Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – An Xumo’s Appeal

Since there was no one around, An Xumo finally walked over slowly. He stood next to Zhou Jinchen, the man who was looking over the sea withdrew his eyes and looked at him without speaking.

An Xumo asked softly, “Brother… Do you have something on your mind? “

The man obviously looked different from before.

Zhou Jinchen raised his eyes to look at the distant starry sky, his voice was low and cold. “No.”

“Then you…”

“What’s the matter?”

Perhaps because of their original relationship, Zhou Jinchen didn’t turn a deaf ear to An Xumo, but there was a huge gap in his tone from the one just before the camera.

An Xumo said in a low voice, “You look different from before.”

Zhou Jinchen’s voice was cold and indifferent without any emotion, “I was just working.”

An Xumo was stunned for a moment. He naturally knew this, but a variety show like 《Sunny Weekend》, in addition to a comfortable life, it’s another major selling point is “authenticity.” Although artists will choose to show their own favorable side, they always display their true character. Unexpectedly, Zhou Jinchen would completely separate on-cam and off-cam. He was on a reality show but it seemed like he was acting in a movie.

“What’s shot by the camera can… Really be distinguished from reality?”

“Everyone has different choices,” Zhou Jinchen glanced at him, “For me, it’s always work in front of the camera.”

In the distance, someone was calling them to go back to the stone house. Zhou Jinchen turned and walked back, An Xumo followed behind him, lost in thought the whole way.

So it was always work in front of the camera, skillfully displaying his culinary abilities and doing housework thoughtfully was all work.

That morning at the beach, helping him with his medicine, handing over the coconut in the afternoon, these voluntary expressions of goodwill… Were they also just work for the camera?

He still had too little experience with being on camera. An Xumo thought to himself, he still had a lot to learn. No matter what he will achieve in the end, he couldn’t cause any more trouble for his brother.

When they got back to the stone house, it was already late. Yan Xiangyan and Zhang Zhiwei were going to record a product placement commercial for a dryer, but the shots took a little longer. When they came back, several people made their bed one after the other. Although there are two bedrooms on the second floor, most of the rooms were connected which could also be considered an entire large bedroom. In addition, the gender of most of the people was the same, so the beds were randomly assigned and they slept on their own.

An Xumo wasn’t familiar with the bed, but he soon fell asleep. The night was quiet with only the gentle and melodious sound of the waves in the distance remaining. This is indeed a night suitable for deep sleep. If——if only no one suddenly played a deafening music on the first floor.

Bouncing up from his bed in a daze, An Xumo was startled. His blanket was spread on the floor, and he could even feel the vibrations coming from downstairs across the floor. Such a big noise woke up all the six people. An Xumo got up and turned the small lamp by the wall. After everyone had adjusted to the dim light, he turned on the headlights on the house.

“What happened?” Yan Xiangyan rubbed his eyes and got out of the bed, “What’s going on downstairs….?”

An Xumo shook his head, indicating that he didn’t know. He looked at the watch on the wall; it was only just 2 am.

Being woken up at this time of the day, people’s consciousness wasn’t clear, but the noise coming from downstairs was so annoying that the group had to go down one after another. It was only when they reached the first floor could they see the culprit of the noise.

It was those young people who used the excuse to shelter from the rain during the day. This time, they were not only dressed in ethnic clothes but also brought a speaker. What was playing on the speaker was the same song that they have been taught during the day. The young man who took the lead made a demand, “You have to repeat the dance you learned earlier or else return the coconuts we gave you.”

The coconuts had been wiped out clean of their juices and meat, how can it be returned? This is obviously the show’s arrangement. Several resident and director groups have been used to it, and Zhang Zhiwei even made a move to hit the director with the sponsor’s pillow. They quarreled, but in the end, they still have to work hard and complete this unexpected task.

This dancing task can be regarded as a dilemma, not to mention that Zhang Zhiwei and Yang Xiangyan were just hanging out at the end of the team. Even Han Ming, a professional, couldn’t recall all the moves after ten hours. Moreover, the program team didn’t let out anything in advance to remind them. They only thought that it was fine to finish the dance at that time and didn’t deliberately remember it.

Even if they did remember it, waking up in the middle of their sleep, it would be difficult for the confused group to possess clear thoughts in the middle of the night. Han Ming also performed a few moves with Yi Tianming, he tried to dance again but was quickly vetoed by the leading younger brother.

The younger brother said that he had to dance more than 80% before he could pass. They looked at each other for a moment, this test was a bit too difficult.

This kind of segment usually leaves a backup and the program would not give a test that fails. Zhang Zhiwei wanted to go forward and negotiate with the little brother and ask him to change the conditions. Even if it was a little harsher, he would recognize it. In the middle of the night, they still wanted to go to sleep quickly.

But before he could open his mouth, he was called out by An Xumo on the side, “Teacher Zhang… Can I give it a try?”

