Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – Dating in Public?

After being woken up in the middle of the night and tossed around for so long, the group woke up late the next morning. An Xumo, who was sleeping on the floor was the first to wake up, the cameramen in the house already started to work. When he went downstairs after washing up, he had to pass by another bedroom. Zhou Jinchen, who was sleeping on the floor suddenly opened his eyes and looked over. It seemed that he was disturbed by the sound of his footsteps. An Xumo was startled, that he had to control his voice.

He lowered his voice and said, “Brother Jinchen… Good morning.”

Zhou Jinchen stood up from the ground with his palm propped up. He was half of a head taller than An Xumo. Standing next to him with this height, a sense of oppressive feeling came over him.


The man turned to wash up after his greeting. An Xumo breathed a sigh of relief, his steps were light and content as he descended the stairs.

Seeing his brother in the morning is the perfect way to start the day

For breakfast, they drink hot soymilk which was provided by their sponsors. Then a new day began with the group having new tasks. Yi Tianming and Han Ming were originally responsible for going out to complete the task. The two of them took the lead and invited Zhou Jinchen away while An Xumo stayed in the stone house and decorated with Yan Xiangyan.

Zhang Zhiwei had already started preparing the ingredients for lunch. After finishing the chores ordered by Yan Xiangyan, An Xumo ran out to take the coconut shell left yesterday. Yan Xiangyan passed by and saw An Xumo gluing something down. He took a peek and asked, “Xiao Mo, what are you doing?”

An Xumo looked up and smiled, “Making a natural ornament that you can put around the house as a vase.”

“You still know how to make these?” Yan Xiangyan asked curiously.

“It’s simple, just glue it on.” In An Xumo’s view, this remark isn’t his own modesty to say that. This gadget was something he learned before he came here. 《Sunny Weekend》 has always had a tradition of decorating the house itself; the house in season one has now become a popular attraction. Naturally, An Xumo, who did his homework, hadn’t missed this part of the process.

Even though it’s isn’t finished yet, the vase looked really good. Yan Xiangyan took a second look and said, “Then do your best. I’ll come over and check it later.

When he returned from his busy work, An Xumo’s side was almost finished. Seeing a large vase with coconut as the main body and a snow-white smooth seashell with simple patterns and delicate shapes standing securely on the table, An Xumo brought over two pairs of chopsticks from the side and put them into the coconut shell. He smiled, “If there are no flowers to place here, this can be used as a chopstick holder.”

Yan Xiangyan was amused by his words, “How can such a beautiful vase be used that way? Wait a bit, I’ll ask Zhiwei if he has any flowers.”

Yan Xiangyan took the vase to Zhang Zhiwei, who looked at it and took the chopsticks out, “Call Tianming and the others to bring some wildflowers on the way. There are quite a few of them near the beach, so just pick some and bring them back.”

Yi Tianming’s call was quickly connected, but what Yan Xiangyan didn’t expect was that the three members who went out weren’t together. Yi Tianming received the phone call alone, and the other two had gone off to complete other tasks. When Yan Xiangyan told him about the wildflowers and hung up the phone, Zhang Zhiwei called him over.

While the two seniors were talking, An Xumo didn’t pay attention to their movements. He tidied up the living room again and heard Zhang Zhiwei call him out. “Xiao Mo!”

“Oh, coming.” An Xumo hurriedly walked over. The camera in the room is shot in real-time around the clock; all the cameras were watching. Zhang Zhiwei called An Xumo over and moved the camera out of the way before whispering, “Have you paid attention to Han Ming and Zhou Jinchen?

An Xumo was a little confused, “What’s wrong?”

“I’ve recorded several programs with Han Ming and this is the first time he has paid attention to the guests. He just went out to do tasks and specifically put Yi Tianming away.” Zhang Zhiwei’s voice was low and quick, “Zhou Jinchen’s attitude is also uncertain at the moment, so be careful and don’t break up their shots.”

An Xumo was still in a daze. Zhang Zhiwei saw that he didn’t understand and said, “People may have other relationships, be careful and try not to get involved.”

Only after An Xumo agreed did the two of them return to the camera. Seeing that An Xumo didn’t react at the moment, Zhang Zhiwei didn’t put any more pressure on the other party. He smoothly started a conversation with Yan Xiangyan. “Xiangyan, what are the keywords for this episode’s Q&A?”

Each episode of 《Sunny Weekend》 has a Q&A which is similar to Truth or Dare where the hosts and guests are asked to answer questions together. Because the questions are only given keywords and don’t specify restrictions, there is a wide range of topics they can talk about each time which became a featured part of 《Sunny Weekend》.

