Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 109

Chapter 109 – The big block of ice in the deep mountains
An Xumo’s hands clasped, his fingers tightened. He bit the tip of his tongue and did not speak, his eyes also dropped, and he did not look at Zhou Jinchen again.
He vaguely guessed what the other party seemed to be expecting, but he still lacked the courage to take a step forward when the words came to his lips.
The room was quiet for a long time and the atmosphere seemed a bit stagnant. An Xumo lowered his head and did not see Zhou Jinchen’s expression. At last, it was Li Qiucheng who spoke up to break the silence in the room.
“Jinchen’s condition has actually been quite ideal, and the situation is much better compared to before and with other AS patients.” Li Qiucheng said, “He was lucky to have met someone who taught him to come out.”
An Xumo subconsciously asked, “Who?” remembering the things his brother had mentioned to him before, “Is it that… Mr. Old You?”
“……” Li Qiucheng couldn’t help but reach out and pinch his brow.
Zhou Jinchen whispered, “It’s you.”
“……Me?” An Xumo was at a loss. “But I don’t remember teaching my brother anything……”
“You look at me.” Zhou Jinchen said.
“You’ve been looking at me and you taught me that.”
So, I’m going to give it back to you; the same, more, and longer gaze.
When they returned from S City, they continued to shoot on the set until the film 《Yin Yang Well》 ended, and they never mentioned the romance thing again.
After the final banquet, they returned to B City. An Xumo went to school to cancel his leave and returned. He was worried about a pile of identification questions he couldn’t understand but Zhou Jinchen called him to the courtyard.
“Do you still remember asking me about the backyard before?”
An Xumo nodded and subconsciously looked at the shadow wall.
Although the two people live in a courtyard, when the house was renovated, it only left a quaint shell of ancient simplicity which is in fact some modernized intelligence. For example, the main body of the shadow wall which is preserved in accordance with the rules of feng shui is made of ultra-white glass. The shadow wall is so transparent and designed that An Xumo can see the light coming from behind that night.
Zhou Jinchen said, “Come with me.”
The two went around to the back of the shadow wall, the space between the wall and the shadow wall was narrow. Zhou Jinchen’s body blocked An Xumo’s view, and before he could see what was happening, a door quietly opened.
What was revealed inside happened to be the long corridor that An Xumo saw last time.
“Last time you said you saw light in the middle of the night, it should be the person in charge of cleaning the corridor and forgot to close the door, letting you come in by mistake.”
Zhou Jinchen led the person in, the sky was still bright, only then did An Xumo get a good look at the carefully tended grass and landscape outside the long corridor. When they reached the door where An Xumo had failed to enter last time, Zhou Jinchen stretched out his hand to have his fingerprints checked. However, what An Xumo didn’t expect was that the door didn’t open directly, instead, a reminder popped up on the screen.
【Access request has been sent.】
Request? An Xumo was a little curious, why does his brother have to request when he goes to his own backyard?
The reminder didn’t stay long and was soon replaced by another line.
【Transfer default access mode】
After a soft sound, the door automatically opened to both sides.
When the two stepped into the door, Zhou Jinchen gave an explanation to An Xumo.
As the head of the household, Zhou Jinchen has access to the entire courtyard, but only the backyard which was like a doorbell that needs to send a reminder to the person after identification before being granted access.
An Xumo nodded his head in understanding, “No wonder my identification didn’t work last time……”
Zhou Jinchen stared at him.
An Xumo was confused, “What’s wrong?”
Zhou Jinchen said, “You forgot to send the request last time, not that it was unsuccessful.”
An Xumo froze, “……Yi? Can my fingerprints be also recognized in the backyard?”
“En.” Zhou Jinchen said, “In this courtyard, your authority is the same as mine, Xiao Mo.”
Before An Xumo finished digesting the news, Zhou Jinchen led the person into the area at the back. The style here is obviously different from the front courtyard, to An Xumo, it’s as if it hadn’t been renovated at all. Everything was still ancient and old-fashioned; even the broken gaps on the wooden windows were still there.
If not for the main hall and the house, there would still be traces of people living. The tables, chairs, and beds are also clean and tidy. It looked like an old abandoned house that really looks a bit desolate.
And, An Xumo also finally learned from Zhou Jinchen who actually lived in the backyard.
Unexpectedly, it was the old man who had taken Zhou Jinchen to the mountains for five years for treatment.
Zhou Jinchen isn’t sure of the old man’s real name, except that the other party’s Taoist name is Mr. Yunyang. Apart from the study of Taoism, Mr. Old Yu is also quite proficient in psychology. If he hadn’t taken Zhou Jinchen away, I’m afraid the latter would not be able to get out of his autistic state until now.
Mr. Old Yu travels all year round. The deep mountain where he took Zhou Jinchen to live in seclusion is the place where he rests after returning from his travels. When he came to B City this time, he also took a fancy to the nearby old town, so after Zhou Jinchen heard about it, he decorated the courtyard, and invited him (Mr. Yu) to live with him (Zhou Jinchen).
“Before leaving Jin Dian, the Zhou family was still in control of my movements. If I move to another place, they would inevitably tie me up. With Mr. Old Yu here, they will not be suspicious of the choice of location. After losing the monitoring, they will only think it’s because of Mr. Old Yu’s presence.”
