I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 29

Jiang Baiwan hesitated for a moment before pushing the door open. Tan Mi was sitting in the dressing room, not expecting someone to come in. She wiped her face hastily and looked up to find that it was Jiang Baiwan.

Tan Mi’s shoulders slump again. She didn’t care a bit about her image in front of Jiang Baiwan and directly blew her nose with a tissue. She said in a muffled voice, “What are you doing here? Are you done shooting today’s scenes?”

“After such a thing happened, how could the crew continue filming?” Jiang Baiwan stood in front of Tan Mi and bent down to look into her eyes. “What’s going on? I heard it in the dressing room just now, they said something about the crew being haunted?”

Tan Mi was silent for a moment. She looked straight into Jiang Baiwan’s eyes. “Do you think it’s possible? Can the crew be really haunted?”

Jiang Baiwan originally wanted to crisply shake her head, but when she thought of her own crossing, she hesitated a bit. “I can’t deny that there are indeed some forces in the world that we don’t understand…… but this thing about your crew being haunted, I don’t believe at all.”

“I don’t believe it either.” Tan Mi clenched her teeth, her delicate and charming face filled with a vicious expression. “During this time, I don’t know who’s messing with me behind my back. First, they spread rumors that I’m raising ghosts, and then they said that it backfires on me, it’s really……”

Tan Mi took a deep breath and her nose wrinkled again. “Forget it, this matter doesn’t involve you. It’s just that you’ve seen how I am being treated by the crew now. This is because I’m an investor. If I didn’t invest, I’m afraid they would have kicked me out long ago.”

Jiang Baiwan also didn’t know how to help Tan Mi. She could only pat Tan Mi on the shoulder and comforted her dryly, “Don’t worry, everything will pass.”

Tan Mi gave her a disgusted look. “Do you know how to comfort people?

“Never mind. You can go back first.” Tan Mi has already calmed down. “The filming won’t be able to continue, so I’ll have to trouble you to come back for one more day. I’ll find someone to take you back.”

Jiang Baiwan didn’t agree. She frowned and said to Tan Mi, “It’s dangerous for you to stay on the set alone. That person is obviously coming for you, so I’d better accompany you.”

Tan Mi was startled. She looked at Jiang Baiwan in front of her and couldn’t help but curl her lips. “How can you trust others so easily? What if I’m lying to you?”

Jiang Baiwan shook her head. “You’re not. Besides, I’m still waiting to advertise my Malatang shop in your web series.”

Tan Mi’s emotion instantly disappeared. She threw the tissue ball she used to wipe her nose at Jiang Baiwan. “Get lost!”

Jiang Baiwan dodged the tissue ball. She said smiling at Tan Mi, “All right, take a rest, I’ll accompany you. When you have time, you can tell me what’s really going on with that ghost.”

Tan Mi sighed. “It’s okay, I’m not that fragile. I can tell you now. It actually started a few days ago. Many people in the crew would see some white shadows, and then something like would that happen.”

Tan Mi was vague when she spoke, but Jiang Baiwan could understand that it should be a matter like today with the props. She heard Tan Mi continue, “The other day when I was filming…… I saw a ghost not far away. It was a woman in black, looking at me gloomily, but when I called out to others, they didn’t see anything.”

Jiang Baiwan blinked her eyes, pondering. “You’re the only one who saw it? No one else?”

Tan Mi hummed. Jiang Baiwan touched her chin, her eyes shining. “I have an idea. Do you want to try it?”

Tan Mi didn’t want to agree at first, but seeing Jiang Baiwan’s confident look, she couldn’t help asking, “What is it?”

Jiang Baiwan leaned close to Tan Mi’s ears and told her such and such. Tan Mi frowned and considered it for a moment, then finally nodded in the end.


After sending the injured actor on the ambulance, the whole crew fell into a state of sluggishness, people were on edge and unable to do anything.

That was when Tan Mi came out. She and the director had a quiet discussion, and they began to call everyone to film again. The people had no desire to work, but Tan Mi was an investor after all, so they had to listen to whatever she says. Thus the whole crew started to move again.

Jiang Baiwan stood opposite Tan Mi as they were now filming a scene together. Tan Mi gave Jiang Baiwan a look and Jiang Baiwan nodded imperceptibly, carrying the small bag she had brought.

The filming of the scene between the two began like this. Tan Mi and Jiang Baiwan exchanged lines. It was obviously a very simple scene, but they NG’ed several times. Time passed by, and just when the sixth take was being flimed, Tan Mi suddenly pointed in a direction not far away. “Right there!”

Before the crowd could react, Jiang Baiwan swung her bag in two circles on the air, and without any hesitation, threw it viciously towards the direction Tan Mi pointed at! The bag drew a perfect arc in the air and then slammed perfectly.

