I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 77

Chapter 77

After attending Yan Hongying’s wedding, Yan Yang’s mind began to fall on his make-up wedding with Lin Xiaoyue.

He owes Lin Xiaoyue a wedding. His heart has always remembered this.

He was too busy earning money these days, so he didn’t have the time to pick this matter.

But now that another girl in the family has also gotten married, Yan Yang’s guilt towards Lin Xiaoyue has become deeper and deeper. He felt that even if he was busy, he had to bring this matter to a successful conclusion for her.

Yan Yang asked Wang Xiuying to pick a date, an auspicious day for the wedding, and invite the villagers to drink wedding wine.

Wang Xiuying was also a person who liked to have a lively event. Now the family has some ability to have a good time, she also feels that this matter must be done.

So, she seriously looked up in the huángli[1]Huangli means Chinese divination almanac.. She selected a big day in the middle of next month and decided to hold a wedding for Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue on that day.

After the matter was determined, Wang Xiuying and Yan Yang began to prepare things for marriage.

It is true that you need to buy two new clothes for the wedding, and apart from that, Wang Xiuying also urged Yan Yang to buy a good watch, the expensive kind.

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t care much about this after entering their family for so long. However, it seems that Yan Hongying’s wedding has stimulated the mother and son pair. Lin Xiaoyue was also happy and willing to make up for her wedding.

At home, Yan Dayong lets the mother and son decide.

The two old men heard about it and took the initiative to ask Yan Dayong if the family was still short of money.

Yan Dayong said no, but the two old men still shelled out 50 yuan to prepare for their wedding.

Yan Dayong did not expect the two old people to make such a move, although he thought that he should not take it, he was still excited about accepting it.

The main reason he accepted it was that if Yan Dayong said this matter to Wang Xiuying, it would certainly enhance their relationship.

Then, when Wang Xiuying knew about the situation, Wang Xiuying also told Lin Xiaoyue about it.

After Lin Xiaoyue heard about this situation, she couldn’t help but smile, “It looks like the two old people are now slowly starting to shift their hearts over to our side. However…”

Wang Xiuying heard that there was a twist and hurriedly asked further, “But what?”

Lin Xiaoyue said with a smile, “But there is a possibility that the two old people want to befriend our family, just to take some benefits out of us. Maybe I can buy the hearts of people. “

When Wang Xiuying heard Lin Xiaoyue say such words, she felt some fear, “Really? So shady ah? “

Lin Xiaoyue patted Wang Xiuying’s shoulder, “I’m just saying, it’s not necessarily that it’s the case. Anyway, the old man is willing to give the money, our family will receive it, we will take it for nothing.”

So, the family accepted the 50 yuan with peace of mind.

It took half a month to prepare for the wedding, and Wang Xiuying also took some wedding candy and distributed it to the neighbors and some brothers in the village.

The whole village knows that Lin Xiaoyue was Yan Yang’s wife, but did not expect their family to have a make-up wedding for her.

However, when Lin Xiaoyue married Yan Yang, Yan Yang was still stupid. Not doing a wedding ceremony was still justifiable.

Now that Yan Yang has regained his sanity, the family’s life is also booming. This time, the makeup for a wedding can also be considered as the icing on the cake.

Although the villagers felt that it was strange, their families still heartily sent their blessings.

The villagers were still willing to send the favors they owed to them.

In the blink of an eye, it was the beginning of the month, and the wedding was scheduled for the middle of the month.

Things are almost ready. Yan Yang will continue to focus on business. Lin Xiaoyue also went back to the city with him.

Yan Yang works at the Dahe Seafood Processing Plant.

Yan Yang also worked in the factory for more than a few months. Wang Laowu’s son is quite perceptive. He brought it and taught it comfortably.

Lin Xiaoyue has a titular position in the seafood processing plant, but only a titular.

When she lived in the city with Yan Yang, Yan Yang worked during the day. She cleaned up the house as she liked.

She also raised chickens and ducks in the yard, planted flowers and plants, fed the chickens and ducks, bought vegetables, watered the flowers and plants, and chatted with the old Madames in the neighborhood every day.

