I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 6

When Jiang Baiwan went out, she could not avoid seeing the nice houses on both sides once again.

……It actually was still a bit sad. Did her good fortune run out when she got the eight million?

“Miss Jiang.” Tan Mi was sitting on the lounge chair at her porch when she saw Jiang Baiwan coming out. Tan Mi called out to her lazily. “Where are you going in such a hurry?”

Of course Tan Mi knew Jiang Baiwan’s house was the worst. Now seeing Jiang Baiwan in a mess, Tan Mi felt a little delighted.

Jiang Baiwan smiled at Tan Mi. “I’ll find some wood to make handicrafts.” With that, Jiang Baiwan planned to continue walking into the woods not far away, but halfway through, she seemed to remember something and retreated back to Tan Mi’s door.

“Tan Mi, I saw a hoe in your yard. Can I borrow it?”

Tan Mi: What?


Carrying a hoe with the live streaming equipment hanging on its pole, Jiang Baiwan valiantly walked past the houses, causing the other seven people to follow her with their eyes, wondering what Jiang Baiwan wanted to do.

Shui Lan’er wanted to come after her and have a look, but thinking of her purpose in coming here, Shui Lan’er hesitated—— Xiao Wan must want to show off again. If she followed, not only would it be of no benefit to her, Xiao Wan would not be happy either.

It’s better to stay honestly inside the house.

In the live broadcast room, the audience was watching through the shaky camera. Jiang Baiwan was walking into the woods with a hoe on her shoulder and a basket with some tools inside on one hand. Jiang Baiwan was still wearing the same T-shirt, and it was censored the whole way, filling the screen with a high-definition mosaic.

“Let’s find some materials now and make a simple handicraft.” Jiang Baiwan had already entered the forest. “Everyone has seen the situation in the house. I have to use my own hands to provide for myself ah.”

As she said that, Jiang Baiwan suddenly saw a person not far away, who seemed to be looking down at something. Jiang Baiwan was a little curious, so she wanted to go up and ask.

As a result, when Jiang Baiwan approached, the old farmer wearing a straw hat stopped Jiang Baiwan directly. “Hey, girl, can you do me a favor?”

Jiang Baiwan froze for a moment, and before she could react, the old farmer shoved a card into Jiang Baiwan’s hand. As Jiang Baiwan grabbed the card, she saw a staff member appear outside the camera frame, holding a prompt board in his hand with large characters written on it—— Random task.

Jiang Baiwan looked at the card again and finally understood. She showed the task card in her hand to the camera and sighed. “I am really lucky. This is a random task card…… Let’s hear what the uncle wants.”

“Uncle, is there something wrong?” Jiang Baiwan put the things in her hand on the tree stump on the side.

The old farmer touched his chin and then said, “Come, girl, look at this tree.”

Jiang Baiwan walked to his side and saw a small tree that was enclosed in the middle of other trees. The small tree looks very healthy though it’s not as tall as Jiang Baiwan. Its trunk was thin, but the leaves were still green.

The old farmer sighed, stretched out his hand and patted the small tree. “This tree looks okay on the outside but it’s actually dead inside. I want to dig it out, but I’m too old and do not have enough strength. “

Jiang Baiwan instantly understood. “Let me help you, Uncle. I happen to have a hoe. But after the tree is dug out, do you want it? If not, can you give it to me?”

The old farmer naturally agreed and Jiang Baiwan asked him to sit on the side. She picked up the hoe, weighed it on her hand, and then started digging around the roots of the tree. Her posture was obviously very skilled.

Meanwhile, the live broadcast room became lively again.

【I don’t think Jiang Baiwan will be able to succeed. Although this tree is small, its roots aren’t easy to handle.】

【Since the program team has given this task, they surely won’t make it particularly difficult. I assume that the tree roots have already been dealt with.】

Jiang Baiwan thought so too. After digging the soil a few times, she found that the roots of the tree were not gripping the ground. It seemed it had been really dealt with, so after a few more times of digging, the small dead tree already looked tottering.

Jiang Baiwan continued and feeling a little tired, she straightened up. She carefully observed the tree again and blinked her eyes. “Uncle, look at this tree, it’s so beautiful.”

