I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 80

Chapter 80

If not for a phone call at home, Lin Xiaoyue really did not know that she and Yan Yang in the village had become liars.

Their wedding was in the middle of the month, and there are only 10 or so days left. It should have been done in grand style, but the whole village must have thought they were liars and had lied about their work.

And Wang Xiuying was quite flustered.

Now there is a rumor among villagers in the village, such as, “Are they both speculating privately?” “How else could they earn so much money?”

Wang Xiuying usually couldn’t see them. There was no way to ask them directly for confirmation. They were also very worried the last two days.

Fortunately, Lin Xiaoyue called her, Wang Xiuying, was finally able to ask her about the matter properly.

And Lin Xiaoyue did not let her down. She replied to her without hesitation. “Mother-in-law, do not listen to the villager’s gossip. Xiao Yang and I are just working seriously. We are not doing any speculation. Didn’t I show you my work certificate last time? If others don’t believe me, how can you not?”

“Yes, I believed in you guys at first. But then more people said it, which was very convincing. I was confused when I listened…”

On the other side of the phone, Wang Xiuying said in a very worried tone, “I also know that I cannot suspect you two. So, I just held back from asking, just waiting for you two to come back and tell me again.”

Don’t worry Mother-in-law, even if someone asks us about this, we will be able to get the evidence. Instead, the person who started the rumor, I wonder what benefit she can take from slandering us? “

Lin Xiaoyue has already established the rumor-mongering candidate in her mind, it must be Yan Hongying.

“They said it came from someone who works in the seafood factory in the city, and they brought this news back to the village.” Wang Xiuying said.

“Mother-in-law, there is one thing that I must say to you. A seafood factory and a seafood processing plant are two factories. Xiao Yang and I used to work in the seafood factory, but now we are in the seafood processing factory, and we both went to work in a better place. So that person who works in the seafood factory? It’s normal for both of us to be out of the seafood factory. “

Lin Xiaoyue comforted Wang Xiuying, “if mother-in-law doesn’t believe it, you can rest the next day, you can come to the city to see the work of Xiao Yang and me. We are both in the management department. It’s not busy at ordinary times, we can still make time by walking around. “

“Good… then I believe you. I will not go to the city to bother you two, as long as you are living well.”

Wang Xiuying’s anxious heart was finally calmed down by Lin Xiaoyue.

Afterwards, Lin Xiaoyue reported her good news to Wang Xiuying, “Mother-in-law, I called you today because I wanted to tell you the good news. Let’s put the rumors aside for a moment. I have to tell you that I am pregnant. “


On the other side of the phone, Wang Xiuying’s scream came across the air. The decibel was so high that Lin Xiaoyue was shocked. She hurriedly moved the phone away.

A few seconds later, Lin Xiaoyue let the phone come closer to her ear. She heard on the phone that Wang Xiuying was still yelling, “This is a great thing! So soon! How many months has it been? Did you just find out today? Are you sure? Xiao Yue, how is your health? Can you take care of yourself over there? Why don’t I go over to see you tomorrow?”

Not long ago, Wang Xiuying said that she would not come here to disturb the couple’s life, but now, she was eager to come here again…

Hearing Wang Xiuying’s anxious voice, Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t help but laugh, “Mother-in-law, everything is fine here. My health is also great! If you want to come over, you can also come over anytime. Better tell me earlier. I will pick you up at the port. “

“Okay, okay, I’ll be there tomorrow! I’ll go see you both!”

Wang Xiuying was so happy that she was ready to take time off from work tomorrow and had to go over to see her pregnant daughter-in-law.

“The two old people at home should also be idle, right? Ask them if they want to come to town to play.” Lin Xiaoyue proposed to Wang Xiuying to bring Grandpa Yan and Grandma Yan over together.

Of course, she didn’t do it to honor the two old people, and she had no obligation to honor those two old people.

The reason why she proposed this was also to let Wang Xiuying have two more witnesses around her.

If Wang Xiuying was able to bring the two old people together tomorrow, when the three people came back, the rumors in the village could be broken.

Grandma Yan, who loves to show off, will definitely bring news of their third branch family to the first branch family and the second branch family, and even to other elderly people in the village.

In this way, Yang Chengyu of the first branch family will have nothing to say.

As for Yan Hongying’s side, Lin Xiaoyue is going to solve it herself.

She originally had a glimmer of good intentions and wanted to say what other people said to her, that her husband was involved in domestic violence, but it turned out that she had already unceremoniously calculated her impolitely.

Lin Xiaoyue felt remorse for the kindness in her heart. She shouldn’t have such a trace of being a saint in her heart.

Sure enough, people are good at bullying people…

“Why do you want to call the two old people over?” Wang Xiuying asked Lin Xiaoyue.

What a relief!

Her brain doesn’t turn so fast. She doesn’t understand what Lin Xiaoyue means.

Lin Xiaoyue explained to her, “Just bring them here. There are only advantages, but no disadvantages. “

This does not need much of an explanation…

But Wang Xiuying nodded very obediently, “Yes! I’ll call the two old people tonight! They are now back to living there. I heard that the food they ate was very poor this month. They came to our house to eat several meals. Now their attitude has improved, and they often bring their own eggs! They were also embarrassed to eat for nothing!”

Lin Xiaoyue laughed, “Then it’s a deal, Mother-in-law. Tomorrow morning, I’ll pick you up at the port. “

Wang Xiuying smiled and answered, “Good, good!”

Wang Xiuying gave a few more instructions before the phone hung up.

After hanging up the phone, Lin Xiaoyue turned her head to look at Yan Yang, saying, “Tomorrow my mother-in-law and grandparents will come. I’m going to be your secretary. You, too, should try to show the charm of your work in front of them, yo!”

Although Yan Yang did not know what she was planning to do, she smiled and smiled, “Good.”

Lin Xiaoyue turned around and hooked Yan Yang’s arm, the two paid the phone bill, and then went home as clingy as ever.

In the evening, Yan Yang gave Lin Xiaoyue the boiled body tonic Chinese medicine.

In the big room, Lin Xiaoyue sat at the dining table to eat boiled chicken legs, dipped in chilli noodles, a large bite of meat.

She took a look at Yan Yang, who was sitting on the small bench. He was slowly boiling the traditional Chinese medicine, and she unconsciously raised the corners of her mouth.

She is really the happiest woman in the world!

“From today, you can’t do that at night.” Lin Xiaoyue reminded him.

Yan Yang’s hand waving the fan paused, took a deep breath, and sighed softly, “Got it.”

Yan Yang was happy all day, until this moment, only to realize that after being happy, he had to face …… this bad thing!

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