I’m 8 Million Poor
I’m 8 Million Poor Chapter 75

Ji Hongfa sat on the sofa, looking at this pair and then at that pair. No matter how he looked at it, he felt that there was something wrong. Jiang Baiwan and Ji Chen were just fine since they already had a marriage agreement before, but when did Ji Ying and Jiang Zhishu happen?

Jiang Zhishu was sitting between his sister and Ji Ying, with his hands on his knees, his face was upright, serious and well-behaved. When Ji Hongfa looked at him and hesitated to speak, Jiang Zhishu said, “Uncle Ji, Sister Ji and I are truly like each other and there’s no such thing as her forcing me.”

Ji Ying slapped herself on the face, covering her eyes. She didn’t want to look at the silly guy beside her.

Ji Hongfa was stunned for a while. “Ah…… is…… is that right?”

“Yes.” Jiang Zhishu was wreathed with smiles. “After spending some time with Sister Ji, we found that our interests seemed to fit with each other quite well. Uncle Ji, you don’t have to worry, I also lived abroad for a while so I’m not a pedantic person. In my heart, Sister Ji is the best no matter whether she has been married or not.”

Jiang Baiwan and Ji Chen were dumbfounded. Jiang Baiwan’s gaze at Jiang Zhishu changed—— This guy was good, throwing a set of words out to make Ji Hongfa dizzy.

However, Ji Hongfa was the former boss of Haochen Group. After being caught off guard by Jiang Zhishu, he quickly regained his composure. He grabbed the cigarette case on the table and wanted to smoke, but seeing Jiang Baiwan and Ji Ying, Ji Hongfa sighed and threw it back onto the table.

After contemplating for a while, he said, “Xiao Jiang, I’m not against you and Xiao Ying dating, it’s just you two can’t get married so early, and…… be careful not to cause a scene.”

Ji Chen also sighed. “Dad, both Sis and I have a sense of propriety.”

Ji Ying was even more roguish. “It’s no use whether you agree or not, Dad. You’d better keep an eye on Ji Chen more.”

Ji Hongfa glared at his children and said with a tigerish face, “What’s wrong with it? I’m your father anyway!” Then, Ji Hongfa called the housekeeper again. “Go arrange a room. Xiao Wan, you can stay at our house today. It’s too late so it’s not convenient for Ji Chen to send you back.”

The tense atmosphere was thus cleared away. Jiang Baiwan secretly heaved a sigh of relief. She was about to stand up when Jiang Zhishu suddenly grabbed her. Leaning into Jiang Baiwan’s ear he asked his sister in a whispher, “Say Sis, if you and Ji Chen got married in the future, and I married Sister Ji, how are we going to discuss seniority?”

Jiang Baiwan: “……??”

Ji Chen glanced at Jiang Zhishu from the side and gave a meaningful laugh. “It’s it simple? We’ll address each other separately. You’ll call me brother-in-law[1]elder sister’s husband and I’ll call you brother[2]younger brother.”

With that, Ji Chen took Jiang Baiwan and left, while Jiang Zhishu only reacted after a while, suddenly slapping his thigh. “Sister Ji, is Brother-in-law taking advantage of me?”

However, this was met with a look from Ji Ying as if she was sympathizing with a moron.


Jiang Baiwan sat on the bed in the guest room, watching Ji Chen, who had rolled up his sleeves, running the bath water for her in the bathroom, and couldn’t help from laughing—— When had she ever seen President Ji look so down-to-earth?

Although Ji Chen was in the bathroom, his ears were still sharp. “Are you laughing at me?”

“I’m not, I’m not.” Jiang Baiwan quickly put away her smile. “President Ji, it’s getting late now, wouldn’t it be better if you leave my room first? It’s not suitable for a man and woman to be alone.”

Ji Chen sighed and came out of the bathroom after drying his hands. “Then you want to…… continue?”

Jiang Baiwan instantly sensed the danger and quickly stretched out her hand to express her refusal, however, Ji Chen had already stepped forward and forced Jiang Baiwan to climb onto the bed. He knelt on the side of the bed with one leg, holding Jiang Baiwan’s hands to prevent her from retreating. There was still some moisture on his body from the bathroom and because of his messy clothes, the current Ji Chen looked very different from his usual self.

“It’s fine to continue.” Ji Chen smiled as he rubbed Jiang Baiwan’s cheek with his face. “I don’t mind.”

Jiang Baiwan desperately tilted her head back, trying to put a distance between her and Ji Chen. Her face was already flushed red and she felt that she was surrounded by the hormones emitted from Ji Chen’s body, making her mind a little light-headed. “I…… Yes…… Not at all, not at all.”

Ji Chen puffed out a laugh. He let go of Jiang Baiwan and stood up straight again. “All right, go take a shower, otherwise it will cool down.”

“Hey, Ji Chen!” Jiang Baiwan called out to Ji Chen who was about to go out. Her eyes flickered. “Good night.”

Ji Chen froze for a moment, then raised a brow. “Good night.”

After speaking, Ji Chen went out.

Jiang Baiwan’s surroundings suddenly became quiet. When she changed into her pajamas after taking a shower and lay on the bed, she still felt a little surreal—— Too many things happened at today’s banquet, including after arriving at the Ji family’s house, there were still so much going on. She needed to sort her brain out a little.

