I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 25

All of a sudden, those curious people also followed into this newly opened Malatang shop. As a result, as soon as they entered, they smelled a lingering fragrance. The aroma wasn’t that strong, but it could directly arouse people’s appetite.

Wasn’t the smell of this Malatang so fragrant? The people who came in couldn’t help looking at the kitchen but couldn’t see anything. They just saw the white-collar workers sitting while eating Malatang, the expressions on their faces were all relaxed and content, coupled with the lingering aroma, many people also ordered one.

Because the business in the store was quite flourishing, the new customers waited for a while before they got their order. It’s just that as soon as the Malatang was served, the guest was overwhelmed by the aroma. The ingredients in the big bowl in front of them were still the same, but the soup base presents a clean milky white color, which was completely different from other Malatang.

“What kind of fairy Malatang is this……?” The person who came took a bite of the old tofu, only to feel that his mouth was instantly occupied by the rich and mellow soup. “This is too delicious!”

Looking around, it’s clear that there weren’t a few people who share his thoughts.

Sitting behind the counter, Jiang Baiwan looked at the booming business in the shop and felt that she was really a genius in business. She had a good eye for people so she could find such a skilled cook as Wei Dao in no time.

……Why not give the old man a raise?

Inside the Haochen Building, Ji Chen was sitting at his desk, in front of him was a freshly made steak and a bottle of fine red wine. Ji Chen looked at the knife and fork placed next to the plate and smelled the aroma of steak, but didn’t pick up the cutlery for a time.

After thinking about it, he finally took out his cell phone and called Assistant Xu. The ringing tone rang twice, then it was connected.

“Where are you right now?” Ji Chen asked. “Are you busy?”

He didn’t know what kind of environment Assistant Xu was in, but from what he could hear through the phone, it seemed a little noisy over there.

“President Ji, I’m having lunch.” It appears as if Assistant Xu found a quieter place so the surrounding voices became lower.

In a rare moment of curiosity, Ji Chen asked, “What are you eating?”

Assistant Xu gave a hollow laugh. “Malatang.”

Ji Chen: “……”

Sensing the silence on the other end of the line, Assistant Xu quickly changed the subject. “President Ji, do you have a command?”

Ji Chen remembered what was going on and responded, “Pack a Malatang for me, don’t use vinegar and put less coriander.”

Assistant Xu was stunned for a moment. He looked up at the signboard of the Malatang shop overhead and felt that President Ji must really love Miss Jiang deeply that he was willing to change his taste for food.

As a senior assistant, how could he not help his boss?!

Assistant Xu blinked and figured out a good way. He said to Ji Chen on the other end side, “Okay, President Ji.”

Ji Chen didn’t think much about it and hung up the phone after hearing Assistant Xu’s answer.

Assistant Xu put the phone back in his pocket, opened the door and entered the Malatang shop again. He knew Jiang Baiwan, so he carefully avoided the boss behind the counter and placed an order for takeout to the waiter.

Just when the waiter was about to place the order, Assistant Xu stopped him and secretly stuffed a hundred dollars into his hand. “This takeout, can you let your boss deliver it?”

Let the boss deliver it? The college student waiter glanced at Jiang Baiwan, who was sitting there doing nothing and was a little vigilant. “Who are you? Why do you want the boss to deliver the food? Are you a human trafficker? Or is this some kind of PUA[1]pickup artist; refers to a person who practices finding, attracting and seducing sexual partners trick?”

The college student thought that although Boss Xiao Jiang was a bit out of it at times, she was kind and generous, so she couldn’t be tricked by a man of unknown origin.

Assistant Xu suppressed the urge to roll his eyes and gave a business card to the college student. “I am the personal assistant of President Ji Chen of Haochen Group. Our president has some eccentricities and he doesn’t like men touching his food, so I had to trouble your boss to run a trip there.”

The college student grabbed the business card and examined it for a long time. He thought that this business card shouldn’t be fake…… After all, the address of the takeout is also the headquarters of Haochen Group. The college student hesitated slightly before reluctantly nodding. “Okay, I’ll go talk to the boss.”

After saying that, he grabbed the business card and went to find Jiang Baiwan, while Assistant Xu took this opportunity to sneak out the door, hiding his achievements.

He’s really a good assistant who devotes himself to the life of his boss. Next time, he should mention the matter of salary increase with President Ji.

After listening to the college student’s words, Jiang Baiwan curiously took the business card from him. The card belongs to Assistant Xu, so Jiang Baiwan didn’t think of Ji Chen. “Haochen Group? Isn’t this Ji Chen’s company……? Okay, it’s fine. It’s just delivering takeout. Anyway, it’s not far from here and I have nothing to do right now.”

The college student was relieved, but he still reminded Jiang Baiwan, “Boss, I think that man’s eyes are not right, so be careful.”

Assistant Xu, who was accused of having wrong eyes because he forgot to bring his glasses, sneezed from across the street.

