I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 24

Wei Dao was silent for a while, feeling that at his age, not only was he pushed out of the mountain by this kid, but he also had to sit here and eat dog food. His good temper was really boundless.

“The little girl will open her shop in a few days.” Wei Dao knocked on the table in front of Ji Chen. “Have you thought about what you want to do?”

Of course Ji Chen had already thought about it. “I will let the whole process of the opening be broadcast live on TV and the advertisements will roll for 24 hours, covering the whole country.”

After speaking, Ji Chen looked at Wei Dao with vague anticipation while Wei Dao looked at Ji Chen like he’s a fool. “……This was something you come up with yourself?”

Ji Chen was a little surprised, but he still nodded. “I think this method can achieve the greatest publicity. Her store isn’t big yet, but after opening a chain store in the future, she can invite traffic stars to come endorse. The brand development of self-cooked and high-end Malatang can be pushed until later, but this plan must be done first.”

“Stop, stop, stop.” Wei Dao hurriedly interrupted Ji Chen. “Aren’t you thinking a little too far ahead?”

Ji Chen frowned and looked at him with obvious confusion. “These are all follow-up tasks. There’s also nothing wrong with the current plan.”

“No, I mean……” Wei Dao organized his words. “Ji Chen, what you and she want may not be quite the same.”

Wei Dao was older and can naturally see that the little girl Jiang Baiwan has no ambitions, not like a young lady of the Jiang family, but an ordinary little girl who grew up in the street. Someone like Ji Chen who received an elite education since childhood…… and Jiang Baiwan, had no similarities at all.

He’s afraid that the little girl never thought that Ji Chen would be interested in her.

Thinking of this, Wei Dao looked at Ji Chen with pity. Ji Chen didn’t know what Wei Dao was thinking of, but he didn’t like this look very much. “Mr. Wei, what do you mean by that?”

“It can only be perceived, but it cannot be expressed in words.” Wei Dao shook his head. Only after thinking about it did he add, “Don’t just plan a chain for her or something. And the advertisement is too grand. If you have any ideas, you have to communicate with the other party first.”

Ji Chen pondered for a long time before nodding reluctantly. Wei Dao heaved a sigh of relief. It so happened that Assistant Xu came in to deliver some documents. The old and the young looked at each other with a somewhat sympathetic expression.

——I’ve really given too much for this company!

Wei Dao warned Ji Chen once more before leaving. “Don’t play around with ads or live broadcasts. You should quickly call Boss Jiang, got it?”

Ji Chen grabbed his phone and watched Wei Dao leave the office. He hesitated for a while, but in the end, instead of calling Jiang Baiwan directly, he sent a WeChat message, “When your shop opens, is there anything I can help with?”

Jiang Baiwan, who was severely addicted to mobile phone, replied quickly, “You don’t say, I do have something I need help with. Are you coming here or shall I go there?”

Ji Chen’s mood suddenly jumped up and his tone also became lighter, “I’ll go to you.”

Jiang Baiwan replied with an OK emoji. Ji Chen looked at the phone screen thoughtfully and decided to leave work early today.


When Ji Chen arrived, Jiang Baiwan was wearing pajamas while sitting cross-legged in the living room. She was watching a movie, complete with snacks and drinks neatly placed on the side. Hearing the door bell, Jiang Baiwan hurried to open it.

“Ah, you’re here.” Jiang Baiwan didn’t expect it to be Ji Chen. She froze for a moment and took off the headband on her head in flurry. “I didn’t go out today so I didn’t tidy myself much…… You can sit down first!”

As she spoke, Jiang Baiwan pattered into the room with her slippers. Ji Chen stood outside, looked at the carpet in front of the coffee table and hesitated.

When Jiang Baiwan came out with the things, she saw Ji Chen still standing there and she said in surprise, “Take a sit.”

Ji Chen glanced at the carpet lying there and asked Jiang Baiwan with his eyes: Where to sit?

It’s true that she couldn’t let the president sit on the carpet…… Jiang Baiwan scratched the back of her head and brought Ji Chen to sit at the dining table instead. The place wasn’t large. Two people sitting face to face were very close to each other. Looking at Ji Chen’s unsmiling face, Jiang Baiwan felt like she was giving a report to the head teacher.

Ji Chen saw the stack of papers in Jiang Baiwan’s hand and voluntarily asked, “What is that?”

“Oh, this is something I want to give you.” Jiang Baiwan recovered and quickly stuffed the stack of paper into Ji Chen’s hand. “Isn’t my Malatang shop about to open? These are discount coupons. I’ll give you a handful. You can use it or give it to someone else. If you want to eat Malatang, you can get 20% off with this!”

Ji Chen carefully surveyed the thick stack of discount coupons in his hand, feeling very strange. “If I want to eat Malatang, shouldn’t you treat me?”

