Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 114

Chapter 114 – Extra: Rose (2)
Xiao Mo: Only for you

An Xumo grew up in the Zhou family, coupled with the fact that he has been working as an artist to travel around in recent years, there are by no means places that can be described as luxurious, but even so, when he stepped into this room that occupies the entire floor, the shock did not diminish at all.

The twenty-seventh floor covers exactly the same area as the other twenty-six floors, and the bathing pools alone have a dozen different styles. There are also conference rooms, exclusive theaters, kitchens, wine cabinets, rooftops, and other areas. An Xumo walked for a while but did not finish half of it. He was dazzled and the amazement in his heart became stronger and stronger.

How to say it? It’s like the kind of luxurious and resplendent palace that has been made into a film. When the audience sees it on the screen, they already feel shocked enough, let alone move the palace in front of them.

An Xumo could not help but worry about the cost of the program team.

He asked Zhou Jinchen, “Brother Jinchen, are we the only people living here?”

In terms of the area, it would not feel crowded for two hundred people to live here.

Zhou Jinchen nodded. The two entered the room, an attendant in a suit picked up his luggage. He turned his head and said something that An Xumo did not understand, and the attendant responded by pulling away the luggage and went to pack things. After that, he introduced all the areas to An Xumo, what each area was used for, without a single mistake.

An Xumo’s doubts are getting deeper and deeper. Did brother came over one day ahead of time and memorized the locations here? But with the accompanying director inside, he couldn’t freely communicate with the person, and could only press these questions at the bottom of his heart.

The program team was actually very bitter inside. They had already filmed the luxurious furnishings of the twenty-seventh floor before, which was an excellent material. According to the usual routine, the program team should have also filmed the awe-inspiring expressions of the lucky residents, but after meeting this special guest in this episode……

They immediately dismissed the idea.

After a brief tour of the guests’ rooms, the two went downstairs from the exclusive elevator. The Rose Manor covers a wide area, apart from the hotel itself, it seems that the wide field of roses in the back is also attributed to the manor. When the two walked to the rose promenade, the remaining six people were watching several young girls picking flowers to the side. Because of the early completion of the challenge that was supposed to last all day, the program team had temporarily decided to make up a portion of the Rose Manor and rose fields in the afternoon. This promenade was surrounded by roses, and it led all the way from the interior of the manor to the depths of the rose fields, making it the best viewing path to the fields.

In addition to roses, Bulgaria is also quite famous for its rose essential oils. The young girls who pick the flowers were all around twenty years old. The foreign bright girls and the intense blooming roses complement each other; really pleasing to the eye, beautiful.

As people gathered, a group of members slowly walked toward the flower fields, and more and more flower-pickers could be seen on the periphery of the promenade. In the end, the female guests in the team participated enthusiastically, borrowing gloves to pick roses.

They wanted everyone to pick a bunch of flowers, several male guests couldn’t just watch them, and finally, they also went to borrow gloves to help.

There were four men and four women, and only Zhou Jinchen did not enter. He is a special guest and he didn’t need to do any task, there weren’t many rules to restrict him. But when An Xumo went further away to borrow gloves from someone, he went straight to him and handed the boy roses that had its thorns peeled off.

The camera wasn’t on his side and no one is paying attention in all directions. Zhou Jinchen handed the roses and also smoothly pinched the boy’s soft cheeks.

“This should be enough for you to pass.”

“Where did this come from ah?” An Xumo asked in passing and came, “This is not a necessary task, it’s to give them to the sisters, at most a shot……”

The one opposite him, at first, Mr. Film Emperor even wrap a wound to face the camera as a job but he said with an extremely serious tone, “I don’t want you to give your hand-picked roses to others.”

Zhou Jinchen finished and also moved his eyes to a rose that An Xumo had just plucked from his hand.

An Xumo followed his line of sight.


In the end, Mr. Zhou exchanged a bouquet of roses of neat length and without thorns for a lone rose with thorns that had lost two petals, and also expressed a very satisfied attitude.

An Xumo followed the man not knowing whether to laugh or cry, watching the man solemnly hold the rose that was cut badly because of his unskilled technique, and his chest felt hot.

There was no one around, only a beautiful mass of flowers swaying with the wind. The boy said softly, “I will buy it for you……beach rose, moth orchids, any flower is fine……only for you.”

Zhou Jinchen’s footsteps paused.

He held the rose in his hand, lowering his eyes to look over. The gentle breeze brought a light floral fragrance that lingered around the two.

An Xumo waited nervously for the other party’s response but heard a low sigh.

He was a little confused, “What’s wrong……?”

“It’s a pity it’s recording.” There are too many crews waiting, Zhou Jinchen thought nonchalantly. He reached out to rub the top of the boy’s hair, “When the recording is over, can you say it again for me?”

An Xumo nodded, “O-of course.”

The two continued to walk back, holding a bunch of properly cut roses; An Xumo became the fastest one. He divided the roses in his hand equally among the four female guests, and only after the other six had all finished picking and the other four female guests had a handful of roses tied with ribbons in their hands did the group continued to walk forward.

