I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 4

What was Jiang Baiwan doing?

She was lying on the sofa with her messy hair, feverishly playing mobile games.

She hadn’t played any games from this world and just wanted to find something to do, but she ended up falling in love with gaming. Jiang Baiwan felt that her soul was extremely fulfilled at this moment, and most importantly—— she could finally buy whichever skin she wanted!

Man, it’s nice to be rich.

Jiang Baiwan played the game senselessly, but luckily she hadn’t forgotten that she was a human being and would starve to death. So after slowing down her teammates once again, Jiang Baiwan finally jumped up and ran to the kitchen to cook for herself.

After eating and drinking, Jiang Baiwan sat on the sofa holding her mobile phone. Looking at the house with the lights on, Jiang Baiwan suddenly felt an indescribable sense of emptiness in her heart—— She suddenly became rich, but she didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t just sit around at home, doing nothing.

Fortunately, she had enough time to pursue her interests. Jiang Baiwan sighed softly, put aside the messy thoughts in her head, and planned to go out to help with digestion.

The environment in the city center was quite good. Jiang Baiwan strolled around happily and felt that she really chose a good place.

Sitting in the private room of a restaurant, Ji Chen, who was looking at the bustling street outside through the floor-to-ceiling windows, unexpectedly caught sight of his ex-fiancée again.

She had her phone and keys in her hand, and was still wearing that cheap-looking set of clothes. On her feet…… Ji Chen’s eyes couldn’t help but widen. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Jiang Baiwan was actually wearing a pair of flip-flops!

She went out in flip-flops! And she looked very happy, oblivious to the way she looked.

Ji Chen’s hands gripping the knife and fork unconsciously tightened. He stared at Jiang Baiwan that his gaze could almost burn the woman to death.

Jiang Baiwan seemed to feel such a powerful gaze of resentment. She subconsciously looked towards the restaurant and met eyes with Ji Chen who was sitting there.

Jiang Baiwan: “……”

The oppressive force was too strong. The man’s expression seemed calm, but that gaze could almost burn Jiang Baiwan alive.

Jiang Baiwan subconsciously wanted to run away. She was a little afraid of facing the man’s gaze.

So Jiang Baiwan gave him a very bright smile instead, showing eight white teeth.

Ji Chen was dazzled by Jiang Baiwan’s smile. He had never seen her smile like this before. Jiang Baiwan always conducted herself as a young lady from a wealthy family, not knowing that it only made her look pretentious.

Unexpectedly, she would actually start to let herself go after going broke.

When Ji Chen came back to his senses, he found that Jiang Baiwan, who was standing outside, had already disappeared.

Jiang Baiwan who slipped away at full speed: Finally! Why is that man looking at me with such a love-hate look? It’s like the way Yiping looks at Shuhuan[1]protagonists of the Drama 《Romance in the rain》. Jiang Baiwan has never cheated in the past, right?

No, according to the way that man gave her the check, it doesn’t look like he’s a kept lover boy? Jiang Baiwan was puzzled, but felt that since she hadn’t yet figured out the situation, it was better to run outside less.

Ji Chen looked at the place where Jiang Baiwan disappeared, dropped his eyes, and suddenly gave a soft laugh—— A bit interesting.


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Jiang Baiwan quickly slipped back home. She felt very strange. That man first gave her a check for no reason, and then today, gave her a complex look. That look, it was like how a father looks at his daughter, hating iron for not being steel.

Immediately, Jiang Baiwan, who had rich ability of making complex associations, had many versions of dog blood stories run in her mind.

Just as Jiang Baiwan was thinking wildly, her cell phone rang. Jiang Baiwan quickly picked it up after seeing it was Han Ling. She pressed the answer button. “Hello? Xiao Han, what’s up?”

“Stop calling me Xiao Han!” Han Ling habitually retorted before starting to talk about business. “Tomorrow, there’s a draw lots for the web show, so get ready and don’t be late.”

“It’s fine if you come pick me up.” Jiang Baiwan said spontaneously, “This way, it saves trouble.”

Han Ling on the opposite side sneered. “Do you think I’m as free as you? If you have a car, go by yourself.” After saying that, Han Ling did not allow Jiang Baiwan to refute. He hung up the phone and sent a text message with the address and time.

Jiang Baiwan’s mouth twitched. “Go by yourself, go by yourself.” What a fierce thing.

The next day, Han Ling still called Jiang Baiwan again. “Can you really go alone? Forget it, I’ll pick you up.”

Who knew that Jiang Baiwan on the other end of the phone would refuse Han Ling. “It’s okay, I’ll go by myself. It’s not a problem, rest assured.”

Han Ling’s heart jumped when he heard Jiang Baiwan say this. He felt that there was nothing good about this person talking this way. However, just when he was about to insist on taking Jiang Baiwan again, the woman hung up the phone crisply.

Han Ling: “……”

Why did he talk like that yesterday?

