I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 84

Chapter 84

After eating lunch with Yan Yang at the factory canteen, the two of them were ready to go home for their lunch break.

Every day, there is an hour-long lunch break. Yan Yang will accompany her at home during his lunch break, and he has also developed good lunch break habits.

At noon, the two of them walked out of the processing plant together and were laughing and joking, when they were suddenly stopped by someone…

The visitor startled Lin Xiaoyue, only to see her hair dishevelled to cover half of her face, while the other half-revealed her face smeared with tears. She was very emotional.

“I was wrong, I was really wrong! You guys let me go, okay? Let me go, I’m begging you!”

Yan Hongying almost kneeled down to the two of them. She cried while grabbing Lin Xiaoyue’s sleeves, and did not dare to pull hard, but only to grasp them.

Lin Xiaoyue out of instinct to shake off her hand, Yan Yang also immediately shielded her, she moved her behind him and faced Yan Hongying. His sword brow furrowed, “What are you doing!

“I was wrong, I really know I was wrong. I am here to apologize to you, please let me go… I am begging you, I beg you…”

With the words of request on her lips, Yan Hongying cried tears after tears. She looked quite miserable while crying.

But if she can solve the problem herself and have a chance, she does not want to come to Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang with such a posture.

But she really has no way out.

After Yan Hongying was fired from the seafood factory for no reason, she went home that day and was scolded by her father-in-law and mother-in-law.

Because of her, her father-in-law and mother-in-law’s factory’s salary for the month had been reduced. If not for the fact that they were both old employees, Zhou Zhengwei would have wanted to dismiss her father-in-law and mother-in-law directly. The big deal is to lose a few more months of salary.

Her father-in-law and mother-in-law were confused about the reason why Zhou Zhengwei did this. Why do you want to do this to them?

Then, from Zhou Zhengwei, they heard about how Yan Hongying offended the executives. In the end, he said he didn’t know which executives they offended. Her father-in-law and mother-in-law also didn’t know, but all they knew was that she must have made a big mistake.

That night, Yan Hongying was scolded by her father-in-law and mother-in-law, and after she returned to her room, Chen Zeqing didn’t give her a good look either. She was scolded for her stupidity.

Yan Hongying was so aggrieved that she had a big fight with Chen Zeqing.

But in this city, she didn’t have her mother’s house, she had a quarrel and had no place to go. She sat at the table that night and didn’t sleep all night.

In the following days, the atmosphere at home eased up a bit, and her father-in-law and mother-in-law helped her find temporary jobs in other factories.

But she heard that she had been blacklisted by several factories, and once they heard her name, they said they couldn’t hire her.

Then, Yan Hongying’s life with her in-laws became even worse.

She was scolded by her father-in-law and mother-in-law even though she did housework very diligently and was disliked by Chen Zeqing. Her in-laws were unwilling to raise an idle person.

Last night, Chen Zeqing was drinking when she said two words about him. The result of the exchange was a punch and a kick from Chen Deqing.

This morning, Chen Zeqing not only did not apologize but also asked her to reflect on her mistakes at home.

Yan Hongying could no longer stand the aggression. Instead of looking at her in-laws’ faces every day, she decided she’d rather come over and be scolded by Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang, say a few words, as long as Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang are willing to let her go.

So, leaving all of her face and pride behind, Yan Hongying came over to the couple.

In front of the couple, she cried miserably, and she was crying while admitting fault. Her tears fell like money.

To be honest, looking at Yan Hongying’s expression, Lin Xiaoyue thought she was still quite pitiful.

But Lin Xiaoyue stopped herself from overflowing with saintly hearts and did not forgive Yan Hongying at once.