This is the salted fish life Lin Xiaoyue wanted.

The old Madames living nearby are past retirement age and have long since retired from the union, starting a comfortable salty fish retirement life.

Although the old Madames are surprised by Lin Xiaoyue’s young salted fish life. But because Lin Xiaoyue was good at chatting with them, the old Madames like to pull Lin Xiaoyue to chat.

From the mouths of these old Madames, Lin Xiaoyue could hear not only a lot of parents’ shortcomings but also a lot of current political news.

To her, it was a meaningful and interesting chat.

This day is also a leisurely and complacent day.

Lin Xiaoyue sat in the yard of the old Madame next door. She brought her own snacks and chatted happily with many old madames while playing mahjong.

Originally, Lin Xiaoyue did not know how to play mahjong; it was this group of old Madame who taught her. She was better than them. Every time she wins seven or eight yuan from old Madame, she wins.

After that, the old Madame won the meat, she will bring more snacks to them the next time, saying that she used the money she won to buy snacks.

In this way, when old madames eat delicious food, they don’t feel the pain of losing so much money.

“Recently, there was news from Xiao Chen’s family. Have you heard? I heard that his son married another wife in the countryside. He said he had arranged jobs and brought it from the countryside to the city.”

Old Madame Wang said this while chewing a plum in her mouth. Her wrinkled hands were fumbling on the mahjong. Although she was already more than 60 years old, they were still sharp at playing mahjong.

“Which Xiao Chen?”

Old Madame Li asked, “You speak louder, my ears are not good, I cannot hear clearly!”

Old Madame Wang answered, “The one whose son works in the library, Xiao Chen ah! Just like that, he works in the seafood factory himself! He is my son’s colleague. Do you still have an impression of him? “

The old Madame Li’s old brow was furrowed, “Which Xiao Chen ah?”

At this point, Lin Xiaoyue could not help but laugh and came up to Old Madame Li’s ear and said loudly, “The Xiao Chen who works in the seafood factory! And his son works in the library! Now can you hear it clearly or not? “

Old Madame Li nodded slowly with an “Oh” sound. “You know, Xiao Chen from the seafood factory sent some newly dead shrimp to my family last time!”


The old Madame Wang played a tube while chatting, “Wasn’t Xiao Chen’s son divorced? Some time ago, he said he got married again and married a rural girl. Now, the rural girl is said to have come to the city, and they also arranged a job for her in the seafood factory. Do you know about this?”

Lin Xiaoyue does not know anyway.

From these gossips in the city, she heard everything from the mouths of these old Madames. Sometimes she was very interested in listening, but she didn’t know who the main character was…

“How can I know if you don’t say it? I didn’t know until you said it!”

Old Madame Liu pushed the reading glasses against her face. She frowned, and looked at the cards seriously, and played a seven-barrel after a long time.

The speed of this old Madame’s hand in mahjong is very slow. They usually play while eating a lot of melon seeds, while waiting for them, or while gossiping every day.

“I told you now.”

Old Madame Wang said unhurriedly, “Do you still know that Xiao Chen’s son? I heard that his last wife was beaten to death by him. The last time I worked as a matchmaker for their family, I found more than a dozen girls. When I heard about his family, no girl would marry him. As a result, he went to the countryside to find my aunt.”

“What did you say?” Old Madame Li, who was having a hard time hearing, asked with great effort.

Lin Xiaoyue, sitting next to Old Madame Li, knocked on a melon and laughed, “They said that Xiao Chen’s son beat his wife! Before, Old Madame Wang introduced more than 10 girls to Xiao Chen’s son. No girl was willing to marry him! Then Xiao Chen’s son ran to the countryside to find a girl!”


Old Madame Li now hears it clearly. She slowly and leisurely touched the mahjong, and slowly and leisurely said, “That Xiao Chen’s son was already fierce, why introduce him to another girl? The girl he married before, every day she would look for him. He was drinking some wine and playing every day! I live by his house. Looking at the girl makes me feel bad. “

Lin Xiaoyue ate the melon seed and listened to the story of this violent man.

