I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 16

Ji Chen didn’t expect that his subtle probing of Jiang Baiwan would make her react so strongly. Fortunately, it wasn’t a sewer pipe, but even so, Ji Chen was completely drenched.

He looked at Jiang Baiwan speechlessly. Jiang Baiwan was also weeping inside. She quickly lifted up her sleeves to wipe Ji Chen’s face, apologizing as she did so, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!”

“It’s okay.” Ji Chen helplessly grabbed Jiang Baiwan’s wrist, preventing her from continuing to wipe his face. “Go and turn off the water valve first, or the house will flood.”

Jiang Baiwan woke up as if in a dream. “Right, right, right, I’ll go and turn off the water valve first. There are dry towels in the bathroom, you can go get it to wipe your face.”

After saying that, Jiang Baiwan hurried to the location of the water valve. But even though the two of them didn’t delay much, the water had already flooded the entire kitchen and spread into the room, quite like the water overflowing Jinshan[1]from 《The Legend of The White Snake》.

“Now I have to mop the floor……” Jiang Baiwan looked at the water on the ground, wondering why Ji Chen went out of his mind just now.

Were all the domineering presidents nowadays so unreserved? When Jiang Baiwan thought of Ji Chen’s scent when he was standing behind her, she blushed.

After finally calming down, Jiang Baiwan noticed that she hadn’t heard Ji Chen’s voice. She subconsciously looked towards bathroom door and was immediately startled by the sight in front of her.

She saw that Ji Chen had already taken off all his upper garments. The well-made high end suit was thrown aside by him casually, and his originally meticulously combed hair became messy after being soaked in water.

Ji Chen looked quite thin, but now Jiang Baiwan could see that his body was full of smoothly defined muscles, and his eight-pack abs rose and fall with the frequency of his breathing, as if sending a silent invitation to Jiang Baiwan.

Not to mention Jiang Baiwan, the audience was also shook by the scenery in front of them.

【President Ji really spared no expense to hook Baiwan.】

【Nosebleed! Blood is coming out of my nose!】

【President Ji! I want to sleep with you, aaaah! QAQ】

Jiang Baiwan, who was facing this striking image directly, felt as if she drank fake wine and it had now rushed on her head.

Ji Chen slowly wiped the water off his body with Jiang Baiwan’s towel, his expression still very serious, as if he didn’t realize how much what he was doing was affecting Jiang Baiwan.

“……President Ji.” Jiang Baiwan took a deep breath, her voice trembling, “C-c-c-c-can you put on clothes first?”

Ji Chen looked at Jiang Baiwan with some confusion, and then looked down at the pile of clothes thrown on the ground, his voice unconsciously carried a hint of grievance, “The clothes are all wet and cannot be worn.”

“You can’t have your upper body bare, you’ll catch a cold.” Jiang Baiwan covered her face and opened her mouth to tell lies, “And we’re still on air, it’s not a good influence, President Ji.”

The audience immediately began to strongly object.

【No, no, no! The influence is particularly good! It’s great! I can eat two more bowls of rice looking at President Ji’s body!】

【President Ji has a perfect setting; rich, handsome and in good shape, hoo.】

【Upstairs, chicken coop warning.jpg[2]warning people who talks loudly and are showing off that they will be locked up if they do not stop

But Jiang Baiwan couldn’t see all of this, she just felt the blood rushing to her face. Ji Chen who was looking at her, suddenly shifted his expression. He placed the towel aside and strode towards her.

Jiang Baiwan’s complexion instantly changed. She waved her hands and backed away desperately, shouting in alarm, “D-d-don’t! Don’t come over here! What do you want to do?!”

Seeing her reaction, Ji Chen frowned and stopped on his tracks. He raised his finger to point at his nose and said in an innocent tone, “You have a nosebleed.”

Jiang Baiwan was taken aback for a moment, then she raised her hand along the position Ji Chen pointed to, and sure enough, her hand came contact with liquid.

……I’m so disappointing!

So now it was Jiang Baiwan’s turn to rush into the bathroom in a hurry. Ji Chen sat on the bed with his upper body naked, listening to the movements in the bathroom. He lowered his head and showed a triumphant smile.

This smile was recorded by the camera that was always running, and the bullet screen exploded again.

【I bet Baiwan won’t last a week under President Ji’s attack.】

【A week? Upstairs is naive. I bet three days.】

【Baiwan, jiayou! I’ll bet my spicy strips on you.】

Jiang Baiwan managed to stop the nosebleed and stuffed two balls of paper into her nostrils before coming out. She avoided looking at Ji Chen. Walking straight to her luggage, she took out a T-shirt from inside and threw it at him.

“I’ll lend it to you.” Jiang Baiwan glared at Ji Chen. “Put it on quickly!”

Ji Chen simply picked up the T-shirt and put it on. It’s just that Jiang Baiwan’s biggest piece of clothing was still small for Ji Chen. Jiang Baiwan’s shirt was very loose, but when it comes to Ji Chen, it was stretched all over, making the muscles on his body distinct, adding another kind of allure.

——Even if the T-shirt has such a large mosaic of magical girl Xiao Fang on it.

Jiang Baiwan gave up, covering her face and refusing to look at Ji Chen again. “……Forget it, just sit here. I’ll fix the water pipe now.”