The old farmer was sitting on the side smoking a pipe. He didn’t have any thoughts when he heard what Jiang Baiwan said and just nodded along with her words. “Yeah, it’s a pity. It just looks beautiful on the outside.”

Jiang Baiwan suddenly put the hoe in her hand aside. She looked at the small dead tree with eyes shining and said to the old farmer, “It’s too tiring to dig the soil. Uncle, I just need to get it out, right?”

Hearing Jiang Baiwan’s words, the old farmer and the audience in the live broadcast room had a bad premonition in their hearts.

The smile on the old farmer’s face was a bit stiff. He knocked the pipe and said, “It don’t matter what method you use, just get it out.”

Jiang Baiwan nodded. She adopted a horse stance as she hold the small tree with both hands. She took a deep breath and held it on her abdomen. At this moment, all versions of Lu Zhishen[1]a character in 《Water Margin》, one of the four great classical novels in Chinese literature; mostly depicted uprooting a willow tree possessed her soul. Jiang Baiwan yelled loudly, and then violently pulled upwards.

——The tree was pulled out of the soil by Jiang Baiwan almost without any resistance.

Because of the excessive force, Jiang Baiwan even staggered before stabilizing her figure.

There was silence in the live broadcast room, and the old farmer sitting on the side was utterly dumbfounded that he forgot to smoke his tobacco—— Where did this girl come from? Too heedless!

Jiang Baiwan was also a little dazed. In fact, she was just doing it on a whim, mainly to goof around. She never expected that the tree would be pulled out by her all at once.

At this time, the audience in the live broadcast room finally reacted. A bunch of ‘Awesome’ and ‘Hahahaha’ floated on the bullet screen. They didn’t know who among them sent the message—— 【This style is too weird. Princess Kaguya[2]from 《The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter》. Kaguya-hime is a princess from the Moon who is discovered as a baby inside the stalk of a glowing bamboo plant pulling up a weeping willow.】

Everyone followed and started posting 【Princess Kaguya pulling up a weeping willow】.

“……Girl,” The uncle finally remembered what he was supposed to do and he whispered weakly on the side, “You’ve completed this task well. The reward is a set of carpentry tools.”

With that, the uncle took out the tools that had been prepared by the program team. Jiang Baiwan studied them carefully and found that it was all familar, so she simply nodded. “All right. Thank you, Uncle.”


Ji Chen sat on the chair, almost unable to believed his eyes.

What did Jiang Baiwan just do? Did she pull out a tree with her bare hands?

Ji Chen felt that even if he found out right now that his family was bankrupt, it wouldn’t have as much impact as the scene of Jiang Baiwan cleanly pulling up a tree.

What’s this? Female King Kong? After the bankruptcy, she had completely let herself go?

Ji Chen was exasperated. He stared at Jiang Baiwan who was walking back on the screen for a while, then looked down and thought for a while. He decided to observe Jiang Baiwan for a while longer.

Jiang Baiwan asked the old farmer to help transport the small dead tree to her yard. When the old farmer saw the house where Jiang Baiwan would be living in, he couldn’t help but remind her, “You’d better go to the end of the village to collect some straws first and lay down your roof. The weather hasn’t been very good these past two days. Be careful of the rain.”

Jiang Baiwan nodded her head. “Uncle, let me put down the tree first. Can you please take me there? I don’t know the way.” The old farmer thought about it. Since it was not a big deal, he agreed to Jiang Baiwan’s request.

It was already afternoon. It took Jiang Baiwan a lot of time from drawing lots, to moving in, to pulling up trees. The old farmer was driving an ox cart, so after putting away the tree, Jiang Baiwan casually swept the hair that has fallen on her face, and then hopped on.

When Shui Lan’er came out, what she saw was Jiang Baiwan sitting on the ox cart with her feet dangling in the air and face full of glee, not the least bit of displeasure at all.

Jiang Baiwan’s exclusive live broadcast room had been steadily gaining popularity at this time, and everyone on the bullet screen was laughing.

