I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 74

Ji Chen’s eyes were red at the corners. He was panting heavily as he pressed against Jiang Baiwan, with no intention of answering. However, the person outside the door knocked again, clearly not giving up until their goal was achieved.

Ji Chen had no choice but to open the bathroom door and asked in a deep voice, “Who is it?”

“You’re home?” Ji Hongfa’s voice sounded outside. “Come out quickly if you’re home, I have something to tell you.”

Ji Chen’s father! The big guy who gave her five million pocket money last time!

Jiang Baiwan’s eyes widened in an instant. She looked up at Ji Chen and then at the door. For some reason, both of them had only one thought in their mind at this moment—— They couldn’t let Ji Hongfa know that Jiang Baiwan was in Ji Chen’s room!

Ji Chen coughed dryly. “What is it? I’m about to take a shower.”

His intention was to send Ji Hongfa away first, but Ji Hongfa had no hesitation at all. “You’re my son, so what’s wrong if you’re taking a shower? If you won’t come out, I can come in?”

As he said that, Ji Hongfa was about to reach out and push the door open. Jiang Baiwan and Ji Chen were startled. Ji Chen made a decisive decision and shut Jiang Baiwan in the bathroom first, then he opened the collar of his shirt a little more before going to the door and opening it.

Standing outside, Ji Hongfa looked at his son suspiciously. “Why did you open the door so late?”

“I’ve rebuttoned my shirt.” Ji Chen said without blinking. “What is it about, Dad? What’s the rush?”

Ji Hongfa walked into the room and sat down on a chair. “Close the door.”

Ji Chen dutifully closed the door, but in his heart, he couldn’t help but feel nervous—— He didn’t know if Jiang Baiwan could be able to stay in the bathroom for a long time.

“What’s wrong with you?” Ji Hongfa noticed that something didn’t seem quite right with Ji Chen, so he asked with a frown.

Ji Chen quickly shook his head. “It’s nothing. I just feel a little tired.”

Ji Hongfa sighed softly. “What happened at today’s banquet? Tell me in detail.”

It seems that everything at today’s banquet had already spread and even Ji Hongfa knows about it. Ji Chen’s heart sank. He looked at Ji Hongfa and said after a moment of hesitation, “There’s nothing particularly important, it’s just that…… there’s a slight situation.”

Then, Ji Chen told Ji Hongfa the ins and outs of the matter, concealing some parts about Jiang Baiwan and the focusing on ‘harming others and suffering the consequences’. Ji Hongfa listened with a sullen face, and when Ji Chen was done speaking, Ji Hongfa nodded his head. “All right, I know…… Originally, I wasn’t very keen when you made a move against the Chu family, but now it seems…… You can do as you please.”

Ji Chen immediately understood what Ji Hongfa meant and he couldn’t help but smile. “Dad, Chu Yunhan probably doesn’t have the heart to take care of business matters right now. This timing is just right.”

Ji Hongfa nodded again and then lectured Ji Chen with a stern face. “Xiao Jiang is your girlfriend after all, you should know how to protect her from others. Don’t also keep a straight face like this every day, you’ll scare people to death.”

Ji Chen was quite helpless. “How can I let her be afraid?”

Jiang Baiwan hid in the bathroom and heard the conversation between the father and son outside clearly. She couldn’t help sighing—— It seems that the men of Ji family were all awkward but gentle. Ji Chen was like this, and so was Ji Hongfa.

Ji Hongfa had no idea that there was someone hiding inside his son’s bathroom. After talking to Ji Chen for a while longer, Ji Hongfa finally stood up. “All right, I’m going. Remember to handle everything yourself.”

Ji Chen respectfully sent Ji Hongfa to the door. Ji Hongfa was about to go out when suddenly, Father Ji turned around and stared at Ji Chen for a moment. “I remembered something. Just now I heard the driver say that you seem to have brought someone back?”

“No.” Ji Chen firmly denied. “How can that be?”

Ji Hongfa’s face was full of suspicion. He stared at Ji Chen, but in the end, he still felt that his son really wouldn’t do such a thing, so he went out.

As soon as Ji Hongfa went out, Jiang Baiwan poked out her head from the bathroom. “How’s it going? Is your father gone?”

“Gone.” Ji Chen also heaved a sigh of relief. “Come out.”

He didn’t know why, but doing such things behind Ji Hongfa’s back gave Ji Chen an inexplicable sense of pleasure. He had always been upright since he was a child, and it was only after he met Jiang Baiwan that Ji Chen began to do things that he had never done before, little by little.

This made him feel novel and delighted at the same time.

Jiang Baiwan ran up to Ji Chen hugged him around the waist with a smile. “There are only two of us left now.”

Ji Chen pursed his lips, but he hugged Jiang Baiwan back honestly. The fiery atmosphere just now slowly returned and Ji Chen’s hugged gradually tightened. Jiang Baiwan felt Ji Chen’s strength, and her heartbeat also accelerated.

The two of them quietly enjoyed the silence of this moment, but when the atmosphere was just right, the door of the room was suddenly opened again.