Yan Xiangyan drew the cue card from his pocket and read out the keywords of the top two, “Partner. Public.”

“Hey, these words.” Zhan Zhiwei smiled and fired, “There are exactly six of us, half and half. Me, you, and Tianming. By the way, Xiao Mo, you don’t have a girlfriend yet, do you?”

An Xumo was surprised by the question and shook his head, “None yet.”

Yan Xiangyan added, “What about a boyfriend?


“That’s right,” Zhang Zhiwei said, “Xia Mo, Han Ming, and Jinchen are both single. Which happens to be three for three.”

At the time they spoke, Han Ming and Zhou Jinchen who had gone out on a mission had already returned. Yi Tianming had arrived a step late because of his flower picking. When he arrived, Han Ming was talking about the mission they had just done. “If it wasn’t for Jinchen gently pulling me over, I might have fallen. Fortunately, the rewards for this mission were generous. We directly assigned the captive fish pond to us. If we wanted to eat fish in the future, we could just go and get them directly.”

Zhou Jinchen went inside to wash his hands and wasn’t there. An Xumo listened to Han Ming’s words and saw Zhang Zhiwei calmly glance over as he ran over to help serve the food. He heard Zhang Zhiwei say in a low voice, “Remember what I just said.”

An Xumo whispered in response and thought to himself, brother… Is he going to fall in love? Come to think of it, my brother isn’t young and it’s normal to talk about marriage.

After lunch was finished, the group didn’t disperse. They cleared the table together and moved to the middle of the living room to chat. Yan Xiangyan took out the cue card and smiled, “Neither Zhiwei nor I seem to be hiding much on purpose. Just let nature take its course.”

Zhang Zhiwei’s wife is an athlete who had won a world championship. Now that she had long retired, she would only occasionally make an appearance when the national team needed it. The two are very close and have a ten-year-old son. Unlike him, Yan Xiangyan’s lover is a male screenwriter. Although he is an insider too, Yan Xiangyan is relatively lowkey when it comes to his relationships and he responded to his own saying, “Let nature take its course.”

Both are old foxes and had always had the same rhetoric for this kind of issue, so they couldn’t dig up anything new if they wanted to. Apart from them, Yan Tianming’s girlfriend is a young artist, and there have been many reports about the couple which has long since lost their mystery. The question ended up falling on the three singles. In order for the three of them to stop talking about him, Zhang Zhiwei set a question that best fits the keyword, “After having a partner, will you publicize your relationship?”

An Xumo answered honestly that he didn’t know. He spent twice as much time practicing every day than sleeping, and the only person he liked was still a secret he couldn’t tell. Falling in love was really something that had never crossed his mind.

“At Xiao Mo’s age, it could still be regarded as puppy love in school.”

Yan Xiangyan helped him round up and threw the question to the remaining two, “Han Ming, what about you two?”

Han Ming looked up at Zhou Jinchen and smiled, “If I fall in love, I would definitely announce it. I would want everyone to know that I like him.”[1]He/She are pronounced the same way in Chinese and the difference could be seen in writing.

He said it so hollowly that the onlookers couldn’t tell whether it was ‘like her’ or ‘like him,” and he said, “I want to give him a sense of security.”

Han Ming finished giving himself lists of legitimate reasons and smiled again, “What about Brother Jinchen?”

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the last person to answer the question. They saw the man smile faintly with a low and gentle voice, “I will respect my partner’s wishes.”

When Zhou Jinchen’s words fell, the surrounding area was suddenly quiet for a moment.

Although this was just an ambiguous standard response from Zhou Jinchen’s mouth, there was quite a lot of affection. They’re afraid that once the show airs, this sentence would also make countless fans scream their hearts out.

Such a good-looking man who behaves like a gentleman, to be the partner of what he said is like saving the galaxy in their past life.

Han Ming who was sitting next to Zhou Jinchen couldn’t help but reveal a bit of an obvious smile as well. The program will be aired half a year later and by then the relationship between the two…

In any case, having this sentence after Han Ming’s answer would highlight a different meaning even more.

The author has something to say:

Now that the first variety show is over, it’s time for Xiao Mo’s dazzling debut~

Q: Will you publicize your relationship?

An Xiao Mo: I don’t know, I want to listen to my brother.

Anyway, when Xiao Mo was obedient in the early stage, he knew how difficult it was when his brother chases him down (ahem)

jiejie: After re-reading a few chapters ’till here, I realized I kept typing Hand instead of Han on Han Ming. Pfft~ sorry about that.


1 He/She are pronounced the same way in Chinese and the difference could be seen in writing.

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