I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 71

Despite looking a bit wretched as she sat on the ground, Jiang Baiwan still remained calm. “This is your plan? Gu Dongcheng, you’re really opening my eyes more and more.”

Gu Dongcheng didn’t notice anything wrong at all. He was still reveling in his success. “Sometimes if you want to get ahead, you have to resort to any means possible.”

“Then what if I don’t want to?” Jiang Baiwan stared at Gu Dongcheng without evading, only to suddenly reveal an odd smile when Gu Dongcheng was about to reach her. “Gu Dongcheng, your problem is that you’re too confident in yourself.”

Gu Dongcheng was momentarily taken aback, the next thing he knew, the back of his head hurt and he didn’t know anything that happened afterwards.

Standing behind Gu Dongcheng, Jiang Zhishu threw away the thick wooden stick he had casually picked up with an incomparably gloomy expression. He was already lying in wait on the balcony outside so he naturally heard all the words of Gu Dongcheng.

Sitting on the ground, Jiang Baiwan looked at her cheap brother, feeling a little emotional in her heart. Jiang Zhishu made eye contact with her for a moment before darting away, only to walk up and helped her get up from the floor.

“You and Luo Xiao planned this?” Jiang Baiwan sat on a chair on the side and despite the fact that her back was still aching, she asked this question out loud.

Jiang Zhishu instantly changed back to his usual soft and cute appearance when facing his sister. He smiled innocently. “Not really, it’s just a matter of playing along.”

As he said that, Jiang Zhishu pushed away Shui Lan’er who was holding onto his trousers, to the side. The effect of the medicine on Shui Lan’ers body had already started to take effect and she only felt dry and hot all over. She was still writhing after being pushed away and even let out a seductive moan.

With a look of disgust on Jiang Zhishu’s face, he moved further to the side, and then said pitifully to Jiang Baiwan, “Sis, can you…… can you forgive me? Seeing as I’m…… I’m still sort of helping out?”

Jiang Baiwan raised an eyebrow. “Let’s talk about it after the matter here is resolved.”

Jiang Zhishu heard the loosening of Jiang Baiwan’s tone and his eyes lit up. He became more attentive when assisting Jiang Baiwan. “Sister, you rest first, I’ll take care of this side and we’ll leave right away.”

Jiang Baiwan looked at Jiang Zhishu curiously. She saw him took out his mobile phone and made a call. Soon, someone knocked on the door and Jiang Zhishu went to open it. Luo Xiao stretched his head and look inside. When he saw Jiang Baiwan, Luo Xiao smiled embarrassedly. “Xiao Wan, thank you for your hard work today.”

Jiang Baiwan rolled her eyes. She stood up from the chair to make room for the two men. “Hurry up with what you’re going to do.”

Lu Xiao didn’t talk nonsense either. He directly helped Jiang Zhishu carry Shui Lan’er to the big bed and threw her on Gu Dongcheng, allowing the two people to huddle together.

The medicine’s effect of Shui Lan’er came quickly, and as soon as she touched Gu Dongcheng, her limbs entangled with him. Jiang Baiwan, who was on the side, opened her eyes wide, watching with great interest. Seeing his sister’s appearance, Jiang Zhishu’s mouth couldn’t help twitching. “Sister, Brother- in-law will be upset.”

“Who cares?!” Jiang Baiwan said stubbornly, but after watching for a while, she felt her eyes burning. In the end, she turned her face away. “All right, it’s over. Can we go now?”

“Wait.” Luo Xiao stopped Jiang Baiwan. “It’s not over yet. Don’t you know that you have to do the whole show?”

Jiang Baiwan looked at him suspiciously, while Luo Xiao flashed a cunning smile in return.


The Gu family’s banquet had come to an end and Ji Chen also drank a lot of wine, but when he returned to their seat, he couldn’t find Jiang Baiwan.

Ji Chen vaguely remembered that she told him she was going to the rest room. She hasn’t returned until now?

Ji Chen’s heart skipped a beat, thinking that something might have happen to Jiang Baiwan. At once, Ji Chen couldn’t sit still. He brushed aside the crowd after putting down the wine glass in his hand and ran straight to where the rest rooms were.

The crowd didn’t know what was happening, only that the boss of Haochen Group, as the main character of the night, couldn’t just leave like that. As a result, quite a few people followed along…… and among the people following Ji Chen was Chu Yunhan.

Unlike the others, Chu Yunhan had followed him purely because he had detected the flicker of anxiety on Ji Chen’s face. He also drank a lot of wine and thought that he could see Ji Chen becoming a laughing stock today. Chu Yunhan also noticed that Jiang Baiwan had never returned.

It just didn’t occur to his alcohol-soaked head that Jiang Baiwan hadn’t returned, but so does Shui Lan’er.

Ji Chen didn’t care about the people behind him. He searched the restrooms but didn’t find Jiang Baiwan, and when he asked the people around, no one had seen her either. Ji Chen’s face was frosty, but the fire in his heart was burning more vigorously——  Where has Jiang Baiwan gone?