She only said first, “Did you find the wrong person? Did I do something to you? “

I know you’re smart, I know you understand. Just let me go. I’ve lived a miserable and hard life here. My father-in-law and mother-in-law scolded me for days, and that man in my house beat me up yesterday and bruised me all over. I have no place to go, and I can’t go back to my mother’s house…You know how hard it is to come out of the countryside? I’m already married here, and if I’m kicked back, my mother will break my legs. Please let me go. I beg you. “

Yan Hongying cried and cried, “You can tell me to kneel down. I am also willing. I am just begging you to let me go. From now on, I will never trouble you again.” It’s my eyes who don’t know the mountain. I offended the wrong person. I’m really wrong, I’m wrong…

Her words of apology are like not money clattering out, and tears are falling one after another.

This kind of crying was too unsightly. Lin Xiaoyue also didn’t want to see it.

Lin Xiaoyue turned her head to look at Yan Yang beside him, she would like to know what was Yan Yang’s attitude towards this.

In the past, Yan Hongying was the bad guy at home every time, and she was the one who said the harsh words.

This time, Lin Xiaoyue was also not prepared to take the lead, so she handed over the bad person to Yan Yang.

Receiving her eye gesture, Yan Yang understood what she meant.

His eyes fixed on Yan Hongying, “Now that you know you’re wrong, was it still useful to apologize? The cost of deception to hurt others, in your opinion is that low?”

Then what can be done? I have no other way to oooh… “

Yan Hongying thought that then she would have a hard time talking to the couple, but when she was rejected, she still couldn’t help but cry louder.

Originally, she still had regard for face and could only verbally beg for mercy, but now after being rejected, she simply didn’t even have regard for face and immediately landed on both knees and knelt down at once.

Then I’ll kneel for you. I have no choice, I really have no choice, and I know it’s wrong. But I want a way to survive. Forgive me. You want me to be a cow and a horse, and I’m willing to pay any price. Just let me go and give me a chance to work. I really want to stay in the city. Please, I beg you…”

She said this in tears, not only kneeling but also beginning to kowtow.

This terrible scene made the employees who passed by the factory entrance and passers-by cast their eyes this way…

Those who didn’t know thought the couple were bullying Yan Hongying.

“You get up first, kneeling like this is too ugly.” Lin Xiaoyue said with a frown.

“Forgive me, forgive me and I’ll get up. I really have no choice. Please…” Yan Hongying said, while constantly kowtowing.

This action really made Lin Xiaoyue’s heart sigh.

It’s just a job? Is it necessary to do so?

Even if you put yourself in her place, Lin Xiaoyue thinks she would not do this for a job; her personality would be gone.

However, perhaps this era is more malicious to women.

In particular, Chen Zeqing’s family was already a morbid one.

When Lin Xiaoyue first heard about Chen Zeqing’s sickness, she was sympathetic to Yan Hongying.

Now, it seems that the family forced Yan Hongying to kowtow to the two of them because of a job.

“You won’t get up?” “Yan Yang,” I said in a commanding tone.

I don’t know why, but his words are so useful.

As soon as he said it, Yan Hongying got up.

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t help but glance at Yan Yang, thinking in her heart: Does he have more majesty?

Yan Hongying’s nose kept pumping, and she had cried until her tears and snot covered her face. “Just give me a chance to work… I’ll never annoy you again. If I annoy you again, I am a pig and a dog, I am worse than a pig and a dog!”

Her attitude of admitting her mistake is very adequate. Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang looked at it and thought it was okay.

Lin Xiaoyue elbowed Yan Yang and let Yan Yang step in to deal with it.

Yan Yang understood her meaning, and then opened his lips, “1:30 pm, come to my office to find me.”

Good… good I thank you, thank you… “

Yan Hongying nodded heavily to him, even though the two of them had walked around her, she still maintained her nod, her attitude could be described as very humble.

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue left without looking back, keeping their backs opposite each other.

