Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – An Xiao Mo, Little Glutton

When the trainee was in trouble before, Han Ming had noticed An Xumo. This newcomer was actually able to get Xin Zimai to call him personally, so his background definitely wasn’t that simple. He had also asked his agent to check An Xumo’s information before but failed in the end. And now, An Xumo unexpectedly got in touch with the Film Emperor, Zhang Zhiwei, which made Han Ming want to make a move that he had to worry about it three times.

But on the matter concerning Zhou Jinchen, Han Ming wasn’t going to back down. When it comes to the contract plan signed before, he had finally found a reason to be able to poke An Xumo to Aunt Xiao’s place.

Aunt Xiao, who is in the top management of Jin Dian, will definitely have access to more information than his agent. Only after hearing the caller say that she would pay attention did Han Ming calm down and hang up the phone.

Before coming to record 《Sunny Weekend》, Han Ming’s original imaginary enemy was Yi Tianming, their positions overlapped and their ages were similar. Thus, Han Ming has always been a little bit worried about Yi Tianming for not being able to squeeze him out of his exclusive resident quota.

However, Yi Tianming’s IQ wasn’t worthy of the resources he had received. Anyone with eyes could see the difference. The truth was just as Han Ming expected, when there is no comparison in the first season, it couldn’t be seen. After the first episode of the second season was recorded, Yan Xiangyan and Zhang Zhiwei clearly preferred the low-key Han Ming.

In addition to the goodwill of the two big names, Han Ming was also confident in the show’s effectiveness. Although Yi Tianming has a variety sense there were many details about him that could be amplified into his flaws. With a little bit of action during post-editing, once the show aired, Han Ming was certain that he could be set off by Yi Tianming and perform even better.

Han Ming had been looking forward to the filming of the second episode for a long time. It was the beginning of his and Zhou Jinchen’s binding publicity plan* and a very important step. But he hadn’t thought that halfway through, something unexpected would happen.

[*ICP plan in the previous chap.]

Han Ming gritted his teeth and thought: no matter what, he would never allow other factors to threaten this publicity plan.

The predictable fame and benefits were part of it, but the other reason was yet more important

—— He is planning to take this opportunity to make the fake show come true.

When An Xumo returned to the living room, Han Ming also happened to be back. There were a total of four main rooms in the stone house; two bedrooms on the second floor, while the first floor has a bathroom and a living room. Although there weren’t many rooms, there was plenty of space in each of them. The kitchen and living room were combined into one and this was also the place where the six people moved around the most.

Han Ming saw An Xumo and wanted to call out to the other party, but before he could say anything, there was a sudden “kuang“* sound outside the door.


Several people in the room were drawn to look towards the door. Outside, the rain had been falling for a while and the sky hadn’t completely cleared up yet. So, who would be knocking at the door now?

“Who is it?” Yan Xiangyan raised his voice to ask a question, but there was no response from the door. He walked towards the door in confusion and reached out to open the door, “Who is it…”

Before Yan Xiangyan could finish his sentence, he was drowned out in the crowd of people that filled the house. Only when they were all in did they explain their intentions in front of them.

“It suddenly rained outside, we got drenched all the way. We finally found a place to take shelter from the rain. Good people, please take us in!”

An Xumo couldn’t help but touch the tip of his nose. These groups of people were all dressed up and the so-called “drenched” was only a little water stain on their sleeves. He thought of the previous season and assumed that this group of people was obviously arranged by the show.

The others naturally know the show’s routine. Zhou Jinchen and Yi Tianming, who just happened to have finished cleaning up the ingredients, stepped aside and made way for the group. Fortunately, the room was spacious enough to still fit so many people.

Yan Xiangyan smiled, “Okay, do you have any other requests then?”

Seven of these eight people were obviously plain people,* they hadn’t opened their mouths and only one of the leaders was talking. When he saw that his identity has been exposed, he directly said, “Please learn a local folk ethnic dance with us and if you can dance it in full, we’ll give the local specialties to the good people.”

