I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 83

Chapter 83

Only a few days ago, Yan Hongying told her mother about Lin Xiaoyue’s lie with Yan Yang. She asked her mother to spread the word and let everyone in the village know the true nature of those two.

Yan Hongying was actually not quite clear about the outcome of this matter. But today, Lin Xiaoyue suddenly appeared here, and it immediately aroused her curiosity.

Yan Hongying saw Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly go to an assembly line and talk to the employee who was sorting shrimp, and then sat down and sorted them together.

Yan Hongying felt strange:

Hey, do you know that woman over there? Was she an employee of our factory? ” Yan Hongying asked the woman beside her.

It was an employee who had worked in the seafood factory for many years, she knew a little bit of information about the regular and temporary workers on the assembly line.

The woman took a look at Lin Xiaoyue, whom Yan Hongying had pointed at. She shook her head, “I haven’t seen her.” When did she come here? No one has been hired recently, right? We always have enough staff here! “

If a new employee was coming, I don’t think they would start working directly, right?

Yan Hongying asked the woman, “We should be able to receive the news, right?”

The woman was doing her work in her hand, and she replied to Yan Hongying, “In theory, whether it’s a regular or temporary employee when they first enter the assembly line, they must be brought over by the supervisor. The supervisor has to make arrangements for people. We don’t always get the news.”

Yan Hongying then said, “But I didn’t see the supervisor just now. I saw her sneaking around.”

The woman didn’t know what Yan Hongying wanted to say, and she said, “Why do you care? She’s not a big shot. What does it matter to you? “

Yan Hongying: “Not that it doesn’t…”

It’s just that she felt very strange, why did Lin Xiaoyuesuddenly appear here?

She had already publicized the couple’s deception in the village, so if Lin Xiaoyue was really an employee from the seafood factory, wouldn’t that be a slap in her face?

Yan Hongying’s heart was full of doubts when suddenly Grandma Yan’s voice came from the factory door: “Xiaoyue, are you inside?”

Hearing this voice, Yan Hongying turned her head and saw Grandma Yan!

This Grandma Yan treated Lin Xiaoyue better. Yan Hongying couldn’t believe it!

In this instant, Yan Hongying actually did not have the courage to greet Grandma Yan. She immediately turned her head to go back. with big eyes locked on Lin Xiaoyue, who was picking shrimp there.

“Grandma, I’m coming!”

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly wiped her hands, got up, and hurriedly walked toward Grandma Yan’s side.

The employees on the assembly line were busy, and no one pays attention to the grandparents that were yelling. Only Yan Hongying’s ear paid attention to it silently with a bunch of doubts in her heart.

After Lin Xiaoyue went out, Yan Hongying stopped working for a moment. She said talked to the woman beside her and immediately got up as if she was working next to the staff who had just sorted shrimp with Lin Xiaoyue.

Yan Hongying asked the woman, “Hello Sister, the woman who just went out, is she a new employee from our factory? Or did she just start today? “

“No, I don’t know her.”

The woman replied straightforwardly, “You know her?”

Yan Hongying glanced outside the factory and nodded to the woman, “I know her. She comes from the same village as me. But she said some words to me. I don’t know if she also came to work in our factory. Is she a temporary worker who just came?

“No, no.”

The woman shook her head and waved her hand, “She said her family was here and asked me to help her cover-up.” I didn’t know who she was, so I let her be. “


Hearing these words, Yan Hongying could understand the meaning of Lin Xiaoyue’s action just now.

Because Grandma Yan came to town today, Lin Xiaoyue was worried that her lie with Yan Yang would be exposed, so she deliberately came here to put on such a show for Grandma to see.

Yan Hongying guessed in her heart. Usually, Grandma Yan does not even come out of the village, but today she came here. It is estimated that the rumors in the village were too much, or her mother may have instigated Grandma Yan to come over.

Grandma Yan needs to find out that Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang are lying!

Yan Hongying had to take this opportunity to expose Lin Xiaoyue’s true colours!

This was such a good opportunity, she could not miss it.

Yan Hongying said thank you to the staff, immediately got up and ran out, and soon saw Lin Xiaoyue standing with the two old men who were talking at the port.

The three of them were carrying some seafood in their hands, talking and laughing.

