I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 5

At that moment, the people from the program team finally appeared, and at the same time, many cameras were pushed out from all directions. These cameras were hidden at the beginning, just to shoot the words, actions and behaviors of these guests in private.

When the director saw Jiang Baiwan, he was also taken aback—— This Miss Jiang was really different. Why did she come here wearing indoor T-shirt? What about copyright? Why does he have to put a censorship in just the first episode? Besides, even if this rich person had gone bankrupt, how could such a huge change in taste happen? Doesn’t she know that the live broadcast had already started?

At the same time, in the official live broadcast room, Jiang Baiwan’s appearance had caused uproar.

【Wow, although I don’t know this girl, the censored part is very familiar.】

【There’s also that pink e-bike. Really pure and unpretentious.】

【I’m suddenly looking forward to this show. It turns out that rich people can also be grounded?】

Audiences from all corners of the country expressed their opinions on the live broadcast’s bullet screen, but everyone invariably focused on Jiang Baiwan, and she quickly got a title—— The woman who was censored all throughout.

“Hello everyone, welcome to 《Ordinary Life》 lottery site.” No matter what, the director still looked at the crowd with a smile. “Today, I invited everyone to come and draw lots to decide the allocation of the houses.”

It was the first time for Jiang Baiwan to participate in the filming of a variety show. Her eyes were sparkling and she seemed a little excited. However, after hearing the director’s words, the others had varying expressions.

Since houses need to be allocated by lottery, does that mean that everyone’s living condition would actually be different?

The director didn’t care what the people present thought. He gestured to the back and a staff member immediately came out pushing the box that had been prepared a long time ago. The box was so tightly covered that the contents inside could not be seen clearly.

The director said to the guests, “We have prepared eight houses in total, one for each person, both good and bad. If you are lucky and get a good house, you can live in a more comfortable place, but if you are unlucky and get a bad house, not only may you have a bad rest, but the house needs to be repaired by you yourself.”

At once, everyone’s expressions became tense. Jiang Baiwan was also nervous. Of course she also wanted to get a good house. Who doesn’t like to live in a better environment?

Everyone began to draw lots in turn. All of them got a numbered paper. Jiang Baiwan drew number 7. Coincidentally, the number 6 on the left was Shui Lan’er, and the number 8 on the right was Tan Mi.

It’s truly destiny making enemies meet[1]often said about lovers who have a disagreement.

The eight people stood up in order of their number. Jiang Baiwan was wearing a T-shirt and denim shorts, which was really conspicuous in the crowd. The camera happened to give a panoramic view at this time, and the screen of the live broadcast room was once again filled with 【Hahahaha】.

Moreover, Jiang Baiwan’s T-shirt was censored due to copyright reasons.

The director saw that they had all drawn lots, so he sent people to take them to their allocated houses. Each person was followed by a camera. The exclusive live broadcast room had been divided into six windows while a small live room were given to each of them. Because Jiang Baiwan’s style was too different, the number of her viewers climbed to first place in a short period of time.

Jiang Baiwan did not disappoint the audience. As a matter of fact, Jiang Baiwan had already resigned to her fate when she saw that the most dilapidated house was assigned to her.

The house in front of her was a thatched cottage. The grass on the roof was thick in some places while there were big holes on other areas. The walls looked dilapidated and the inside must be worse.

The staff who followed Jiang Baiwan handed her the key with a smile. “For the next period of time, this house will be your residence, Miss Jiang. In principle, we won’t interfere with any renovations of the house, it’s just that all renovations must be personally carried out by the guests, and only the limited budget given by the program group can be used.”

Jiang Baiwan understood that this was because they were afraid that these rich people would break the rules of the show by paying out of their own pockets. She took the key and sighed. “Okay, okay, I understand.”

Wasn’t it just a matter of doing it yourself? What’s so hard about it?

The staff handed over the live streaming equipment to Jiang Baiwan, told her which parts of the house also had cameras, and then withdrew. Holding the key in one hand and the live streaming equipment in the other, Jiang Baiwan looked at her dilapidated house and then at the two bungalows around her and felt instantly isolated.

“Fortunately, it’s not raining today.” She muttered softly, “Let’s go and have a look first.”

Good thing, the program crew wasn’t so inhumane. The basic amenities inside were fairly complete, it’s just that the house was a little old. Jiang Baiwan put the live streaming equipment in her hand on the table. Thinking about it, she leaned over to the camera in curiosity and waved her hand foolishly. “Hi, can you see me?”

Ji Chen opened the live broadcast room and what he saw on the entire screen was Jiang Baiwan’s…… nostrils.

Ji Chen: “……”

Assistant Xu couldn’t help laughing on the side, but he still held on to his professionalism. Assistant Xu coughed lightly, then said in a low voice, “This is Miss Jiang’s first time participating in a program.” It’s normal to not understand this kind of live streaming equipment.

