I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 3

She opened the door for Chu Yunhan, who couldn’t spare his hands because he was holding Shui Lan’er, and send away the two great deities. Jiang Baiwan felt as if she had gone through an arduous battle. She sighed and sat down at the dining table. Looking at the three fried eggs in front of her, Jiang Baiwan picked one up angrily and put it in her mouth—— Wasting her two eggs!

After breakfast, Jiang Baiwan lay bored on the sofa with her mobile phone in hand. The wind blowing in from the living room window soothed Jiang Baiwan’s spirit hurt by those weirdos. Jiang Baiwan patted her stuffed stomach and felt a little drowsy.

Just when she was about to fall asleep, her phone suddenly rang.

Jiang Baiwan was awakened by the ringtone. She subconsciously pressed the answer button, her voice very soft, “Hello? Who’s this?”

The person on the other end of the line was strangely silent for a while before asking, “Jiang Baiwan? Is this Jiang Baiwan?”

Jiang Baiwan had taken this moment to wake up. She quickly rubbed her eyes and then said, “Ah? Yes it’s me. Who’s this? What can I do for you?”

“Oh? Since when did you speak so politely?” The man on the other end of the phone laughed at her. “Come out, I’m at the gate of your villa. I have something for you.”

Jiang Baiwan looked at the screen of her phone and saw the name【Han Ling】 noted above. She blinked her eyes and quickly realized—— Wasn’t this the rich kid that the other Jiang Baiwan had a good relationship with? However, unlike Jiang Baiwan, Han Ling, this rich second generation, was quite self-motivated in the later stage. Before Jiang Baiwan took sleeping pills, Han Ling had already accepted his family’s arrangement and started to familiarize himself with work.

Han Ling didn’t get an answer from Jiang Baiwan so he repeated his words a few more times. Jiang Baiwan quickly put the phone back to her ear and lied without blushing, “What did you say? The signal here is not very good.”

“I told you to open the gate.” Han Ling got a little impatient. “I specifically came to send warmth ah. If you don’t want it, I’ll just leave.”

“Don’t.” Jiang Baiwan rolled her eyes. “I don’t live there anymore, so if you really want to send me warmth, you’ll have to come to the city center.”

Han Ling was very surprised. “You’ve moved? Is there any villa area in the city center that I don’t know of?”

“No, I don’t live in a villa.” Jiang Baiwan said very calmly. “I rented a two-bedroom apartment at Blue Lake Shadow, Building 29, Unit 903. If you want to come, then hurry over.”

After saying that, Jiang Baiwan hung up the call. Han Ling on the other end looked at the mobile phone in his hand in disbelief, almost thinking that Jiang Baiwan was playing with him.

Was she kidding? A two bedroom apartment? This wasn’t Jiang Baiwan’s style.

However, when he tentatively drove to the city center and found Jiang Baiwan at the address she had mentioned, Han Ling was completely astonished.

Jiang Baiwan looked at the man standing in a daze at the door, rolled her eyes, and slapped him on the shoulder. “Oho! Isn’t this Han Lingdan[1]Goose egg; failure! It’s been a while!”

Han Ling’s soul almost flew out from Jiang Baiwan’s slap. Hearing how she called him, he couldn’t help gnashing his teeth. “If you use this nickname again, believe it or not, I’ll leave right now.”

Jiang Baiwan wasn’t afraid of him. She also didn’t let Han Ling in. She just looked at him and asked, “What’s the matter? Just say it right here.”

Han Ling took a deep breath and told himself not to get angry with Jiang Baiwan, this woman. He took out a contract and handed it to her. “Here, haven’t you been clamoring to be on a show before? Being on national TV is out of the question. I’ve arranged a web show for you. Take a look.”

Jiang Baiwan was startled for a moment. She took the contract in Han Ling’s hand, flipped two pages and looked at it, then turned at Han Ling. She then said, “Come in and talk.”

Han Ling watched Jiang Baiwan walked into the house by herself. He stood at the door fuming—— You really didn’t intend to let me in ah!

The two sat face to face at the dining table. Jiang Baiwan looked at the contract seriously, while Han Ling was inexplicably relieved—— Jiang Baiwan seemed to value this opportunity quite a bit. It was worth his effort.

As Han Ling was thinking about this, he saw the woman opposite him close the contract and then raised her head. Still with a serious expression, Jiang Baiwan slowly said, “I can’t understand. Please explain it to me.”

Han Ling: “……”

He suppressed his anger, took the contract and began to explain to Jiang Baiwan. This was a live web show that allows the rich to experience the life of ordinary people. There were celebrities and rich second generations participating. The program team wouldn’t issue many tasks. They would mainly give them a sum of money and set a period of time to see if they could persist to the end in the specified location. Whoever has the most money left would win.

Jiang Baiwan’s eyes lit up. “There’s such a variety show?”

“It’s a new one.” Han Ling frowned. “It took me a lot of effort to get it for you. I know that the…… situation in your family is not good recently. You must learn to stand on your own feet.”

