Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Hū hū* pain, apply medicine.[1]It’s like when you blow on a wound and it would hurt less. I asked someone about this haha & just decided to use the pinyin.

An Xumo was still carrying the basket containing the lobster in his right hand, and he had carefully curled up his injured finger so as not to delay the camera. It was just that it wasn’t just the finger that had just been caught in the lobster, the side of An Xumo’s palm was also red, which was why Zhou Jinchen noticed it.

“It’s nothing serious,” An Xumo said as he waved his left hand to show that he was fine. He touched the seawater earlier, but the wound was still wet and the salt from the water soaked in the red and swollen wound, bringing out some fiery pain. However, this kind of pain can be tolerated, and it will be better to wipe the water stains on your hands with a towel.

An Xumo had thought that this kind of small injury didn’t need to alarm anyone, but after he had said that he was fine, Zhou Jinchen still took the basket from him and handed it to Xiao Yang who was on the side. The man turned around and called for the logistics staff on the side to help bring the medical kit. What An Xumo didn’t expect was that things like treating wounds, which should have been done by the staff, were taken over by the emotionless Zhou Jinchen himself.

The tall and handsome man didn’t say a single unnecessary word, only silently holding the right hand that had been pinned down and carefully pat the red and swollen wound with a sterile cotton swab. Zhou Jinchen’s expression was serious, but his movements were so gentle that not only An Xumo but also the crowd of staff around him did not react.

For a guest of Zhou Jinchen’s level, the program team would not forcefully put a label on him to establish a persona, and the guest is unlikely to cooperate. Zhou Jinchen has never given anyone such a meticulous and intimate feeling before, his appearance indeed unconsciously attracts people to approach, but his imposing manner is always rejecting people. No one expected him to be so direct in front of the camera, showing the thoughtfulness and patience of a brother next door.

An Xumo, who was truly involved, was more affected than the curious bystanders.

It was summertime now, and the palm of his hand that was wet from the seawater still had a coolness to it. An Xumo didn’t dare to think about the body temperature coming from his right hand, he had been cold for too long and always felt that a little warmth from the other party could ignite into a blazing fire.

When Zhou Jinchen had already done half of the emergency treatment, An Xumo was reminded that the show was still being recorded as he watched the man move sideways to make room for the follow-up shot. Zhou Jinchen’s movements were very appropriate, and An Xumo, who had taken quite a few on-camera lessons, noticed that Zhou Jinchen’s movements and posture were chosen in a way that was perfect for the camera. It was also this that reminded An Xumo of the environment he was currently in.

In fact, for the camera next to the black hole, there’s still some hidden uneasiness in An Xumo’s heart. He had always been treating being on camera as a job and wasn’t quite used to revealing his true emotions in front of the camera. This is also one of the reasons he’d just said he was fine. If An Xumo had been given the choice, he would choose to deal with himself quietly off-cam.

However, the cameraman filming the two of them was precisely Zhou Jinchen’s follow-up, and this kind of footage was part of the content of 《Sunny Weekend》. With Zhou Jinchen’s efficient movements, before An Xumo could think about it, his wounds had already been taken care of.

While the two of them were treating the wound, Han Ming, who had followed from the beach, also noticed the follow-up shots beside Zhou Jinchen. His gaze was even more obscure as he stared at An Xumo, and when he turned to Zhou Jinchen, his eyes clearly looked with suspicion.

The wind at the seaside grew stronger and the sky grew darker after An Xumo’s wounds were treated, the group set off to return to the stone house built on the high ground by the seaside. Yan Xiangyan and Zhang Zhiwei, who were discussing the furnishings inside the house, heard the noise from the group and began bargaining a series of negotiations with the director team.

The baskets of the three people were emptied in the water basin to be cleared, with Han Ming having the largest number while Zhou Jinchen’s basket also contained quite a few things. But both of their gains were lost to An Xumo on the first visual impact – the majestic lobster was still shaking its large pincers, full of life and chasing other small crabs.

The loot was finally exchanged for ingredients, enough for six people for two days; rice noodles, meat, eggs, and seafood. The ingredient key An Xumo found was also exciting, as a rule, it should be the person who found the key to choose the ingredients. However, An Xumo only said that he could do anything, so he gave the right to choose to the two seniors. In the end, it was chef Zhang Zhiwei who made the decision to choose six fat and fresh sea crabs.

The real-life scenes and the difficulties faced by the stars during the process of handling the ingredients after they are brought back are also one of the selling points of 《Sunny Weekend》. This time, however, the hectic scene that the director team had previously anticipated did not happen.

The second season’s filming at the seaside has already been carried out. When the first episode was recorded, Yi Tianming and Han Ming, who were in charge of handling the ingredients, had a good time worrying about the live seafood. For the second recording this time, the two have learned their lesson previously, they were preparing to continue their struggle with the seafood, but they didn’t stay busy for long before they were both surprised by Zhou Jinchen.

Following the thoughtful application of medicine just now, Zhou Jinchen’s performance once again surpassed the expectations of most of the people present – his skill in handling ingredients was significantly better than Han Ming and Yi Tianming, who had already practiced for an entire season.

The two people who had planned to teach their experience to the new guests were embarrassed, but soon they were too distracted by Zhou Jinchen’s actions to worry about the details. It took less than ten minutes for Zhou Jinchen to handle the most difficult fresh shrimp, using only a palm-length dagger and a hook to clean out the difficult shrimp lines from the back of the shrimp.