When Yan Hongying approached, she heard Lin Xiaoyue talking to the two old people:

“Grandpa and grandma, try to choose what seafood you like. I’m very familiar with this factory. There are discounts and internal prices for these things! “

Hearing Lin Xiaoyue’s words, Yan Hongying mouth pulled up a sarcastic smile, she said in her heart that Lin Xiaoyue deserved to be exposed by her.

so fond of lying! ” She even lied without blushing!

“Grandparents, don’t be fooled by her!”

Yan Hongying was also too lazy to beat around the bush. She directly said this sentence to expose the truth.

Lin Xiaoyue does not work in this factory; she is lying to you all! How can she get any internal staff price? She is simply a liar! She doesn’t even have the qualifications to work in this factory! “

Yan Hongying said while coming to the side of Grandma Yan. She put up unfriendly eyes and a sarcastic smile while facing Lin Xiaoyue.

And her reaction was completely within Lin Xiaoyue’s calculations.

Lin Xiaoyue raised an eyebrow. Her hands clasped her chest and said, “Yan Hongying, what are you talking about? How could I possibly lie to my grandparents? If I cheat these two elderly people, I will die a horrible death! “

“How dare you swear? Do you really think that God’s eyes are closed?”

Yan Hongying laughed and then said to Grandma Yan, “Grandma, Lin Xiaoyue doesn’t work in this factory, I’ve been working in this factory for some time. This apron I’m wearing is issued by this factory, and it still has the words printed on it. Neither Lin Xiaoyue nor Yan Yang work here. They’ve been lying to us and the people in our village! If you don’t believe me, I’ll take you to the factory to ask other employees to see if they know each other Lin Xiaoyue?”

Yan Hongying was then ready to take Grandma Yan into the factory and find other employees to verify this matter.

As a result, Grandma Yan pushed her angrily, “Well! So, it was you! The girl who spread the rumors around the village! “

Yan Hongying was suddenly fiercely attacked by Grandma Yan. She was obviously a bit overwhelmed…

Her expression was confused. “Grandma… why are you scolding me? I’m not the one who lied to you. “

“You damned girl!”

Grandma Yan poked Yan Hongying’s head twice with one finger, her anger was now rising, “Why are you spreading rumors about Xiao Yue in the village? You can’t say anything you don’t know; you don’t want to see the Third Branch doing well, right? Your family’s life was average and seeing the third branch was doing so well, you became so unhappy about it!”

“Grandma! Why are you talking like that? “

Yan Hongying looked at Grandma Yan in disbelief, “I was afraid that you would be cheated! I was kindly reminding you! What’s wrong with you now? You’d rather listen to this cheap bastard than listen to your own granddaughter! “

“You damned girl, shut up!”

Grandma Yan was so angry that she yelled at Yan Hongying, “Xiaoyue is your brother Yan Yang’s wife, so you should call her sister-in-law! What are you shouting about? I’m telling you when I get home, I’ll tell your mother about all the bad things you’ve done, you little brat! Let your mother come and teach you a lesson herself!”


Yan Hongying shouted in anger and pointed her hand at Lin Xiaoyue, “She’s a liar, she’s a fraud! She doesn’t work here at all; she and Yan Yang are in the city making money in some kind of speculative business! Why don’t you listen to what I say? “

The argument got louder, and Zhou Zhengwei, who had picked out a big eel, heard it.

Zhou Zhengwei is the one who is doing speculative business with Yan Yang in private, suddenly hearing someone shouting Yan Yang was engaged in speculation. His eyebrows wrinkled and his heart suddenly raised to his throat.

After running over, Zhou Zhengwei saw that it was a female worker in his factory shouting. The worry in his heart finally came down, but the fire also came up at the same time.

Who are you? Why are you shouting here? You are not working during work hours, do you? ” Zhou Zhengwei immediately scolded Yan Hongying.

Yan Hongying took a look at the leadership level, she did not dare to be arrogant now. She immediately nodded obediently, “Sorry, I will go back to work immediately.”

“You! Wait a moment.” Lin Xiaoyue called out to her.

Yan Hongying did not listen to Lin Xiaoyue’s words and buried her head while in a jog, with no intention to stop.

As a result, Zhou Zhengwei called out to her again, “You are told to wait! Come back here!”

When Yan Hongying heard Zhou Zhengwei’s order, she stopped. She silently ran back to Zhou Zhengwei, she bowed her head and admitted his mistake, “That, comrade leader, it’s just my family who suddenly came, so I came out to see them.”

