Mainly Because He Gave Too Much Money
Mainly Because He Gave Too Much Money Ch 08

Chapter 8 – Fighting an Unprepared Battle

If we ignore the strange annoyance of the Yan family’s second uncle and aunt, this dinner is actually quite enjoyable – at least there is no such thing as Yan Wenwu’s attitude of wanting to make a fuss.

In comparison, the hostess Chu Ling, although not wearing a smile, is relatively amiable compared to the others.

Of course, Zhou Ziyi still didn’t dare to overtly please her. The situation is complicated now, and it wouldn’t be good if it backfired.

Midway through, Yan Meiyue caused a scene. She got up and grabbed two pieces of spare ribs, then complained coquettishly that the ribs were placed too far away and she wanted to have half of them moved in front of her. Her aunt simply said, “It’s not that troublesome, just switch it with the one in front of you,” and helped Yan Meiyue switch the dish.

She also took away the only main dish in front of Zhou Ziyi.

Zhou Ziyi: … This kind of tactic can only last for a couple of episodes in a family drama.

Yan Xiuzhi saw Zhou Ziyi staring longingly at the switched plate, and reached out to grab a piece and threw it into his bowl without saying a word.

Zhou Ziyi: ???

No, Zhou Ziyi did consider whether or not to serve Yan Xiuzhi some food earlier, but he was afraid that he might have some invisible cleanliness obsession, so he didn’t make a move. Now the CEO Yan actually took the initiative to go to such lengths, and Zhou Ziyi, as the submissive party, is truly touched!

Yan Xiuzhi’s aunt, seeing the situation, spoke up, “I’ve never seen you serve spare ribs to your parents. You’re really good to your boyfriend.”

Zhou Ziyi thought to himself, ‘Here comes the opportunity!’ He was about to respond when he saw Yan Xiuzhi throw another piece of spare rib into his bowl and casually say, “He has short hands.”

As everyone knows, although these words sound teasing, they are actually showing off their affection.

Upon hearing this, Zhou Ziyi swallowed back the sentence, “I just said I wanted to drink milk tea when I got home, but he doesn’t let me eat snacks, so he wanted me to have a proper meal.”

Yan Xiuzhi’s response was more concise, intimate, and affectionate than he had imagined. Zhou Ziyi willingly admitted defeat.

So, a boss is a boss, and his way of showing affection is also top-notch!

Throughout the entire meal, Yan Wenwu did not show up, living up to his reputation for being temperamental. The Aunt would sometimes persuade Yan Xiuzhi to say something nice to his father, and other times she would tell Chu Ling that there should be no lingering grudges between husband and wife, urging her not to be angry. Both Chu Ling and Yan Xiuzhi did not react much. It was Yan Meiyue who stood up after the meal and said she would prepare dinner for Yan Wenwu, earning unanimous praise from Yan Xiuzhi’s aunt and uncle.

“Meiyue is such a filial child,” Aunt Yan sighed. “If only eldest brother hadn’t passed away early, he wouldn’t have missed out on this blessing. Now she cares so much about the third brother, even knowing to bring him food. Without restraining him, she can be considered repaying his kindness.”

Listening to the conversation, Zhou Ziyi’s inner thoughts were flooding with sarcastic remarks that could have gone viral, but it wasn’t suitable to speak up.

Yan Xiuzhi, who was being subtle, had no significant reaction, and even Chu Ling just glanced at her younger sister-in-law before continuing to eat. Zhou Ziyi figured that these two must be used to it, so it’s no wonder that their faces didn’t show much happiness when this sudden string of relatives appeared.

After dinner, except for Yan Meiyue leaving the scene, everyone else returned to the living room together.

Zhou Ziyi looked at the situation and felt that they weren’t about to leave immediately. Just as he sat down, he leaned close to Yan Xiuzhi and whispered, “I want to go to the restroom.”

They were very close, their shoulders touching each other, appearing very intimate. Zhou Ziyi was practically speaking into Yan Xiuzhi’s ear. The faint scent of wine from the wine they had just drunk during dinner, along with the warm breath, directly brushed against Yan Xiuzhi’s face and ear, making him slightly uncomfortable.

One second later, Yan Xiuzhi regained his senses and nodded.