Why does it feel like she had heard this sentence somewhere? Jiang Baiwan scratched the back of her head. She asked, “How much will they pay me?”

Han Ling rolled his eyes. “They’ll pay you 10,000 a day. A total of twelve days of live streaming, that’s 120,000.” Who made the Jiang family bankrupt? What? After he was done speaking, Han Ling looked at Jiang Baiwan slightly anxious, fearing that she would flip out because the money was too little.

Jiang Baiwan’s eyes brightened up when she heard Han Ling’s words. “They’ll give me 120,000? That’s a lot! I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go!”

Han Ling: “……” Holy sh*t!

“Sign here, right?” Jiang Baiwan opened the contract again, signed her name very cheerfuly, then closed it and returned it to Han Ling. “There you go. I’ll go shoot! Just let me know when it’s time.”

Han Ling went out holding the contract in his hands. He felt that everything was so surreal. His eyes blinked and he suddenly shivered—— Jiang Baiwan couldn’t be out of her mind because of bankruptcy, right?

After sending Han Ling away, Jiang Baiwan sat on the sofa alone while hugging the pillow excitedly—— She could actually go to a variety show! An online show was also a variety show. Not only that, she could even make money. What a great day!

As for rich people living a commoner’s life…… Jiang Baiwan directly ignored this issue—— Were the days she lived in the past not commoner enough? In this area, she had absolutely rich experience.

Besides, she still had eight million! Jiang Baiwan clenched her fist—— She’s rich now!


At Haochen Film and Television Headquarters, Shui Lan’er looked at the list in surprise. “Jiang Baiwan? Xiao Wan? Is it the Xiao Wan that I know and familiar with? Why is she on this show too?”

How proud Jiang Baiwan was, Shui Lan’er had known before she’d started her career, even more, the two of them were university classmates. Shui Lan’er knew that the remuneration for this web show wasn’t high, so she didn’t expect that Jiang Baiwan would agree.

Sure enough, it was because of her family’s bankruptcy, right?

“This is the person Sir Han specially stuffed in.” Shui Lan’er’s manager said what was on her mind, “The program team has also no choice. Think about it, Lan’er, as long as you perform better than Jiang Baiwan, you can eclipsed her. She’s simply a foil; the young lady whose family went bankrupt and has no life experience.”

Hearing her manager’s words, Shui Lan’er couldn’t help but frown, her voice thin and soft, “How can you say that about Xiao Wan? Although Xiao Wan is a little wilful, she’s a good girl. I’m really upset with you talking this way……”

With that, Shui Lan’er began to cry. She looks delicate, and when she cries, she’s like pear blossom bathed in the rain[2]a weeping beauty, a very fine sight. It’s just that when the manager saw Shui Lan’er started crying, she immediately felt her head hurt.

But it couldn’t be helped. This was the person President Chu made clear to support. The manager began to persuade Shui Lan’er with a bitter face and she cried for a long time before stopping. In the end, she took her manager’s hand and said very sincerely, “Let’s stop targeting Xiao Wan, okay? She’s already very pitiful now. I can’t do such things that add insult to her injury.”

The manager agreed with a smile, while silently rolling her eyes in her heart.

At the same time, Ji Chen, who was correcting documents in his office, also received the news. Originally, he wouldn’t have bothered with a small web show, but when Assistant Xu habitually reported the matter to him, Ji Chen suddenly stopped him.

The eyes of the man in the suit narrowed as he looked at the files, and said in a faint voice, “Add Jiang Baiwan to that web show you mentioned just now.”

Assistant Xu responded. But after looking at the list, he said with some surprise, “President Ji, Miss Jiang is already on the list of guest.”

Ji Chen paused.

He frowned and took the document in Assistant Xu’s hand. After reading it carefully, Ji Chen asked in a cold voice, “Who stuffed her in?”

Assistant Xu said, “Sir Han Ling.”

“Go and give them my order.” Ji Chen closed the document and returned it to Assistant Xu. “Tell them that I said to be nice to Jiang Baiwan and don’t use shady tricks.”

Assistant Xu: “……”

Although President Ji was wise and admirable most of the time, occasionally, there would be such time as this. Assistant Xu was already used to it, and now he had no other thoughts except feeling tired.

After Assistant Xu left, Ji Chen picked up the pen again. He looked at the document in front of him, but he couldn’t concentrate on reading its content. In the end, he simply threw the pen and a trace of discomfiture flashed across his face.

Ji Chen rubbed his hair, leaned back on the chair and closed his eyes. He exhaled slowly, trying to smooth out his complicated thoughts. His life was too taxing that Ji Chen couldn’t stand it sometimes.

……Jiang Baiwan must be really short of money to participate in the web show, right? He gave her 200,000 last time, which was quite a lot for an ordinary family, but for Jiang Baiwan, it probably only amounted to a few purse.

Maybe she had already spent the money.

Ji Chen opened his eyes. He looked at the bustling street outside the window. Suddenly, he wondered what Jiang Baiwan was doing now?


1 Goose egg; failure
2 a weeping beauty


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