Mainly Because He Gave Too Much Money
Mainly Because He Gave Too Much Money Ch 09

Chapter 9 – We’re not afraid of verbal fights

As soon as Zhou Ziyi spoke, the whole family stared at his phone.

Yan Xiuzhi’s Uncle couldn’t believe it and said, “What? You… that’s impossible!”

“Just listen, and you’ll know,” Zhou Ziyi said, not giving any explanation. He turned up the volume and pressed play.

Uncle Yan’s voice came from the phone speaker, “You’re only after the Yan family’s money, aren’t you? A student who doesn’t study properly abroad and instead engages in these kinds of activities?

The whole family turned their heads towards Uncle Yan. Yan Xiuzhi squinted his eyes and stared at him coldly.

Uncle Yan argued loudly, “No, I just meant that… I didn’t mean it that way!”

Yan Xiuzhi raised his hand and coldly said, “Listen to the whole thing first.”

Perhaps President Yan’s expression was too intimidating, even the elders dared not speak again. The whole family listened silently to the voice coming from the phone. Chu Ling also had a cold expression. Even if she didn’t necessarily like Zhou Ziyi, she definitely wouldn’t appreciate someone treating her son’s fiancé this way.

In the entire living room, only the voices of Uncle Yan and Zhou Ziyi echoed.

When Zhou Ziyi’s stern question, “Are you the kind of pervert who finds it exciting to pursue young and handsome relatives…,” came from the phone, Yan Xiuzhi finally coldly said, “That’s enough.”

Zhou Ziyi stopped the recording.

Perfect timing, he didn’t really want Yan Xiuzhi to hear the part where he fabricated his statement. It was purely meant to provoke Uncle Yan, so it’s better not to drag Yan Xiuzhi into this.

As soon as the recording stopped, Uncle Yan couldn’t wait to refute loudly, “He’s slandering me! It’s all him, I never said those words! You all heard it!”

“If you didn’t mean it that way, then why did you ask me how much money it would take for me to do something for a night?” Zhou Ziyi’s tone was icy, his face stern, and he looked like he was suppressing his anger. “I gave you chances before, but you pushed it to this point. Am I supposed to let you slander me?”

Uncle Yan’s face turned red with anger as he glared at him fiercely. “I was just joking around with a few words, and you’re slandering me like this? Also, when you went to someone else’s house, why did you start recording? Are you a guest or a thief? Are you actually a corporate spy, getting close to Yan Xiuzhi to steal Hua Hao’s secrets?”

“Just joking around? Jokes don’t go to this extent. Then I’ll also say that my words were just jokes, why do you still keep following me and cursing at me?” Zhou Ziyi sneered. “And it was you who started saying these things in the first place, that’s why I started recording. If I didn’t, wouldn’t you have falsely accused me in front of all these people?”

“You…!” Uncle Yan pointed at Zhou Ziyi and then turned to Yan Xiuzhi, “You just let him be so arrogant? How can you marry someone who would slander their elders? How can you sit with the Yan family?”

“Now it’s just between the two of us, don’t bring Yan Xiuzhi into this,” Zhou Ziyi said coldly. “If you had even a little consideration for Yan Xiuzhi’s dignity, you wouldn’t say these things in front of me. You’re allowed to say things about me, but I’m not allowed to defend myself, is that what you mean?”

After a pause, Zhou Ziyi sneered again, “And you’re also a man who married into the Yan family, sitting here causing trouble for me, why bother?”

Yan Xiuzhi’s Aunt couldn’t help but speak up: “Xiao Xiu, not to criticize, but you really need to think carefully about this marriage.”

Yan Xiuzhi glanced at her but didn’t say anything.

Auntie thought that Yan Xiuzhi was also considering the same thing, so she continued: “The first time he came to our house, he turned everything upside down. Is this the kind of person who will behave in the future? Do you not know? He came and said that we are here to freeload off the Yan family, using such language… I can’t even repeat it. With this kind of personality, can you two really live together? Won’t he drive your father crazy?”

Zhou Ziyi took a look and thought to himself: “Oh, it’s two against one!”

He was about to gather his spirits and engage in a verbal battle, but Yan Xiuzhi suddenly reached out and handed Zhou Ziyi the half-peeled tangerine back.

Zhou Ziyi: ???

He held the tangerine for a second, exchanged a glance with Yan Xiuzhi, and suddenly felt a wave of gratitude.

“His attitude, I indeed didn’t see it through. But as for your attitude, I see it crystal clear,” Yan Xiuzhi said. “How come you’re bullying the person I brought back? You say he doesn’t give you face, but are you giving me face like this?”

Zhou Ziyi controlled his anger and pretended to keep quiet, continuing to peel the tangerine with a ruckus.

“He is a man!” Auntie stared and said, “Have you ever thought about how people will perceive you and the Yan family when you marry a man? Have you considered the impact on Hua Hao’s stock price? Is this how you will be the head of the Yan family?”

Her husband chimed in, “Yes! He is this kind of person who doesn’t understand manners or respect. How can he be your support in the future? Taking him to any event, wouldn’t it embarrass the entire Hua Hao?”

At this moment, Zhou Ziyi finished peeling the tangerine and glanced at Yan Xiuzhi.

Zhou Ziyi: ‘Does the boss need help in this argument?’

Yan Xiuzhi glanced at the uncle and responded, “Did you consider these issues when you married my aunt?”

Zhou Ziyi: ‘Okay, no need.’

He carefully removed the white threads from the tangerine peel.

And Uncle Yan furrowed his brow, asking, “What do you mean?”

