Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 112

Chapter 112 – Recognize me as a boyfriend

There was silence in the huge office.

Recently, his work has been so busy that An Xumo could only sleep at most four or five hours a day. Because he couldn’t guarantee enough rest, there was something wrong with his eyes.

So when An Xumo insisted on hearing the truth, Zhou Jinchen did not continue to hide it from him.

After leaving the documents behind, Xin Zimai took the lead and left the office. This is a matter that belongs to two people, and it’s neither good for others to participate nor can they intervene.

After locking the door, Zhou Jinchen finally opened his mouth.

“What I said about saving you was an accident, Xiao Mo, you weren’t kidnapped.”

An Xumo knew about it because he never had a memory of being kidnapped.

“I was the one who thought I didn’t protect you well and let the kidnappers take the both of us. That’s why I kept thinking about your whereabouts.”

“But their initial target was me, wasn’t it?” An Xumo asked in a hoarse voice.

If the kidnappers really wanted to use Zhou Jinchen for money, they certainly wouldn’t have gone after An Xumo who wasn’t given the slightest attention.

Zhou Jinchen was silent for a moment but eventually nodded his head.

The people who planned the kidnapping back then were the family of An Xumo’s biological father, He Wenbin. The two families have been fighting for many years since the death of Zhou Yunshan and He Wenbin, and the He family is not as deep as the Zhou family’s inside information, gradually showing a decline, so they put their mind on An Xumo.

An Xumo has the inheritance left by Zhou Yunshan which also includes some things that involve the core of the Zhou family. If the He family wants to make use of this inheritance it’s necessary to snatch An Xumo away. In order to avoid suspicion, the He family hired people on the road to do it but what they didn’t expect was that the person who infiltrated the Zhou family was discovered by Zhou Jinchen, and in the chaos, the person who was kidnapped turned out to be Zhou Jinchen.

Before being taken away, Zhou Jinchen failed to confirm An Xumo’s safety. He watched with his own eyes a gangster walking towards An Xumo’s room, after the trouble, he (Zhou Jinchen) was knocked unconscious. That’s why he mistakenly thought that his younger brother was also caught.

After being tied up, the local gangsters should have directly handed over the hostages to the He family but they were chased too hard by the Zhou family and hurriedly fled all the way. It wasn’t until they arrived at a safe place and laid their hands on him did they realized that they actually carried the wrong person.

The leader of the kidnappers got the information from the He family. After he recognized Zhou Jinchen’s identity, he was so evil from the heart that he planned to eat on both sides. Blackmailing the Zhou family with Zhou Jinchen to pay the ransom on one hand and threatening the He family with exposing the hiring of kidnapping on the other hand.

The He family were so angry that they directly hired a second group of people to retaliate against the kidnappers, who knew that the kidnappers heard the wind on the road. The second group did not succeed in the sneak attack, and the two gangs fought head-on, resulting in a mutual loss.

Zhou Jinchen looked at the person and said, “Xiao Mo, this has nothing to do with you. It was because of me that the kidnappers temporarily changed their minds, which eventually led to them cutting each other.”

An Xumo with his face down, couldn’t speak, and could only shake his head.


It’s not because of his brother, the cause of everything is him but his brother has endured more than a hundred times of pain for him.

Zhou Jinchen reached over and gently cupped the boy’s face. He gently wiped the tears on the other person’s face, the tears couldn’t be wiped away, and his entire palm was wet with tears.

“Without an insider, the kidnappers couldn’t have broken into the house so easily.” Zhou Jinchen whispered, “It wasn’t until recently we found out that the person who worked with the He family in the first place was my mother.”

“She and my father were married in business and had little affection for the entire Zhou family. When the He family promised her father a favor, she agreed to help lay hands on you.”

“It has only recently become clear to me that my grandfather and father knew what she had done but because of my grandfather’s demands for peace and compromise, coupled with the profits from the acquisition of the bankrupt He family at that time, they continued to live together for more than a decade.”

Zhou Jinchen looked at the boy in front of him.

“In their eyes, the harm I suffered could be completely offset by the profits from the acquisition of the He family.”

An Xumo opened his wet eyes and bit down on his swollen, red lower lip.

They were the same.

If Zhou Jinchen had a family that could give him enough love and care, he wouldn’t have been taken away by strangers for treatment.

An Xumo took a deep breath, his voice was hoarse, with a lingering nasal voice, “Brother, can I?”

“Whether it’s a didi or something else……to have a home with you and be your family.”

He spent all the courage in his life, “Can I?”

Zhou Jinchen did not pause for too long.

“Not a di di,” he said, “Xiao Mo, I don’t see you as a didi now.”

An Xumo did not flinch, he was still looking forward to Zhou Jinchen’s answer.

“I’m willing to confess to you a thousand times, but I don’t want you to agree to it out of guilt.” Zhou Jinchen repeated again, “Xiao Mo, your own feelings will always be your freedom.”

“It’s not guilt,” An Xumo shook his head, “no.”

“It’s that I……am too selfish.”

The tip of the boy’s nose began to flush again.

“I care too much about you, brother. I couldn’t bear the pain of gaining and losing, so I thought it would be better to not start at all.”

“If I’m not with you, I’ll never lose you either……”

In an ordinary relationship, what you lose in a breakup are feelings. For An Xumo, on the other hand, he would lose his sun. (E/N: mannn this hit so baddd)

He could not afford to take that risk, so in Li Qiucheng’s office in S City, beside the wooden box in the courtyard, after knowing his brother’s true feelings, he didn’t really take that step every day.