However, as soon as her head touched the pillow, Jiang Baiwan fell into dreamland. Her originally turbulent thoughts were suddenly calm, as silent as the streets in the dark of the night.

It’s just that on the other side, it’s not so simple.

After beating Gu Dongcheng up in the heat of the moment, Chu Yunhan took Shui Lan’er and left. After all, in Chu Yunhan’s mind, Shui Lan’er was a victim—— His Lan’er was so cute and gentle, how could she cheat on him? It must have been that Gu Dongcheng guy who had done it!

Shui Lan’er curled up in Chu Yunhan’s arms the whole time. She was sobbing softly when the incident happened, but now that she was in the car, Shui Lan’er stopped making a sound and just shed tears silently.

It’s just that this appearance made Chu Yunhan’s heart ache even more. He wrapped Shui Lan’er in his arms, and upon seeing the bruises and marks all over her body, he felt so angry and uncomfortable that his eyes turned red. He gritted his teeth and asked Shui Lan’er, “Lan’er, what happened? Please tell me clearly.”

Shui Lan’er grabbed Chu Yunhan’s lapels and cried so hard that she couldn’t even utter a sound for a while. “I…… I have no idea…… I’m not entirely sure. Yunhan, I’m not clean anymore. I’m already a dirty girl. Y-you don’t—”

“Lan’er!” Chu Yunhan held Shui Lan’ers hands in pain. “How can this be your fault?! This is obviously Gu Dongcheng’s fault! If he hadn’t forced…… You wouldn’t be like this.”

As he said that, Chu Yunhan couldn’t stop getting resentful again. “Why was that woman Jiang Baiwan able to escape unscathed while you ended up with Gu Dongcheng? Lan’er, tell me, did Jiang Baiwan play a trick on you, luring you there?”

When Shui Lan’er heard Chu Yunhan mention Jiang Baiwan, she couldn’t help but wince, along with some indescribable feeling of guilt. She didn’t speak and just shook her head.

However, in Chu Yunhan’s eyes, Shui Lan’ers actions proved that it was indeed Jiang Baiwan’s doing. He angrily smashed the car seat. “Don’t worry, I will definitely not let Jiang Baiwan off this time.”

“Yunhan!” Shui Lan’er was alarmed. “Don’t be impulsive! This has nothing to do with Xiao Wan!”

“You don’t need to say anything, Lan’er.” Chu Yunhan looked at Shui Lan’er fondly. “I know she must have done something, otherwise, how could you have suffered this bad luck? But Lan’er, rest assured, the president of the Gu family has promised me that Gu Dongcheng will not end well.”

What? What ‘will not end well’? Shui Lan’ers face turned pale all of a sudden. She wanted to say a few words for her big brother, but thought of the madness and scariness that Gu Dongcheng exhibited when she was in the room just now. Shui Lan’er looked again at the handsome Chu Yunhan in front of her and made a silent decision.

She loves Chu Yunhan, she loves Chu Yunhan!

Shui Lan’er closed her eyes and leaned against Chu Yunhan’s arms, telling herself over and over in her heart.

Unaware that she had taken on such a large pot[3]being blamed for no reason from a long distance, Jiang Baiwan slept dreamlessly until dawn, and by the time she got up, it was already ten o’clock.

She sat dazed on the bed with her messy hair for a long time before realizing that she was currently at Ji Chen’s house.

Exactly at this time, someone knocked on the door of the room. Ji Chen asked from outside, “Are you up?”

“I’m up.” Jiang Baiwan yawned. “I’ll be right down.”

When Jiang Baiwan washed up and came downstairs, Ji Chen was the only person in the living room. Jiang Baiwan looked around and asked curiously, “Where are the others?”

“Everyone has gone out.” Ji Chen very naturally took Jiang Baiwan’s hand and led her to the dining room. “My father went to the company to handle things while Ji Ying and Jiang Zhishu went out to play.”

Jiang Baiwan showed an impish smile at Ji Chen. “So what you’re saying is we’re the only ones left in the house right now? We can do anything we want?”

Ji Chen gave her a strange look. “No, there’re still the butler and the servants at home.”

Jiang Baiwan: “……You’re really no fun.”

Ji Chen poured Jiang Baiwan a glass of milk and placed it down in front of her. “Do you have anything to do today? How about we go out later too?”

Jiang Baiwan waved her hand and grabbed the glass to take a sip of milk. “Please spare me. I prefer to be at home playing games.”

Ji Chen didn’t mind. He just smiled dotingly. “Okay, playing games at home is also fine.”

Just when the atmosphere was perfect, an uninvited guest came to the door. Before Jiang Baiwan could finish her glass of milk, she heard a menacing voice from outside. “Ji Chen, come out! Is Jiang Baiwan here with you?! Tell her to come out for me!”

Jiang Baiwan and Ji Chen glanced at each other, both seeing confusion in each other’s eyes. Ji Chen called for the butler and asked him to go see who the person on the door was. The butler came back soon and he said in a low voice, “It’s the young president of the Chu family, Chu Yunhan.”

Chu Yunhan? When Jiang Baiwan heard this name, she couldn’t help shuddering. She put down the glass in her hand, looked at Ji Chen and joked, “He didn’t think I did what happened yesterday, did he? Is he looking for me to settle the score?”

Ji Chen glanced at her coolly and signaled the butler to open the door. “Most likely.”


1 elder sister’s husband
2 younger brother
3 being blamed for no reason


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