I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 7

Jiang Baiwan concentrated on weaving the straws so that they could be made into a whole piece as roofing, while Shui Lan’er stood in place. After hesitating for a long time, she bit her lips and called Jiang Baiwan cautiously, “Xiao Wan.”

Jiang Baiwan looked back at her in surprise. “You haven’t left yet?”

Shui Lan’er felt a burst of embarrassment and tears began to pool in her eyes unconsciously. She sobbed as she lowered her head. “I know…… I know that you’ve always had opinions on me in your heart, Xiao Wan…… Don’t worry, I will make the most delicious dinner. One day, I’ll definitely become good friends with you, Xiao Wan.”

After saying so, Shui Lan’er held the handful of mushrooms in her hand and ran back to her house.

Now it was Jiang Baiwan’s turn to look confused. She scratched the back of her head as if doubting life. “……Did I say anything strange?”

【You didn’t say anything strange. I am also confused.】

【What’s wrong with this Shui Lan’er? Why does she cry at every turn?】

【Didn’t you guys hear what Shui Lan’er just said? I think the relationship between these two people is very complicated.】

【……Why do you smell like orange[1]Yuri; From the anime ‘Citrus’, Upstairs?】

For a while, there was a lot of discussion on the screen. Ji Chen, who was sitting in the office and observing the situation, finally couldn’t help but shook his head—— After the bankruptcy, Jiang Baiwan seemed to have changed into a different person. Whether it’s her behavior or the way she spoke, it was completely different from before.

Could it be that Jiang Baiwan had been disguising herself before? Or did Jiang Baiwan suddenly come to her senses after she ran out of money?

Ji Chen looked at Jiang Baiwan who was weaving straws on the screen and blinked.

Not a bad thing though.

Only, when Ji Chen saw the roof of Jiang Baiwan’s house, he couldn’t help frowning again—— This house was too dilapidated that it could barely accommodate people. Those holes in the roof couldn’t be easily repaired.

Would Jiang Baiwan be able to do it successfully? After all, before this, she was just a young lady whose ten fingers had not touched spring water[2]metaphor for people who have good family and do not need to do laundry or housework by themselves.

Inexplicably, Ji Chen became worried about Jiang Baiwan and he subconsciously picked up his cell phone.

“President Ji, here’s a document that needs your signature.” Assistant Xu suddenly pushed the door open and came in, holding a document in his hand. Ji Chen’s hand paused indiscernibly, and then put the phone back down.

Assistant Xu waited for Ji Chen to sign. Having received the document back, he naturally asked one more question, “President Ji, do you have any other orders?”

Ji Chen coughed dryly and slightly turned his head. He said in a low voice, “There’s nothing else. You can go back and do your work.”

Assistant Xu glanced at Ji Chen’s mobile phone and considerately said, “Then, I will go get busy.”

Only when Assistant Xu left did Ji Chen heaved a sigh of relief, and then his face darkened again—— Why did he want to call the director just now and ask them to take care of Jiang Baiwan? Had he gone mad?

While Ji Chen was interrupted on the other side, Jiang Baiwan had already commenced to weave a layer following her memories. All kinds of praises floated across the screen, surprised that Jiang Baiwan wasn’t actually just talking big.

【Jiang Baiwan don’t look like someone who didn’t know how to work.】

【Why are you so proficient at this?!】

【Tree: Obviously…… obviously, I was here first……】

Jiang Baiwan held the straw in her hand. Her movements weren’t very fast and slightly rusty, but she didn’t stop. The calm and silent appearance formed a strong contrast with how she had pulled out the tree just now. Many people began to lament on the bullet screen that Jiang Baiwan was really as quiet as a maiden and as agile as a husky[3]from the idiom ‘as quiet as a maiden when at rest and as nimble as an escaping hare when in action’; deliberate in counsel, prompt in action.

“Actually, I have learned this before.” Just when everyone was discussing on the bullet screen, Jiang Baiwan suddenly spoke. She smiled at the camera and continued, “I have had some magical experiences before. I won’t describe it in detail, but mending this roof can be considered one of the results. I don’t have any materials at hand now, so I can only repair the roof first…… Don’t pay attention to the details.”

With that, Jiang Baiwan shrugged it off. Her whole person became lively again. “Later on, let’s borrow a ladder and climb to the roof! Then it’s time to show off my real skill!”

The barrage was all laughing and only Ji Chen’s heart twitched. He casted a deep gaze at Jiang Baiwan on the screen. There was an indescribable feeling in his heart.

How did Jiang Baiwan learn all this? Had she ever been through anything?

Ji Chen suddenly discovered that he didn’t really seem to know anything about his ex-fiancée. In his impression, Jiang Baiwan was superficial and frivolous, with no substance and an empty head, almost useless except for her pretty appearance.

However, the Jiang Baiwan who appeared on the program did not seem to be like that.

Tan Mi was leaning against the door of her house, looking at Jiang Baiwan who was busy in the yard. Unlike Ji Chen, Tan Mi felt that Jiang Baiwan should be putting on a show at this time. Otherwise, how could a young lady who doesn’t do housework suddenly know how to weave straw? She must have learned it before.