“What did you just say?”

Zhou Zhengwei’s sword brows furrowed as he said, “You said Yan Yang was engaged in speculation? Where did you get the evidence? Or are you just talking nonsense? Do you know that Yan Yang is my good brother? Huh?”

When the last ‘Huh’ was said, Zhou Zhengwei also pushed Yan Hongying’s shoulder, and Yan Hongying was directly frozen by Zhou Zhengwei’s words.

She looked up, her eyes were full of confusion…

What did he just say?

Yan Yang is his good brother? Was it the Yan Yang she knew? Was it Lin Xiaoyue’s husband?

Yan Hongying couldn’t quite believe this fact…

“Yes! Yan Yang is so successful, he is now the secretary of the factory! You still talk nonsense about him! I really don’t know how this girl’s head grows! ” Grandma Yan also said a lot about Yan Hongying.

Yan Hongying was confused…

Yan Yang is the secretary of the factory? How is it possible?

Her father-in-law was only at the factory elder level. He had already checked the factory staff. There was no Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang on the list.

Yan Hongying couldn’t figure out what was going on.

At this time, Lin Xiaoyue, who had not spoken much, finally smiled and opened her lips, giving a heartfelt blow, “You only know to bring rumors back to the village, so that the whole village will think that Yan Yang and I are lying.” The villagers must now feel that Yan Yang and I were engaged in speculation to earn money. With your ability, you can’t even find out where Yan Yang and I are working, so how dare you go back to the village and start rumors? “


Grandma Yan nodded. She was completely on Lin Xiaoyue’s side. “Xiaoyue and Yan Yang are working in the seafood processing plant next door! They are both secretaries and the secretary’s assistant! Both of them work in the management department! You’ve never seen the world, don’t talk nonsense about them! Children are not sensible. Go back to work! Don’t chew your tongue in the future! “

Yan Hongying now knew that Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue were working in the seafood processing factory next door and that Yan Yang and their factory executives were good brothers, so she instantly turned pale.

Fortunately, Grandma Yan told her to go back to work, and Yan Hongying also hurriedly stepped down the steps Grandma Yan had laid for her. She bowed her head and apologized. “Sorry… I’ll go ahead and go back to work.”

Yan Hongying couldn’t wait to escape the scene at the moment.

She knew that if he stayed one more second, she would have to be scolded by all of them, and even the comrade leader would have to punish her.

Yan Hongying could not face this terrible scene, so she had to escape in a hurry.

Lin Xiaoyue also did not call her this time, letting her escape.

Anyway, things have come to light, she has also really offended people, based on this reason alone, Lin Xiaoyue can ask Zhou Zhengwei to deal with her directly.

However, it was not convenient for Lin Xiaoyue to deal with her in front of the two elderly people. After all, they were old Yan family members.

After sending the two old people away, Lin Xiaoyue then asked Zhou Zhengwei to deal with Yan Hongying directly, so that it would be clean and simple.

Zhou Zhengwei told Lin Xiaoyue that Yan Hongying was stupid, and then he gave Lin Xiaoyue the eel in his hand.

Lin Xiaoyue also bought a lot of seafood from him and spent a lot of money.

When the two old men saw Lin Xiaoyue pay, they were both heartbroken and a little happy that they had had such a rare seafood meal.

Before Lin Xiaoyue was ready to leave, the two elderly people left first, and she talked to Zhou Zhengwei again, who commanded workers to deliver the seafood to her home.

Lin Xiaoyue also said directly to Zhou Zhengwei, “That woman just now has been bullying my husband for many years. I know you have a way to make her life very difficult, right?”

Of course, Zhou Zhengwei had away, but he was surprised, “With Yan Yang’s temper, he can still be bullied, huh? Bullied by that stupid girl just now?


He used to be so kind that he could be bullied by anyone and everyone.

Lin Xiaoyue gave Zhou Zhengwei a look, “What I meant was that she must have a bad time in the future.”

Zhou Zhengwei originally wanted to hear an explanation from Lin Xiaoyue, but he didn’t expect that Lin Xiaoyue would give him orders directly.

Zhou Zhengwei felt the hairs on his back and hurriedly agreed, “Yes, it will definitely be a bad time.”

The communication was smooth.

Lin Xiaoyue smiled and patted his shoulder, “Thank you.”

