I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 70

“Tear it off if it’s hot.” Jiang Baiwan stared at Ji Chen with a bad look. “Can’t you take off a hot pack? Do you still need me to do it for you?”

Ji Chen keenly sensed that something wasn’t right. He stopped at the right time and quickly changed the subject. “Just now Jiang Zhishu came to see you. What was it about?”

Ji Chen was on Jiang Baiwan’s side and only took in Jiang Zhishu because of her. If Jiang Zhishu did something that made Jiang Baiwan unhappy, Ji Chen guarantees that he would kick Jiang Zhishu out of the house that very same day.

Jiang Baiwan hesitated for a moment before finally shaking her head. “It’s okay, Jiang Zhishu was just there to help. It’s just……”

Jiang Baiwan had never hurt anyone before. Today, it was the first time she took the initiative to attack and watching Shui Lan’ers innocent and unaware appearance, Jiang Baiwan felt shaken up.

Ji Chen saw Jiang Baiwan’s face turned pale. Although he didn’t know what happened, he still didn’t say anything. He just held Jiang Baiwan’s hand and quietly squeezed it.

Jiang Baiwan came back to her senses and pulled the corner of her lips up as she looked at Ji Chen. Then her eyes drooped and sighed faintly. “I don’t regret it. After all this time, just treat it as the justice I got for the person I used to be.”

“If you don’t want to say it, I won’t ask.” Ji Chen said slowly after a few moments of contemplation, “But you don’t have to worry about others, who knows if they deserve it? I don’t know what it is, but the bowl of soup you took away…… who knows who did it?”

Jiang Baiwan shook and she involuntarily looked at Ji Chen, who in turn raised an eyebrow quietly at her and then blinked lightly.

Jiang Baiwan suddenly laughed.


The reception went on for a while whilst Ji Chen invited Jiang Baiwan for a dance. Later on, she used the excuse of going to the rest room to hide—— It was really tiring to keep on smiling all the time.

Shui Lan’er had been paying attention to Jiang Baiwan’s movements. After seeing her quietly exiting the hall alone, Shui Lan’er didn’t say anything to Chu Yunhan and quickly went after her. She followed Jiang Baiwan discreetly, as if she was afraid of being discovered by Jiang Baiwan.

She didn’t know if it was because she was too nervous, but Shui Lan’er felt her body heat up a little. She couldn’t help tugging at her collar and then continued to follow behind Jiang Baiwan. Only after Jiang Baiwan turned a corner did Shui Lan’er ran out. “Xiao Wan! Wait for me.”

As if she had just discovered Shui Lan’er, Jiang Baiwan imperceptibly frowned before asking, “Why are you here too?”

“I just saw you came out for a break and I was afraid that you wouldn’t know your way around, so I came to accompany you.” Shui Lan’er smiled. “Come with me, I’ll take you somewhere you can rest. We’re friends, right?”

If Jiang Baiwan still felt a little bit regretful just now, it had all disappeared upon seeing Shui Lan’er like this—— Why did she suddenly followed her? Then said she would take her to rest on some place out of nowhere?

Even if she thought about it with her toes, she knew that there’s something wrong!

Jiang Baiwan’s eyes narrowed. “Sure, where are you taking me? I see there are quite a lot of resting areas over here.”

“How can you go to these ones? They are all public so it’s not safe.” Shui Lan’er said as she stepped forward and grabbed Jiang Baiwan’s hand, eagerly leading her in the opposite direction. “I know a place. Big Brother has taken me there before. I’ll take you there now. Let’s both rest for a while.”

As they walked along, Shui Lan’er kept talking, “That room is clean and beautiful, and has all the necessary things. Plus it’s also clean. Don’t you think it’s better than these public ones?”

Jiang Baiwan followed Shui Lan’er, her mood unable to discern from her tone. “En, it sounds good.”

Shui Lan’er smiled more brightly. “That’s right. Only Big Brother and I knew that place before, but now you know it too.” Saying that, Shui Lan’er shook Jiang Baiwan’s hand, her pair of clear eyes slightly misty. “Xiao Wan, you and I won’t quarrel anymore in the future, right?”

Jiang Baiwan was thinking about the note that Luo Xiao secretly slipped to her ealier when she heard Shui Lan’ers question and absent-mindedly answered, “Ah, yeah, there will be no more quarrels in the future.”

Shui Lan’er got the answer she wanted and smiled faintly, before lowering her head slightly as if shy. “We’ll be there soon!”

The two walked for a while. Jiang Baiwan had no idea how Shui Lan’er knew the layout of the Gu family’s place so well, but the more she followed Shui Lan’er, the more Jiang Baiwan’s heart jumped—— There was no one around anymore. There were only her and Shui Lan’er in the long corridor. It seems that this room was really remote as Shui Lan’er had said.

