I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 10

Jiang Baiwan misses to cut the fish, not that she doesn’t know how to clean it up, but because this body wasn’t as strong as her original body, a single inattention let the fish to ran away. As a result, she accidentally offended the male lead. Jiang Baiwan didn’t dare to make any more waves. She quickly and carefully cooked the fish.

Chu Yunhan went to Shui Lan’ers house. He had never concealed his relationship with Shui Lan’er so the two of them could show their affection openly.

Shui Lan’ers eyes lit up when she saw Chu Yunhan and her depressed mood finally cleared up a little. “Yunhan, why are you here?”

“I’m here today as a special guest.” Chu Yunhan raised an eyebrow at Shui Lan’er. “How is it? Are you happy?”

Shui Lan’er ran up to Chu Yunhan with a smile. She wanted to hold his hand but was a little shy. In the end, she just said sweetly. “As long as I see you, I will be very happy.”

Chu Yunhan was elated when he heard it.

After the two of them sprinkled a large amount of dog food for free, they talked about how each of their days went yesterday. When Shui Lan’er thought of the things that Jiang Baiwan did to her, she got teary-eyed again.

A fierce light flashed across Chu Yunhan’s eyes and he sneered. “Don’t worry, Lan’er, whoever dares to touch you under the whole heaven, I’ll definitely destroy them.”

Shui Lan’er was moved. “Yunhan, you’re so good to me.”

However, the audience in Shui Lan’ers live broadcast room didn’t feel the same way. They just felt that the two people’s show of affection was a little…… too much.

【A little bit of sugar is sweet, but a spoonful of sugar is cloying. This is two big buckets of sugar ah.】

【Why is Chu Yunhan so coarse……? This style seems to be that of a master schemer.】

【Still putting on airs. The fish scales on his hair haven’t been cleaned yet.】

Chu Yunhan didn’t know that there were a lot of discussions on the screen. He was talking with Shui Lan’er in a low voice.

He asked Shui Lan’er, “How was your time here yesterday? Did Jiang Baiwan bully you?”

When Shui Lan’er heard this, her eyes couldn’t help turning red. She quickly lowered her head to hide her expression before smiling awkwardly. “There’s nothing of the sort. Xiao Wan has always been nice to me, so why would she bully me?”

“Do you think I don’t know?” Chu Yunhan frowned, obviously a bit worked up. “A person like her can never change. How can she treat you well?”

Shui Lan’er didn’t say anything, just continued doing her own thing. However, in Chu Yunhan’s eyes, this appearance was an ironclad proof that Shui Lan’er was bullied by Jiang Baiwan, but she dared not speak out.

Chu Yunhan’s brows instantly twisted into knots.

He was silent for a while, then said to Shui Lan’er, “Lan’er, I can’t watch her bully you like this. Don’t worry about it, just leave this matter to me.”

Shui Lan’er remained mum. She just smiled. “It’s all right, everything’s fine. Yunhan, let’s eat first, okay? Let’s talk about other things later.”

Chu Yunhan took a deep look at Shui Lan’er. In the end, he still followed her wishes and sat down to eat.

But these two people didn’t know that the show’s sound equipment was unexpectedly good, and the exchanged between the two of them, which they thought were very quiet, were all broadcast live. Comments on Shui Lan’ers live broadcast room suddenly flooded.

【Why do I feel that this couple is a bit hard to explain……】

【What does Chu Yunhan want to do to Jiang Baiwan?】

【Shui Lan’er is too disgusting. Isn’t this deliberately misleading other people?】

The audience were abuzz, but the coarse couple were oblivious to it. When Chu Yunhan sat in front of the table and saw the simple meal on the table, his expression turned a little bad. “This is what you ate yesterday?”

“Yunhan.” Shui Lan’er was trying to get used to it. “I’m recording a show where I have to find food by myself after all. Don’t worry about it too much. Moreover, this is actually delicious.”

Saying that, Shui Lan’er picked up a dish and put it on Chu Yunhan’s bowl, her face full of anticipation. “Have a taste.”

Chu Yunhan looked into Shui Lan’ers eyes. From out of nowhere, the smell of fish wafted and lingered at the tip of his nose, making him feel that the meal was hard to swallow.

Outside the door, Jiang Baiwan was having a hearty meal. The fish was simply seasoned, but the meat was tender. Jiang Baiwan was even happier as she nibbled and thought about the money she would get after the show.

“Jiang Baiwan.” Tan Mi walked out of her house with something clutched in her hand. “Your phone is ringing.”

“Coming!”Jiang Baiwan carelessly wiped her hands on the leaves of a nearby tree. She quickly ran to Tan Mi’s side, took the phone and pressed the answer button. She only had time to say hello before being interrupted by Chu Yunhan’s sudden appearance.

Chu Yunhan’s eyes looked very bright, and his goal was very clear, which was Jiang Baiwan. He walked up to Jiang Baiwan in a few steps, lowered his voice slightly and said, “Jiang Baiwan, I want to talk to you.”

Tan Mi glanced at the two of them. Pretending no to see anything, she entered the house with a flourish.

Jiang Baiwan knew that she wouldn’t be able to run away today, so she took a deep breath and stood there holding the phone without moving. She looked at Chu Yunhan warily. “If you have anything to say, just say it here.”

