-headed, when we were eating at a big table, he only ate a mouthful of meat, and you made trouble. We eat buns all the time! But don’t forget, the reason why our Third Branch family was split up was that the two old people refused to lend money to Xiao Yang for his medical treatment. But when it was Second Branch’s turn to have an accident, you all paid for it several times, and you don’t even need them to pay it back. “

In the courtyard, the villagers were listening to Lin Xiaoyue’s words. They nodded with a sigh. They all felt that the third branch family had been greatly wronged.

Grandma Yan knew that Lin Xiaoyue had a powerful mouth. She thought she couldn’t handle Lin Xiaoyue, so she had to continue to grind Yan Dayong. “Dayong, your father and I ate vegetarian food at the eldest brother’s house for a month. If we were at the second house next month, we could only eat steamed buns for a month. Your father and I are old, and we can’t decide when to leave. We also want to live a good life. Your son’s father said that it’s okay with your financial situation to support us. Don’t you really want to support us?”

“Oh, mom…”

Yan Dayong was so embarrassed that he had to ask Lin Xiaoyue, “Xiao Yue, I know you must have an idea. Just say it.”

Lin Xiaoyue really had an idea.

“Grandpa and grandma, your heart is biased towards those two families. Even if you live in our house, you still think about them. Anyway, I’m an outsider in the family and have nothing to say. Our family just wants to say that we have no burden to support you, but our family shouldn’t suffer losses. If any family doesn’t want to support you, don’t give your old money to either family. Our family doesn’t want your money, but I couldn’t take seeing you two acting eccentric. Our family is not going to eat this loss. Even if you talk to my father-in-law, it is useless. “

In this last sentence, Lin Xiaoyue directly broke the two old people’s thinking of playing sympathy cards.

After Lin Xiaoyue finished talking, Yan Yang also supported her. “At home, Xiaoyue and I make a lot of money. It’s thanks to Xiaoyue and me that you can eat and drink spicy food in my house. If you want to stay in my house, you have to listen to Xiaoyue.”

No matter which year, no matter which family, whoever makes the most money will be the boss.

So, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang, who hold the financial power of the family, also took the initiative to lead.

What they both say is what must be done. The opinions and words of Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong are completely unimportant.

“Mom, what are you thinking?”

When Chen Cuiyun looked at this scene, she felt incredibly nervous that the elders would agree to Lin Xiaoyue’s request and not give the Second Branch family money from now on.

“I’m not saying I won’t support you and Dad! Our family will support you, ah! You will just experience a little bit of suffering. What’s wrong? It’s not like we don’t care about you two!” Chen Cuiyun said urgently.

Yan Lianhua, who was beside her, also called out, “Grandpa and Grandma, don’t listen to that cheap bastard! She is dividing our family!”

At this time, the man of the Second Branch’s family, Yan Dalin, did not say a word. He even felt annoyed as he listened to everyone who was talking.

“The third ah…”

After doing a series of difficult and tangled ideological brainstorming, Grandma Yan chose to avoid the second branch family’s concerned eyes and directly told Yan Dayong, “We will eat at your house next month, and skip at the second house. Your father and I don’t know how long we can live. We really don’t want to live a hard life. We always save that money, and you can share it as you like. We just want a good life, and everything else doesn’t matter.”

Grandma’s words were equivalent to their independent decision to give up the Second Branch home.

Lin Xiaoyue also deliberately asked Old Master Yan, “What does Grandpa think?”

Grandpa Yan hummed and was silent, which actually means acquiescence.

“Dad, mom, what do you two mean?”

At this time, Chen Cuiyun started shouting again, once again standing up directly from her seat.

This time, Yan Dalin also stood up together with her, but he did not stand up to help her, but he directly tugged her hand and pulled her out.

“Mom and Dad…”

Before Yan Lianhua knew what was happening, she watched her parents walk out of the courtyard in a frenzy, and then they were gone.