Finally, Shui Lan’er stopped at the door of a room. She was like a little girl who wanted to share something good with her friend, with the excited expression on her face. “This is it! Come on, come on.”

With that, Shui Lan’er was the first to push open the door. Jiang Baiwan stood in the doorway and looked inside. She saw that the room was clean and tidy, and there was nothing strange about it at first glance.

But Jiang Baiwan didn’t dare to relax her vigilance. After dancing with Ji Chen, Luo Xiao had someone slip a note to her. The note didn’t say anything other than implicitly telling Jiang Baiwan to be alone and act with caution. Jiang Baiwan followed Luo Xiao’s words, but to her surprise, it was actually Shui Lan’er who came to her door.

Now she was starting to wonder what kind of medicine Shui Lan’er was selling in her gourd.

With her eyes downcast, Jiang Baiwan followed Shui Lan’er into the room. Shui Lan’er seemed to have completed some kind of mission and her excited body trembled a bit. She glanced at Jiang Baiwan secretly and then closed the door. “Xiao Wan, actually…… I still have something else I want to say to you.”

Jiang Baiwan sat on the bed, folded her arms and looked at her calmly. “What is it? Say it.”

Shui Lan’er wrung her hands and stammered to speak, but was unable to do so for a long time. Jiang Baiwan was looking at her attentively when she suddenly felt a gust of wind coming from behind her. She was startled and rolled to the side almost without thinking, accidentally bumping into the bedside table. Jiang Baiwan only felt a burning pain on her back. The skin there had probably been scratched.

It’s just that she didn’t have time to worry about it now. Jiang Baiwan turned her head and saw Gu Dongcheng standing in the middle of room. He was wearing a waiter’s uniform and a ferocious smile on his yellow face. “Jiang Baiwan, you’ve finally come.”

Before Shui Lan’er understood the situation, she hurried over to help Jiang Baiwan up, but was pushed away by Jiang Baiwan. “Don’t touch me!”

Shui Lan’er was heartbroken and at the same time shocked. “Big Brother , what are you going to do?”

Big Brother?

Jiang Baiwan suddenly realized. She looked at Gu Dongcheng and then at Shui Lan’er. “……That’s right. You two must have known each other for a long time. You’ve discussed this?”

“No! That’s not it!” Shui Lan’er shook her head desperately, her face covered with teardrops, looking less like the perpetrator but more like the victim. “I just want to help you reconcile with Big Brother today! Big Brother promised me that as long as we talk to you, the two of you can laugh off the past grudges.”

Jiang Baiwan was infuriated. “Laugh off the past grudges? Can you believe that? Shui Lan’er, there’s something I haven’t said to you before and today’s just the right time. There are two kinds of people that are most terrifying in this world, one is a wicked and self-righteous person like Gu Dongcheng, and the other is someone like you, who’s helping him do evil.”

Shui Lan’er had a wounded look on her face. She bit her lips and sprang in front of Gu Dongcheng, grabbing his hand. “Big Brother, didn’t…… didn’t you agree with me before?”

“Lan’er, be good. You’re too pure, so I have to use other method.” When Gu Dongcheng faced Shui Lan’er, his expression instantly became gentle. “Don’t worry, as long as I succeed today, I will be able to return to the Gu family. Lan’er, if you’re afraid, just hide somewhere.”

Jiang Baiwan sat on the ground and took a deep breath. “Gu Dongcheng, is there something wrong with your brain? You being able to return to your family, what does it have to do with me?”

Gu Dongcheng sneered. “Don’t think that I don’t know, Ji Chen of Haochen Group holds you in the palm of his hands as if afraid someone might bump into you. You are of course useless, but using you to threaten Ji Chen…… then I can have indescribable benefits.”

Jiang Baiwan’s back stiffened.

Gu Dongcheng didn’t notice Jiang Baiwan’s strangeness. He probably thought that Jiang Baiwan couldn’t escape today, so he simply said a few more words, “You probably don’t know yet, right? In the bowl of soup you ate today, I’ve put something good in it and you will be able to feel it after a while…… Miss Jiang, you should have started to react by now, right? Don’t you feel that the surrounding is very hot?”

“So it’s you.” Jiang Baiwan’s voice was very calm and no emotion could be discerned from her voice. “I didn’t expect that you actually had such a heart…… Gu Dongcheng, you’re quite capable of enduring dishonor and even disguised yourself as a waiter?”

Gu Dongcheng’s expression was twisted for a moment and then he laughed grimly. “Yes, I’ve been planning for this day for a long time. Jiang Baiwan, you may not know that Luo Xiao is also one of my people. Without his help, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to succeed today.”

With that said, Gu Dongcheng took two steps forward. “Since the Ji family has made me fall to such a state, I should reciprocate by playing with Ji Chen’s woman today. Miss Jiang, this is not treating you unfairly. After all, the Jiang family has already gone bankrupt, isn’t it an honor for you to meet a man like me?”


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