Ji Chen was wearing a tight T-shirt, showing a confused but well-behaved look, very different from his usual image of a domineering president. Jiang Baiwan didn’t dare to look any further, fearing that her will might not be strong enough and be fooled by the beauty. She quickly pulled out the wrench and planned to go to the kitchen, but was stopped by Ji Chen who had reacted.

“Let me do it.” Ji Chen took the wrench from Jiang Baiwan’s hand giving no chance for her to refuse. “It was I who frightened you just now resulting to the broken water pipe. In any case, I should help you.”

Jiang Baiwan didn’t dwell on it either and simply went along with Ji Chen. “Okay, then you do it. I happen to still feel a bit of fullness on my nose……” With that, Jiang Baiwan pressed her nose, and spoke in a muffled voice, “Troubling you.”

Ji Chen nodded solemnly, grabbed the wrench and walked into the kitchen.

Jiang Baiwan was sitting on the bed, just about to take a rest, when she heard a loud knocking sound from the kitchen, which made her jump out of bed and rush over without even having time to put on her shoes.

Inside the kitchen, Ji Chen was standing next to the broken water pipe holding the wrench. His face full of bewilderment and confusion, and the water pipe that was originally broken by Jiang Baiwan’s strike now looked as if it had suffered a heavy blow. The degree of damage was even more serious.

Jiang Baiwan stood at the entrance and stared at the water pipe for a moment. She asked quietly, “President Ji, what…… did you just do to the water pipe?”

Ji Chen coughed dryly and the muscles on his body twitched with his movement, looking stupidly cute. He averted his face uncomfortably and said in a low voice, “I…… I don’t have much experience in repairing pipes.”

So you just hit the water pipe with a wrench?

“……Then why did you offer to repair it?” Jiang Baiwan only felt a huge sense of helplessness hit her. “Forget it, forget it, come on, give me the wrench.”

Ji Chen probably knew that there was nothing he could do about the pipe, so he obediently handed over the wrench. Jiang Baiwan rolled up her sleeves, tied her hair at the back of her head randomly, and stood in front of the water pipe wearing flip flops. She then began to repair the damaged pipe in earnest.

Standing on the side, Ji Chen looked at Jiang Baiwan carefully, feeling that her engrossed appearance was different from before, but all the same, still very attractive. Ji Chen blinked and tried to shift his eyes back to the work Jiang Baiwan was doing. He secretly admonished himself not to be distracted.

The two of them were standing together with serious faces, their heads touching, as if they were studying something important and confidential.

Jiang Baiwan’s hands moved quickly, and the water pipe that had left Ji Chen helpless was quickly repaired by her. Ji Chen blinked, a little unwilling. In the end, he asked, “Is there anything I can do to help you?”

He saw that Jiang Baiwan didn’t even bat an eye. She nodded and said straightaway, “Yes, can you please pass me the screwdriver over there.”

Ji Chen: “……”

But in the end, President Ji still obediently handed over the screwdriver. Jiang Baiwan was efficient. She stepped on the water pipe with her foot and finally managed to barely repair it. It looks a little bit worn out, but at least it won’t leak now.

“Isn’t it all right now?” Jiang Baiwan breathed a sigh of relief and started to ramble, “President Ji, this is just common sense. Wrenches’ are not for smashing water pipes, do you know—”

Jiang Baiwan couldn’t finish the rest of her sentence.

She didn’t know when Ji Chen got close. The distance between them was extremely close that Jiang Baiwan could even feel Ji Chen’s breath at this moment. She could see herself reflected in Ji Chen’s pupils clearly— This distance was too close!

However, Ji Chen’s expression remained calm and his eyes were extremely clear. Seeing Jiang Baiwan’s flushed face, the corners of Ji Chen’s mouth suddenly raised. He deliberately lowered his voice a little so that it sounded deeper and moving, “Looks good?”

Jiang Baiwan nodded in a daze. “……Looks good.”

“You look good too.” Ji Chen’s eyes moved slightly as he raised his hand, wanting to touch Jiang Baiwan’s cheek lightly, but thinking that it was a bit abrupt, he hesitated on his actions.

Just when Ji Chen’s hand was about to touch Jiang Baiwan’s cheek, the surrounding atmosphere was perfect, and the audience in the bullet screen were howling, Jiang Baiwan’s eyes suddenly returned to focus. Seeing that Ji Chen was getting closer and closer in front of her, Jiang Baiwan couldn’t help feeling flustered, and in the heat of the moment, Jiang Baiwan let out a “Hya” and smashed her head against Ji Chen’s forehead!


1 from 《The Legend of The White Snake》
2 warning people who talks loudly and are showing off that they will be locked up if they do not stop


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  1. Lan Zhong Yun has spoken 3 months ago

    aiyayayaya the fl is too powerful ah! this spicy chicken of ml is asking for a beating. is your conscience not hurting author?! pairing such good girl with a spicy chicken, you’ll face your retribution sooner or later

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    maybe you can just ‘accidentally’ knock him out with the wrench, saving the troubles of nosebleed..?

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    Good Girl!!!!!

    I wonder how long the guests are typically supposed to stay on these shows?? Did Ji Chen blackmail/bribe to get a longer stay?


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