Chu Yunhan was irritated by Jiang Baiwan’s suspicious appearance. He tried hard to act like a gentleman, but he couldn’t hide the disgust in his eyes. “What are you afraid of? We were at least classmates in the past. I just want to discuss something with you. Can it be that I’ll eat you up?”

“……I’m not afraid of you.” After holding back for a long time, Jiang Baiwan choked out these words from between her teeth. She raised her eyes to look at Chu Yunhan, and silently swallowed the second half of the sentence—— I’m just allergic to idiots.

Of course this cannot be said.

Helpless, Jiang Baiwan led Chu Yunhan to avoid the camera and found a blind spot. Standing still, she asked Chu Yunhan perfunctorily, “What do you want to discuss with me?”

“Here is five million.” Chu Yunhan reached out and took out a card from his pocket, holding it in front of Jiang Baiwan afterwards. “As long as you agree to withdraw from this show, this five million is yours.”

Jiang Baiwan was shaken by Chu Yunhan’s deal. She stood there for a long time, unable to speak.

Chu Yunhan looked at Jiang Baiwan with hatred in his heart—— He knew that this vain woman wouldn’t let go so easily. With such a chance to be famous, how could Jiang Baiwan give up so easily?

Thinking of this, Chu Yunhan’s tone became even more severe, “Jiang Baiwan, you should think clearly. Five million is a lot of money. Your family is now bankrupt, so don’t be too greedy.”

“Okay.” Just when Chu Yunhan thought that Jiang Baiwan was going to refuse, Jiang Baiwan suddenly stretched out her hand and snatched the bank card from Chu Yunhan. “I promise you, I’ll go tell the director right away that I’m quitting.”

Chu Yunhan looked at his hand that was now empty, a little unresponsive—— Jiang Baiwan agreed so easily? It wouldn’t be a scheme, right?

Jiang Baiwan placed her hand holding the bank card behind her back. There was no emotional change on the surface, but her heart was full of joy.

——Participating in a program could also bring unexpected rewards! Five million yuan fell from the sky! Just like this, she was promoted to become a multi-millionaire!

What was one variety show? Of course five million was more important!

“You’re not going play tricks on me, are you?” Chu Yunhan felt that Jiang Baiwan had agreed too quickly. His brows furrowed as she look at Jiang Baiwan suspiciously. “What kind of scheme are you thinking again?”

“President Chu, you can rest assured. I, Jiang Baiwan, will receive no other benefits from doing anything untoward. I know the rule of doing things after receiving money.” Jiang Baiwan was now in a good mood, like the sun in the dog days of summer. Even looking at Chu Yunhan in front of her, Jiang Baiwan still thought he was brilliant and likeable. “I assure you that I will tell the director right away. Just wait for my good news.”

With that, Jiang Baiwan turned her back and ran away. Where Chu Yunhan couldn’t see, Jiang Baiwan smiled like a cat that had stolen a fish.


In Haochen Building, Ji Chen put down the phone in his hand. The manager who came to report was drenched in sweat from the president’s black face, while Assistant Xu stood aside like it had nothing to do with him, pretending as if he was blind and couldn’t see anything.

Ji Chen originally thought it was almost time to call Jiang Baiwan to inquire about her injuries and see how she was doing in such a remote place. Who would have thought that after the call was connected, he would be given such a big surprise—— That little punk, Chu Yunhan, actually dared to send Jiang Baiwan away with money?

Ji Chen was riled up. He hung up the phone almost without thinking and asked Assistant Xu to find out the phone number of the program’s director. When Ji Chen got the director’s number, he dialed it without blinking.

The fat director of the program group was about to break out in a cold sweat after learning that the big boss was on the opposite side. Even if Ji Chen wasn’t in front of him, the fat director had been bending over subconsciously, and his attitude was very humble, speaking in a soft voice, for fear of making the biggest boss unhappy. “President Ji, what can I do for you? Just say it.”

“Jiang Baiwan will come to you later.” Ji Chen said coldly, “If she proposes to quit the show, tell her to pay liquidated damages.”

“Huh?” The fat director was stunned. “This…… Liquidated damages…… How much will she need to pay?”

How much? Ji Chen narrowed his eyes and thought about it, then finally said calmly, “Twenty million.”

The fat director thought that the big boss must be crazy. How much was the total remuneration for the guests, and the penalty for the breach of contract was twenty million in one breath?! Who was he kidding?!

“Just do it.” Ji Chen was too lazy to talk nonsense with the director.

“I understand.”

With that, Ji Chen hung up the phone without waiting for the director to say anything more.

After making the phone call, Ji Chen looked up and saw that the manager was still in the office, so he motioned him to go out first. As if the manager had been granted amnesty, he flew out of the office like the soles of his feet were oiled. Ji Chen sat on his seat and pondered for a while before suddenly asking Assistant Xu, “What is Li Huacheng doing recently?”

“Sir Li is currently on vacation.” Assistant Xu promptly replied.

Ji Chen nodded. “Make arrangements and inform the program team that Li Huacheng and I will join the program this season as special guests.”


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    I love Wan Wan. Everywhere she turns people are handing her money. Hopefully she can skin a fortune out of Ji Chen. You go girl

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    Ug, I’m only here for Jiang Baiwan, but have to deal with Trash Ji Chen in order to so do. The things we do for ect ect.


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