I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 14

“My sandals!” Jiang Baiwan exclaimed and subconsciously leaned forward to catch it, but her body swayed due to her agitation. She was so frightened that she quickly hugged the tree trunk next to her again, not daring to move. She could only yell down, “Ji Chen! My sandals fell off!”

Ji Chen stood under the tree, tilting his head up at Jiang Baiwan with a trace of anxiety showing on his usually calm face. It’s just that Ji Chen had never experienced such a thing before, so he could only try his best to reassure Jiang Baiwan. “It’s all right, don’t be afraid.”

“Jiang Baiwan.” Ji Chen looked at the girl on the tree. A trace of warmth seemed to cross his deep eyes under the sunlight. “Don’t worry, I’m here to catch at the bottom.”

Jiang Baiwan frowned from where she was and looked down at Ji Chen. “Really? Won’t it be too heavy? What if I hit you?”

“You won’t.” Ji Chen shook his head. “Trust me.”

Jiang Baiwan was hugging the tree, still hesitant. “But what if you got hurt? This height is not short. Ji Chen, you’d better step aside.”

Ji Chen didn’t speak, but just stood there without moving, expressing his attitude with silence.

Jiang Baiwan gritted her teeth, thinking that it still wouldn’t work. Just when the two of them were in a stalemate, Jiang Baiwan suddenly saw someone approaching this way. Upon a closer look, it was the movie star Li Huacheng who came to the show with Ji Chen.

Jiang Baiwan immediately seemed to have seen a savior as she hurriedly shouted, “Mr. Li, Mr. Li! Can you please come over here for a moment?!”

Li Huacheng saw Ji Chen standing under a coconut tree while looking up from a distance and wondered what he was looking at. He was curious, and just as he was coming over, he heard a woman’s voice. Li Huacheng looked carefully and was immediately amused. “Jiang Baiwan? Why are you on the tree?”

As he said that, Li Huacheng arrived at Ji Chen’s side. He also raised his head to look up at Jiang Baiwan, smiling with no regard for his image. “This tree is not that tall, but it’s not short either. How did you get up there?”

Jiang Baiwan who was sitting on top, sighed. “I didn’t want to either…… Mr. Li, please do me a favor first. Pull Ji Chen aside, I’m afraid I’ll smash him.”

Ji Chen frowned and wanted to insist, however, Li Huacheng clamped his arms all of a sudden. While tugging Ji Chen, the movie star drawled, “Just be obedient. I think Miss Jiang is more clearheaded than you are now.”

The two of them were pushing and pulling, but Li Huacheng was a bit stronger. He took advantage of when Ji Chen wasn’t paying attention to pull him aside. Just when Ji Chen wanted to break free, he saw Jiang Baiwan who was sitting on top stretch out her hand—— Throwing the freshly picked coconut under the tree.

The hard coconut quickly fell to the position where Ji Chen had just stood, hitting the ground all with a dull “thud” sound. The huge coconut bounced slightly on the ground, before rolling twice and stopping on Ji Chen’s feet.

It was like the pause button had been pressed on Ji Chen and Li Huacheng. The two of them stared at the coconut on the ground for a long time. Ji Chen’s eyes were deep, while Li Huacheng sweated quietly.

——That was close ah.

Jiang Baiwan, who was still sitting on the tree, didn’t know anything about it. She was still excitedly shouting at the two people underneath, “Look, I told Ji Chen to get out of the way. If it hit you with that speed, I’m sure it’ll break your head open.”

The audience in front of the screen was already going crazy with laughter. After a long row between the two, it was all beside the point.

【President Ji: That speed is 70 mph. Your mood is f*cking high.】

【I was wondering why Jiang Baiwan insisted on asking President Ji to move aside. It’s not that she can’t stand dropping the coconut—— President Ji’s head can’t stand it.】

【This scene is the collision between the frog prince and countryside love. The countryside love completely wins.】

Ji Chen bent down and reached out to pick up the coconut on the ground. Under Li Huacheng’s frightened eyes, Ji Chen walked slowly to the coconut tree.

Ji Chen looked down at the big coconut in his hand, only to see that there was a crack on it, presumably created when it hit the ground just now. Ji Chen pursed his lips and questioned Jiang Baiwan on the tree, “Just now you—”

Jiang Baiwan couldn’t hear clearly. She stretched out her head and looked at Ji Chen carefully. “What did you say? Speak louder.”

Ji Chen looked up at Jiang Baiwan, then suddenly closed his mouth. He threw the coconut in his hand to the ground and left without hesitation.

Jiang Baiwan was dumbfounded. She didn’t dare to move while sitting on the tree, so she could only call out to Ji Chen, “Ji Chen! Where are you going? It’s okay to leave but you should take the coconut with you!”

However, it’s as if President Ji hadn’t heard anything, he was like a shooting star which soon disappeared at the end of the road. Jiang Baiwan sat on the coconut tree, tiny, pitiful and helpless.

It’s just that no one sympathized with her, no matter whether they were present on the scene or in front of the screen, especially the movie star Li Huacheng, who stood under the coconut tree and was laughing so hard that tears was coming out of his eyes.

