I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 81

Chapter 81

The next morning, at 8 o’clock, Wang Xiuying rode her bicycle back from the town. She bought a basket of eggs and a large piece of pork, and she also bought a wild pheasant in the black alley.

With so many things to prepare for the city, Wang Xiuying planned to give Lin Xiaoyue a good tonic. After all, she is now pregnant with the family’s little golden grandson!

She returned her bicycle to her house. Wang Xiuying came to Old Yan’s house with a pile of things in her hand to pick up the two old people and take them to the city.

The two elders had changed into new clothes today. It was a rare occasion that they had to go to the city for a walk, so they could not look like a country bumpkin.

The two old people now have a very good impression of the Third Branch family. They think about the Third Branch family every day, and they want to send anything good to the Third Branch family.

Probably because they have tasted the sweetness in the Third Branch family, the two old people are more and more willing to give anything to the Third Branch family, and the balance in their hearts has been tilted to the Third Branch family.

This time, after hearing Wang Xiuying say that Lin Xiaoyue had invited them to visit the city, the two elderly had a better impression of the Third Branch family! Their impression of Lin Xiaoyue was also particularly good!

Although there were rumors in the village that Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were liars, the two elders didn’t believe them.

They thought that if they didn’t have such good jobs in the city, how could they get so much money to build a new house and buy a bicycle?

Therefore, when they heard people from the first branch saying bad things about Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang during meals at the first branch, the two old people would defend Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang.

When Wang Xiuying came to pick them up this morning, Yang Chengyu, of the first branch family, had not yet left the house, and she happened to bump into Wang Xiuying.

Yang Chengyu is the person who spread the rumors in the village. Although Wang Xiuying looked very upset with her, she still put up with her temper, and politely greeted her, “Sister, have you gone out yet?”

Yang Chengyu also politely replied, “I am ready to go out, but something delayed me. You are going to take two old people into the city today, right? Be careful on the way; Mom and Dad have not been out of the village for years; do not let anything happen. “

Wang Xiuying laughed and said, “Mom and Dad are not children, they can just follow me, what can happen?”

Yang Chengyu did not say much and left after the warning.

After she left, the two elderly were already eager to come out of the house in a shaky state of mind.

“Third daughter-in-law, you have come.” Grandma Yan greeted Wang Xiuying.

Wang Xiuying saw that the two old people also carried a basket of eggs in their hands, and said that these two old people can still be considered human. They still know how to prepare gifts when visiting someone.

Dad, Mom, I’ve talked to the village head. We’ll take the captain’s tractor to town later, and the captain will give us a ride. This way, you two can also go! ” Wang Xiuying said.

“Well, well, that’s good.”

Grandma Yan smiled and nodded, “Then it’s not too late, let’s go.”

Wang Xiuying then took the two elders and set off.

The captain of the production team sent the three of them to town with a tractor. The tractor drove fast, and the road only took more than 20 minutes. If you walk, it would take more than an hour.

Wang Xiuying gave the captain a few eggs and said some words of thanks.

The captain was a little embarrassed but still took it away.

The three of them came very early; the ferry time was 10:00, and they waited for more than an hour after buying tickets at the port.

This waiting time was long, but everyone’s mood was still good. They were talking and laughing.

Wang Xiuying also rarely gets along with the elder in such a harmonious way.

Around 10:30, the ferry arrived at the opposite port. Wang Xiuying carried a pile of things with her two hands. She walked forward anxiously and turned around to look at the elders.

“Dad, Mom, keep up! Keep up with me! Don’t get lost!”

Wang Xiuying was afraid of losing the two elders, or else it would be a big problem if she lost them.

The two old people were acting quite good after they left the house, and they followed Wang Xiuying closely along the way and didn’t want anything to happen.

Lin Xiaoyue was waiting by the port. When she saw Wang Xiuying and the two elderly people, she waved frantically at the three of them, “Mother-in-law! I’m here!”

People who didn’t know thought that they were a big family with a good relationship.

But only Lin Xiaoyue herself knew that she was just being nice.

Lin Xiaoyue received Wang Xiuying and the two elders, the three elders around her talking and laughing, exchanging a bunch of personal words.

Wang Xiuying carried a lot of things. Lin Xiaoyue took the basket of eggs in her hand, then took her arm and said, “Let me take you to Xiao Yang first. Go to his office and put these things down first.”

“Oh, Yan Yang has his own office?” Grandma Yan showed a look of surprise.