But as they walked farther, Lin Xiaoyue also asked Yan Yang, “What are you going to do with her? Why wait for the afternoon, why not deal with it immediately? “

Yan Yang took her shoulders and massaged it lightly, “Now it’s nap time. Lunch break is short. I don’t want to waste our lunch break because of her. As for the treatment…”

Lin Xiaoyue turned her head, eyes wide open to stare at him, only to hear him say unhurriedly, “I will let her write a letter of apology, and at our wedding, she must read it to the villagers in public, then it’s done. If she wants to work, we can let her come to our factory as a temporary worker, we will pay less. The salary can be reduced and increased according to her situation. If she works well under me and doesn’t do anything more, it’s OK to increase it slowly. If she still does anything under me, it’d be easy for me to deal with her too. What do you think? “

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, “I think it’s okay. Just deal with it a little bit, so she knows how powerful we both are. Moreover, if she marries a guy like Chen Zeqing, her life will only become more and more difficult in the future, and someone will teach her a lesson without our help.”

The couple reached an agreement, talking leisurely on the road, and soon returned home.

In the afternoon, Yan Hongying came crying and crying to the seafood processing plant to find Yan Yang and went into Yan Yang’s office. Only to confirm that Yan Yang is really sitting in a high position, his hands were holding a power.

Yan Hongying didn’t dare to say anything. She should do whatever Yan Yang offered. She could agree to anything shameful and ugly.

Because, in her opinion, nothing is worse than her life in her mother-in-law’s family.

As long as she can make her life better in her mother-in-law’s family, she can accept anything else.

When Yan Hongying heard Yan Yang say that she could come to work as a temporary worker in the seafood processing plant, she had mixed feelings in her heart.

She really didn’t expect that she was so calculating to Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue, and they were still willing to let her work in their factory.

Yan Hongying bowed her head and her red face already did not know what to say.


Soon, it will be the day of Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue’s wedding.

Yan Yang said he owed Lin Xiaoyue a wedding and must make it up to her, and he did.

This era’s wedding was very simple, but, the necessary rituals still cannot be missed.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang also took simple wedding photos in the city, the two wore military green uniforms, leaving a very simple wedding photo.

The wedding was held in the village, the two wore a true red dress, Lin Xiaoyue tied with two low twists, wearing red flowers on her head, like a shy bride.

The house was very lively.

In addition to the guests who came to the house one after another, one of the rooms in the new house was constantly stacked with gifts.

Chicken, duck, fish and meat, grain and cereals, food stamps and money, all families came with the gifts, in order to increase the sense of ceremony. Yan Yang went to the small side house of old Yan’s house by bike and also received Lin Xiaoyue to the new house.

There was a wedding reception process. Along the way, the matchmaker’s family members formed a wedding reception team, which was full of joy and vastness. The whole village was full of joy.

Lin Xiaoyue sat on the back seat of Yan Yang’s bicycle, pinching the clothes around his waist, her looking towards the road home.

Numerous emotions were surging in her heart…

Although they had been husband and wife for a long time, and she was even pregnant with his child.

But this moment really made her feel that she was marrying him.

Lin Xiaoyue thought of her previous life. She asked her elders to describe to her the way they got married in that era…

Simple and rustic.

As the elders said, at this age, cars and horses are very slow, letters are far away, and you can only love one person in your life.

So, back in this era, faced with such a simple relationship between husband and wife, faced with a husband who once loved her in all three personalities and now loves her with all his heart.

Lin Xiaoyue feels that this life is really worth living!

“The bride is back!”

The villagers yelled, the new house was surrounded by crackling firecrackers, Lin Xiaoyue came down from the bike. Yan Yang pulled her hand for her to hold him.

When she looked up at him, Yan Yang smiled from the bottom of his heart. It was warm and good-looking …

“You’re handsome.” Lin Xiaoyue complimented him.

Yan Yang smiled even wider, and he naturally did not mince words back to her, “You are the most beautiful.”

“Okay, you two are handsome and beautiful, you two are the best looking in the whole room! Don’t dawdle, hurry up and go in!”

The village head urged him. They were embarrassed…

At home, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang toasted with her Father-in-law and Mother-in-law, drank grandparents’ tea, took a few elders’ red envelopes, ate a bowl of noodles and lotus seed soup, and simply completed the ceremony.

The courtyard and the house were set up with 10 or so tables of wine, the villagers have been seated, and began to eat.

