I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 82

Chapter 82

When she woke up from her nap, in the courtyard, Wang Xiuying started working on the wild pheasant she brought today.

The whole process is tedious and takes a lot of time because the chicken has to be killed, bled and plucked to make chicken soup.

Therefore, Wang Xiuying did not go out in the afternoon and stayed at home to work.

The two old people usually like to sit lazily in the courtyard in the afternoon and sunbathe, or go around the village and find other old people to chat and gossip with.

After they came to the city, they had to go out in the afternoon to not waste their trip.

Lin Xiaoyue proposed to take the two old people to a seafood factory to buy fresh seafood and come back in the evening to cook a seafood dinner. Because the family already has chicken and meat, this “full feast” also needs seafood!

Because she is pregnant, she can’t eat too much cold seafood, so she depends on what seafood the two elderly like to eat and buys it for them.

She rarely showed very eager filial piety. Grandpa Yan and Grandma Yan were quite touched. The impression of Lin Xiaoyue had a greater transformation in their hearts.

At this moment, they almost took Lin Xiaoyue as their own granddaughter.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang took the two elders out together. They arrived at the seafood processing plant. Yan Yang went to work in the processing plant. Lin Xiaoyue led the two elderly. He told Lin Xiaoyue to take a day off and let her play casually. There was no hurry to go back to work.

The two old people now have a much better impression of Yan Yang.

Lin Xiaoyue took the two old people to a seafood factory not far from the seafood processing plant. After she had investigated where Yan Hongying was, her goal was quite clear.

She took the two old people directly to the location of the port. She approached Zhou Zhengwei for a chat and told him that she wanted to buy seafood.

Zhou Zhengwei also heard that Lin Xiaoyue was pregnant, so he was more enthusiastic and careful with her.

“So it is the two elders who have come to visit. Come, come, come, see what seafood you want to pick, don’t be polite ah!” Zhou Zhengwei waved his hand in a wealthy and generous manner, and let them pick the seafood they had just caught from the sea at the scene.

Lin Xiaoyue said on the side, “We are so familiar. Can we get a discount?”

It turned out that Zhou Zhengwei had sent it directly. After listening to Lin Xiaoyue’s hint, he immediately replied, “What discount do you say? Yan Yang can make so much money, but he still needs this money to buy seafood? Come on, pick and choose, take what you like, and Yan Yang can afford it! “

These kinds of words were deliberately said to the old man. One was to let the old man know how good Yan Yang was now, and also to let the old man know that the young couple was willing to spend money on the two elderly.

Lin Xiaoyue thought that Zhou Zhengwei was really quite clever. A little bit of a hint and he would understand, worthy of being one of Yan Yang’s business partners!

Grandpa Yan and Grandma Yan immediately picked up the seafood on the spot…

“Oh, this fish is good… so big ah…”

“Let’s have two catties of those prawns. How much is it?”

They asked Zhou Zhengwei about the price. Zhou Zhengwei said it was based on the market price. After knowing the price, the heart of the two elderly people… too expensive!

Zhou Zhengwei also said, with a smile, “Yan Yang has money! Take whatever you want! ” Yan Yang can afford it!”

Lin Xiaoyue also said, “Grandpa and Grandma, take whatever you like. It’s rare for you two to come here, so do not have a psychological burden. “

Listening to what Lin Xiaoyue had said, their hearts were also at ease. They began to nonchalantly pick up the seafood…

Seeing them both pick up the seafood with a serious face Lin Xiaoyue said on the side: “Do you have a toilet in this factory? I want to go to the toilet. “

Zhou Zhengwei pointed to the nearest house and said, “Go ahead, there it is.”

Lin Xiaoyue explained to the two elders and left.

Soon, she found Yan Hongying, who was working on the assembly line……


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