“Of course there is. He is the secretary in the processing plant.”

Lin Xiaoyue smiled and said, “Come on, all of you follow me. It’s quite close, about 10 minutes of walk.”

Soon, Lin Xiaoyue took the three elders to the seafood processing plant and walked through the production flow room, where the employees would greet Lin Xiaoyue and call out to her, “Sister Yang.”

Lin Xiaoyue often came to the processing plant before, so the employees here knew that she was the wife of the factory manager’s secretary, so they all knew her.

They greeted Lin Xiaoyue and laid down Lin Xiaoyue’s position in the factory.

At this time, the rumors that were prevalent in the village were now broken.

When Wang Xiuying and the two elders saw that Lin Xiaoyue was so popular in the factory, they secretly said, “If anyone in the village dares to say that their husband and wife are liars, they will drown them with spit!”

They passed through the production flow room and went up to the second floor. That was where the secretary, Yan Yang’s, office was located.

The secretary’s office is independent and the office only belongs to Yan Yang alone. There are only two keys. Only Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue have them.

Lin Xiaoyue used her exclusive key to open the door of the office, then led the three elders into the office.

“Mother-in-law, grandparents, put your things here first. Xiao Yang is still busy. I’ll make you a cup of tea first. “

Lin Xiaoyue closed the door of the office and made a cup of tea for the three of them in a decent manner, posing as if she was the secretary of the secretary.

“Aiya, this is how you and Xiao Yang usually work, huh?” Wang Xiuying took the tea handed to her by Lin Xiaoyue and asked Lin Xiaoyue with great interest.

All the things here made the three elders feel refreshed.

There is a big gap between the development in the city and the development in the countryside, so everything in the city looks very advanced, not like the rural areas that are lagging behind in development.

“Xiao Yang is the secretary, I’m just his little assistant. Usually, I do what he does, and we are both usually together. “

Lin Xiaoyue found some snacks in the cupboard and put them on the coffee table.

They are still good snacks, such as beef jerky, shredded squid, small squid, fish fillets, etc.

The two elderly, Grandma Yan and Grandpa Yan picked up the beef jerky and started biting into it, and it tasted so good that they nodded their heads!

“Grandpa and Grandma, you’ve had a hard journey, right?”

Lin Xiaoyue asked the two old people, “I was afraid that you would have a hard time, so I was embarrassed to ask you to come over. But when I think about it, you two usually stay at home, you don’t go out of the house. I thought you might want to come to the city to play, so I asked my mother-in-law to call you.

In fact, Lin Xiaoyue called the two of them over, just to have two more pairs of eyes to see her and Yan Yang’s life in the city, and then bring this extravagant life back to the village, so that the rumors in the village will be broken.

This small move, it can be said, not only broke the rumors in the village but also let Lin Xiaoyue receive the hearts of the two elderly.

The two elders now have a better impression of Lin Xiaoyue!

The two old people now know that Lin Xiaoyue was different from before.

They both now understand that Lin Xiaoyue was actually a pretty good girl, and when they get to know her better, they know that she is quite caring, as long as they don’t fight against her.

“You have a heart, ah.”

As Grandma Yan chewed the beef jerky, she smilingly said, “We have come all this way. We are tired, but at the same time, we are also not tired. The captain drove the tractor to take us to the town. There was not much walking.

“Then when you go back, can you also ask the captain to drive a tractor to send you back?” asked Lin Xiaoyue.

Wang Xiuying smiled, “That would not be good. When we go back, we will ask his father (Yan Dayong) to come by bicycle to pick us up. The bicycle is also fast. My parents can go alone. It only takes an hour. I’ll go by myself.”

“This is good, we can’t let grandparents go tired.”

Lin Xiaoyue smiled and said, “Mother-in-law, grandparents, let’s have lunch at the canteen in the factory later. After eating, I’ll take you to the house I rented with Xiao Yang to take a nap, and then I’ll walk you around town in the afternoon. What do you think? “

“You will be too tired like this.”

Wang Xiuying was concerned about Lin Xiaoyue’s health, “You’re pregnant now, you need to rest more. I am here to take care of you, not to ask for your company! “

“Mother-in-law, you only come here once in a while. Just have a good time here, I don’t need you to take care of me, Xiao Yang will take care of me. ” When Lin Xiaoyue said this, she was also a bit smug.

“This afternoon, we will not go out shopping, it’s a waste of money.”