【Isn’t Jiang Baiwan a rich second generation? Why is there no sense of incompatibleness with the countryside at all, as if she was born to live there.】

【Yeah, and there’s also no snobbishness. She’s too cute, I’m a fan.】

【That appearance of uprooting the tree made me a fan. She’s not as arrogant and domineering as many rich second generations.】

【Are you stupid? Variety shows are all about personas. Do you not know what that means? Jiang Baiwan is acting brave now, but who knows what kind of person she is in private?】

The debate on the bullet screen was very intense for a while, but Jiang Baiwan knew nothing about it. She’d already gotten the straws to mend the roof and decided to fix it this afternoon.

She couldn’t sleep under the stars.

Just when the old farmer helped Jiang Baiwan get the straws into the yard, Shui Lan’er happened to come out as well. She looked at Jiang Baiwan’s yard piled up full in no time and was a little dazed. Finally, Shui Lan’er mustered up her courage and shouted to Jiang Baiwan, “Xiao Wan, what are you doing?”

“Ah?” Jiang Baiwan glanced at her blankly, then looked at the straws in her hands. “I’m going to mend the roof.”

Shui Lan’er looked incredulous as she covered her mouth with tears in her eyes. “Xiao Wan…… When did you even have to do such work by yourself? You obviously didn’t need to do these things before. Xiao Wan, don’t try to be superwoman, okay? I know you’re upset because of your family’s bankruptcy—”

Halfway through speaking, Shui Lan’er suddenly covered her mouth with a rather bewildered expression. “I’m sorry…… I didn’t say it on purpose. Xiao Wan, I’m sorry, can you forgive me?”

Jiang Baiwan’s live broadcast instantly exploded because of Shui Lan’ers words.

【Did you hear that? Jiang Baiwan’s family went bankrupt!】

【The one in front! I seem to remember something. Is it that Jiang family that made a lot of noise because of their bankruptcy?】

【It appears that Jiang Baiwan isn’t worthy of being called a rich second generation, as she’s no longer one.】

Amidst the chaos, there was no lack of ridicule and attacks on Jiang Baiwan. Ji Chen watched on the live stream, unaware that his brows had tightened.

As much as he disliked Jiang Baiwan, he didn’t think that people should ridicule her for going bankrupt.

Just as everyone was discussing, Jiang Baiwan suddenly sighed. She dropped the straw in her hand and walked towards Shui Lan’er. The audience’s attention was instantly drawn back to Jiang Baiwan.

【What does she want to do? She’s not going to fight Shui Lan’er, is she?】

【She deserved it! Shui Lan’er clearly brought up Jiang Baiwan’s family’s bankruptcy on purpose, pretending to be a good white lotus[3]someone who is pure in appearance, but opposite inside.】

【The one in front, leave my family’s Lan’er alone. All your curses will bounce back to you steaming.】

Jiang Baiwan slowly walked in front of Shui Lan’er, who subconsciously shrank, while Jiang Baiwan squint her eyes and did not speak. After a while, when Shui Lan’er could hardly bear it, Jiang Baiwan finally spoke up.

“You……” Jiang Baiwan swept her eyes all over the other person’s body. Shui Lan’er shook like a candle in the wind, looking extremely pitiful, prompting Shui Lan’ers audience to make personal attacks on Jiang Baiwan again.

“Ahem.” Jiang Baiwan coughed dryly twice. “Are you good at cooking?”

Shui Lan’er was taken aback. “……I-it’s all right.”

“Take these mushrooms.” Jiang Baiwan stuffed a few large mushrooms in Shui Lan’ers hand. “I picked these when I was digging a tree. I can’t eat it all by myself so please bring me some when you make dinner. The remaining mushrooms are my thanks.”

With that, Jiang Baiwan went back to the yard and continued sorting out the straws.

Shui Lan’er and the audience in front of the screen were all confused—— That…… That’s it?


1 a character in 《Water Margin》, one of the four great classical novels in Chinese literature; mostly depicted uprooting a willow tree
2 from 《The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter》. Kaguya-hime is a princess from the Moon who is discovered as a baby inside the stalk of a glowing bamboo plant
3 someone who is pure in appearance, but opposite inside


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    The bankruptcy was the best thing to happen for our transmigrated Jiang Baiwan! A few mushrooms is the least she can do to show gratitude and try to maintain positive relations with this worlds Main Character. Food you’ve gathered or prepared yourself is true sincerity.


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