Although she still does not know who the main character is, this thing sounds quite interesting…

“Then his son is still young. Not even a child, he certainly still needs to find a wife again, ah. “

Old Madame Wang retorted Old Madame Li.” Then Xiao Chen has asked me to be a matchmaker, so I have to find him a girl! This matchmaking money, I still want to receive it!”

“What about now?”

Old Madame Liu asked again, “Xiao Chen’s son’s temperament has not changed ah?”

Old Madame Wang shook her head and waved her hand, “I don’t know! I just played the role of matchmaker for their family, and I am not familiar with his son! But I heard that his son was married to a countryside girl and she was quite good. The girl from the countryside was still very young, more than ten years younger than him! It looks like a girl doll. “

Lin Xiaoyue, at this time, cannot help but issue a “tsk” sound, “Just at the beginning. In the future, his nature will still be exposed. This thing can’t be changed, especially something like drinking!”

“What are you talking about?” Old Madame Li could not hear clearly again.

Lin Xiaoyue sighed, then repeated her words loudly in Old Madame Li’s ear.

After listening, Old Madame Li gave Lin Xiaoyue a definite look, “Right! The little girl is right! After a long time, this nature will still be exposed. I’ve never seen an alcoholic man who is able to stop drinking! This rural girl, in the future, will surely suffer. “

Lin Xiaoyue, who talked about this topic, didn’t know it at all… Several old madames talked about Chen Zeqing, and the rural girl in the mouth of several old madames was Yan Hongying.

“Little girl, ah, you are also out of the countryside, right?”

Old Madame Wang asked Lin Xiaoyue, “Which village are you from?”

Lin Xiaoyue also ate a melon. She really could not help but roll her eyes. She sighed, “Old Madame Wang! I’m afraid you’ll forget about me in the future, hey! Shang Yan village, Shang Yan village!”

“Oh oh oh ……”

Wang Lao Madame smiled and nodded shyly, but, quickly reacted, “Oops! It seems that the son of the Xiao Chen family is married to a girl from this village!”

“Alas! You remembered which village the girl their son married is from, but you don’t remember which village I am from!”

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t help but say to her, “Old Madame, you have eaten my stuff for so long! I’m afraid that I’ve never noticed that you’re a white-eyed Wwolf for so long!”

A table full of old grandmas let out a hearty laugh…

Old Madame Wang laughed especially loudly, and while laughing loudly, she was embarrassed and said, “No, little girl, that’s not what I meant! I’m an old woman. How can I remember so much in my head? “

“I’m afraid you’ll forget about me one day!”

Lin Xiaoyue ridiculed her while playing a three.

The mahjong continues, and so does the chat…

Suddenly, Lin Xiaoyue thought something was wrong…

She jerked her head up and looked at Old Madame Wang with surprised eyes, “Hey, Old Madame Wang, what did you just say? That Xiao Chen’s son was married to a girl from our village? How come I don’t know any girls from our village married in the city? You remembered correctly, right?”

Just when she finished this paragraph…

Lin Xiaoyue’s mind exploded and she immediately remembered Yan Hongying, who got married just last month!

It can’t be that coincidental, right?

I’ll go…

“I think I remember correctly, right? If you ask me so, I also have a broken head. If you ask me so, I also have

Old Madame Wang thought very seriously, “I also do not know ah.”

I’m down!

After waiting half a day for such a reply, the corners of her mouth twitched, “Old Madame, what is the name of Xiao Chen’s son? You still remember, right?”


Old Wang Madame thought about it very seriously for a long time, and her brain couldn’t turn around. “I really forgot!”

Go to……F*ck you!

Lin Xiaoyue shook her head, and she was simply convinced.

“What are you talking about? What are you talking about?”

The old Madame Li’s ears have become online.

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t cry or laugh. Lin Xiayue repeated loudly in her ear. “Old Madame Wang said she forgot what Xiao Chen’s son’s name is!”

