I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 30

“These pictures look quite interesting.” Tan Mi took back her mobile phone from Jiang Baiwan’s hand. “Aren’t you really planning on making a debut? I saw your acting the other day. It’s not a problem to be a small traffic star.”

Jiang Baiwan shrank her neck and the meaning of rejection was very obvious. “No, I’m not made of this material. I recorded a show to earn some money. Now that I have a shop, why will I still want to be a star? Isn’t it tiring? Look at what happened to your crew today. I can’t handle it.”

Tan Mi: “……” There’s actually some truth to what you said.

While talking, Jiang Baiwan threw the bamboo stick in her hand then began typing something on her mobile phone. Tan Mi leaned over curiously. “What are you doing?”

“Advertising.” Jiang Baiwan said, “This kind of opportunity doesn’t come often. It’s just in time with the opening of my shop. I should quickly spread its name.”

Immediately afterwards, Tan Mi saw Jiang Baiwan’s latest post on her Weibo homepage——「I opened a new Malatang shop in xxxx. The taste is superb. Everyone is welcome to come and spend money. #BankruptHeiressJiangBaiwan#」

Tan Mi: “……”

“You tagged yourself?” Tan Mi was really impressed with Jiang Baiwan. “And you’re not even tactful when you post. Do you have to advertise so rigidly?”

Jiang Baiwan was completely unconcerned. “Isn’t advertising to convey information? Only when you say it plainly can you express it clearly. Anyway, I’m just riding the hot search. All right, let’s forget about it. Come eat. Relax.”

Actually, after Jiang Baiwan posted the advertisement on Weibo, within a short period of time, it was on the trending search together with the picture of the flying bag. The people on Weibo included those who watched Jiang Baiwan’s live broadcast as well as black fan’s who hated her, but more people were curious about the Malatang shop that Jiang Baiwan advertised.

【She really ride on the heat, including her own.】

【Our family’s Baiwan didn’t say she’s joining the entertainment circle. What’s wrong with opening a shop and advertising by taking advantage of her own popularity?】

【I’m free tomorrow, so I’ll go see what her Malatang shop is like.】

In this way, Jiang Baiwan’s Wuhuan Malatang shop suddenly became popular without her knowing it. For a while, there were so many people that they had to queue up if they wanted to eat. The college student waiter was as busy as a spinning top, while Wei Dao stayed in the kitchen cooking Malatang every day and wouldn’t come out.

Jiang Baiwan was also a little embarrassed. She wanted to raise the wages of the two of them. The college student had no objection, but the old man refused to agree.

“Boss Jiang, if you give me a raise, I won’t do it anymore.” Wei Dao said solemnly. “If you really want to help, please prohibit irrelevant people from entering the kitchen. That will be great.”

Jiang Baiwan thought that Wei Dao didn’t want his secret recipe to be stolen, so she naturally agreed. In fact, Wei Dao just didn’t want to be seen by any of his acquaintances—— He had been cooking for so many years and finally became famous because of Malatang, which was too ironic.

Jiang Baiwan also changed her usual behavior of staying at home on weekdays and went out to help in the shop every day. The feeling of making money makes her happy, which was more enjoyable than doing nothing at home.

On this day, Jiang Baiwan’s Malatang shop was still booming, and it wasn’t until the closing hours of the evening that the number of people began to decrease. Jiang Baiwan sat behind the counter and checked the accounts with the college student waiter. She generously took out a pile of money and divided it into two halves. One half was given to the college student, and the other half was reserved for Wei Dao. “It’s bonus. You’ve been too busy recently, so this is what you should get.”

The college student was very happy. He put the money away, thanked Jiang Baiwan, and went back to school. Jiang Baiwan took a rag and wiped the tables slowly. Wei Dao also came out of the kitchen. He sat at a table, glanced at the money on side and chuckled. “You’re so generous. Aren’t you afraid that I will run away when I earn enough money?”

“It’s alright. I should have earned enough money by then.” Jiang Baiwan didn’t care. “You didn’t sell yourself to me, so why can’t you leave?”

Wei Dao’s eyes became rounded. He stared at Jiang Baiwan for a while before muttering in a low voice, “I really……” I really haven’t seen anyone like this girl before. Didn’t they say she’s from a wealthy family?

Jiang Baiwan and Wei Dao had a couple of laughs and were about to close the shop’s door when they suddenly saw a familiar luxury car parked in front. Ji Chen got out of the car and stood not far away. He looked at Jiang Baiwan with a slight smile.

For a moment, Jiang Baiwan almost thought that Ji Chen liked her. Against the backdrop of the street lights, Ji Chen’s face was less cold and warmer than usual. He walked slowly towards Jiang Baiwan and seemed to be holding something in his hand.

“Why are you here?” Jiang Baiwan felt that her face was inexplicably hot. Ji Chen walked into the shop and said, “I worked overtime today and just got off work. Seeing that you’re still open, I thought I’d come and have some Malatang.”

Jiang Baiwan sighed, “You really like to eat Malatang. There‘s more than one kind of snack in the market. Next time I’ll take you to eat skewers!”

