I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 9

Tan Mi’s expression went blank for a moment.

……What? What did Jiang Baiwan just said?

“Wait.” Tan Mi pressed her temple, feeling a bit of a headache. “What’s going on?”

“It’s nothing, just……” Jiang Baiwan was a little embarrassed. “I just fell off the roof straight to the bed and it broke.”

Tan Mi felt that the amount of information in this sentence seemed a bit large.

She looked at Jiang Baiwan from top to bottom with no expression on her face, but after a moment of silence, Tan Mi turned and walked into the house. “Do whatever you want.”

Jiang Baiwan beamed and she happily ran inside Tan Mi’s house—— She had a place to sleep tonight!

The coat that Tan Mi lent Jiang Baiwan had been tossed badly, presumably when Jiang Baiwan accidentally fell down. Tan Mi looked at Jiang Baiwan as she sat by the edge of the bed. “Jiang Baiwan, I have a question for you.”

Jiang Baiwan raised her head and looked at Tan Mi blankly, not knowing what she wanted to ask.

Tan Mi carefully sized up Jiang Baiwan. “How can you live your life like it’s a joke?”

Hearing this question, Jiang Baiwan was also silent. After a long while, she blinked and said carefully, “……Innate talent?”

The audience in front of the screen silently chocked.

Tan Mi shook her head. She didn’t want to talk nonsense with Jiang Baiwan anymore. “You can sleep here, but first take off your torn pants and get a good bath, otherwise you can’t go up the bed.”

Jiang Baiwan went to take a shower grumbling. People from Jiang Baiwan’s live broadcast room switched to Tan Mi’s. The audience gradually calmed down and were even in the mood to discuss whether Jiang Baiwan was injured.

【It looks like she’s fine. She still has the frame of mind to play around with Tan Mi.】

【Am I the only one who cares about Jiang Baiwan’s dinner? Isn’t it still there at Shui Lan’ers place?】

【At first I thought Tan Mi was that kind of sexy goddess, but I didn’t think she was actually a domineering president.】

Only Ji Chen stared at the screen, subconsciously frowning. Others may not have noticed, but Ji Chen did not miss the fleeting expression on Jiang Baiwan’s face as she was turning around.

Falling from such a high place, how could it be possible to not get hurt at all? He didn’t know when Jiang Baiwan became such a considerate person.

Ji Chen picked up the phone, thought about it for a long time, then put it down again—— Let her have a good rest today. He’d call Jiang Baiwan tomorrow.


Jiang Baiwan finally remembered to eat dinner. After taking a bath, she wore the pajamas that Tan Mi lent her, hugged Tan Mi unhesitatingly and kissed her on the side of the face, then bolted towards Shu Lan’ers house.

When Shui Lan’er saw Jiang Baiwan, she still had that teary-eyed look, and until Jiang Baiwan finished eating, Shui Lan’er barely smiled. But Jiang Baiwan had always been big-hearted. She even helped wash the dishes afterwards before returning to Tan Mi’s house valiantly.

When Tan Mi saw her, she didn’t say anything more, and just let her wash and sleep. Jiang Baiwan was indeed tired. Her eyelids were fighting to remain open that she almost failed to brush her teeth. She fell asleep on the bed and soon began to snore happily.

Tan Mi couldn’t help but smile. After today, her impression of Jiang Baiwan change a little bit. It’s just that when she thought about the things that Jiang Baiwan did in the past, Tan Mi’s original good feeling was suppressed again.

It’s also true that for the camera, one must create a different image to be able to attract fans. In the darkness, the corners of Tan Mi’s mouth tugged down, before finally laying down beside Jiang Baiwan.

When Jiang Baiwan opened her eyes the next day, she was still a little dazed, and only after she yawned did she wake up a bit. Tan Mi had already gone out. Jiang Baiwan was the only one left in the room. She climbed down from the bed and by the time she tidied herself up, it was already noon.

“A lazy life is a happy life.” Jiang Baiwan went out without any embarrassment, rocking back and forth. “Huh? Director?”

“Oh, my roof has been repaired.” Jiang Baiwan stood at the door of her dilapidated house, delightedly looking at the roof that has been repaired. “This is convenient. Otherwise I will have to do it again myself.”

The director who was outside the screen did not dare to say anything—— He also watched the live broadcast last night and was so frightened that he arranged someone to hurriedly fixed Jiang Baiwan’s house. Others don’t know but don’t he? President Ji personally gave an instruction for this great aunt. If something really happened, he had to say goodbye to this circle.

Jiang Baiwan didn’t know anything about all of this. She just thought it was a gimmick deliberately made by the program group on the first day. It was to give some kind of effect to the show, she understands.