All of this happened in a blink of an eye. After the bag was thrown out, everyone heard a scream. Jiang Baiwan took the lead in running towards that direction while the crew members all followed after her.

When they arrived, they saw Jiang Baiwan stepping on someone’s back, holding the bag she had just thrown out in one hand, and a black wig in the other. The man on the ground was obviously not small, but he was somehow suppressed by Jiang Baiwan. Jiang Baiwan looked down at him. “Haunting? I’ve never heard of ghosts going bald.”

The bald uncle was lying on the ground struggling to get up, but Jiang Baiwan stomped on him again. “Behave! The police will be here in a moment, so save your words for later!”

Everyone was startled by Jiang Baiwan’s domineering image. Only Tan Mi dared go up and speak to her. “He’s the ghost?”

“Who else can it be?” Jiang Baiwan threw the wig on the ground. “He should have specially picked out the cameras dead angles, otherwise, how come he had never gotten recorded?”

Tan Mi narrowed her eyes and said in a dangerous tone. “It’s okay, we only need to find the person.” Naturally, she had a way to make him speak.

People in the crew were also talking about this matter. No one noticed that among the crowd, someone secretly took two photos with a camera before quietly withdrawing and disappearing from the set.

Because the pretender was caught, the crew unsurprisingly stopped working again. Tan Mi and Jiang Baiwan both went to the police station to give their statements. After everything was over and the two came out of the police station, it was already past ten o’clock in the evening.

In order to thank Jiang Baiwan, Tan Mi decided to treat her to dinner and let Jiang Baiwan choose the place. Jiang Baiwan was also not polite. “Great, I’ll pick a good place. Don’t worry.”

Tan Mi: “……” Your words don’t make me feel at ease.

When Tan Mi followed Jiang Baiwan and sat next to a roadside barbecue stall, she was once again convinced in her heart that Jiang Baiwan was really unreliable.

“Are you looking down on barbecue?” Jiang Baiwan ordered skillfully and took the time to talk to Tan Mi, “This taste very good and there’s plenty of ingredients. You’ll know it once you try.”

Tan Mi sneered. “Do you think I am you? Can eat anything? I’m a big star, if my figure is out of shape, how will I make a living in the future—”

Before Tan Mi could finish her sentence, her mouth was stuffed with a chicken wing by Jiang Baiwan, who said with a smile, “It’s okay to eat it once in a while. Don’t worry too much.”

Tan Mi muttered a couple of words but went along with Jiang Baiwan in the end. Jiang Baiwan sighed while flipping the skewers. “Why didn’t you guys think of driving out the ghosts before? It sounds really absurd.”

“People in the entertainment industry are more or less superstitious.” Tan Mi took a bite of a chicken leg. “Things like a crew being haunted or a female star raising ghosts, this isn’t the first time people heard it. If someone spread rumor about me raising a ghost, a large number of people will naturally believe.”

Jiang Baiwan still couldn’t understand. She looked at Tan Mi sympathetically. “Why don’t you come and run the Malatang shop with me? Although you won’t make as much money as when you’re filming, but at least you can eat Malatang to your heart’s content.”

This time, it was Tan Mi’s turn to stuff a chicken wing into Jiang Baiwan’s mouth. “Eat.”

The two were happily eating when Jiang Baiwan’s cell phone rang. She put down the skewer in her hand and took out her phone to check who the caller was. It was Han Ling.

Jiang Baiwan pressed the answer button, but before she could speak, she heard Han Ling’s voice on the other end of the line, “What’s the matter with you? Didn’t you say you won’t make a debut? How come paparazzi took pictures of you on some set?”

Jiang Baiwan was stunned. “I just went to do Tan Mi a favor. I didn’t say I was going to debut.”

“Do Tan Mi a favor?” Han Ling sneered. “You didn’t check Weibo, did you? Open it and see for yourself! You’re on the hot search!”

Tan Mi, who was on the opposite side, also heard Han Ling’s words. She quickly opened Weibo and found the hot search. Tan Mi looked at it twice, then burst into laughter. Jiang Baiwan was a little impatient and snatched the phone from Tan Mi’s hand. When she turned it over to take a look, what caught her sight was a picture of herself stepping on the back of bald uncle on the set while holding a wig in her hand!

These few pictures were posted by a Weibo gossip marketing account with a particularly eye-catching title—— «Bankrupt Heiress Displays Skills on Set, Flying Bag Hit People with Perfect Accuracy».

On the other end of the phone, Han Ling’s voice rang out at the right time, “You really don’t care about your own image. Look at your appearance, you look so overbearing, it’s more than enough to drive away evil spirits.”

Jiang Baiwan examined the photo and said to Han Ling after a moment of silence, “Can I use this opportunity to advertise my Malatang shop?”

What answered her was the busy tone of Han Ling hanging up the call.


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