Zhou Ziyi thought to himself, ‘What’s the use of just nodding? I didn’t get a map of your house.’ He asked, “Where is the restroom? Can you point me the right direction?”

Yan Xiuzhi subtly moved away a bit, turned his head, and glanced with his eyes, saying, “Go down the hallway, it’s on the right-hand side.”

“Okay.” Zhou Ziyi naturally patted Yan Xiuzhi’s leg lightly, stood up, and walked away.

Yan Xiuzhi unconsciously looked at the spot where he was patted, then glanced at Zhou Ziyi’s back before retracting his gaze.

Aunt Yan’s husband also stood up and took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket, saying, “I’ll go smoke a cigarette.”

The aunt wasn’t very happy and said, “Go outside, it stinks.”

“I know, do I need you to tell me?”

After answering, the uncle also went towards the hallway, where there was a door leading to the garden.

After Zhou Ziyi finished using the restroom, he returned the same way he came.

As he passed by the door leading to the backyard, even before reaching it, he saw a wisp of smoke drifting in. A few steps forward, he saw Yan Xiuzhi’s uncle standing at the doorway, smoking.

Their eyes met unintentionally, and out of professional courtesy, Zhou Ziyi nodded at him.

The uncle acted as if nothing happened and averted his gaze.

Zhou Ziyi didn’t expect any reaction from him, so he walked straight past. However, just as he was passing the doorway, he suddenly heard a question from behind, “Is this how you seduce Yan Xiuzhi?”

“What?” Zhou Ziyi paused, put his hands in his pockets, and turned to look at the uncle, asking, “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean? Don’t you understand?” The uncle sneered, “Aren’t you just after the Yan family’s money? A student who can’t study properly abroad, only engaging in such activities?”

Zhou Ziyi furrowed his brows and replied, “Uncle, show some respect.”

“Respect? That’s for ordinary people.” The uncle waved his cigarette, his tone hostile and mocking, “Do you, a prostitute, deserve my respect?”

Zhou Ziyi coldly said, “What did you say?”

“Isn’t it? Aren’t you used to doing these kinds of things?” Uncle scrutinized Zhou Ziyi with a malicious look, “You think you can succeed just by relying on Yan Xiuzhi, huh? Did you used to sleep with men before? How much did you charge for a night?”

Zhou Ziyi was quite impressed.

President Yan seemed to be a highly educated and attractive talent, so why does his family have this kind of attitude? Is it appropriate for an elder to say such things to a future nephew-in-law during their first meeting?

Yan Xiuzhi said that he shouldn’t be bullied, and his face should not be disgraced.

So, when I can’t bear it anymore, there’s no need to bear it, right?

Zhou Ziyi put his hands in his pockets, smiled silently with lowered eyes, then raised his eyes, and changed to a surprised expression, “Uncle, how can you say such things to me… If you want to find a prostitute, go to the street! I am Yan Xiuzhi’s boyfriend, and you actually want to buy me for a night, are you crazy?”

Uncle frowned, about to retort, but Zhou Ziyi continued, “Could it be that you’re asking me these things because you see that I’m Yan Xiuzhi’s boyfriend and I look easy to bully? Are you the kind of pervert who finds it exciting to target young and handsome men in your own family?”

Uncle stared at him, wanting to curse but didn’t dare to speak too loudly, “What did you say?!”

Zhou Ziyi had more to say, “You, you haven’t thought about Yan Xiuzhi, have you? I warn you, you’re not allowed to lay a finger on him!”

Uncle’s eyebrows furrowed, “You…!”

“Pervert, I don’t dare to talk to you alone.” Zhou Ziyi didn’t bother to listen to the other’s retorts or insults and turned around to tactically retreat.

Without being conceited about his long legs, he quickly took three or two steps and left the corridor. Uncle wanted to chase after him and continue the argument but couldn’t catch up, and he couldn’t shout back either. He stomped his feet in frustration, the cigarette burning his hand, muttered as he discarded it and stepped on it.

On the other side, Zhou Ziyi briskly returned to the living room.

Yan Xiuzhi was still sitting on the sofa, and the seat next to him was still empty. Zhou Ziyi naturally sat back beside him.