Even if her family was bankrupt, this kind of young lady would still live more comfortably than them.

Tan Mi thought impassively, before the corners of her mouth pulled up mockingly.

“There!” Jiang Baiwan was finally done. She shook the wad of grass in her hands and looked up at the roof. “It’s not that difficult.”

Tan Mi didn’t want to look any more. She was about to turn around and go back to her house, but was stopped by Jiang Baiwan. “Tan Mi, Tan Mi.”

Tan Mi frowned with her back to the camera, but when she turned around, there was a harmless smile on her face again. “What? Are you done with the hoe and plan to return it now?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Jiang Baiwan looked at the fence between the two yards. “I’ll go over and talk to you.”

Tan Mi was taken aback for a moment. Then she saw Jiang Baiwan took two steps back, and like a husky running off its leash, darted towards her direction. When she was close to the fence, Jiang Baiwan handsomely braced herself using one hand and was about to jump over!

With a soft ripping sound, a piece of the legs of Jiang Baiwan’s shorts were left hanging on the fence, while Jiang Baiwan stood in front of Tan Mi with part of her shorts missing, still carrying the hoe she borrowed on her shoulder.

At this moment, whether it was Tan Mi’s or Jiang Baiwan’s live broadcast room, all the viewers were laughing like crazy. The bullet screen had been spammed with 【Hahahahaha】. No one expected that Jiang Baiwan was actually a funny person.

“Does this count as being cool for only three seconds?” Tan Mi didn’t have any good feelings towards Jiang Baiwan, but she couldn’t be angry when she saw her like this. Tan Mi sighed and threw her coat to the other side. “You can borrow this.”

Jiang Baiwan took Tan Mi’s coat. “Thanks.” After that, Jiang Baiwan naturally planned to put it on.

Tan Mi’s eyes widened. “It’s not for you to wear!”

Jiang Baiwan was taken aback when she heard that. She hesitated and took it off. She looked at Tan Mi, then tentatively hugged the coat in her arms.

Tan Mi saw her little movements clearly and couldn’t bear it any longer. She pressed her throbbing temple before finally grabbing the coat roughly from Jiang Baiwan’s arms and wrapping it around the other person’s waist.

【Tan Mi’s image was ruined by Jiang Baiwan. Hahahahahahahahaha.】

【Jiang Baiwan: Dementia.jpg】

【Alas, if they keep this on, I’m going to stan WanMi CP. Jiang Baiwan is too funny.】

The bullet screen was permeated with a happy atmosphere.

“So that’s it ah.” Jiang Baiwan suddenly realized. “But your coat is expensive, right? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll damage it if you lend it to me?”

“If you break it, pay me with a new one.” Tan Mi snorted softly. “What’s the matter? Say it quickly.”

Only then did Jiang Baiwan remember her purpose. “I see you also have a ladder here. Can you let me borrow it? I need to climb up the roof.”

Tan Mi waved her hand indifferently. “Use it however you like.”

Jiang Baiwan happily ran to pick up the ladder and moved it to her yard. When she started to climb up, people on the bullet screen couldn’t help but feel worried about her—— They had really never seen such a heedless girl before. Was she not afraid?

Jiang Baiwan knew nothing about the concerns of the audience. She put all the woven straws she had made into a basket, and like a nimble monkey, climbed up to the roof with two or three strokes of the ladder. Her movements were agile and fast, but revealed a touch of comicalness.

“Not too bad. The holes are not that big, they’re just spread out a bit.” Jiang Baiwan carefully observed the biggest hole. “It’s a pity that there’s no tarpaulin or the like, otherwise there can be another layer, then there will be absolutely no leaks.”

With that said, Jiang Baiwan took out a woven straw from the basket, walked all over the roof by herself, and began repairing it earnest.

As the sun sinks to the west, the night gradually falls. The evening wind was like a gentle whisper, shuttling freely among the rice fields. The countryside had always been sparsely populated, and in the evening, one could only hear sparse bird calls, accompanied by the smell of soil, intertwined to soothe ones tense nerves.

Jiang Baiwan knelt on the roof, her hands still moving. But as the moon rose, Jiang Baiwan gradually stopped what she was doing.

She tilted her head slightly and faced the moon in the sky that had just shown its appearance, as if she was in a trance. The moonlight poured on her body like a waterfall, reflecting Jiang Baiwan’s thoughtful and beautiful face, which made people amazed for a while.

Ji Chen was still sitting in the office. No matter how noisy the bullet screen was, it couldn’t block his sight. Looking at Jiang Baiwan on the screen, he only felt his heartbeat gradually speed up.

He pressed his heart as if concealing it. Finally, he closed his eyes and turned his face away. He looked out of the floor-to-ceiling windows and saw the same bright moon in the middle of the city’s sky.

He was now looking at the same moon as Jiang Baiwan, right?


1 Yuri; From the anime ‘Citrus’
2 metaphor for people who have good family and do not need to do laundry or housework by themselves
3 from the idiom ‘as quiet as a maiden when at rest and as nimble as an escaping hare when in action’; deliberate in counsel, prompt in action


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