An Xumo had just thought about something on the spot and there was no extra movement. Several people had thought no one could dance it again, so they didn’t go forward one by one to try it. Now seeing An Xumo taking the initiative, offering to do so, Zhang Zhiwei said, “What’s there to be so polite? Come try, it’s fine if you can’t dance it well. We’ll think of another way.”

An Xumo stood in the open space in front of the crowd and all eyes were focused on him. He took a deep breath and stepped on the beat of his right foot a few times before he danced a precise and smooth series of movements along with the background music that had been turned down a few decibels.

Music has an indescribable appeal and so does dancing. The tall young boy changed from his usual restrained shyness and showed an amazing explosive power in his continuous movements. If the usual An Xumo seems to have only a face to draw attention, when he danced, he showed his attractiveness with every part and every movement.

The camera on the side dutifully recorded the whole scene.

Unlike Han Ming’s previous attempts, An Xumo’s display had clearly been confirmed, there was no hesitation in his movements. Although in the eyes of professionals, it can be seen that he hasn’t practiced it many times but it was perfect enough for the reality show. By the time the three to four minutes dance was over, even Zhang Zhiwei recognized a few familiar moves. After the dance, An Xumo touched the side of his neck somewhat embarrassed. “There are some movements I didn’t remember and they’re not accurate.”

The little brother was shocked by An Xumo, let alone the others in the room hearing him say this. The little brother hurriedly said, “It’s not bad. The moves are basically right, but this dance needs to be danced collectively by you guys.”

The moves were already remembered, so it wouldn’t be difficult to dance it together again. With An Xumo leading the dance, the others dance with him again and the task was considered as fully passed.

Dancing again didn’t do any harm to An Xumo and it allowed him to take more shots. Even Yang Xiangyan who finished dancing along with him, praised, “Xiao Mo’s memory is good.”

After dancing, An Xumo recovered his usual shyness. He pursed his lips and smiled, “Many movements of this dance are adapted from the folk ethnic dances. I’ve been exposed to them before, so it’s easy to remember.”

Yi Tianming, whose complexion wasn’t on the bright side, said, “It’s the Li ethnic[1]According to historical records, the term “Li” first appeared in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The Lis are believed to be descendants of the ancient Yue ethnic group, with especially close … Continue reading dance, right? I also feel familiar.”

The little brother smiled and said, “The eight of us came from eight ethnic groups. This dance is based on the Bai[2]The Bai are an ethnic group with a long and colorful history and tradition who live mostly in Yunnan. The word bai means white, and they like the color very much and often wear white clothes. The Bai … Continue readingdance and is adopted from the common dance movements of the other seven ethnic groups. It is the grand finale of our art group.”

Yi Tianming intended to say that it wasn’t a big deal to be able to dance well, but he was beaten on the spot by the little brother. Nevertheless, the little brother was telling the truth. He said this to promote his own art troupe, so Yi Tianming naturally couldn’t refute him again.

The other one who didn’t dance well, Han Ming, didn’t look very good either. Although he didn’t speak like Yi Tianming, as a professional, he was undoubtedly overwhelmed by An Xumo in this segment. For an artist, such aspects of character like sincerity, diligence, and sentimentality, were only secondary; while the display of ability within the professional scope is the basis of what truly draws fans. Actors rely on acting, and idols like them, rely on their singing and dancing abilities.

An Xumo himself modestly found excuses, but from this one test, it directly reflected his talent and efforts in dancing. By the time the show is aired, everyone would know that this newcomer had learned at least eight folk ethnic dances. In contrast, Han Ming felt that he had completely become a clown.

And now, he unobtrusively raised his eyes to the side to look at Zhou Jinchen. The man was looking at An Xumo who was talking to Yan Xiangyan, his side profile was handsome and charming.

Even Zhou Jinchen, who was so dazzling, had his eyes on this newcomer who had yet to debut and had no reputation.

The author has something to say:

Xiao Mo is great. Show off. xd

Li Ethnic:

[2] The Bai are an ethnic group with a long and colorful history and tradition who live mostly in Yunnan


 The Bai are the descendants of an ancient powerful kingdom called the Nanzhao Empire (738–937) that later became the Dali Kingdom  (937–1253)

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1 According to historical records, the term “Li” first appeared in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The Lis are believed to be descendants of the ancient Yue ethnic group, with especially close relations with the Luoyues — a branch of the Yues — who migrated from Guangdong and Guangxi on the mainland to Hainan Island long before the Qin Dynasty (221-206 B.C.).
2 The Bai are an ethnic group with a long and colorful history and tradition who live mostly in Yunnan. The word bai means white, and they like the color very much and often wear white clothes. The Bai are the descendants of an ancient powerful kingdom called the Nanzhao Empire (738–937) that later became the Dali Kingdom  (937–1253).

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