Ji Hongfa looked at the two people hugging inside the room, while Ji Chen stared blankly at Ji Hongfa who was at the doorway. Jiang Baiwan looked at this and that, and finally felt that she should say something.

“H-hello, Uncle.”


The living room of the Ji family’s house was brightly lit. Ji Chen was sitting beside Jiang Baiwan. Jiang Baiwan blinked and straightened her back, still wearing Ji Chen’s coat.

Ji Hongfa sat across from them, his eyes surveying them both.

“Ahem, ahem.” Ji Hongfa coughed dryly, breaking the awkward situation. “When are you two…… planning to get married?”

Jiang Baiwan had already prepared herself, but she didn’t expect Ji Hongfa to say this as soon as he opened his mouth. She was unable to say the words she had thought of and just stared at Ji Hongfa dumbfounded.

Ji Hongfa stared at Ji Chen, frowning tightly as he waited for Ji Chen’s answer. Ji Chen sighed lightly. “I don’t know. It depends on Xiao Wan’s wishes.”

“How can this kind of thing be delayed?” Ji Hongfa glanced at Jiang Baiwan gingerly, but when facing his son, his expression became grave again. “How long have you two been together? Have you been bullying Xiao Jiang?”

After seeing Ji Chen’s reddened ears, Jiang Baiwan realized the meaning of ‘bullying’ in Ji Hongfa’s words. Jiang Baiwan tried to speak, but her face also blushed unconsciously.

Two young people sat in front of Ji Hongfa, their faces flushed. Although one of them was still wearing bright red pants, in Ji Hongfa’s eyes, this was the ironclad proof that Ji Chen was ‘bullying’ Jiang Baiwan.

He felt that he had regained the dignity of being a parent in front of Ji Chen and immediately sat up a little straighter, educating them earnestly, “You need to be careful. I’m not one of those less advanced parents, but you two…… need to be careful. If you should get married, then do it quicker.”

As he said that, Ji Hongfa also glanced at Jiang Baiwan’s belly. That look revealed joy within his worry. Even Jiang Baiwan understood what Ji Hongfa meant.

——Uncle! I’m not! Your son and I are still innocent! This is flesh on my stomach, not a child!

However, Jiang Baiwan absolutely did not have the courage to say this.

She could only smile stiffly, expressing that she and Ji Chen had listened to all of Ji Hongfa’s words.

And Ji Chen had lost his voice. He sat there unsure of what to say, giving Ji Hongfa a rare chance to play his role.

Just as Ji Hongfa was about to continue to say a few more words, there was a sound at the entrance hall, and in a short while, Ji Ying walked in with Jiang Zhishu in her arms. He was leaning on Ji Ying’s shoulder, just like a sweet little wife. The two walked to the living room sticking close to each other and happened to run into Ji Hongfa, Ji Chen and Jiang Baiwan who were sitting off to the side.

Ji Ying: “……”

“Both of you sit down here for me!” Ji Hongfa let out a stern bellow, causing Ji Ying to tremble in fright.

So what was already an awkward scene became even more awkward. Jiang Baiwan’s eyes went round. She never expected that Ji Ying would have something with Jiang Zhishu—— But thinking about it, Jiang Zhishu had lived in the Ji family’s house for so long and Ji Ying was such an attractive woman. It seems quite normal for the two to become involve in some ways……

“What’s going on with you two?” Ji Hongfa stared at Ji Ying with round eyes. “Explain it to me clearly. Jiang Zhishu isn’t that old yet. Are you…… are you deceiving him?”

Ji Ying was still a little nervous at first, but when she heard her old father’s adjective, she couldn’t help laughing. “Dad, what are you nervous about? Jiang Zhishu just drank too much.”

When Ji Hongfa heard this, his eyes snapped at Jiang Zhishu, and found that his eyes looked really confused and he hadn’t spoken since earlier. He was relieved.

Immediately afterwards, Ji Ying added, “But I do plan to date Jiang Zhishu.”

Now it was Ji Hongfa’s turn to be out of breath and his eyeballs were about to fall out of their sockets. “You— You guys— This—”

“Uncle.” Jiang Baiwan suddenly spoke. “Originally, my parents should have come forward to speak out about this matter, but you also know what the situation of our Jiang family is now, so I think it’s better to listen to Jiang Zhishu’s own ideas on this matter.”

The awkward but genial atmosphere in the living room snapped to a halt. The situation of the Jiang family mentioned by Jiang Baiwan was indeed a problem, and although not explicitly stated, the Jiang family’s parents…… seems to have no plan to take care of this pair of children.

Jiang Baiwan smiled while looking at them, then she finally clapped her hands. “Uncle Ji, it’s okay. It’s been so long now. Right or wrong, it’s no longer important.”

Saying that, she stood up and walked over Jiang Zhishu’s side, nonchalantly lifting her foot and kicking him twice. “All right, stop pretending to be drunk. You can fool others, but you can’t fool me.”

After a while, Jiang Zhishu slowly sat up straight as he scratched his cheek in embarrassment. “……Sis, don’t tear down my plan in front of Sister Ji.”


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