I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 78

Chapter 78

Yan Hongying had only started working in the seafood factory for a few days. Since she was a female worker on the assembly line, her daily workstation was on the assembly line, and the employees she met were the women on her line.

Her job is to classify the fresh and unclassified seafood and conduct preliminary cleaning, so her job was close to the port.

It was for this reason that Yan Hongying unexpectedly saw Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang at the port.

This is the first time she met Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang after she came to live in the city.

No one knew what she thought. Yan Hongying ignored the work in her hands, and hurriedly sneaked up on Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang.

On the other side, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang from the hands of Zhou Zhengwei got free seafood, and they immediately withdrew.

The two have completely forgotten their purpose of why they came here. They were talking and laughing while walking in the direction of the seafood processing plant.

Yan Hongying didn’t follow for a long time. Without much distance, she was stopped by Zhou Zhengwei.

“Hey! Are you a female worker?”

Zhou Zhengwei manages the seafood factory here because Yan Hongying was wearing the seafood worker’s apron, and he saw Yan Hongying looking like she wanted to slack off, he frowned and called her out. “Come here! Where are you going during work hours?”


After Yan Hongying was called, she had to give up Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue then turned her head and ran in the direction of Zhou Zhengwei.

Although she did not know Zhou Zhengwei, she did notice that he looked very fierce and wore a red armband on his hand, posing as a leader.

As a temporary worker on the assembly line of the seafood factory, Yan Hongying is naturally respectful when she sees the leader, “Hello, comrade…”

“Where do you want to go during working hours? To slack off?”

Zhou Zhengwei was not at all polite when he said this to her, “I just got a boatload of goods, go get someone to come and move the goods.”

“Okay, comrade, I’ll go right away.”

Yan Hongying immediately nodded her head, bent her head low, and was very well-behaved in front of Zhou Zhengwei.

However, the matter of running into Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue was already secretly stored in her heart.

Yan Hongying feels that her job here has also been stabilized. It is indeed time to investigate what Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang are doing in the city.


That night, Yan Hongying asked her husband in the room, “Brother Zeqing, do you remember the young couple who worked in the city at my home in Third Branch?”

Chen Zeqing was sitting on the bed at that time, fanning himself with a futon fan in one hand, eating peanuts with the other hand, and there’s a small pot of wine resting on the side of a small plate of peanuts.

Yan Hongying came to live in the city with Chen Zeqing, only to learn that every night before going to bed, Chen Zeqing had the habit of having a small drink.

She actually doesn’t like to lie in the same bed with him every night with the smell of alcohol, but she mentioned it to him several times, but Chen Zeqing also did not listen, Yan Hongying also had to give up.

“Remember, isn’t that the couple that likes to lie?”

Chen Deqing fanned the bushel fan in his hand, chewing peanut rice while speaking in a dismissive tone, “I have already found someone to check on long ago. The seafood factory simply does not have these two people.”


Yan Hongying, who was combing her hair in the mirror, turned her head to look at him, “But I saw them both at the port today. It just so happens that they both left when I saw them. I thought they were really working in the factory. Are they both really not working in our factory?”

“I said no, you don’t trust me?”

Chen Zeqing frowned, “I asked my father to check. My father is an old employee of this factory, at least a small supervisor. Do you think this information cannot be found? He casually found someone to look into it. Don’t you just ask! The seafood factory is just a little big! “

“In that case, they are really cheating people.”

Yan Hongying thought of them not being employees of the seafood factory, and then everyone in the village thought they were regular seafood factory workers, and everyone was praising them ……

It’s really funny.

These kinds of lies can be told, but Yan Hongying could only admire them.

“Then you say, if they are not employees of the seafood factory, what are they both doing at the seafood factory today?” Yan Hongying asked Chen Zeqing again.

“I don’t know.”

“You have seen them? You haven’t talked to them?” Chen Zeqing chewed peanuts and sipped a small sip of wine.

She turned her head, Yan Hongying stared at him, “I forgot about it. I wanted to follow them up to see what they were doing, but I was stopped by one of our factory supervisors.”

“Then forget it.”

Chen Zeqing said, “Anyway, they are two liars, leave it alone.”

“I want to make a phone call to my mother.”

Yan Hongying said, “Where can I go to make a call?”

She was going to tell Yang Chengyu about Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang’s deception. If she could tell Yang Chengyu about it, soon the news would spread to the village.

By then, the whole village would know that Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were lying, and everyone would despise the Third Branch family.

The first branch family will be the most prosperous family in Old Yan’s family.

Yan Hongying also thought in her mind that she had to investigate Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang to find out what kind of speculative business they were doing.

When she investigates, she must report them both!

Let the organization arrest them both and seize all the money of the Third Branch family, preferably the house as well, so that they can come back to live in the third branch family!

At that time, their first branch will be the only one doing well, and the whole family will have to listen to the first branch. She will have to be praised when she goes home during the new year’s festival!

Chen Zeqing returned: “There is a paging phone booth at the entrance of the alley, go ahead and call. If there is a callback there, someone will come to inform our family. Do you have any money with you?”

Yan Hongying’s slimy eyes fixed on him, “No.”

Chen Zeqing pointed to his pants hanging on the wall, “Take 10 yuan to spend tomorrow, and ask me for it after spending it.”

Yan Hongying raised the corners of her mouth with great satisfaction, “Good.”

After Chen Zeqing drank, sometimes he would be in a good mood, and he would give her money. Yan Hongying was quite happy every time he gave her a few or 10 yuan.

But she didn’t know that in other people’s homes, the financial power was basically in the hands of the woman.

And Chen Zeqing would only reward her when he was in a good mood.


The same night, in another house in the city center, Lin Xiaoyue, who was greedy at night, boiled prawns.

She made a simple seasoning with soy sauce, vinegar and millet pepper. She peeled a prawn as big as her hand and made a slurping sound with her mouth.

“Wow, I couldn’t get any more excited eating this shrimp.

She rolled the peeled shrimp in the dipping sauce, dipped it in a bowl full of ingredients, then stuffed it into her mouth with a bite. The salty, sour, and spicy taste immediately overflowed in her mouth. The shrimp meat was strong and chewy; it was simply great!

“Ah happiness”

She stomped her feet in satisfaction.

Yan Yang came over with a big bowl of egg noodles and saw her eating with a happy face. He showed a smile and said, “You must be hungry to eat so well. Come, eat the noodles.”

“You also cooked noodles ah…”

Lin Xiaoyue looked at the bowl of noodles in his hand, “It’s a big bowl, I can’t eat it… I just want to eat shrimp to satisfy my craving, but my mouth doesn’t want to taste that. “

“I’ll eat with you.”

Yan Yang prepared two pairs of chopsticks, cooked a large bowl of noodles, with meat and eggs on top, just to eat a midnight snack with her.

“Good, good, let’s eat together. You eat more, I eat less! ” Lin Xiaoyue smilingly picked up the chopsticks and caught a piece of meat on the surface to eat.

“The day after tomorrow, I’ll rest and accompany you to see a doctor.” Yan Yang said.

“Why?” asked Lin Xiaoyue.

“You have a cold stomach. Let’s see a doctor and let the doctor prescribe some medicine to make up for it.” He replied.

“Oh.” Lin Xiaoyue nodded her head.

It seems like we talked about this topic during the day…

I forgot.


Why did I forget things so easily lately?

It seems that during the day …… Did I forget something else?


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