Ji Chen slightly lowered his head and smiled, not intending to reject Jiang Baiwan. “Okay, then I’ll wait for you to ask me out.”

The two sat down at an empty table while talking. Wei Dao was sitting at another table at this time. When he saw Ji Chen enter, Wei Dao raised his brows, but didn’t say anything. Ji Chen glanced at him lightly, but neither of them greeted each other. It was Jiang Baiwan who pulled Wei Dao to introduce them.

Ji Chen and Wei Dao had a tacit understanding and acted as if they had met for the first time. After the introduction, Jiang Baiwan told Ji Chen, “Our shop’s business is quite good today so there’s probably not much ingredients left. If you want a late night snack, there’s no need to bother Uncle Wei. I’ll make it for you.”

Ji Chen wanted to say yes, but when he thought of the bowl of Malatang Jiang Baiwan made herself, he felt a lingering fear. However, looking at Jiang Baiwan’s smiling face, Ji Chen didn’t want to refuse her at all. “Okay. Then I’ll trouble you.”

Jiang Baiwan wasn’t sure if she saw Ji Chen hesitate, but after getting his answer, Jiang Baiwan ran into the kitchen. Seeing Jiang Baiwan go in, Wei Dao stood up and walked in front of Ji Chen. The old man swept a glance at Ji Chen. “You came here in person. Couldn’t resist?”

Ji Chen hooked the corner of his mouth. “I just came to see how the shop’s doing.”

“You boy.” Wei Dao took out a cigarette and placed it on his mouth. “Doing so much behind the scenes, at least let others know, otherwise it’s all useless. Do you understand?”

Ji Chen had no reaction. The corners of We Dao’s mouth twitched. “All right, I won’t stay here as a light bulb anymore. You can eat your lovers’ dinner by yourselves. I’m leaving.”

Jiang Baiwan was busy in the kitchen for a while. When she came out, she found that Ji Chen was the only one left in the shop. “Huh? Where’s Uncle Wei? He left already?”

“Yes, Mr. Wei went off work.” Ji Chen glanced at the bowl in Jiang Baiwan’s hand. “Is that for me?”

Jiang Baiwan put the bowl in front of Ji Chen. He looked down and was suprised—— Instead of Malatang, Jiang Baiwan cooked him a bowl of noodles with an egg lying on top.

“My Malatang doesn’t taste good, but noodles is certainly no problem.” Jiang Baiwan looked at him with a smile. “I also added poached egg. It’s just right for a late night snack.”

Ji Chen picked up a pair of chopsticks and gently poked the poached egg with the tip. In an instant, golden liquid flowed out along the opening, and the aroma of the noodles was permeated with the heat. Ji Chen placed the noodles into his mouth. It was springy and the soup was nice and thick. The taste was surprisingly good.

Ji Chen’s movements subtly sped up. Jiang Baiwan played with her mobile phone as she accompanied him. Inside the small shop, a young man and woman sat facing each other with a small light above their heads that was slightly dimmed. Ji Chen’s mood gradually improved as he ate under Jiang Baiwan’s gaze.

Seeing Ji Chen eating, Jiang Baiwan suddenly couldn’t help laughing. Ji Chen took time to look at her. “What are you laughing at?”

“It’s nothing, I just remembered a line.” Jiang Baiwan held back, but couldn’t resist in the end. “Young man, are you hungry? I’ll cook noodles for you[1]give you ‘something’ to eat?”

Ji Chen: “……”

The original quiet and peaceful atmosphere was completely destroyed by Jiang Baiwan’s one sentence. Ji Chen looked at her helplessly. Jiang Baiwan was chortling, but just when she thought Ji Chen was speechless, he suddenly said, “It’s delicious……”

Jiang Baiwan: “???”

“It’s delicious.” Ji Chen held the bowl of noodles and gestured to Jiang Baiwan. “Your noodles[2]down there is delicious.”

The corners of Jiang Baiwan’s mouth stiffened. She looked at Ji Chen and began to question in her heart—— Is he hitting on me? Or am I getting it wrong?

However, as she was in such a daze, Ji Chen had once again lowered his head to eat. Jiang Baiwan missed the best time to question him, so she could only continue to sit opposite him and play with her phone.

Ji Chen ate up Jiang Baiwan’s bowl of noodles. Seeing that he was done, Jiang Baiwan stood up to clean up. Looking at Jiang Baiwan’s outstretched wrist, Ji Chen’s heart moved.

He subconsciously reached out to hold Jiang Baiwan’s wrist. Jiang Baiwan looked up at him wonderingly, but her eyes happened to bump into Ji Chen’s black ones. Those eyes seemed to be hiding a vortex, making it impossible for people to move their eyes away. Jiang Baiwan stared into his eyes for a while and finally said weakly, “W-why are you holding my wrist?”

Ji Chen’s eyes moved slightly. He pursed his lips, wanting to say something. He opened his mouth, but what came out instead was a sonorous sound.



1 give you ‘something’ to eat
2 down there


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    Ji Chen, I don’t like you, but come on. You gotta actually properly communicate your intentions if you want this to go anywhere.

    I’m fully willing to bet tho that that burp has done more to endear you to our beloved than anything else so far.


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