Zhou Jinchen’s actions look incredibly easy, but when the eager to try Yi Tianming clamored to follow suit, he couldn’t even clean the shrimp line after a dozen stabs. Finally, the shrimp has been disfigured, so it can only be scrapped. The camera panned back to Zhou Jinchen, who was so relaxed that even Zhang Zhiwei and Yan Xiangyan, who were attracted to the scene, couldn’t help but exclaim.

The director team unexpectedly harvested such a great highlight, so naturally, they took full shots. Everyone was very surprised at Zhou Jinchen’s culinary talent, only An Xumo, who was quietly watching from the side, didn’t show any surprise.

Since he was twelve years old, Zhou Jinchen had to go to the deep mountains every year for more than half a year to heal his wounds, so it was naturally not surprising that he knew these things. The first time he returned from the mountain, Zhou Jinchen even cooked a meal for his younger brother whom he had not seen for more than half a year.

It was just that these memories only stopped at that year.

Apart from Zhou Jinchen’s actions that attracted the camera, the gloriously wounded An Xumo also couldn’t escape Zhang Zhiwei’s eyes. While the three of them were still processing the ingredients, Zhang Zhiwei called An Xumo to the side. The concern in his voice was obvious. “Was this injured just now? Does it hurt?”

Yang Xiangyan, on the other side, also looked at it and said with an “Ai yo.”[2]Oh, no/Ouch

He had no prejudice against An Xumo. In addition, the other party just took the initiative to give up the choice of ingredients, and he became more and more aware that the child was sensible. “What happened ah? Has the wound been treated?”

An Xumo was injured for once in exchange for the three people’s concerns. For once, he was a bit overwhelmed, and hurriedly said, “It’s fine, the medicine has just been applied.”

“How can just a light smear of medicine work?” Zhang Zhiwei brought the medicine kit and took out a roll of gauze. “Wrap it up. It’s not good to touch it again later when you do something else.”

Since childhood, An Xumo had hardly ever accepted the kindness of people around him, not to mention the Zhou family. Needless to say, his classmates at school were also children of families with similar backgrounds. Even the teachers would talk about his background behind his back. An Xumo could do the finale question and dance extremely difficult moves, but he was very unlikely to face this unfamiliar kindness.

“No need to bother, thank you, Teacher Zhang, I’m fine…”

“Just call me Uncle Zhang,” Zhang Zhiwei waved his hand, “Come over here, Xiangyan, give me a hand while I patch up Xiao Mo’s wound.”

An Xumo was even more disturbed by this, how could he bother the two seniors, “Really, there’s really no need…”

Zhang Zhiwei laughed, “Silly boy, are you afraid of being ugly? It’s fine, the tough-guy image was all the rage ten years ago, we don’t care about that now.”

Yan Xiangyan also said, “It’s inconvenient for the wound to be exposed, and it’s not good to touch it later when you still have to eat and so on, so it’s better to bandage it.”

An Xumo wasn’t thinking about the image, but before he could say anything, Zhang Zhiwei had already called an assistant director next to him and explained a few words to him.

When the assistant director left, Zhang Zhiwei said, “Don’t worry, the camera has moved away. This clip will not broadcast, and it will definitely not affect your image. When they edit it later, it will be better to avoid your wound. It won’t delay anything.”

This time, An Xumo really couldn’t refuse, the two of them bandaged him up briefly to protect the wound. An Xumo thanked them, while he couldn’t help but remember that time that Zhou Jinchen had just applied medicine to him.

He remembered the camera next to him that was filming the two of them, and some unexplained emotions faintly grew in his heart.

Zhou Jinchen and Zhang Zhiwei’s attitudes towards this matter were completely different which couldn’t help but cause An Xumo to be a little confused. The former had just given him the idea of working seriously in front of the camera no matter what, and the latter had told him that there were some things he could avoid the camera for as well.

An Xumo figured that he was probably still too inexperienced in dealing with the camera and that when he worked a bit more he might understand the trick better.

After An Xumo was pulled away and bandaged up, Han Ming’s gaze intentionally or unintentionally landed on the door of the room where the three of them were. After the ingredients were almost done prepping, Han Ming excused himself to go get water and when he reached the remote corner outside the camera, his face immediately went cold.

He frowned and made a phone call, and after that side was connected, Han Ming looked around to make sure no one was beside him, then said in a low voice, “Aunt Xiao, this is Han Ming, I’m recording Sunny Weekend.”

Without exchanging a few pleasantries, Han Ming got straight to the point, “Aunt Xiao didn’t we have a good talk before? Brother Chen’s side also agreed to the plan of doing a couple’s publicity campaign with me, which Xin Zimai signed the contract by hand.”

“No, he’s not being uncooperative,” Han Ming pinched the bridge of his nose irritably, “The follow-up director also shot a lot of footage of the two of us, but Brother Chen, took special care of another newcomer today, and even had the camera shoot footage of him applying medicine to someone…”

“I know, I know,” Han Ming took a deep breath to calm down, “I’m not in a hurry, I just don’t quite understand, what does Brother Chen mean by that?”


The author has something to say:

The reason Han Ming said “promoting CP[3]Couple is explained later.


1 It’s like when you blow on a wound and it would hurt less. I asked someone about this haha & just decided to use the pinyin.
2 Oh, no/Ouch
3 Couple

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