They didn’t walk far when they met an area that had been especially isolated off. A few people walked over and realized that hundreds of roses had been purposely planted in the shape of a heart. On the side, there were two florists. What was strange was that they were not pruning and fertilizing the flowers, but are standing and putting up signs outside the rose heart.

After asking for permission, few people carefully walked over and saw that there was more than one sign. About dozens of roses had been erected in front of the sign. Each sign had a different date written on it, starting from May until today. In addition to the date, there was an English sentence on it.

“The stars are beautiful, because of a flower that cannot be seen.”

A member read the words out. An Xumo thought about it and said, “《The Little Prince》?”

“The stars are beautiful, because of a flower that cannot be seen,” —— this is a sentence from 《The Little Prince》.

After communicating with the two florists in English, several people learned that this heart-shaped rose field was an area specially reserved for their lover by the owner of the Rose Manor. There are a total of 365 roses in it, and the owner of the manor and his lover had to overcome all difficulties to finally get together. That’s why the owner opened up this heart-shaped rose field and asked them to mark the date for a rose every day, to record every day he and his lover were together.

These roses are not like the other roses in the field, they aren’t picked. After 365 days, it’s May again, and the flowers and trees will bloom into a heart shape again.

This kind of personally heard love story is moving enough, coupled with being in the middle of this dream-like sea of flowers, it’s difficult not to be infected. Several female members called it romantic and even the cameramen who were following the scene went up and carefully recorded the signs that were erected.

It was only then that everyone realized that apart from the lines of The Little Prince and the date, there was also a flowery English word on each sign.


“What does it mean, quiet? Silence?”

“Could it be silent love? I remember silence has this meaning……”

Several people were talking about but An Xumo looked at the flowery word in the lower right corner of the wooden sign with wide eyes as if he was suddenly hit.

Silence……ChénMò?[1]沉默 – means silence, taciturn. Eyy~~ ChenMo~

He took a few steps around and looked at the first wooden sign that was erected.

May 6.

An Xumo abruptly looked up and looked beyond the crowd at Zhou Jinchen.

The man stood straight, he was still as cold and serious as ever but his eyes were extra gentle when he looked back at An Xumo.

The sixth of May is the day that when his brother and he spoke all about the past, they kissed for the second time.

Could it be, could it be that…

The more An Xumo thought about it, the more astonished he was, yet he found it increasingly reasonable.

The most luxurious accommodation since the three seasons of the show, the right to stay in the presidential suite on the twenty-seventh floor, instead of the attendant’s careful introduction, and the bouquet of roses that came out of nowhere and were built.

The owner of this Rose Manor……is clearly brother.

An Xumo looked back at the heart-shaped flower field in front of him. All the flowers were in full bloom, and the clusters of flowers were bright and dazzling.

This is the flower field that Mr. Fox gave to the Little Prince, and each rose represents their days together.

The guests stayed at the rose field for more than two hours and all of them were drenched in the light scent of roses. The female guests happily held their roses and took an unknown number of photos in the rose field, and the crew was satisfied that they had harvested enough quality shots.

It wasn’t until the sun was setting and the fiery red sun was burning in the sky that the group was ready to turn around and head back. When they retraced their steps to the field of heart-shaped roses, they were stopped by an attendant in a suit.

Before the surprised others could react, Zhou Jinchen walked over to them.

The man took a ribbon-wrapped box from the attendant’s hand, and not only that, after he had a brief exchange with the man, the attendant turned back and called out two more men who came over from a short distance.

The two men carried a flower basket with hundreds of red roses with a meter wide in diameter.

Zhou Jinchen came back and handed the carefully wrapped box to An Xumo. The two men followed and raised the basket of flowers to the right height.

The red roses that burned like flames were neatly tied together, and the color of those rose bouquets in the arms of several other female guests was directly suppressed.

‘The Little Prince’s crown and 999 roses.’

Zhou Jinchen opened the box and a delicate perfume bottle in the shape of a crown was revealed, filled with elaborate and expensive rose essential oil.

He looked at the stunned An Xumo. His low voice carried an intoxicating charm.

“Xiao Mo, are you willing to accept it?”


The author has something to say:

I told you it would be sweet that would make your teeth fall, so everyone be careful to taste the sweet cookies~

Originally, I didn’t want to ride a motorcycle,[2]I’m not quite sure, but the ones I found said that it means: Boring, petty, or stingy; can also mean having many problems; and something that is not good so they changed it into a milder one. … Continue readingbut then thought about it, in the Bulgaria Rose Garden, such good conditions, it’s a pity I can’t drive a motorcycle……I’ll have it in the next chapter and it will be explained when it’s updated.

Only for the genuine motorcycles that chase serialize readers, wait for me =v=

——by 【Hundred Thousand Stars to Pick Up the Stars 】 【Hundred Thousand Stars to Pick Up the Stars 】 【Hundred Thousand Stars to Pick Up the Stars 】[3]Author’s pen name


1 沉默 – means silence, taciturn. Eyy~~ ChenMo~
2 I’m not quite sure, but the ones I found said that it means: Boring, petty, or stingy; can also mean having many problems; and something that is not good so they changed it into a milder one. Does anyone know this? Let me know in the comments~
3 Author’s pen name

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