For a while, Ji Chen even began to regret why he brought Jiang Baiwan to this banquet, otherwise she wouldn’t have suddenly disappeared.

Ji Chen’s heart was in turmoil. After searching all the other rooms but failed to find her, he rushed out of the door again, intending to look elsewhere. Only, just as Ji Chen came out from one of the rooms, he heard a woman’s scream coming from the corner, and then a figure emerges and ran straight towards him.

Originally, this scene should have been quite tense, but as the figure gradually approached, the expressions of everyone began to become indescribable.

The figure was wearing a pair of red pants, a pair of black and white sneakers, and what seemed to be a skirt which was fluttering in the wind. When the figure got closer, everyone could see it more clearly—— The figure was wearing what should have been a long skirt, but for some reason it was torn into a short skirt, which was why it looked strange and awkward.

……Although the person was crying by the sound of it, she was running steadily……

That person darted in front of Ji Chen and then dived headlong into his arms, almost knocking him into a stumble. Ji Chen quickly hugged her—— He had already recognized her from those red pants. It was definitely Jiang Baiwan.

Jiang Baiwan shank into Ji Chen’s arms and whined, disregarding her image. She said while crying, “Ji Chen, just now I was resting in a room when someone suddenly broke in. It was so scary. Fortunately, I managed to get out.”

Ji Chen hugged Jiang Baiwan tightly and said in a deep voice, “It’s okay, you don’t have to be afraid. I’m here.”

Everyone looked at Jiang Baiwan’s red pants and sneakers, and thought of how she was dressed like this under her skirt from the start of the banquet. They all felt weird for a while, but when they heard Jiang Baiwan’s cry and Ji Chen’s tense back, everyone was alarmed again.

——Who was it that dared to touch President Ji’s fiancée? They’ve got a lot of nerve, weren’t they?

“Ji Chen, that person should still be in the room! It’s the one at the end of the corridor!” Just when everyone’s mind was divided, Jiang Baiwan spoke again, breaking the silence. “We must catch him!”

The current president of the Gu family gave a few glances to his men and many of them went over. After lying in Ji Chen’s arms while pretending to cry for a while, Jiang Baiwan heard that there was no movement around her and she quietly raised her head. Seeing that all the people surrounding them had left, Jiang Baiwan breathed a sigh of relief. She straightened her back and smiled at Ji Chen. “How is it? I didn’t do too badly just now, right?”

Ji Chen’s expression, however, wasn’t very good. His eyes were dark and there seemed to be a storm brewing in them. Jiang Baiwan was still smiling at first, but Ji Chen’s expression remained the same.

She couldn’t help shrinking her neck, still touching the tiger’s whiskers tremblingly. “What’s wrong? Did you drink too much?”

“I didn’t drink too much.” Ji Chen interrupted Jiang Baiwan. “What the hell is going on?”

Upon the mention of this matter, Jiang Baiwan instantly became excited again. She cast a proud look at Ji Chen. “Come, come, come with me. Let’s quietly follow behind the crowd and see what happens.”

Ji Chen pursed his lips and finally took off his suit jacket to drape it over Jiang Baiwan’s shoulders. Jiang Baiwan pulled it close and then showed a sweet smile at Ji Chen. Ji Chen froze for a moment, then touched his nose. The two of them were still on the corridor and there was no one else around, so after hesitating for a moment, Ji Chen whispered to Jiang Baiwan, “Your makeup is all smudged.”

Jiang Baiwan: “……”


The group of onlookers had already run along the corridor and arrived at the door of the locked room. They didn’t even need to open it to hear the ambiguous sounds of a man and a woman coming from inside, causing many people’s face to changed—— They didn’t know where this pair of wild mandarin duck[1]illicit lovers came from. How dare they do such things at this time?

At once, the president of the Gu family called for the door to be broken open. Immediately, two naked figures in the room greeted everyone’s eyes. The inside of the room was in a mess and it was completely obvious how intense the battle was.

“Separate them for me!” The president of the Gu family was furious and shouted at his men. “What are you still standing there for?!”

Only then did those people come to their senses and hurriedly separated the pair with all their might. Just when the woman’s face was revealed, a man’s howl came from the crowd. “Lan’er! Lan’er, what happened to you?!”

Chu Yunhan had originally followed others to watch the fun, but what he never expected was for the woman inside this room to actually be Shui Lan’er!

How could this happen?! How could this be possible?! At this moment, Chu Yunhan only felt that the blood in his body—from the soles of his feet to his brain—all poured to his heart. It’s as if something exploded in his head, making him unable to think. Yet everything in front of him was a constant reminder that what he was seeing was all real.

Although the surroundings were still noisy, Chu Yunhan could no longer hear any sound.

His love was trampled to pieces on the ground by Shui Lan’er and that other man.


1 illicit lovers


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