[*background people]

The specialties they were talking about are exactly the coconut held by a few people, counted exactly six. Zhang Zhiwei looked at the coconuts, “All right, ah. We happened to be cooking coconut chicken and we’re still short on coconuts. Come, come, we’ll dance for a while.”

The two teams were lined up in four rows, with eight people demonstrating, six people learning, the scene became very lively for a while. Saying to learn the dance when in fact it’s just imitating. What they taught is the local folk ethnic dance in China which focuses on characteristics and is not difficult, the dance is only three to four minutes long. Not to mention the professional background of Han Ming and An Xumo, even Yan Xiangyan and Zhang Zhiwei who hadn’t been in contact with each other smoothly followed at the end of the team to complete the task.

The group of people came in noisily, leaving the coconuts and whizzed away, then left again in a huff and a puff. Zhang Zhiwei took a coconut and shook his head, “Ai, already at an old age but have to sell my old arms and legs for food.”

After he sighed, he greeted the others, “Pry open the coconut and separate the coconut juice first, leaving only the pulp and shell for cooking.”

The chef said so, so the others were not modest. It was just that the coconut is delicious but hard to open. Yi Tianming and Han Ming were busy for half a day without getting one open. Han Ming shouted back, “Brother Chen, can you come and give me a hand?”

He spoke so naturally, his tone showed a touch of intimacy that it would have drawn a lot of screams from CP fans if it had been edited and put on air.

An Xumo also heard Han Ming’s voice, he turned back to look at Zhou Jinchen and the man had already sidled over to Han Ming’s side. He took the ravaged coconut from Han Ming’s hand, picked up the dagger, and sent it in at the top, the hard coconut shell was pierced easily like a tofu.*

[*Censored texts. I think I get why lmao]

Zhou Jinchen pulled the dagger out and opened all six coconuts, under Han Ming’s stare one by one. The group provided straws and Yi Tianming sent two coconuts to Yan Xiangyan and Zhang Zhiwei. Han Ming inserted the next straw and said, “Brother Chen is so good at everything, it’s like, ah… He was also especially handsome when he just danced.”

As Han Ming spoke, the camera was pointing right at the two of them. An Xumo took a second glance and didn’t look again as he continued to busy himself with packing up the cushions. However, he wasn’t busy for long before there was an extra person beside him.

When An Xumo looked up, he saw Zhou Jinchen standing beside him holding two coconuts with straws in his hands. Not far behind him, Han Ming was looking over their way.

Zhou Jinchen handed one of the coconuts. An Xumo wiped his hands and took it, “Thank you, Brother Jinchen.”

As soon as An Xumo’s voice trailed off, Han Ming’s voice rang out and he called out to Zhou Jinchen as if he was going to send the man over to help. When An Xumo saw that they were busy, he turned to the table himself and brought out a few more straws.

The colorful straws were inserted into the coconut. An Xumo carefully held the coconut and walked over to Xiao Yang who wasn’t far away, “Brother Yang, do you want to taste it?”

Xiao Yang was An Xumo’s follow-up director, but now that he was in the room, he didn’t continue to follow An Xumo. He was shocked when he saw An Xumo bringing the coconut over, “Oh, good, good, thank you, Xiao Mo.”

An Xumo smiled, “It’s alright.”

After Xiao Yang finished his drink, An Xumo went to the corner of the room where there was a cameraman hidden behind the grill. Along the gap where the camera was placed, An Xumo sent the coconut juice with a straw over, “Brother Wang worked hard.”

The cameraman who had been standing inside for a long time didn’t think he had a part to play, so he stretched his head to take a sip before remembering to thank him. An Xumo smiled back again, then headed to the next cameraman.