Zhou Jinchen looked at An Xumo whose eyes were slightly red. He knew the other party’s concerns, the boy had been sensitive for too long, and it took great courage to take a step.

So he had been waiting for the moment for the other side to reveal himself, and then he went over.

“Then give me a trial period, okay?”

An Xumo’s eyes widened.

“……trial period?”

“Look at my performance. If there’s something wrong with me, you can fire me at any time.” Zhou Jinchen’s tone was resolute and he couldn’t hear the slightest hint of joking.

An Xumo untimely thought of Yin Hanxing.

The other party also said the same thing.

The difference was the time limit, Zhou Jinchen said, “Give me seventy years. When we reach the age of ninety-nine, if you are still satisfied with me, then recognize me as a boyfriend, is that okay?”

An Xumo’s voice was a little urgent. “I can……now.”

Zhou Jinchen came closer and pressed against the boy’s forehead.

The tips of their nose rubbed against each other and the sounds of breathing could be clearly heard.

“If you admit it now, you can back out at any time before you turn ninety-nine.”

An Xumo sniffed quietly.

“I won’t back out.”

“This is your right until your ninety-nine years old.” Zhou Jinchen’s voice became softer and softer, “When the years have passed, you can only be with me.”

An Xumo pursed his lips.

Brother knew his uneasiness, that’s why he said that.

As he was thinking, he heard Zhou Jinchen say, “Your mouth is so red.”

It was only then did An Xumo realize that he shouldn’t bite his lips but Zhou Jinchen went on to ask.

“Can I kiss it?”

An Xumo did not speak, he took the initiative to eliminate the distance between the two.

The boy had just drunk milk, and there was still a faint milk flavor between his lips and teeth. He was like a sweet milk candy, the sweet scent emanated through the candy wrapper.

It was as light and sweet as the first time deep in memory but more delicious than ever.

Fifteen minutes later, the two sat together on the large, comfortable swivel chair. The redness of An Xumo’s lips became more and more pronounced, and you could tell what happened at a glance.

[Fifteen minutes later, the two sat together on the large, comfortable swivel chair. The redness of An Xumo’s lips is redder and even more gorgeous than when the kissing scene was filmed in 《Different Roads》.]

[*The author made some changes to the official site and I was able to look for the previous versions, so the ones in the brackets will be the first versions. I saw a comment saying they just bought it and asked if there were changes, and the author replied that she corrected some typos but when I checked on other sites, there were a lot of changes! So, in case you’re confused as to why some parts were repeated. I just wanted to share it with you all the previous version.]

But he had another problem in mind. An Xumo asked the man hugging him, “Brother, you remembered that kidnapping……will it affect you now?”

“Do you want to go back to S City for a re-examination?” Thinking of his own reaction when he first finished talking to An He on the phone, An Xumo couldn’t help but reach out and touch Zhou Jinchen’s chest. “Does your chest hurt?”

Zhou Jinchen took his hand, wrapped the person’s fingers in his palm, lifted them to his lips, and gently kissed the boy’s fingertips.

“Not much effect. Don’t worry, I’m not in pain.”

An Xumo is still a little uneasy, Zhou Jinchen said, “That kidnapping actually made me lose the ability to feel pain.”

He closed himself off and, just like the rest of the Zhou family, calculated everything with benefits only.

“It was you who gave me back the ability to perceive emotions.”

He lowered his head and a light kiss landed on the tip of the boy’s slightly red nose.

The man’s ability to learn on his own was extremely good, and the innate photographic memory gave him the most convenient aid. He only stopped short in the field of emotions until he met his teacher again.

“I actually, I don’t know how I can help you……” An Xumo said softly, “but I wish I could take the pain away from you as much as you gave me…….”

“You’re already doing that Xiao Mo, no need to be anxious.”

Zhou Jinchen moved down a little, and the rich, scent of milk came up again.

They still have a long time to answer these questions bit by bit.

About love from the heart, about love that is hard to suppress, about ten years of looking out of reach.

And after that, seventy years of never being apart again.

[1]Previous version[“It was you who gave me back the ability to perceive emotions.”

An Xumo’s fingertips tickled, and the place where he had been kissed was a little hot.

His chest was warm, and when he opened his mouth, he asked in a daze, “Do I make you feel pain, brother?”


Zhou Jinchen made the lips of the boy in his arms become a little redder again.

Only when the boy touched his lips with some sorrow did he leisurely said, “Xiao Mo, I might make you feel pain.”

An Xumo lightly rubbed his lips, “My mouth doesn’t hurt……”

Zhou Jinchen took the opportunity to answer, “It might be another mouth.”

There was silence for a moment.

Just when Zhou Jinchen regretted that he had been too hasty, the boy repeated in confusion, “Another mouth?”

He said blankly, “Don’t people only have one mouth?”


Zhou Jinchen should have known better, how could his brother, who couldn’t even understand Xin Zimai’s voice every time he was kissed until he couldn’t breathe, understand such words.

But he wasn’t in a hurry.

They still have a long time to answer these questions bit by bit.

About love from the heart, about love that is hard to suppress, about ten years of looking out of reach.

And after that, seventy years of never being apart again.]

[*This was the part that was also changed, which I liked the most. Lol. I guess the author felt that it’s too fast for them to have this conversation since they have just started with their journey of being together, so they decided to change it.]


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