“Miss Jiang, we have prepared a new bed for you as well.” The director said to her with a smile. “It was because our program team didn’t think carefully before. Fortunately, you weren’t hurt.”

Jiang Baiwan touched her stomach. “Director, isn’t apologizing with just words too light?”

The director broke out in cold sweat. “Then…… does Miss Jiang need anything else?”


When Chu Yunhan arrived, he heard the shouting of a woman before he could even get out of the car.

“Ahhhh, my fish! My fish is getting away! Stop it quickly!”

“They said one good smash will knock it out! Lies! They are all big pig’s trotter[1]use to complain about men who fail to keep their promises, fall in love with someone new or not considerate towards woman/inconsiderate man!”

What’s all this mess? Chu Yunhan opened the door with a frown and got out of the car.

He came today as a special guest in order to be able to accompany Shui Lan’er who was on the show. Heaven knows how distressed Chu Yunhan was when he saw Shui Lan’er on the live broadcast—— His Lan’er was so nice, it’s really hard for her to be in this kind of show.

Originally, Chu Yunhan could tolerate it, but when he saw Jiang Baiwan making things difficult for Shui Lan’er, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

Lan’er treats her so gently, but why was that woman still so ungrateful?

Chu Yunhan felt that he had to go, otherwise, when the live broadcast was over, Shui Lan’er wouldn’t know how Jiang Baiwan bullied her.

When he got out of the car, before he could even stand straight, he saw something flying towards his face like a gust of wind. Chu Yunhan couldn’t dodge in time and subconsciously stretched out his hand to grab the slippery thing.

It’s just that Chu Yunhan’s appearance as a domineering president was ruined by the fish. Moreover, Chu Yunhan’s face was stained with a bit of fish mucus and blood, his clothes were covered with scattered fish scales, and he was still holding a moving fish in his hand, making him look quite ridiculous.

When Chu Yunhan finally came back to his senses, his face was very ugly. He glared at Jiang Baiwan, about to explode.

Jiang Baiwan naturally sensed that Chu Yunhan was angry and she quickly snatched the fish from his hands. “Thanks, thanks! Thank you, President Chu, for catching the fish for me!”

Chu Yunhan: “……”

Chu Yunhan finally remembered the cameras around him. In order not to ruin his public image, Chu Yunhan squeezed out a very distorted smile. “……It’s okay, this kind of thing is an accident, just be more careful in the future.”

With a stiff face, Jiang Baiwan pretended that she didn’t know anything, grabbed the offending fish and slipped away.

No one on the screen was really surprised by the appearance of the domineering president. All of them were laughing like crazy because the scene just now was really too funny. Especially when coupled with Chu Yunhan’s appearance when he first appeared, the contrast was even more hilarious.

【Isn’t Jiang Baiwan too poisonous? No matter who it is, she can infect anyone into becoming a funny character.】

【Fish: This old man is the one who made the first move!】

【President Chu is very skilled, he caught it in one go.】

In fact, Jiang Baiwan asked the director for a fish. After all, she hadn’t eaten anything all morning. She was hungry and didn’t have the strength to find food. That’s why she took advantage of the roof incident to have a delicious meal.

However, the director didn’t let Jiang Baiwan off the hook either. He demanded that Jiang Baiwan must cook it herself and not do the same routine of giving ingredients to others and sharing them like last night.

This did not bother Jiang Baiwan. There was still a small dead tree lying in her yard. She found a hatchet, and with two or three strokes, she had firewood and smooth sticks. Jiang Baiwan wanted to cook the fish, but the fish turned out to be surprisingly tenacious.

“It’s all your fault.” Jiang Baiwan whispered while continuing to take care of the fish. “Great, now I’ve offended others. Can’t you just let me eat you quietly? You look so good, so you should be eaten by me!”

The fish flapped its tail feebly, its mouth wide open as if in silent defiance against Jiang Baiwan’s words.


When Assistant Xu entered the office, he saw his boss staring at the laptop screen frowning, but the corners of his mouth were raised, an expression of wanting to smile but restraining it, which gave people goosebumps.

“……President Ji, these are the documents that just came in.” Assistant Xu pretended that he didn’t see anything.

Ji Chen responded coldly and his expression quickly returned to its original state. He pressed the laptop computer off very naturally, then took the document in Assistant Xu’s hand and put on a serious working appearance.

Assistant Xu went out respectfully, but the moment he closed the door, he didn’t forget to roast in his mind:

——Boss, just watch Miss Jiang’s live broadcast if you like. It’s not as if someone will laugh at you.


1 use to complain about men who fail to keep their promises, fall in love with someone new or not considerate towards woman/inconsiderate man


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