There were a dozen or so camera positions in the stone house, and when An Xumo came back from his rounds, the coconut juice had pretty much bottomed out. He didn’t feel anything himself, but the cameramen were impressed. There was only one follow-up shoot of An Xumo, but he took care of the cameramen in the house who were in fixed positions and could not move freely. This can no longer be considered superficial work, they can all see that this newcomer is really sincere.

After taking the last sip of juice, An Xumo ran off to hand over the coconut shells to Yan Xiangyan. Because of the late breakfast and the fact that everything needed to be done personally, by the time the six of them actually ate lunch, it was nearly 3 pm.

The coconut chicken was finished while the crab hadn’t been steamed yet in the pot, so lunch was just a transitional meal. The real meal would have to wait for the evening. However, the shrimp with egg, cold shredded salad, and eel fried rice were on the table. Several people were already very satisfied with the steamy lunch.

An Xumo helped bring the last dish while the others were already seated. Zhou Jinchen was surrounded by Yi Tianming on one side and Han Ming on the other while An Xumo sat next to Han Ming. Yan Xiangyan got up to pour water. Seeing An Xumo coming over, Han Ming took the initiative to hand him his chopsticks and said with a smile, “Come Xiao An, try this fried rice, Brother Wei’s cooking is good.”

An Xumo thanked him and was about to move the chopsticks but Zhang Zhiwei’s voice came behind him, “Hey, Xiao Mo, don’t touch that.”

The busy Zhang Zhiwei just happened to come back from washing his hands. He walked over and sat down, moving the last dish in front of An Xumo.

It was a bowl of Yangzhou fried rice fried with eggs and diced vegetables, distinctly different from eel fried rice. Zhang Zhiwei made a gesture to hit the back of An Xumo’s hand with chopsticks and said angrily and amusedly, “You’re eating seafood even though you have an injury on your hand, little glutton.”

Yan Xiangyan, who came back after pouring water also said, “Ah, right, Xiao Mo, I forgot to remind you that seafood is not good for wounds. Zhiwei has specially made a separate portion for you.”

An Xumo was a little embarrassed, he really remember whether to eat or not. He already had the same experience last time at the buffet. When he and Zhang Zhiwei thanked him, Han Ming on the side had adjusted his voice, his tone was full of apologies, “Sorry, Xiao An, I forgot about this.”

An Xumo was busy and said nothing. Yan Xiangyan rescued him with a smile, “Zhiwei didn’t know this but when he was young, while he was chasing Xiao Ying, her hands were injured so he took her to eat seafood noodles, causing Xiao Ying’s hand to hurt more than half an hour.”

Zhang Zhiwei coughed lightly. “Don’t take the time to expose my shortcomings ah.”

“Where am I exposing your shortcomings? Aren’t I praising you?” Yan Xiangyan continued to talk with others, “After this incident, you, Film Emperor, wrote down all the dietary taboos. He said it himself that you can’t make the same mistake twice to the people you care about.”

“Isn’t what I said right?”

“Yes yes yes, absolutely correct.”

Yan Xiangyan and Zhang Zhiwei were laughing and chatting, while Yi Tianming and Han Ming were also saying that they envied this affection. An Xumo’s hand holding the chopsticks, however, suddenly paused.

He was surrounded by joy but only one sentence remained in his ears.

You can’t make the same mistake twice to the people you care about.

An Xumo quickly and lightly glanced at Zhou Jinchen, then withdrew his gaze. He lowered his head and tasted the crispy diced vegetables, thinking to himself that he was too careless. Not only about this matter but the others as well. He must be more careful if he wanted to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

The author has something to say:

Xiao Mo’s road to attracting fans is going fast xd

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Photos used aren’t mine.

Photos used aren't mine
Coconut chicken
Shrimp with egg
Shrimp with egg
Cold shredded vegetable  salad
Cold shredded vegetable salad
Cold shredded vegetable  salad
Eel fried rice
Yangzhou fried rice
Yangzhou fried rice

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