After hearing clearly, Old Madame Li directly ridiculed Wang Lao Madame, “Do you have Alzheimer?! Oh! Xiao Chen’s son, who was called Chen Zeqing, was born! Before, you said you introduced more than a dozen girls to him! Now you can’t even remember the person’s name!”

“Oh, oh, oh!”

Old Madame Wang’s mind suddenly became agile and she suddenly realized, “Yes, yes, that’s the name! Oops, my brain ah…”

Lin Xiaoyue also suddenly nodded, from the mouths of these old Madames, she found out the main character of the gossip.

Simply amazing…

She even played mahjong and chatted with this old Madame. They were talking about Yan Hongying’s family.

Yang Hongying, a girl of thousands of choices, couldn’t look up to those in the village or in the town. Finally, she chose a divorced man in the city.

As a result, it is actually an alcoholic and violent man!

If this is someone else’s girl, Lin Xiaoyue will listen to the girl and she will feel pain for her, but if it is Yan Hongying words, Lin Xiaoyue can’t wait to see the good show.

Yan Hongying this girl will definitely cry and go back to her mother’s house later…

However, Lin Xiaoyue previously heard Yang Chengyu talk about Chen Zeqing’s background. In their words, Chen Zeqing’s first wife died in childbirth. He said the first wife died before he married the second.

As a result, based on these old Madame’s words, the truth was that it was a violent man. The first wife was beaten away by Chen Zeqing.


It’s not that city people like rural girls. It’s just that they can’t pick girls in the city, so they go to the countryside to pick girls.

Chen Zeqing… This man was also bad!

But Yan Hongying, that girl was also bad.

Lin Xiaoyue talked with these old Madames for some more time and learned more about Chen Zeqing’s family.

The more she knows, the more terrible it sounds…

The old Madames also said that Chen Zeqing’s first wife, who was pregnant at the time, was beaten by Chen Zeqing that she miscarried, so they were determined to divorce.

After all, in this era, divorce was uncommon here!

Women in this age can bear it. No matter how bad a marriage is, they can bite their teeth and bear it for their children.

But if a man miscarries his child, this kind of divorce is really serious.

Lin Xiaoyue knows so much that she can’t hide it.

She was thinking of going to the seafood factory to observe.

So in the morning, after playing mahjong with the old Madame, Lin Xiaoyue ran to the seafood processing plant at noon to find Yan Yang for lunch.

The two took meal tickets to the canteen of the seafood processing factory and ate two types of meat, two vegetables, and one soup.

While eating, Lin Xiaoyue also involuntarily asked about Yan Hongying, “It seems that Yan Hongying came to the city to work in the seafood factory oh?”

Yan Yang was putting the meat from his plate onto Lin Xiaoyue’s plate, while answering her, “I don’t know, why are you asking about her all of a sudden?”

“Today, I was playing mahjong with some old Madames when some old Madames suddenly talked about Chen Zeqing ……”

Lin Xiaoyue then told Yan Yang all the things that old Madame told her, and finally added, “Let me see, I don’t like Yan Hongying’s girl. Whether she lives well or not has nothing to do with me. However, they are all from the old Yan family. What do you think?”

Yan Yang didn’t like Yan Hongying either, but this matter sounded quite serious.

When you think about the fact that Yan Hongying was still just a teenage girl, it is equivalent to being tricked into coming to the city by a man in his thirties.

“As you wish.”

Yan Yang has no opinion. He believes Lin Xiaoyue can do a good job.

“So, is she in your factory?” Lin Xiaoyue asked Yan Yang.

Yan Yang shook his head, “I really do not know, I will let the personnel check this afternoon. The seafood factory, and our seafood processing plant was not the same. The nearby seafood factory is where Zhou Zhengwei’s family works. After dinner, I will take you to find Zhou Zhengwei. “

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, “Good. I just want to go to Zhou Zhengwei and buy another batch of shrimp. I love shrimp lately. I don’t know why, but before I go to bed at night, all I can think of is boiled shrimp dipped in soy sauce. I’m just super eager to eat it!”

Yan Yang laughed. He reached out and pinched her little face, “Eat. eat more, there is not enough meat on your face.”

But it’s more than before.