She walked away.

Watching her back as she left, Zhou Zhengwei slowly nodded his head…

She really deserves to be Yan Yang’s woman. When she is ruthless, her aura is very similar to Yan Yang’s!

However, it seems that he has not seen Yan Yang become ruthless for a long time.

He don’t know when, but he felt that Yan Yang was like a different person, meek and mild.

Zhou Zhengwei shrugged his shoulders….. what the hell!


In the evening, Wang Xiuying cooked a whole seafood meal. She stewed the chicken soup this afternoon, and with two stir-fried seasonal vegetables, the family ate a very hearty meal.

Lin Xiaoyue likes to eat spicy food after her pregnancy, and it is said that if the pregnant woman likes sour foods, then it’s a girl. The adults guessed that she would probably have a son this time.

In this era, the countryside was very patriarchal, so if Lin Xiaoyue was pregnant with a son, the elders would be very happy.

Yan Yang was also happy.

However, Yan Yang didn’t care if Lin Xiaoyue had a boy or a girl as long as he could call them father. He was happy.

Early in the morning of the second day, Lin Xiaoyue packed her things and sent Wang Xiuying and the two elders to the port to take the boat.

She was happy to see off the three elderly people; she was relaxed, and the three elderly people were happy too.

They came to the city to eat and drink, but they also found out about Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang’s work and status in the city. When they go back to the village, they will certainly publicize it.

Lin Xiaoyue’s wedding to Yan Yang is only a week away. After the villagers’ impression of them has been reversed, they still want to have a wedding wine and congratulate them.

It’s just that Yan Hongying has been a little miserable for the past few days.

Zhou Zhengwei casually found a reason to fire Yan Hongying, and then used some of his connections to make Chen Zeqing’s family unable to arrange any work for Yan Hongying.

Because some factories and units that his family can contact have received Zhou Zhengwei’s blacklist instructions, Yan Hongying has been directly blacklisted by some factories and will not be employed.

So, Yan Hongying became a housewife unwillingly.

After that, her family status in Chen Zeqing’s family can be imagined. Chen Zeqing was also an alcoholic and abusive man. It is to believe that she will have a hard time in the future.

A few days later, Lin Xiaoyue had dinner with Yan Yang in the canteen of the seafood processing plant.

She took the old Ganma chilli sauce she bought from a treasure in the study space, put it on the white steamed bread, and then added some dishes to the white steamed bread. It doesn’t taste too good!

Yan Yang saw her eating well and fragrantly, and took out a delicate lady’s watch on the table while she was not paying attention, and pushed it up to show her…


Lin Xiaoyue bit into the steamed bun and looked down at the watch, “Is it for me?”


The corners of Yan Yang’s mouth lifted into a shallow smile, “Does it look good?”

“Mmm! I want to put it on…”

Lin Xiaoyue just reached over to take it, but Yan Yang slammed the box shut, and she was taken aback.

“For you on your wedding day.”

Yan Yang smiled out with a mouthful of neat white teeth and said, “This is the bride price.”

“Oh, so shabby, ah”

Lin Xiaoyue pouted and deliberately said so.


Yan Yang sword eyebrows squeezed, “Not shabby, it cost more than 200 yuan. If I buy something more expensive, I can’t afford to buy it, the money is in your hands.”

He still seems quite aggrieved when saying this.

The money is all in her control. His recent wedding money was from the change saved in transactions again and again!

It’s hard for him to buy such a good bride price for her with a small change!

But I don’t have a dowry…

Lin Xiaoyue took a bite of the white steamed bun dipped in Old Ganma and chewed with one side of her cheek, “What if I don’t have a dowry?”

Yan Yang gave her a “knowing” look and said, “You have all the money. You can prepare a dowry. I don’t care if you didn’t prepare anything. I don’t need it anyway. “

Lin Xiaoyue liked the way he looked like he was letting her take advantage of him.

She smiled and touched his face with her hand, “Good boy. Then I will buy a house tomorrow and count it as a dowry!”

Yan Yang couldn’t cry and laugh, “As long as you are happy…”

He never understood why she liked buying a house so much.

At this point, their offspring may be the only ones who understand the joy…

Counting the numbers, they now have five properties in their hands.

Lin Xiaoyue bought it everywhere, made it for rent, every month the rent was quite a lot.

About the money, there is no shortage.

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