They both got married. There were a lot of people in the village. Basically, they all came.

Even Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaoming also came.

Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaming are now a pair of educated youth in the village. They signed up for this year’s college entrance examination.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang toasted to Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaoming’s table, the village head came out as a good person to say, “Next month, there will be a college entrance examination. These two educated youths are the most promising among the educated youths in our village. They have been preparing for the examination for more than half a year. Xiaoyue, Xiao Yang, don’t you two also want to take the college entrance examination? If you don’t understand anything, you can find them! They are enthusiastic and will teach you everything you know!”

Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaoming were a little embarrassed by the village head’s words, but what the village head said was also true, they were really confident and determined to win the college entrance exam.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang just answered with a polite smile. In order to give the village head a face, Lin Xiaoyue gave Bai Xiaochun a toast, “Then other words will not say, I wish you two to get into the University of China soon.”

What is Huada… Lin Xiaoyue really doesn’t know.

This is the school setting in the original book, which is different from her real world.

However, Lin Xiaoyue is now so happy in life. She has no interest in learning.

She doesn’t want to consult Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaming

And with her level of knowledge, she really doesn’t need to ask anyone.

“I also wish you both a happy birth.” Bai Xiaochun raised her glass in response to Lin Xiaoyue.

Lu Xiaoming, on the other hand, said to Yan Yang, “If you really want to take the college entrance exam, you can take the exercise set on my side and come to me if you don’t understand anything.”

Yan Yang also politely replied to him, “Thank you, good luck on your exam.”

Now, Yan Yang does not want to go to college; he only wants to support his wife, raise his children, and try to earn money to live a richer life.

After a round of toasts, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue finally had time to catch their breath. The two returned to the bridal table and sat down. Lin Xiaoyue hurried to eat a few pieces of sub plum vegetable buckle meat.

At this time, Yan Hongying saw Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang had a chance to sit down. With a red face, she took a gong and drums to the middle of the courtyard, and thumped them twice!

At once, the attention of everyone inside and outside moved to Yan Hongying…

I have to interrupt everyone who is eating! Here is one thing to clarify to everyone and to apologize to my brother and sister-in-law Yang! ” Yan Hongying promised Yan Yang to clarify to the whole village on the day of the wedding that she had created a rumor to frame the couple.

Although she felt very humiliated and disgraced…

But for the sake of her future life and work, Yan Hongying had to stand up for herself.

So, she explained in front of the whole village the misunderstanding she had about Yan Yang and his wife, and spread the wrong rumor back to the village, then solemnly apologized and bowed to Yan Yang and his wife.

“I hope Brother and Sister-in-law Yang can forgive my ignorance! I’m sorry!

After loudly clarifying her mistake, Yan Hongying did not receive the sound of contempt and ridicule from the villagers, but instead received strong applause from them, as if everyone encouraged her courage to apologize.

Yan Hongying got this unexpected feedback. She got up, looked around the villagers wearing kind smiles and clapped for her. She looked at them with red eyes, she felt the tears in her eyes were hot.

Although Yang Chengyu feels this is quite humiliating, after listening to what Yan Hongying said, Yan Yang was the secretary of the seafood processing plant, and his status is so high, she also thinks that they should show a little respect. Maybe later, Yan Yang can also promote their family.

So, Yang Chengyu also did not feel that Yan Hongying had not done it right.

Only the Second Branch family, seeing Yan Hongying do such a humiliating thing, privately mocked and talked about it at the same time.

The wedding went on smoothly and ended smoothly.

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue’s achievements have now become the pride of the entire village. Wang Xiuying was moved to tears today.

At night, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang sat on the bed in the wedding room to count the money.

She counted them one by one. Her face was the expression that a small financial fan should have. It was very cute.

Yan Yang closed the door of the room and came to sit beside her. He went up from behind and gently wrapped his arm around her waist. His chin rested on her shoulder…

His body was vaguely hot, but because she is pregnant and cannot do anything, Yan Yang heart slightly regretted it.