Jiang Baiwan waved her hand nonchalantly. “The Haochen Group is so big, why would they cheat a little boss of a Malatang shop, like me? It’s all right, hurry up and arrange the order. Pack it up and bring it to me so I can deliver it.”

Assistant Xu stood on the opposite side of the street and waited for a while before he saw Jiang Baiwan wobbling out with a packed bowl. He was relieve and quickly called Ji Chen, “Hello? President Ji.”

“What’s wrong?” Ji Chen asked. “Have you arrived?”

“President Ji, I just had a little diarrhea and is in the hospital now.” Assistant Xu easily told nonsense. “Because I was afraid of delaying your meal, I ordered a takeout from Miss Jiang’s shop. It’s now already on the way.”

Ji Chen frowned. “Takeout?”

“Yes.” Assistant Xu said in a respectful voice.

Ji Chen sneered. “I see you don’t want this month’s salary anymore.”

Assistant Xu resisted the urge to laugh, but his voice trembled, “Miss Jiang will personally deliver the food.”

Ji Chen on the other end of the phone fell silent for an instant, and after a while, he spoke again, “Come back and get a raise.”

With that, Ji Chen simply hung up the phone.

Jiang Baiwan took the takeout and walked to Haochen Building in a short while. Haochen was the landmark building of the whole city, and the whole skyscraper belongs to Haochen Group. Jiang Baiwan felt like Grandma Liu visiting the Grand View garden[2]be overwhelmed by new experiences and luxurious surroundings and was simply out of place with the surrounding elite environment.

She was a little restrained. When she saw someone at the front desk, she wanted to put down the takeout and leave. “Hello, I’m from Wuhuan Malatang Shop. I’m here to deliver takeout.”

As soon as Jiang Baiwan said the name of the shop, many people around looked over at her with subtle look in their eyes.

——Was this the person from the Wuhuan Malatang shop?

Thinking of when the executives collectively distributed Malatang coupons to the employees a few days ago, everyone who passed by thought that this Malatang shop might be opened by the boss’s relatives, otherwise why would all the executives be mobilized to come to the shop?

Though the taste was really good.

Jiang Baiwan didn’t notice the way others looked at her, she just wanted to leave after putting down the food. Only, she was disappointed when the lady at the front desk gave her a sweet smile when she found out that she was here to deliver Malatang. “Hello, please deliver the food to the 18th floor. Let me show you the way.”

Jiang Baiwan wanted to refuse but the receptionist had already come out. Jiang Baiwan had no choice but to follow her towards the elevator. The front desk lady entered a few numbers into a small screen on the wall, and the closed elevator door slowly opened.

“Please go ahead. When you arrive, follow the corridor and you’ll find the office.” The young lady smiled at Jiang Baiwan again. While she was getting on the elevator, the receptionist even made a cheering gesture towards Jiang Baiwan and said in a low voice, “Sister Baiwan, I’m a fan of yours! I really like you.”

Jiang Baiwan only had time to say ‘thank you for liking me’ before the elevator door closed. But what does she mean by cheering her on?

Full of doubts, Jiang Baiwan stood alone until the elevator went up to the 18th floor. Looking out of the elevator door, she saw a long corridor ahead. Jiang Baiwan walked to the end of the corridor and arrived in front of a large office.

She cleared her throat, raised her hand and knocked on the door twice. “Hello, Wuhuan Malatang, your order has arrived.”

Jiang Baiwan waited for a while. The office door swung open and what greeted her was a gray high quality fabric as the tip of her nose smelled a faint scent of men’s cologne. Jiang Baiwan looked up. Who else would it be if it wasn’t Ji Chen?

“Thank you.” Ji Chen pretended not to notice the silly expression on Jiang Baiwan’s face. “Thanks for delivering the food for me. Come in and have a seat.”

Jiang Baiwan was also very curious about Ji Chen’s office, so without much hesitation, she walked in carrying the Malatang.

Ji Chen’s office was almost all in black, white and gray tones, with cold and deep lines. If it weren’t for the floor-to-ceiling glass windows that could cast sunlight in, the entire office would basically not have much warmth.

Ji Chen took the Malatang from her hand and sat down in front of the desk. Seeing Jiang Baiwan looking around, the corners of Ji Chen’s mouth couldn’t help but rose up. “Sit down.”

Jiang Baiwan sat across Ji Chen, and naturally saw the well-covered steak in front of him. “Eh? Is this your lunch? Why did you still order takeout?”

Ji Chen’s hand untying the plastic bag stiffened for a moment, then he said calmly, “I’ve eaten too much beef recently and lost appetite, so I want to change it up.”

It suddenly dawned on Jiang Baiwan—— Was this the legendary eating too much meat and suddenly wanting to be vegetarian?


1 pickup artist; refers to a person who practices finding, attracting and seducing sexual partners
2 be overwhelmed by new experiences and luxurious surroundings


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