Yan Xiuzhi noticed that something was off with his expression and hurried footsteps, as if being chased from behind. He raised an eyebrow and used a questioning expression to inquire about the situation. Zhou Ziyi lightly shook his head, not saying a word.

Chu Ling personally brought out a plate of fruits and placed it on the coffee table. “Have some fruits.”

With the fruits placed in front of Yan Xiuzhi, Zhou Ziyi took advantage of it and said, “Thank you, Auntie.”

While speaking, he subtly nudged Yan Xiuzhi’s arm, and surprisingly, Yan Xiuzhi understood and reached out to grab a tangerine for him.

Zhou Ziyi pulled out a tissue and began peeling the fruit.
Just at that moment, Uncle returned with a gloomy expression. Auntie noticed his dark and brooding demeanor and asked, “What’s with that expression? Did someone provoke you during your smoke break?”

As soon as she said that, Yan Xiuzhi glanced at Zhou Ziyi.

Just now, the only person who happened to meet my uncle face to face was Zhou Ziyi, who was going to the toilet.

“This young man really lacks manners!”

Yan Xiuzhi’s uncle didn’t even sit down, he pointed at Zhou Ziyi and started scolding:
“I was just smoking peacefully, and when he passed by, I tried to strike up a conversation with him. But he turned around and started cursing at me, saying I was crazy! Do you understand what manners are? If you’re going to marry Yan Xiuzhi, is this how you treat Yan Xiuzhi’s elders? Yan Xiuzhi, do you even know what kind of person he is before deciding to marry him?!”

Zhou Ziyi: ‘Wow, the thief cries thief?’[1]The thief cries thief, the meaning is the guilty party files the suit
That thought only lasted for a moment. When everyone carefully looked at him(Yan Xiuzhi’s Uncle), he had turned cold.

“Why are you staring at me? Did I say something wrong?” Uncle continued, “You went crazy and started cursing people, then ran away. Is this how you behave when you come to Yan’s house for the first time? Will you treat Yan Xiuzhi’s parents with the same attitude in the future?”

Yan Xiuzhi’s Uncle was confident that Zhou Ziyi wouldn’t dare to speak about the vulgar language he had just used. He relied on the advantage of being older to take the lead. Moreover, there were so many Yan family members present who didn’t like him as Yan Xiuzhi’s boyfriend. Yan Xiuzhi’s Uncle believed that they would definitely believe his words.

However, he was mistaken.

Zhou Ziyi was not someone who could be easily bullied. He was someone who was ordered “not to be bullied.”

He just didn’t expect that this old guy would actually run into the gun[2]Run into the gun, the meaning is to do something too soon, especially without thinking carefully about it for the second time. He was truly a model for seeking punishment.

“Ah… I originally wanted to keep it a secret, otherwise, Brother would definitely be unhappy.”

Zhou Ziyi finally spoke, his expression appearing both angry and aggrieved. “You can’t call me impolite just because I rejected you earlier.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was stunned.

Others were shocked by Zhou Ziyi’s audacity in saying such things in front of so many people, while his uncle was taken aback by the fact that he actually dared to say it.

Auntie’s tone immediately escalated, “What did you say?!”

“I’m talking about our conversation just now,” Zhou Ziyi glanced at Yan Xiuzhi’s Aunt, then looked at her husband, “Uncle asked me how much for a night, but I’m not a prostitute standing on the street. If uncle wants to pay for a night with a prostitute, he should look elsewhere, why look for it among relatives? Even if you have special preferences, you shouldn’t talk about it openly.”

Everyone was left dumbfounded: ?! ?! ?!

His uncle became furious, “You’re spewing lies! I never said that! Spreading such blatant lies, it seems like your mother didn’t…”

Zhou Ziyi’s gaze turned sharp.

“Since that’s the case, let’s settle this and discuss it together.” Zhou Ziyi set aside the half-peeled gonggan(tangerine), took out his phone from his pocket, and placed it on the table. A white, round pendant made a clattering sound.

“After listening to the recording, you can’t deny it, right?”

This is a picture of Gonggan (Tangerine)


1 The thief cries thief, the meaning is the guilty party files the suit
2 Run into the gun, the meaning is to do something too soon, especially without thinking carefully about it


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