Just before he entered the new room, Wang Xiuying also deliberately stopped him and told him not to do anything tonight!

Don’t hurt the baby in Lin Xiaoyue’s belly.

Yan Yang’s newlywed joy was much less inflated after being mentioned to him.

However, seeing Lin Xiaoyue counting the money so happily, he was in a good mood again.

“Finished counting!”

Lin Xiaoyue put all the money into a bag and turned her head to look at Yan Yang with a smile, “There are more than 400 yuan! Rare oh, grandparents wrapped a very large red envelope. “

Yan Yang laughed in a low voice, “This little money can make you this happy?”


Lin Xiaoyue slapped Yan Yang, “You still think the money is small! It’s already very good! Half a house in the village! Otherwise, we add some money to build another house in the village for my father-in-law and mother-in-law to raise pigs. Recently, the policy has begun to loosen up, allowing us to barter for goods. In a few more months, the policy will all come down. When the transaction is open, we will let the father-in-law and mother-in-law engage in a pig farm or something. We can start a serious business!

Yan Yang pinched Lin Xiaoyue’s nose, “On our wedding night, you’re thinking about this?”

Lin Xiaoyue laughed. She shrewdly stuffed the money bag under the pillow, then turned her head to hug Yan Yang’s small narrow waist, “Then let me hug you. Anyway, we can only hug, we cannot do anything.”

Yan Yang hugged her small body more tightly. He lowered his head and rubbed his side cheek gently against her forehead.

Lin Xiaoyue let out a low laugh in his arms, and asked in a small mischievous tone, “I haven’t heard you say the words ‘I love you’ to me.”

Yan Yang’s eyebrows lightly raised, “I did not say?”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, “I have not heard. Do you want to say it today?”

Yan Yang did not mince his words, “I love you.”

She felt her body tingling. She hugged him tightly, “Me too!”

Yan Yang also does not know where the idea came from, but he suddenly asked, “Which one do you love most?”

Lin Xiaoyue questioned, “What which?”

Yan Yang asked, “Choose one of the three. Which one do you love the most now?”

After asking if he regretted it,

Because he could feel that his good mood would definitely be ruined by her answer,

Why would he ask such a question?

Was he silly?

Lin Xiaoyue let out a “pfft” sound and looked up, her big eyes staring at him. “Did you think that I would answer that I love the third the most?”


He lowered his head, Yan Yang’s dark ink-like eyes locked deeply on her.

Lin Xiaoyue’s little finger pointed at him, “I found out you were the second long ago! You don’t look like him at all! “

Yan Yang’s pupils shrank nervously: “!”

Lin Xiaoyue laughed, “But whether you are the third or the second, you are Yan Yang, my husband. Moreover, the three of you are one, you have long been one person! So, I love Yan Yang.”

That was her answer.

Even though she recognized him as the second, she never broke it down and loved him just the same.

They are not separate individuals. They are different from ordinary patients with multiple personalities.

The three of them were the same person.

Who she likes, was also the same person.

Yan Yang’s heart was burning, his body was, his face was hot, his ears were red.

He lowered his head, he kissed her watery red lips deeply.

They both took the college entrance examination. That day, they went to the town with Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaming.

When the college entrance examination scores came out, Lin Xiaoyue had a big stomach.

She was admitted to Beijing University and became the pride of the whole village. She was far away from Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaming.

Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaoming got into the University of China, which is not bad, but compared with Lin Xiaoyue, it seems it’s a lot lower grade.

Yan Yang failed the exam.

He said… Uncomfortable!

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t go to college because she was pregnant.

Although it’s a pity, her reputation as a top student in the village is widely spread

Moreover, unexpectedly, many years later, after Bai Xiaochun and Lu Xiaming graduated, they went to work in the company opened by Yan Yang.

This is… Very funny.

Lin Xiaoyue gave birth to a son and a daughter for Yan Yang and lived happily.

In her later years, she and Yan Yang made a living by collecting rent. They had to ask an accountant to collect rent. It was simply not too cool.

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