Han Ling contemplated and finally sent a message to tell Jiang Baiwan that she must not be late, because the program team might broadcast the process of drawing lots live. An online show was no better than the others. This kind of sudden attack might come soon.

However, the matter was already at this point, Han Ling could only silently pray that Jiang Baiwan would not mess around.


The location for drawing lots was set in a coffee shop, which was also in the city center. Several guests arrived in luxury cars one after another. Whether they were men or women, they were all dressed in a low-key but luxurious way, and one could tell at a glance that they were either rich or someone with status.

When Shui Lan’er got out of the car wearing a pretty little dress, she was also shocked by the few people in front of her—— Although it was just an online show, these people who were invited…… could perfectly generate talk.

She couldn’t compare…… But she promised Yunhan that she would become a big star in the future!

Shui Lan’ers thoughts turned and she subconsciously showed a timid smile. She had just taken two steps forward, but before she had time to greet everyone, she suddenly heard some movement behind her. The expressions of the rich kids standing opposite her also became weird in an instant.

What’s going on?

Shui Lan’er quickly turned around. Not far away, a person was riding a medium sized e-bike with a pair of pink sunglasses on her face, heading towards this direction at an even speed.

Everyone was watching her, but the person at the center of the matter was unaware. They watched as that person slowly rode up to them and parked on the side. Among the row of luxury cars, a pink electric bicycle was particularly eye-catching. However, the e-bike wasn’t the most eye-catching; it was the clothes on the person that attracted the most attention.

A gleaming nerdy T-shirt with the classic design of Magical Girl Xiao Fang printed on it.

Jiang Baiwan casually showed up wearing her sunglasses. She raised her hand to greet everyone as she walked. “Hello, hello, has the draw lots started yet? I’m not late, am I?”

“……Are you Jiang Baiwan?” In the crowd, a man took a cold breath, his face full of disbelief. “What is that thing you’re riding?”

“Huh?” Jiang Baiwan looked on blankly. She turned to look at her ride, and then said proudly, “My new electric bicycle ah. Look, I’ve put on the license plate. All the procedures are complete.”

As she spoke, Jiang Baiwan pressed the key in her hand, and as if responding to her words, the e-bike’s headlights flashed twice.

This scene was so striking that everyone’s mind went blank for a moment. Only Jiang Baiwan felt that it was nothing and waddled to join the group. Just like the e-bike and the luxury cars, Jiang Baiwan, who was wearing T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops, looked very eye-catching standing among a bunch of well-dressed rich second generations.

Shui Lan’er frowned rather disapprovingly. She certainly wouldn’t think that this was Jiang Baiwan’s normal behavior, but felt that Jiang Baiwan was once again planning to clamor for attention.

Why was Xiao Wan still like this? There’s no improvement at all. It seems that the upcoming live broadcast would not go well for Xiao Wan, but it’s a pity that she doesn’t have much ability, so she wouldn’t be able to help Xiao Wan this time.

Jiang Baiwan walked into the group and stood among them, when she heard a voice from beside her said, “Hello, Miss Jiang, we meet again.”

Jiang Baiwan turned her head and saw a slender woman in elegant clothes facing her smiling. Her smile has a bit of lazy taste and although Jiang Baiwan couldn’t see her whole face clearly, Jiang Baiwan could feel that the person in front of her was a beautiful woman.

The woman saw Jiang Baiwan also smiled at her, opened her mouth to say something, but closed it again. After Jiang Baiwan pondered for a while, she asked cautiously, “Who are you?”

The woman: “……”

She took off her sunglasses with a sneer and a pair of peach blossom eyes showed a trace of indignation. “Yes, how could Miss Jiang put us people in your eyes?”

Jiang Baiwan felt like she had cheated on someone again. She leaned back with an awkward but polite smile on her face. “Chill out, sister, we can talk about this. A harmonious society should be civilized.”

Someone listening to the conversation between the two couldn’t help interjecting, “Tan Mi, she’s using the show so she can be more famous. Do you think she will take you seriously?”

It suddenly clicked on Jiang Baiwan. “So it’s Miss Tan Mi.” But I don’t think I’m that familiar with you, right?

Tan Mi was a third female supporting character who doesn’t have many parts in the book. She appeared as a small boss when Shui Lan’er bravely ventured into the entertainment circle. However, Tan Mi’s appearance didn’t last long and was soon banned by the domineering president, Chu Yunhan.

Tan Mi hooked the corners of her lips, not bothering to pay attention to Jiang Baiwan, this unreasonable fellow. She turned her head and said to the man, “Mind your own business. I don’t like Jiang Baiwan, but I didn’t say I like you either.”

After that, Tan Mi gave Jiang Baiwan a glance and showed smile with an unknown meaning, but said nothing more.

Jiang Baiwan rubbed the goosebumps on her arms. She stopped thinking about other things and quietly began to wait for the draw.


1 protagonists of the Drama 《Romance in the rain》


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      I think this is the part where Tan Mi is supposed to be blocked, since prior to this, she has no other interaction with the original FL.

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