Wang Xiuying said, “I brought you wild pheasant. I’ll take care of this thing this afternoon. I’ll stew it for an afternoon meal, so you can eat it at night!”

On the side, Grandpa and Grandma Yan listened to the conversation between their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law silently. No matter what the arrangement is, the two old people are fine with it.

If they want to go out, the two old people do not have the physical strength to do so. It is estimated that they can only go out for a while.

If not, the two old people would like to go out on their own and see the scenery.

So that’s it.

It was the wild pheasant that made the two old people crave it, thinking that it would be nice to eat it.

As a result, Lin Xiaoyue’s next words were exactly what the two old people wanted: “Mother-in-law, why don’t you stay here for one more night? Anyway, the house Xiao Yang and I rented is big and has all the rooms. In the evening, I will show you around. “

“You still have a room in the house you rented?” Wang Xiuying was shocked.

Hearing this, Grandma Yan immediately lit up and said, “Yes, it’s rare to come to the city, so let’s stay another night.”

Grandpa Yan also nodded while biting into his jerky, “Let’s see if we can ask the captain to drive the tractor over to pick us up when we go back tomorrow morning. The captain also said he will drive a tractor to town every day. If we go back tomorrow, we can also ride it. “

Anyway, what the two old people mean is …… they want to stay here for one night!

When Wang Xiuying heard the two old people had said so, she also had to respectfully obey them.

Okay, then we’ll stay overnight and we’ll go back tomorrow morning. Then I have to make a phone call to the commune to tell Xiao Yang’s father and ask the captain if he can pick us up again tomorrow. How can I get a phone here? ” Wang Xiuying asked.

Lin Xiaoyue smiled and pointed at Yan Yang’s desk, “There’s one over there?”


Wang Xiuying then realized that there was a phone in this office!

“This is awesome! Xiao Yang not only sits in his own office, but he also has his own phone!”

Wang Xiuying hurriedly came to the desk and saw this landline phone belonged exclusively to Yan Yang. The sense of satisfaction in her eyes could not be concealed.

The two old people were the same.

Because in their village, there is only one telephone, and it was only installed in the commune.

If people in the village want to answer the phone or receive calls, they have to go to the commune to have a call. Then the two-sided contact would have to be timed, which is very troublesome!

The three elders did not expect that Yan Yang was sitting in an office with a telephone. It was simply too awesome!

The villagers also gossiped about how Yan Yang lied. They all have not seen the world!

Wang Xiuying immediately gave a call to the commune, bragging about it for a long time, and was in a good mood!

Not long after, Yan Yang came back.

Yan Yang listened to Lin Xiaoyue and took the three elderly people for a tour around the seafood processing plant, and the workers in the whole plant called him secretary.

The three elders strolled around the processing process in the seafood processing plant and ate some freshly processed dried seafood.

They saw the world, ate, and also enjoyed the respectful eyes and treatment of workers in the factory. No one knows what their good mood is!

Lunch was eaten in the canteen of the processing plant, and the food in the canteen here was also good, with two meat and two vegetables and a bowl of soup.

Several elders were very happy to eat.

In the afternoon, Lin Xiaoyue took several elderly people back home, telling them that the house she bought with Yan Yang was something they had rented.

But even so, the stylish and luxurious decoration and style of the house made the three elders sigh.

The two children are too competitive! Living such a life in the city!

Living in the countryside, they have never seen a luxurious life in their lives…

In short, the three elderly are in a very good mood today as they have had an eye-opening experience!

At noon, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang took a nap in the room.

She lay in Yan Yang’s arms, her heart still thinking about one thing. She said: “Did you find out about Yan Hongying in Zhou Zhengwei’s?”

Yan Yang naturally said it: “I found out that she was on the assembly line. What do you plan to do?”

Knowing where Yan Hongying is, Lin Xiaoyue has a plan in mind.

She grunted, “I plan to take the two elders to the seafood factory for a walk this afternoon.”

Yan Hongying is in the seafood factory, which is direct proof that Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang’s rumors were brought back to the village by Yan Hongying.

Lin Xiaoyue will not let go of any one of the people who are scheming against her.

She must return this account to her.

“Be careful.” Yan Yang patted her shoulder and reminded her to be cautious.

Lin Xiaoyue was not convinced. “Why should I be careful? Do you think I can’t fight her? “

Yan Yang laughed lightly, “I’m worried that you’ll be tired…”

Lin Xiaoyue: “……”

Yeah, yeah, nauseating…


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