Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 113

Chapter 113 – Extra: Rose (1)
Big Brother said: Surprise

In order to promote 《Yin Yang Well》, which was released in the Spring Festival, An Xumo participated in Baicheng TV’s 《We are Here》 in June. 《We》[1]The show “We are Here” was shortened in the raw as only “We”is a travel variety show that has been aired for two seasons. For its excellent reputation, it has now become one of the ace variety shows of Baicheng TV. An Xumo participated in the recording of the sixth episode of the show’s third season as a guest member. Not long after receiving the notice, he flew with the show’s team to the recording location, Kazanluk, Bulgaria.[2]Originally it was Caslók City in Belgalia if translated according to the raw but there’s really no place like this when I look it up. It only shows Bulgaria. The author probably intentionally … Continue reading
Each episode of 《We are Here》 has five permanent guests and two guest stars. Due to an unforeseen situation with another guest, Zhao Yutian, the crew temporarily changed the schedule and let An Xumo board the arranged international flight alone.
Only one guest was missing, there were other people on the show, so An Xumo didn’t pay much attention when he received the news. It was only before boarding the plane that he discovered something was wrong.
Mr. Zhou who was supposed to see him off unexpectedly sent him all the way to the plane.
“Brother Jinchen,” regardless of whether they were brothers or lovers, their relationship hasn’t been made public yet and when there were outsiders around, An Xumo still kept to his original title. “Are you going to Bulgaria too?”
Zhou Jinchen took the blanket and pillow from the stewardess and gestured for An Xumo to lean forward, and then he placed the pillow under the person’s neck.
“To record the show with you.”
An Xumo, who had not received this news before, asked, “You’re replacing Zhao Yutian?”
“No,” Zhou Jinchen said, “I’m the host.”
In addition to the six guests, a mysterious special guest sometimes appears on the 《We are Here》 show, which is the host. The four hosts who appeared in the first two seasons were all well-known actors who settled in tourist destinations. In the final episode of the second season, when the superstar Li Zusheng who had stopped working for many years and settled in the United States, appeared as a special guest, it made the ratings of 《We》 hit a record.
The identity of the host had to be kept secret from the guests so An Xumo didn’t know about it beforehand. But now that Zhao Yutian is not around, the program team just agreed to have Zhou Jinchen and An Xumo take the same flight.
An Xumo no longer knew whether to ask the program team why they’re so good at talking or to ask his brother how he could be a host in Bulgaria. But being able to record the show with his brother was the last chance to relax before the busy work and final exams.
After arriving at Sofia Airport, it was already ten o’clock in the evening. As soon as they got off the plane, the two of them were going to be separated under the arrangement of the program team. When they rushed to take the airport shuttle bus, the lights were on in the distance, and the lights around them were dim. The staff walked in front of them and An Xumo was pulled before he got to the vehicle.
They exchanged a kiss that was sweeter than the fragrant scent in the air on the night in a foreign country.
Despite the cover of the night, An Xumo was still a little nervous. Zhou Jinchen smoothed his hair and helped the person straighten his collar.
“Take care of yourself. I will see you as soon as possible.”
An Xumo wanted to say work well and no need to worry but when the words came to his lips, he decided to be honest.
“En,” he said softly, “I’ll wait for you.”
A staff member was calling their names in the distance and An Xumo was just about to walk forward when something was stuffed in his pocket.
The shuttle bus was crowded, and when they got off, they separated. When he got to the bright light, An Xumo felt his pocket and something round lay quietly in his hand.
It was milk candy.
After meeting with the resident guests who arrived early, the next day, Zhao Yutian who had been delayed for half a day also arrived, and the crew officially began recording.
At the beginning of June, it was the time for the International Rose Festival in Bulgaria, which is world-famous for its roses and holds a grand celebration every June to attract tourists from all over the world. It was because of the festival that the crew chose this place.
The Rose Festival will be held on Sunday. On the morning of the first recording, the show began and the guests were required to complete a series of tasks in order to obtain residency at the Rose Manor and the tickets to attend the Rose Festival the next day. The crew originally set aside an entire day for the members to complete the tasks but the team was extraordinarily lucky. Around two o’clock in the afternoon, they found the key pass for the last task.
The members boarded the bus to Rose Manor three hours in advance, and their happiness was beyond words. When several people were celebrating excitedly in the car, An Xumo had a vague premonition.
Rose Manor……may have something to do with brother.
It was already past three o’clock when they arrived at the Rose Manor. Before the group got off the bus, they repeatedly marveled at the beauty of the scenery outside the window.
Rose Manor is an upscale hotel contracted by private individuals in the local area. The entire hotel is located directly in a field of flowers. When climbing up to the upper floors to look out, apart from flowers in the manor, you can also see a large field of roses in the distance. In June, the season when roses are in full bloom, it can make people intoxicated just by looking at them.
During the peak of the tourist season, it’s hard to find a high-rise room in the Rose Manor. The team found three high-rise double rooms from nowhere but the remaining one was missing, and there is only a single room on the ground floor.
