I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 15

Jiang Baiwan watched as Shui Lan’er run out. She shook her head and began to focus on the ingredients in her hand again. She really didn’t know what was going on inside Shui Lan’ers head. Why do the heroines of classic romance novels have to be this kind of white lotus characters?

It’s just that Shui Lan’er wasn’t the most important thing right now. Jiang Baiwan glanced cautiously at the living room and saw Ji Chen sitting on the small broken chair with his head down. She wondered what he was thinking about.

Jiang Baiwan dared not look again after one glance. She quickly retracted her eyes while still searching her mind for memories—— Did the novel mentioned if the female supporting character had a relationship with any man when she first read it?

Why does Ji Chen’s eyes looks profoundly complicated every time he sees her?

It’s a pity that she had only swiped through the books, not to mention that she hadn’t finished it yet. Jiang Baiwan couldn’t figure out who Ji Chen was even if she racked her brain.

……It seems that there’s only one thing she could do.

Jiang Baiwan stared at the chicken in the pot with a solemn expression and made a secret decision in her heart.

Ji Chen was currently sitting in the outside room, listening to the sound of Jiang Baiwan cooking in the kitchen, while his eyes were fixed on the coconut shell.

Ji Chen couldn’t stop thinking in his head. For a moment, the old Jiang Baiwan with heavy make-up while pointing her finger in anger appeared in his mind, then soon, it was Jiang Baiwan sitting on the tree, swinging her legs leisurely.

They were completely different, no matter in character or demeanor, nothing was the same. Was it because he didn’t know Jiang Baiwan from the beginning, or had Jiang Baiwan always been pretending? If so, then she’s very good at pretending.

Ji Chen couldn’t figure it out, but Jiang Baiwan in the kitchen was still humming an out-of-key tune. Ji Chen lowered his head and thought for a moment, then also made a secret decision in his heart.

Jiang Baiwan’s cooking was quite fast and she didn’t keep Ji Chen waiting long before she brought all the food. The colorful and tasty looking food slightly comforted the hearts of the two who had just been injured when they were doing the tree climbing task. Jiang Baiwan handed Ji Chen a pair of chopsticks. “Let’s eat.”

Ji Chen nodded and gave up the only chair to Jiang Baiwan. He combined two to three bricks for himself and sat down regardless of the high-end suit he was wearing.

Looking at Ji Chen across the table, Jiang Baiwan couldn’t help sighing in her heart—— Even if Ji Chen was sitting in such a messy environment, his aura couldn’t be concealed, and he exude a sense of incompatibility with the surrounding.

Ji Chen noticed Jiang Baiwan’s distraction. He suddenly chuckled and asked, “What’s wrong? Why is your mind wandering again?”

Jiang Baiwan opened her mouth to reply, but inadvertently met Ji Chen’s eyes. The calm and indifferent aura of the man in front of her faded away because of a slight smile, and became vivid and lively in an instant. Ji Chen himself was already very handsome, now with such a smile, not to mention Jiang Baiwan, even the audience across the screen were screaming.

【Sh*t! Sh*t! Isn’t President Ji too handsome?!】

【Say nothing more, President Ji, I’ll give birth to your babies.】

【Is it just me who thinks something isn’t right? Why is President Ji smiling so sensually at Baiwan?】

Facing the beauty directly, Jiang Baiwan had no strength to resist at all. She felt dizzy and her mouth became inexplicably dry. Jiang Baiwan quickly turned her face away and responded casually, “It’s nothing, It’s nothing, I was just thinking. It’s also my first time making Coconut Chicken, so I don’t know if it’s delicious or not.”

As she spoke, Jiang Baiwan took the initiative to pick up the chicken with chopsticks, intending to put it on Ji Chen’s bowl in hopes of covering up her awkwardness with enthusiasm.

“Here, try it.” Jiang Baiwan smiled brightly, as if Ji Chen’s smile just now had no lethal effect on her. “No saying it’s not delicious nor spitting it out.”

Ji Chen raised his eyes and looked at Jiang Baiwan, whose heart trembled at the sight of him. Immediately afterwards, Ji Chen stood up slightly, and with a stretched of his head, he opened his mouth, catching the piece of chicken from the chopsticks in Jiang Baiwan’s hand.

For a moment the barrage of messages stopped, and then the entire screen instantly exploded. All the audience were surprised by Ji Chen’s actions, but his behavior was extremely natural, giving people a very real feeling.

【Aaaaaah!! President Ji!!! President Ji is so handsome!! From today onwards, I will be President Ji’s face fan!!!】

【How can President Ji manage to be so flirtatious and not greasy?! Chu Yunhan, hurry up and learn!】

【Oh my goodness, is President Ji planning to attack our family’s Baiwan? 5555[1]crying sounds. Mom doesn’t allow it! Baiwan is still a child!】

Jiang Baiwan was already dumbfounded. She had only meant to put the chicken in Ji Chen’s bowl. Who would have thought that this domineering president would actually release a big move at the drop of a hat?

He’s just relying on his good-looking face, right? Jiang Baiwan’s ears and cheeks were flushed red, and she felt aggrieved in her heart.