An Xumo listened to Zhou Jinchen’s explanation while observing the furnishings around him. After the other party finished saying his words, he turned his head and looked past in hindsight.
Zhou Jinchen is still expressionless and his tone was flat, not sounding like he was talking about his family, but rather, like a group of strange and cold overseers.
“A lot of Mr. Old Yu’s research can’t be leaked. Only he can come into the backyard and I haven’t been here since he moved here. So the very first time I showed you around this home, I didn’t mention the backyard to you.”
Zhou Jinchen finished his explanation and added, “A few weeks ago, when we were filming on the set, Mr. Old Yu sent me a message that he was leaving B City. He had taken his things with him, leaving only some things related to me.”
Related to my brother? An Xumo looked around, his eyes quickly fell on a wooden box in the main hall.
The style of the wooden box is somewhat chic and it looks a bit old. An Xumo reached out and touched the opening of the lid only to find that the wooden box wasn’t locked.
When they opened the lid together, the contents of the box were exposed.
Similar to the wooden box, the items inside also looked old. They are mostly yellowed books, children’s drawing books, carefully bound books, and notebooks wrapped in leather.
An Xumo asked, “Brother, are all of these your things?”
Zhou Jinchen frowned, “Probably, I can’t remember clearly.”
An Xumo looked at him curiously.
Zhou Jinchen’s memory is outstanding, unlike An Xumo who needed to spend a lot of effort to write it down, he (Zhou Jinchen) was so gifted that he could almost say he could hardly forget. Later, when Li Qiucheng explained, An Xumo knew that this was a special gift for patients with Asperger’s syndrome. Closing a door and opening a window, in the final analysis, it’s not necessarily a good thing.
What is it that my brother can’t even remember?
The two men weren’t in a rush to flip through the wooden box. After all, there were quite a lot of books in it, and it would take a lot of time to read them. Moreover, Mr. Old Yu left a few weeks ago, under the B City air, the backyard has been covered with a thin layer of dust, and it’s not convenient to move.
After rummaging through the remaining rooms to make sure nothing else was left behind, the two returned to the front yard with the wooden box. The door at the end of the long corridor also requires verification of the password to open from the inside, Zhou Jinchen who was holding the box didn’t have free hands, and An Xumo who walked in front of him pressed his right index finger that is usually used to open the door.
An Xumo’s name quickly appeared on the screen, the word “administrator” was written in the identity column. After the fingerprint recognition, there was a soft sound, and the door was really opened.
Across the long corridor, An Xumo opened the door to the front yard just like he did, and the two returned to the living room. Zhou Jinchen put down the wooden box and took out the books inside.
Looking at them separately, Zhou Jinchen took a drawing book while An Xumo picked up a warm yellow diary.
The handwriting in the diary was clean and beautiful but there was no continuity, so it was obvious that it was written by a child. According to the date, the diary should be more than ten years ago, and what surprised An Xumo was that the diary even had a name.
“Xin Zimai…… this is Brother Zimai’s diary?”
Zhou Jinchen moved his eyes away from the drawing book, “Zimai is Old Yu’s disciple. When he was a child, he had a bad respiratory tract so his parents sent him to the mountains to recuperate.”
An Xumo didn’t expect Xin Zimai to have this experience, “Then, brother, did you and Brother Zimai knew each other at that time?”
Zhou Jinchen nodded.
An Xumo asked, “Then, can I open and read it?”
After all, it’s a diary, even if it’s something from someone’s childhood, it’s still considered private.
Zhou Jinchen picked up his phone and called Xin Zimai.
The phone was picked up in a hurry. Xin Zimai’s breathing didn’t even calm down. An Xumo was a bit confused and couldn’t help but ask softly, “Brother Zimai’s respiratory tract since childhood hasn’t healed yet?” (T/N: Jinchen disturbing the side couple’s lovey-dovey lol. E/N: HAHAHAHAHAAHA)
Although An Xumo’s voice was low, it was still heard over there. Xin Zimai gave a hollow laugh, “Ha, I’m fine.”
A faint voice came from the other side, “You had bronchitis when you were a child?”
It was Li Qiucheng’s voice.
Zhou Jinchen ignored the other side and directly said to An Xumo, “He doesn’t have bronchitis, so it’s the lack of vital capacity.”[1]Vital capacity is the maximum amount of air a person can expel from the lungs after a maximum inhalation.
An Xumo was still a bit confused.
After tossing about for a while, Zhou Jinchen explained the problem. Xin Zimai didn’t care much, “Just read it. Remember to save it for me after reading it ah. I don’t even remember what I wrote at that time.”
Hanging up the phone, An Xumo began to continue to read, the first previous diary is nothing unusual, only a general record of daily life. He also found from the account that this diary is the task set by Mr. Old Yu.
After flipping back a few pages, An Xumo saw a special piece of content.
“Today, a new kid came to the deep mountains. His name is so hard to write and the person is also hard to get along with. He doesn’t talk to anyone. He keeps a straight face, like a big block of ice……”
An Xumo reacted.
This kid is Zhou Jinchen.
The author has something to say:
The next chapter is a high energy warning~
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1 Vital capacity is the maximum amount of air a person can expel from the lungs after a maximum inhalation.

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