Lin Xiaoyue reminded Yan Lianhua, “Your parents should be going home. You should also hurry back. Anyway, the food on the table was almost finished.”

“Why do you care?!”

Yan Lianhua yelled at Lin Xiaoyue, but still obediently got up and ran out.

And so, the Second Branch family left with a tantrum.

Let’s continue to eat at the bar. I’m so sorry that everyone has seen the family scandal.

Lin Xiaoyue greeted several other tables of relatives and neighbors, and with her eager greeting, the courtyard soon resumed its previous bustle.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang went back to their room and took out pen and paper, came to the table of the two old people and sat down, respectfully asking the two old people to write a certificate that they would never give money to the Second Branch family in the future.

Since the two old people had already made their choice, the matter had to be treated seriously.

Lin Xiaoyue also asked the two old people to go with her to the village head tomorrow to read out the certificate, put their fingerprints on it, and let the village head be a witness.

Of course, there is also a legal certificate from the secretary. In this way, this certificate will become a legally valid agreement.

Lin Xiaoyue is thoughtful and meticulous.

Her series of follow-up arrangements made everyone in the courtyard feel a chill down their backs and a trace of fear passed through their eyes.

At once, everyone in the courtyard, including the first branch family, saw Lin Xiaoyue’s over-certified means of action.

While listening to Lin Xiaoyue, the two old people hesitated and swayed for a long time, feeling guilty about the second branch family.

Originally, what Grandma Yan wanted was to promise the third branch family first. In the future, if the second branch family needs money, they will just sneak it in.

But Lin Xiaoyue made it so formal and serious that Grandma’s heart trembled at the thought.

The certificate also states that if the two old people still give money to the Second Branch family privately, after being discovered by the eldest of the third branch family, the two old people are also obliged to get five times the amount given to the Second Branch family by the first and second branch.

This means that if the old man gives money to the Second Branch family, then he has to give five times the amount they have given to the second branch, and the first and second branches will stop supporting the old man for life.

The two old people were dumbfounded. The first family was happy to hear the certificate because it was a favourable condition for their family.

The certificate was written on three pages, and the two old men put their handprints on the three pages, and the old man who could write even wrote his name on the certificate.

After that, Lin Xiaoyue collected the three big pages of the certificate and also gave the two old people three pages of the certificate, because it was a double copy.

Like a contract, things were signed.

“Well, then tomorrow morning, Xiao Yang and I will accompany grandparents to the village head so that the village head can be a witness, and by the way, find the village branch secretary to make a formal legal document. In the afternoon, Xiao Yang and I will move the grandparents’ things over and make a room for you in this house as well. “

Lin Xiaoyue had a victorious smile on her face, but she also quite kindly said, “Our family has a lot of rooms in this new house. Grandpa and Grandma can choose whichever room you like best. If you feel tired of your room, you can change rooms every day. It does not matter. You can raise chickens, ducks, flowers and vegetables in the yard. It all depends on grandpa and grandma’s mood.”

Lin Xiaoyue’s words are like those of a younger generation.

Let the two old people who have just signed the contract feel heavy and sunny gradually.

Thinking that the two of them would soon move to Third Branch’s house and live in a new house and that this new house was really good, their hearts were still quite excited!

After handling the matter, the banquet was almost finished.

Yan Yang saw off the guests. Yan Dayong took advantage of the night to send two old people home. Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying were washing dishes in the kitchen.

Wang Xiuying stared at Lin Xiaoyue and smiled. Her eyes showed admiration. She didn’t have to speak. Lin Xiaoyue knew she had to praise herself!

“Mother-in-law, this matter tonight, I handled it well, right?”

Lin Xiaoyue still took credit for it.

“Good, as good as can be!”

Wang Xiuying nodded solemnly, “To have a daughter-in-law so powerful as you, I really have to burn incense to worship Buddha’s blessing. From now on, no matter what happens, our family will not suffer anymore! I’ve been bullied by Chen Cuiyun for so many years. It’s nice to see her end tonight! It’s better than the previous creditor pressing Chen Cuiyun for debt!”