Among the seven people in the team, there are four female guests and three male guests, and to live in a single room can only be a male guest. The three originally wanted to discuss with the crew whether they could squeeze in a double room but the program team did not allow it. In this case, it’s very awkward who to single out, and the plan to arrange another round of games was also rejected by the female guests.
In the end, it was An Xumo who took the initiative to stay in the single room.
His idea is very simple. He is the youngest, he should be courteous to his seniors and this time, he came to promote the film, so it makes no difference that he can’t live at the upper level.
After the discussion, the seven members went to their rooms with their luggage, and the elevator rose to the third floor. After saying goodbye to the others, An Xumo took the lead and walked down.
The conditions of the Rose Manor are very superior. According to the several resident guests, it should be considered as one of the best hotels in terms of conditions in several periods. So even if it’s a ground floor room, the décor and furnishings in the corridor are quite elegant and doesn’t make too much of a difference. An Xumo took the key from the front desk, opened the door, and pushes it in. He just turned back to pull his luggage when he saw that there was actually a person standing in the room that was originally a single room.
The word ‘brother’ almost didn’t come out of his mouth, and when An Xumo, who couldn’t easily swallow the voice, a brightly colored rose was already on his lips.
“Surprise.” The man’s eyes were filled with an imperceptible smile.
The rose was handed to the boy’s hand, and in the dutiful follow-up shot, the two moved closer and hugged. An Xumo hasn’t yet reacted, he dumbly held the rose and look at the other, making Zhou Jinchen’s eyes become softer and softer.
“Congratulations on getting the privilege of this show,” Zhou Jinchen said. “…to live with the ground floor companion.”
“I, don’t I have to live here?”
“No, we’re staying in another double room.”
After Zhou Jinchen finished his words, he took away An Xumo’s luggage. The boy looked at the cameraman and the filming director beside him blankly; there was no surprise on their faces. He thought it should’ve been an arrangement made by the team in advance.
“Xiao Mo, let’s go.”
Patting the boy’s shoulder, Zhou Jinchen directly led him out of the room with his luggage.
The two didn’t go far when they met the six people who came down from the upper level, they had already put away their luggage and were planning to come over to see An Xumo but they did not expect to see Zhou Jinchen here.
The dumbfounded expressions of the six of them were even more vivid than the surprised An Xumo just now.
“Mr. Zhou?! You ……”
The director who followed then explained that Zhou Jinchen was the show’s special guest at the Bulgaria station. He had the identity of the host and could provide extra help to the seven members.
The hosts who appeared in the previous episodes were also well-known artists, and the help they gave was very useful, it was even possible to help to complete the task directly. So as soon as they heard Zhou Jinchen’s identity, the remaining people couldn’t help but get excited.
“I really didn’t expect to meet you here ……”
“Brother Zhou, have you ever lived in Bulgaria?”
The chatter didn’t last long and Zhou Jinchen’s character is well-known in the circle. After he briefly chatted with the people and greeted them, the six people gave way and let Zhou Jinchen who was still carrying his luggage to go ahead and put his things away.
At this time, they saw An Xumo on the side and realized that something was wrong.
“Xiao An, why didn’t you put your backpack down? Is the luggage still confiscated?”
Some people recognized the luggage Zhou Jinchen was carrying in his hand.
“Is that luggage Mr. Zhou’s holding……Xiao An’s?”
An Xumo said, “They just informed me that I don’t live on the third floor……”[3]Idk why it was suddenly on the third floor lol when he was supposed to be on the ground floor.
“He lives with me.” Zhou Jinchen opened his mouth, “The person who draws a single room will get the right to live in a double room on the highest floor.”
The remaining six people: “……”
The program team’s set-up is too deep, right?! Is it too late to regret?
In fact, it’s no use regretting at any time. An Xumo couldn’t help but touch his nose, he had enough reason to suspect……that the development of these things is all in his brother’s plan.
“Xiao Mo.”
Zhou Jinchen called out to the person again, and An Xumo hurriedly followed him.
“Let’s put our luggage and come down. I’ll see you in a moment in the Rose Corridor.”
After greeting several people, Zhou Jinchen took An Xumo to the elevator.
This elevator was not the same as the one An Xumo had just come up in. As he watched Zhou Jinchen press the number of the highest floor, An Xumo couldn’t help but be a little confused.
If he remembered correctly, the number on the top floor of this elevator seemed to be one more than in the other elevator.
“Doesn’t this hotel have the twenty-six floors?”
An Xumo couldn’t help but ask a question.
“There are twenty-seven floors in total,” Zhou Jinchen said, “but there is only one elevator leading to the highest floor.”
An Xumo didn’t understand at first why there was only one elevator to the highest floor. After a soft sound, the elevator door opened and he was led into the twenty-seventh floor, only then did An Xumo know the real reason.
It was because on the entire twenty-seventh floor, there was only one room.

The author has something to say:
The extras are all sweet and greasy.


1 The show “We are Here” was shortened in the raw as only “We”
2 Originally it was Caslók City in Belgalia if translated according to the raw but there’s really no place like this when I look it up. It only shows Bulgaria. The author probably intentionally written it differently in the raw or maybe a typo to use different names.
3 Idk why it was suddenly on the third floor lol when he was supposed to be on the ground floor.

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