Jiang Baiwan wrung her hands, face full of difficulty. “President Ji, this is a small business with small profits. This way, everyone else is 20% off. If you come to eat Malatang, I’ll give you…… 40% off! How about it?”

Looking at Jiang Baiwan’s stingy appearance, Ji Chen smiled. “Okay.”

With that, he took the stack of discount coupons from Jiang Baiwan’s hand and put them in his pocket. Jiang Baiwan looked at Ji Chen’s brows and eyes that suddenly softened, and for some reason, her heart suddenly started beating rapidly.

This man was very good looking.

Jiang Baiwan once again realized this fact.

“Staring at me again,” Ji Chen’s tone was extremely gentle and seems to be mixed with a slight seductiveness. “am I that good-looking?”

Jiang Baiwan unconsciously said the truth. “Exceptionally good-looking.”

After she was done speaking, Jiang Baiwan realized what she had just said. Her face instantly reddened and she jumped up from the chair because of shame, her voice raised considerably when she spoke, “I-I-I-I’ll pour you a glass of water!”

“It’s okay, no need.”Ji Chen unhurriedly stopped Jiang Baiwan from fleeing. “I’ve already got the things, so I’m leaving now.”

After saying that, Ji Chen stood up and walked towards the door. Jiang Baiwan hastily opened the door for him. Before leaving, Ji Chen gave Jiang Baiwan a meaningful glance and said in a low voice, “Actually, you can keep looking.”

Then, Ji Chen walked away, leaving Jiang Baiwan standing alone with a dazed expression on her face—— Was what Ji Chen said…… what she thought?

Then next day, the senior management of Haochen Group held a regular meeting as usual, and Ji Chen sat at the main seat. All the people reported the progress of various work in turn and the meeting was held in an orderly manner.

But when the meeting was about to end, Ji Chen suddenly gave a dry coughed. He glanced at Assistant Xu who got the signal, and whose face then turned green.

Even so, the boss had already instructed him on what to do, so no matter how reluctant he was, he still had to do what needed to be done.

Facing the executives, Assistant Xu pretended like it was nothing and toughened his heart. “President Ji sees that you’ve all work hard so he has prepared some perks for everyone.”

Perks? President Ji was going to give them perks? Was it cash or stock? Everyone looked at each other, quite looking forward to it.

Immediately afterwards, Assistant Xu took out a thick stack of colorful paper from his shirt pocket.

Assistant Xu’s expression was almost distorted but there was nothing he could do. While facing everyone’s gaze, he handed out the stack of colorful coupons to the executives of the company. “This is a discount coupon for a shop that recently opened nearby. With this, you can go eat Malatang with 20% off.”

After saying so, Assistant Xu smash the pot[1]go for broke; smash a pot to pieces since it’s already cracked and instead spoke more smoothly, “There are still a lot of discount coupons here. After everyone uses them up, you can come to me to get them again. First come, first serve.”

After he was done, Assistant Xu returned to Ji Chen’s side with a straight face.

The executives looked at each other, wondering if President Ji or Assistant Xu was crazy, or was there something wrong with their ears?

However, the flowery discount coupon in their hands had a very strong sense of presence, reminding them that they had heard correctly, the perk from President Ji was this discount coupon.

It’s even a discount coupon for Malatang!

For a while, the atmosphere in the conference room…… was very still. Ji Chen was the only one who felt at ease. “The taste of Malatang is very good, everyone can go try it for lunch and dinner.”

For the first time, the executives began to doubt whether it was a mistake to enter Haochen Group.

After the meeting was over, all the executives walked out with a handful of discount coupons in their hands. Everyone was quite helpless, but in the end, the executives decided to continue to distribute the discount coupons for Malatang!

It’s much more joyful to share the joy than enjoy alone.

A few days later, a Malatang shop near the city center opened quietly. As the owner, of course, Jiang Baiwan had to stay in the shop on the first day of opening.

It’s only been morning, but although the number of people buying Malatang has gradually increased, the crowd seems to be a bit…… odd?

Jiang Baiwan sat behind the counter in doubt, watching waves of men in suits or women in typical OL uniforms, entered her shop in droves. All of them without exception were holding discount coupons.

Taking advantage of the interval, Jiang Baiwan called a waiter over and asked him in a whisper, “When I asked you to go distribute leaflets, did you give it out to a specific group of people?”

“We just give it away casually, Boss.” The part-time college student waiter also looked confused. “I’ll go get busy, Boss. There are still quite a lot of orders.”

Jiang Baiwan let him go back to work while she sat back behind the counter, curiously studying the crowd entering the shop.

People passing by outside the shop also saw the white-collar workers with elite images coming in, making them curious—— This Malatang shop seems to be a little different from others?


1 go for broke; smash a pot to pieces since it’s already cracked


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    when Assistant Xu’s expression was almost distorted in colourful shades but still go for broke, I’m already dying laughing at him

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    OMG lol, JBW’s malatang shop will specialize in catering to the elite 😂 Thank you for the chapter!!

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