Lin Xiaoyue laughed, “That’s because before the debtor forced the debt, Chen Cuiyun lost to others. Tonight, in this battle, Chen Cuiyun lost to us. “

“Yes, you are powerful!”

Wang Xiuying once again threw a look of admiration at Lin Xiaoyue, “I sometimes do not understand. Your brain is so fast, so smart, and clever. How can your mother be willing to sell you out?”

Lin Xiaoyue shook her head, “I can’t figure it out.”

Wang Xiuying again showed a frank smile, “But ah, it is also fortunate that your mother sold you, otherwise I do not have such a good daughter-in-law like you!”

Wang Xiuying elbowed Lin Xiaoyue, “You are so smart. When can you add a grandson to our family? The grandson born in your belly must be smart too!”

Wang Xiuying immediately became shy because of Lin Xiaoyue’s words. Her small face reddened, “Mother-in-law, this matter should come naturally. You cannot rush it!”

“Okay, okay, I will not rush.”

Wang Xiuying’s face was almost smiling, but she still could not help but ask Lin Xiaoyue, “How many times have you been with Xiao Yang recently?”

“Oh, mother-in-law, you want to scare people to death…”

Lin Xiaoyue said to Wang Xiuying, ” “aren’t rural women very conservative? Why did you ask? Take it back and take it back. I didn’t hear anything.”

Wang Xiuying immediately laughed with a flutter, “Well, I didn’t ask. I didn’t ask.”

In the dining room, Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying’s laughing voice came out.

Yan Yang originally wanted to go into the dining room to find Lin Xiaoyue, but hearing her so happy, he did not bother the two women’s evening chat time.

But Yan Yang heard Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying’s words…


Thinking of such a small thing, the corner of Yan Yang’s mouth also involuntarily rose.

Now all is well, it is indeed possible to work this thing up.


Lin Xiaoyue took a shower in the new bathroom. Finally, there was a separate bathroom, plus she bought a showerhead and a water heater on Taobao. Simple washing was not too cool.

She felt like she was out of the countryside and back in the future…

Back to the new room, in her room in the past. When Lin Xiaoyue saw Yan Yang sitting at the desk reading a book, she smilingly went from behind and hugged Yan Yang’s neck.

“Oh, the college entrance examination is coming?” Lin Xiaoyue said.

“Indeed, it’s almost here.” “Yan Yang,” I said in a light tone.

In the blink of an eye, it’s already June, and the college entrance exam was in July.

The two of them are doing well in business now, so there is actually no need to attend college after the college entrance exam.

Yan Yang is also too busy with business in this period. He has no time to read and review.

Therefore, he thinks he should not be able to get into any university either.

He just thought of it as experiencing the college entrance examination.

After all, studying and taking college entrance exams were his previous dreams.

In the past, when there were three personalities, this cowering personality of his would only bury his head in the sea of books and just want to immerse himself in the world of reading, because he didn’t dare to get in touch with the outside world, with people…

But now it’s different.

Now, he has nothing to be afraid of.

He has stepped out of his original world where he was the only one, and now in this brand new world, Lin Xiaoyue occupies most of the position.

Yan Yang only wanted to live a good little life with her and did not want to think about anything else.

“Do you have any questions that you don’t understand? I can teach you ah.”

Lin Xiaoyue moved a stool and sat down beside him.

“Too many questions that I don’t understand.”

But Yan Yang turned the book on, looked up, the corners of his lips gently raised, “but none of it matters, and it doesn’t matter if I can’t learn.”

“You don’t want to go to college?” Lin Xiaoyue’s eyes widened in surprise.

Yan Yang smiled and touched her little face, “It doesn’t matter.”


Lin Xiaoyue laughed, then got up and sat in his lap. She looked at him with a smile, “Okay, whatever you want! I’ll listen to you!”

Yan Yang squeezed her waist, “I want a son?”

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