I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 31

The two looked at each other and the ambiguous atmosphere that had just arisen disappeared instantly because of Ji Chen’s burp. Jiang Baiwan couldn’t keep herself from laughing while Ji Chen’s face turned dark. He opened his mouth to speak, but burped unexpectedly.

Jiang Baiwan’s stomach hurt from laughing. She poured Ji Chen a glass of water with shaking hands, lowered her head and tried her best to hold back, but from time to time a giggle would come out. Ji Chen had no time to argue with Jiang Baiwan. In order to keep himself from burping again, he drank two glasses of water.

It’s just that his domineering president image had been completely destroyed.

“If you can’t eat it all, don’t force it.” Jiang Baiwan rubbed her cheeks, feeling like she was about to burst out laughing once more.

Ji Chen was quite helpless and wanted to defend himself, but felt that whatever he said would be in vain. He could only smile resignedly in the end. “Because the noodles you cook is delicious, I don’t want to waste any of it.”

Jiang Baiwan pressed her cheek so that she wouldn’t laugh. “En, I know, you don’t need to explain.” As she spoke, Jiang Baiwan couldn’t hold back her laughter again.

Ji Chen looked at her with faint gaze. “Is it funny?”

Jiang Baiwan stopped instantly. With a serious and innocent expression, she said, “No, it’s not funny, really.”

Ji Chen shook his head and stood up. “Let me take you back. It’s so late, it’s not safe for you to go home alone.”

“It’s fine, no need.” Jiang Baiwan didn’t notice the entanglement in Ji Chen’s heart at all. She simply rejected him, “I’m going ride my electric bike home, otherwise I’ll have to walk here tomorrow. The weather is still hot, I refuse to walk.”

Jiang Baiwan had really changed. She didn’t even want to take his car. She just wanted to go back. Ji Chen laughed, but in the end, he respected Jiang Baiwan’s opinion. However, he had the driver follow Jiang Baiwan along the way.

In the dead of night, an electric bike was driving slowly on the street, followed by a luxury car which matched its turtle-like speed. Fortunately, Jiang Baiwan didn’t live far away, otherwise, Ji Chen’s luxury car would definitely be fined.

“Okay, I’m home.” Jiang Baiwan parked the bike and waved at Ji Chen. “You should hurry back too.”

Inside the car, Ji Chen nodded to Jiang Baiwan. He watched her run upstairs before asking the driver to start the car.

Today was a bit humiliating, but it’s a delight to eat the noodles made by Jiang Baiwan herself. Sitting in the car, Ji Chen’s eyes were squinting—— It seemed she just wasn’t good at making Malatang.

The car gradually drove into the wealthy district and finally stopped in front of a villa. When Ji Chen got out of the car, someone immediately opened the door for him. Inside, all the servants stood in two neat rows, while the butler stood by the door, bowing his head and greeting Ji Chen, “President Ji, welcome home.”

En.” Ji Chen responded coldly and handed his coat to the butler who took it over as the servants dispersed.

Ji Chen originally planned to go upstairs, but before reaching the stairs, he was stopped by someone in the living room. “What are you doing? Going upstairs as soon as you get home, come over here.”

Ji Chen’s face remained unchanged as he walked slowly towards the living room. On the sofa sat a middle-aged man with a serious face. His temples were a little gray, but his face was still refined and handsome, somewhat similar to Ji Chen’s.

Seeing Ji Chen coming, Ji Hongfa coughed twice and said to him, “Why are you coming back so late these days? Don’t tell me that the company is busy. I know that Haochen’s not particularly occupied right now. You’re not working overtime either.”

Sitting on the sofa, Ji Chen raised his eyebrows when he heard Ji Hongfa’s words. “You’ve already said your piece, what else do you need me to say?”

Ji Hongfa glared at his son. “What have you been doing?”

“……Nothing.” Ji Chen paused, and then added, “Just checking to see if the new business I’ve invested in will work.”

Ji Hongfa looked at his son suspiciously. “A new business investment? What did you invest in? Jewelry or real estate?”

Ji Chen didn’t hesitate. “Malatang.”

Ji Hongfa almost spit out the tea in his mouth, but even so, he choked. Sitting on the sofa, Ji Hongfa stared at Ji Chen while coughing, thinking that this kid might have broken his head from working too much. “Cough, cough, cough…… What did you— Cough, cough, cough…… say?”

“Malatang.” Ji Chen repeated. “This kind of snack is very suitable for development. I already have a full plan. I can show it to you later if you want to see it.”

After saying that, Ji Chen stood up. “I’m tired. If there’s nothing else, I’m going to my room to rest. You should also go to bed early.”