Ji Chen hummed, but didn’t say anything.

The barrage of 【Hahahaha】 in the bullet screen instantly doubled because of Jiang Baiwan’s nostrils.

Jiang Baiwan on the other side of the camera also seemed to feel that she might be too close, so she retreated a little further. Now her whole body was shown and the censored T-shirt once again made Ji Chen fall into silence.

……Why didn’t he realize that Jiang Baiwan was such an erratic person before?

Jiang Baiwan greeted the camera. She thought for a long time but didn’t know what to say next. “Uh…… anyway, the house looks like this. I’ll clean it up first.”

After that, Jiang Baiwan ignored the camera and found a rag to start cleaning the room. The house had been unoccupied for many years, dust and cobwebs were everywhere. Jiang Baiwan changed the water several times before wiping the furniture.

At this time, some people in the live broadcast room started running to other people’s broadcast room. After all, watching Jiang Baiwan clean was no fun. As a result, at that moment, a comment suddenly floated across the screen 【Look guys, what’s on the ground behind her? It’s moving!】

Ji Chen’s eyes stared, wanting to see clearly as the barrage suddenly surged.

【Ahhhhhhh, Little Sister, look behind you! Something’s crawling on the ground!!!!】

【Hurry up and look back ah!!】

And so, all were howling frantically for Jiang Baiwan to look back, and the screen was quickly filled with comments.

Ji Chen frowned and was just about to turn off the bullet screen when Jiang Baiwan suddenly turned her head.

“What’s that?” Jiang Baiwan also saw the creature crawling fast on the ground. Because it was moving so quick, Jiang Baiwan couldn’t see it clearly for a while. She took two steps forward and the thing also crawled closer. Now Jiang Baiwan and all the audience in the live broadcast room could see clearly—— It was a big, dark and shiny cockroach!

【F*ck! What kind of monster is this?!】

【Things seldom seen are strange. This is a southern cockroach. We southerners ride cockroaches to school.】

【The south is too miserable! No central heating and such scary cockroaches! My scalp is tingling!】

Ji Chen knitted his brows as he looked at Jiang Baiwan on the screen. If he remembered correctly, Jiang Baiwan, this person, was most afraid of all kinds of insects. He didn’t know what she was going to do now.

Jiang Baiwan also froze for a moment, but she soon regained her composure. Seeing that the cockroach was about to crawl up to her, Jiang Baiwan saw the opportunity and stomped hard. The black cockroach instantly died a miserable death under Jiang Baiwan’s feet.

The moment Jiang Baiwan trampled the cockroach to death, there was a momentary silence on the bullet screen. Then it was followed by countless ellipsis and 【Hahahaha】.

【Awesome. Jiang Baiwan is really powerful, stomping on a cockroach with bare feet.】

【Xiaoqiang[2]cockroach! Why did you leave me, Xiaoqiang? Letting the white-haired person send off the black-haired person[3]to see one’s child die earlier than oneself!】

After Jiang Baiwan killed the cockroach, she hopped up to the door with one foot up, and rubbed her foot on the rough ground outside to get rid of the cockroach’s corpse. That funny appearance made the audience burst into laughter again. Many people thought Jiang Baiwan was very approachable and cute.

From the beginning to the end, Jiang Baiwan didn’t show any fear at all except when she found the cockroach. Her strong heart was enthusiastically praised by the audience.

Ji Chen looked at the calm Jiang Baiwan. He fiercely gripped the pen in his hand before slowly releasing his hold. On the side, Assistant Xu’s heart rose to his throat—— Was the boss angry?

“……Tell me,” After a while, Ji Chen finally opened his mouth. “Was she lying to me on how she acted before?”

Assistant Xu felt that he was about to break out in a cold sweat. He racked his brains and finally gave an ambiguous answer, “Miss Jiang must have grown up.”

Hearing Assistant Xu’s words, the corners of Ji Chen’s mouth twitched but he did not speak.

Just when Assistant Xu had no idea what Ji Chen was thinking, Jiang Baiwan in the live broadcast room spoke. She said to the camera, “I don’t recommend stomping on cockroaches like just now. If you have insecticides, I suggest using it.”

“After all, if you step on a cockroach, its eggs may explode directly and scatter around.” Jiang Baiwan made a scattering gesture. “You probably don’t want to find more cockroaches inside your own homes.”

Now there was no one shouting awesome in the live broadcast room, it was all ellipsis.

Compared with cockroaches, this Miss Jiang Baiwan seems to be more terrifying.

Jiang Baiwan didn’t care what kind of psychological shadow she left on the audience. She looked at the bright and clean surrounding, then picked up the camera on the table. “Done! Let’s go outside now to see if there’s any material I can use.”


1 often said about lovers who have a disagreement
2 cockroach
3 to see one’s child die earlier than oneself


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