Jiang Baiwan looked at him resentfully. Waiting until Li Huacheng was almost done with laughing, she said, “Mr. Li, if you have enough, shouldn’t you let me down now?”

Li Huacheng wiped the corners of his eyes and rubbed his face that had gotten stiff from laughter, before he said kindly, “Wait for me, I’ll ask the director for a ladder.”

In the end, Jiang Baiwan sat blearily on the tree for a while longer before she was rescued by the director and other staff led by Li Huacheng.

When she stood on the ground, Jiang Baiwan rubbed her already stiff legs, and then picked up the large coconut on the ground. She hugged the coconut and thanked everyone, and then asked Li Huacheng who was still laughing at her from the side, “Is Ji Chen angry? Did he mean to catch me?”

Li Huacheng really admired Jiang Baiwan’s brain circuit. “Otherwise? Do you think he’s going to catch the coconut?”

Jiang Baiwan looked at him with a surprised look. “But I’m much heavier than a coconut. Even if he’s strong, he can’t possibly catch a big living person like me, right? If I had just jumped off from the tree, tomorrow’s headline will be ‘Haochen Group’s President, Ji Chen, admitted to the hospital with double fracture because he failed to catch someone’, do you believe it?”

Li Huacheng: “……” Damn, it makes sense.

“Of course I interpreted it as him wanting to catch the coconut.” Jiang Baiwan sighed. “How can such a good president live in an idol drama?”

As she spoke, she asked Li Huacheng as if remembering something, “Mr. Li, what’s your special task? How come I don’t see you in a hurry since earlier?”

Li Huacheng inclined his head and showed a bright smile to Jiang Baiwan. “My task? My task is to milk a cow and it’s already done.”

Jiang Baiwan: “……Not fair!”

When Jiang Baiwan returned home with Li Huacheng, she found Ji Chen inside the dilapidated house. Seeing the coconut in Jiang Baiwan’s arms, Ji Chen’s expression became somewhat subtle.

Jiang Baiwan raised the coconut in his hand in front of Ji Chen, smiling. “Look! I’ve brought it back. Aren’t I great?”

Ji Chen’s ears were a little red, and with Jiang Baiwan’s bright smile, it suddenly seemed like he’d been impulsive.

“You’re great.” Ji Chen turned his face away unnaturally as he complimented Jiang Baiwan in a low voice.

Jiang Baiwan was flattered, and for some reason, she also became a little nervous. Jiang Baiwan stammered, “That…… I’ve got the ingredients back from the director…… I’m going to make lunch!”

After that, Jiang Baiwan fled.

Looking at Jiang Baiwan’s back, the corners of Ji Chen’s mouth couldn’t help but twitched. When he turned back, he saw Li Huacheng standing next to him with a meaningful expression on his face.

Ji Chen’s smile instantly disappeared, but Li Huacheng refused to let him go. “Ji Chen, there’s something I want to say but I don’t know if it’s appropriate.”

“If you know it’s inappropriate, then don’t say it.” Ji Chen was in a good mood and didn’t bother to argue with Li Huacheng, choking him with just one sentence.

Li Huacheng argued hard and insisted on it. “I think it should be said.”

After saying so, Li Huacheng was afraid that Ji Chen would block him again, so he hurriedly said, “For this program, I think I should give them some more capital. Today’s coconut picking is just too wonderful.”

Ji Chen let out a light laugh. “Do you believe that I can ban you right now?”

Li Huacheng: “……All right.”


While Jiang Baiwan was cooking in the kitchen, an uninvited guest quietly slipped in.

“Xiao Wan.” Shui Lan’er called her in a small voice. “You…… Do you have any more ingredients on your side?”

Jiang Baiwan turned her head and looked at Shui Lan’er, feeling a familiar headache sweeping over again. “What’s the matter? You didn’t complete your special task today?”

It was fine if Jiang Baiwan didn’t talked about this, because when the special task was mentioned, two streak of tears immediately fell out of Shui Lan’ers eyes as she whimpered, “I…… I’m so useless. I wasn’t able to complete the task. If only I can be as good as you, Xiao Wan.”

“Stop, stop, stop.” Jiang Baiwan hurriedly urged her to stop crying. “What’s your special task? How come you didn’t complete it?”

Shui Lan’er looked at Jiang Baiwan, her brows full of sorrow. “My special task is transplanting rice seedlings.”

Jiang Baiwan: “……”

Why was everyone’s special task easier than hers?! At any rate, they don’t need to climb trees, just milking cows and transplanting rice seedlings!

“……How come you can’t even finish transplanting rice seedlings……? Forget it, pretend I didn’t ask.” Jiang Baiwan didn’t want to get entangled with Shui Lan’er anymore. She chopped off half of the chicken that had been processed. “Here’s half of the chicken. Ji Chen and I are two people after all, so we need more food.”

Shui Lan’er bit her lip, thanked Jiang Baiwan softly, then snatched half of chicken before running out like the wind.


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