Now her little face was tender and smooth and elastic, and it was fun to touch.

“I also want to eat pork dipped in soy sauce.”

Lin Xiaoyue tilted her head and stared at Yan Yang, “And I want the kind with millet spice in the soy sauce, with a lot of …… don’t know why I’m super eager to eat it!”


Yan Yang painfully replied, “If you want to eat, then eat. The money is in your hands. You can buy more meat. Later, I will take you to Zhou Zhengwei to buy shrimp.”

Lin Xiaoyue smilingly picked up the eggs on the plate and put them in her mouth. She was chewing a few times, “The eggs taste so bland, I want to add some chilli to the bowl of eggs. I don’t know why, but my mouth feels so bland lately, so I want to eat something spicy, and it makes my stomach feel good.”

“Is everything okay?”

Hearing her say so much, Yan Yang vaguely had some concern. He touched Lin Xiaoyue’s stomach. Was it painful?”

Lin Xiaoyue slapped his hand away, “You’re not a Chinese medicine doctor. What’s the use of asking? Eat, eat, I’m fine, it’s just that I’m craving spicy food these days.”

“If you eat too much spicy food, you will have an upset stomach.” Yan Yang reminded her.

“I haven’t started eating yet, I just want to eat.”

Lin Xiaoyue licked her mouth and couldn’t help but think of the many spicy dishes she had eaten before, “I want to eat boiled fish, chicken, spicy rabbit, spicy diced chicken, spicy seafood pot, and spicy red pot ……”

Reciting the names of these dishes, Lin Xiaoyue felt that her saliva in his throat was flowing out. She was so greedy!

Yan Yang frowned when he heard it. “Do you have a cold stomach?”

Lin Xiaoyue fixed her eyes on Yan Yang, “Cold Stomach?”

Yan Yang was worried, “If you want to eat spicy food, you can eat it. However, the day after tomorrow, since it’s my day off, I’ll go with you to see a Chinese doctor. Maybe you’re experiencing a cold stomach. “

Lin Xiaoyue: “Oh.” So he really knows something!

Wrongly blamed, wrongly blamed…

After lunch, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue went to the nearby seafood factory to find Zhou Zhengwei.

At first, they said they came to find out about Yan Hongying, but after they came here, the real purpose became “to buy seafood”.

Zhou Zhengwei did not expect the couple to come to buy seafood. He was surprised, but he also very warmly greeted the couple.

Right at the port, their seafood factory’s boats could catch a large amount of fresh seafood every day.

Zhou Zhengwei took the couple directly to pick fresh seafood from the bed that had just docked.

Lin Xiaoyue said she wanted to eat prawns, the bigger the better! Dipped in soy sauce vinegar with millet spice. That taste is absolutely top-notch!

“Come, look at this nine-section shrimp. They are good. I tell you they are very expensive at the market price.”

Zhou Zhengwei took Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang to a box of fresh shrimp goods. With gloves in his hands, he picked up two shrimp, “Look, how about this?”

“This is too small.”

Lin Xiaoyue thought this shrimp was not big enough to eat and didn’t feel good to eat. “I don’t care about the variety of shrimp. The bigger the shrimp, the better. It’s delicious to eat!”

“Oh, this, this, shrimp.”

Zhou Zhengwei found another box of shrimp goods. Each of the shrimp was very large. He casually picked up two to let Lin Xiaoyue see. Lin Xiaoyue greedily made a sucking sound. As if sucking in her drool.

“This is good…”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded and looked back at Yan Yang, “What do you think of this?”

Yan Yang followed everything she said. “If you think it’s good enough.”

Lin Xiaoyue replied. “Then this is it, you pick a few pounds for me.”

Zhou Zhengwei did not know where to get a bag, so he frantically fished shrimp into the bag until he got a whole big bag.

And then very boldly said, “Take away, do not count the money ah, go go go…”

When the three people left, the seafood factory assembly line, Yan Hongying, happened to come out for a fresh breath of air. Her sharp-eyed attention was paid to them…

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1 Huangli means Chinese divination almanac.


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