Watching Ji Chen’s departing back, Ji Hongfa was still coughing incessantly. The butler stood to the side and waited for Ji Hongfa’s cough to subside a little before saying to him, “Sir, the young master seems to be in a good mood today.”

Ji Hongfa snorted coldly. “Of course he’s in a good mood. He’s about to make a lot of money from his Malatang shop, can it be bad?”


Jiang Baiwan’s Malatang shop was still operating in an orderly manner, and since it has accidentally become an internet famous shop, Jiang Baiwan’s business has not declined, but was still hot as ever every day. She hired two more waiters, which freed herself up.

“It’s frightening. There are too many people.” Jiang Baiwan was at home, clutching her phone and complaining to Tan Mi. “Can you feel the madness of those people? I really had no idea. Isn’t it just Malatang? Why travel so far to eat?”

Tan Mi felt that Jiang Baiwan’s words just now were full of flaws, and thinking of the cook at the Malatang shop she had seen before, Tan Mi curled her lips. “Aren’t you happy to make money? If it were anyone else, they would be jumping up and down with joy.”

Jiang Baiwan rolled on the bed. “I’m happy, of course I am, but…… Tan Mi, you don’t understand, I love money, but I love freedom more.”

“I think you’re just lazy.” Tan Mi told the truth. “Okay, let’s not talk about this. Are you free tomorrow? I’ll treat you to spa.”

Spa? Jiang Baiwan naturally agreed. After hanging up, she fell on the bed and just put down the phone when she heard the notification tone from WeChat again. She lifted it up and saw that it was Ji Chen.

“Are you free tomorrow?” Ji Chen asked.

Jiang Baiwan sighed and replied to him, “No, I have an appointment with Tan Mi.”

It was Tan Mi again. Ji Chen frowned, his mood unpleasant. “Okay, sorry to bother you. I’ll contact you some other time.”

After putting down his phone, Ji Chen looked at Assistant Xu at the side. “Go and make arrangements to welcome President Gu tomorrow. Be thorough.” Assistant Xu nodded and was about to leave when Ji Chen stopped him.

Ji Chen handed the spa tickets in his hand to Assistant Xu. “Here, it’s for you.”

Assistant Xu bravely took the tickets, feeling that it was heavy in his hand—— President Ji, if Miss Jiang don’t have time, can’t you reschedule an appointment? You can’t chase a girl if you don’t know how to be flexible!


Jiang Baiwan originally thought that the spa Tan Mi mentioned was an ordinary one, but it turned out to be a spa resort hotel. It was built near the outskirts of the city.  Standing in front of the hotel with a small backpack on her back, Jiang Baiwan’s whole person was dumbfounded. “Tan Mi…… how long are we going to stay?”

“Two days.” Tan Mi handed her keys to the valet, letting him park the car. “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Baiwan looked at her bag. “I didn’t bring a change of clothes.”

“Just ask them to buy it for you.” Tan Mi didn’t think there’s a problem. “I didn’t bring any either. You’re a rich woman now, although not as rich as your Jiang family before, but you still have enough for food and clothing. Don’t be so petty all the time.”

Jiang Baiwan also thought about it. “Right, I’m woman with eight million after all.”

Tan Mi, who was stepping on her high-heeled shoes, almost sprained her feet because of Jiang Baiwan’s words. “……Only eight million and you’re that happy?”

“It’s enough to spend. Besides, I still have a shop.” This time, it was Jiang Baiwan’s turn to pull Tan Mi towards the hotel. “Go, go, go! Show me the spas!”

Not long after the two women went in, several more cars pulled up in front of the hotel. This time it was a row of luxury cars. After coming to a complete stop, several men got off. One of them was Ji Chen, while the other was wearing a silver-gray suit, with a pair of peach blossom eyes and a lazy expression, which was in stark contrast to Ji Chen’s indifference and seriousness.

“Ji Chen, I haven’t seen you for so many years but I see you’re enjoying yourself.” Gu Dongcheng looked at the sign of the spa hotel and couldn’t help teasing Ji Chen. “Is this where you talk business?”

Ji Chen had a deadpan face, completely indifferent to Gu Dongcheng’s teasing. “I’m glad to be able to cooperate with President Gu again. I hope we can have a pleasant cooperation this time.”

After hearing this, Gu Dongcheng couldn’t help but glance back at Ji Chen. “Heh, I was wrong. You’re still as unlovable as before.”

Saying that, Gu Dongcheng didn’t wait for Ji Chen’s reply and walked into the spa hotel first. Ji Chen walked behind him, his steps were steady, but his fists were tightly clenched.


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