“It tastes pretty good.” Ji Chen commented on the Coconut Chicken seriously. “Your cooking’s great.”

Jiang Baiwan blinked, a little flustered. She lifted a strand of hair that was hanging by her cheek and pinned it behind her ear. Withdrawing her hand, she distractedly put a piece of chicken into her mouth, but when she raised her eyes, she saw Ji Chen’s dazed expression.

What’s wrong with him? Jiang Baiwan was confused for a moment, followed Ji Chen’s gaze, and saw the chopsticks she was still holding in her mouth.

Jiang Baiwan: “……” Damn it.

Was it too late for her to spit out the chopsticks along with the chicken?

On the bullet screen, the number of messages exploded again because of Jiang Baiwan’s actions. Although Jiang Baiwan usually acts foolish, she was also a delicate and gorgeous beauty. Not to mention Ji Chen, who’s rich, single and handsome, making him the hottest and the most eligible bachelor. When these two people sit together and interact, even if the background was a dilapidated house, the audience could easily see the sweetness.

【I’m crying. What kind of moving love story is this?】

【I looked at the two of them indifferently and knocked over the bowl of dog food in front of me.】

【Confirmed, President Ji is a passionate person. He has a set of tricks to stir up Baiwan.】

Jiang Baiwan showed a difficult smile. She chewed the chunk of chicken in her mouth and quickly swallowed it down. “E-en, it’s good. Hahahahaha, President Ji, eat, you should eat too.”

Ji Chen raised his brows. He didn’t expose Jiang Baiwan’s awkward laugh, and just started to eat. The two of them ate together for a while. Jiang Baiwan secretly looked at Ji Chen in front of her. Thinking of her decision in the kitchen just now, she wavered for a long time before finally opening her mouth to test the waters, “Ji Chen, you…… do you think the two of us are now considered friends?”

“Friends?” Ji Chen’s hand holding the chopsticks paused. He took a deep look at Jiang Baiwan, and then asked, “You want our relationship to be friends?”

Not to mention Jiang Baiwan’s wrist, even her heart was shaking right now.

But after Ji Chen said this meaningful sentence, he went back into silence and began to eat peacefully. Jiang Baiwan didn’t dare to ask any more questions. If she really asked something important in the live broadcast, she might just really become famous all over the country.

‘That scum girl who dumped people after using them’ ……She doesn’t want to have her name in the gossip headlines if she could.

Ji Chen lowered his eyes and looked as if he was eating seriously, but in his heart, he felt even stranger upon seeing Jiang Baiwan’s reaction just now.

The former Jiang Baiwan was pretentious, but also liked to cling to him, always wanting to make some intimate moves, though Ji Chen never cooperated once.

Today, he finally cooperated with Jiang Baiwan in a rare occasion, but he didn’t expect the woman opposite him to stare in shock and looked distracted, not even thinking to cover it up a bit.

Gazing at the bowl in his hand, Ji Chen inadvertently thought of Jiang Baiwan’s flushed face just now.

It’s kinda cute.

After finally finishing this unbearable meal, Jiang Baiwan didn’t dare ask Ji Chen to help her clean it up, for fear that Ji Chen would do something unusual again. Like a frightened rabbit, she piled up the bowls and chopsticks on the table and carried them all into the kitchen.

It just didn’t occur to Jiang Baiwan that her appearance would make Ji Chen even more suspicious. President Ji who was sitting on the outer room contemplated for a bit, before finally standing up and walking towards the kitchen.

Jiang Baiwan was staring at the sink, watching the water submerge the tablewares little by little, with mixed feelings in her heart. She couldn’t tell whether she should be glad or not.

However, the only thing that’s certain was that Ji Chen and the original Jiang Baiwan must have known each other! And they must have a very close relationship, otherwise, how could Ji Chen use her chopsticks?

Jiang Baiwan couldn’t help imagining a big drama in her head, such as the rich girl played with the poor boy’s feelings, then finally the poor boy returned in glory, while the rich girl ended up on the street. The more she thought about it, the more distracted she became, but she still felt that it made sense.

How else could she explain Ji Chen’s various antics?

Jiang Baiwan was so absorbed in her thoughts that she prepared to put her hand into the sink without thinking. At this time, Ji Chen’s voice came from behind her, “Be careful with your sleeves.”

Before Jiang Baiwan could react, a pair of arms stretched out from behind her, clumsily but gently rolled up her left sleeve.

Jiang Baiwan felt instantly surrounded by the man’s scent. Ji Chen didn’t wear perfume, but smell of male hormones was all that lingered on the tip of Jiang Baiwan’s nose.

Ji Chen was about to help Jiang Baiwan roll up the other sleeve, but saw Jiang Baiwan suddenly jumped backwards as if she had come to her senses, hitting him on the chin with the back of her head in the process. Ji Chen took two steps back in pain, while Jiang Baiwan who was unsteady on her feet, pressed her hands against the nearby aged water pipe.

There was a loud crack and the pipe burst in response. Water spurted out from the broken part, showering Ji Chen’s face.

All Jiang Baiwan could see was blackness in front of her eyes: It’s over!


1 crying sounds


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