“You said Zhou Ziyi is a man, and so are you. You said he doesn’t respect people, but it seems like you haven’t respected him either,” Yan Xiuzhi’s tone was not loud, but it carried a sense of intimidation and a hint of mockery.
“Of course, you don’t need to attend any of Hua Hao’s events since my Aunt’s position is not that high. It would be good enough for you to participate in a team-building activity at a subsidiary company, after all, those usually allow family members to join.”

After he finished speaking, the uncle suddenly realized that he was being mocked for marrying into the family and living off others. The uncle stood up abruptly, “How dare you speak to me like this…!”

Zhou Ziyi handed the peeled tangerine to Yan Xiuzhi and stood up, moving to stand in front of Yan Xiuzhi.

He stared at his uncle with a sinister tone, “Do you want to make a move?”

To be honest, Zhou Ziyi’s physique was not strong, but his aura was extremely intimidating. That fierce look in his eyes immediately stopped Uncle Yan who was about to charge at him.

Uncle Yan instinctively glanced at Chu Ling.

Zhou Ziyi raised his hand to stop him, “Who are you looking at?!”

Yan Xiuzhi also said, “You want to make a move against my mom?”

“Chu Ling, are you just going to sit there and not say anything?” Uncle wasn’t actually planning to make a move against Chu Ling, he just wanted to confront her. “If Yan Wenwu were here, he wouldn’t let his son say such things. You just spoil Yan Xiuzhi, treating kindness as weakness. You’ll know there’s no regret medicine to take in the future!”

“What do you want me to say? Are you welcome to come here every day?” Chu Ling glanced at him, stood up, and walked upstairs. “I’m tired, do whatever you want.”

Yan Xiuzhi also stood up, “We’re leaving too. Mom, someone will come to pick you up on the day of the engagement banquet.”

Chu Ling didn’t even look back, “Understood.”

Yan Xiuzhi approached and bumped into Zhou Ziyi’s arm. Zhou Ziyi thought he wanted to hold hands while leaving, so he reached out his hand, but the peeled tangerine came back again.

Okay, since this thing is being passed around, President Yan probably doesn’t want to eat it anymore.

Zhou Ziyi moved the peeled tangerine to the other side and took the initiative to hold Yan Xiuzhi’s hand.

Yan Xiuzhi hesitated for a moment but ultimately didn’t let go of his hand.

The two of them walked hand in hand like that.

As for the two couples who were still in the Yan family’s living room, there was a butler watching over them, so there was no need to worry about them taking anything from the Yan family.

After leaving the gate, Yan Xiuzhi went to the garage to get the car and didn’t let Zhou Ziyi follow.

Zhou Ziyi stood bored at the door and decided to start eating the peeled tangerine. Trying one piece, it was juicy, refreshing, and delicious.

“Why are you alone here?”

A female voice suddenly sounded from behind, and Zhou Ziyi turned around to find that it was Yan Meiyue.

This little girl hadn’t been seen since finishing the meal, and now she suddenly appeared, speaking in a pretty decent manner. Today, as long as she didn’t speak in a weird and eerie tone, it could be considered quite friendly. Zhou Ziyi couldn’t help but feel strange.

But since the little girl spoke calmly, Zhou Ziyi didn’t start cursing right away and simply nodded, “Waiting for Yan Xiuzhi to get the car.”

Yan Meiyue took out her phone, “Want to add each other as friends?”

Zhou Ziyi: ???

What’s going on here?

Yan Meiyue looked at Zhou Ziyi with a guarded expression and said, “Actually, I still support my brother, but what he’s doing is really disrespectful to my third uncle. My third uncle has taken me in for so many years, and I can’t just go against him. If you really want my third uncle to agree, I can try to find an opportunity to put in a good word for you.”

The more Zhou Ziyi listened, the more confused he became. Does this mean that Yan Meiyue is planning to help him by talking to Yan Wenwu?

But would Yan Wenwu really listen to the words of a non-direct family member like Yan Meiyue?

And why did Yan Meiyue suddenly change her attitude?

“Don’t just stand there like a fool, add me as a friend! This way, I can keep you updated on my third uncle’s emotions and thoughts whenever you want,” Yan Meiyue said. “If you think about it, I’m kind of like your sister-in-law. With me helping you, you’ll have twice the results with half the effort, right?”

Zhou Ziyi had many doubts, but he couldn’t express them. He could only take out his phone and add Yan Meiyue as a friend.

“Hmm? You also draw in your free time?” Yan Meiyue scrolled through Zhou Ziyi’s Moments. “Your drawings are really good, and you even put a watermark. Are these for commercial use?”

Zhou Ziyi didn’t explain much, “Just drawing for fun.”

“Okay. By the way, if I gather information for you, it’s not free,” Yan Meiyue added. “But don’t worry, it’s just a small amount of pocket money. Surely you can afford it.”

Zhou Ziyi raised an eyebrow in secret.

Yan Meiyue seemed like she wanted to say something else, but Yan Xiuzhi had already arrived at the entrance in the car. Zhou Ziyi bid farewell to Yan Meiyue and got into Yan Xiuzhi’s car. As he looked back, he saw Yan Meiyue waving at them.

Yan Xiuzhi didn’t notice this, but he did notice earlier when Zhou Ziyi and Yan Meiyue were standing together. Once the car left the Yan family villa, Yan Xiuzhi asked, “What did she want from you?”

“I don’t know her true intentions, but she mentioned supporting our marriage,” Zhou Ziyi shook his phone. “She also added me as a friend.”

Yan Xiuzhi squinted his eyes.

Zhou Ziyi waited for two seconds and realized that he didn’t comment, so he prepared to put his phone away. Just as he was about to do so, Yan Xiuzhi asked again, “What’s on your phone?”

“Oh, this?” Zhou Ziyi flicked the pendant on his phone. “It’s a little rabbit.”

After saying that, he pinched the pendant with his two fingers and pressed it hard—



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