Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – Xiao Mo is Upgrading to Fight Monsters[1]Raw: 小莫升级打怪中。If anyone has a better wording~ let me know in the comments! ♥

An Xumo didn’t say anything, he scrolled and looked down carefully at the content of the hot search keywords. What was spread out of the hot search were several sneak shots with thick watermarks, and a copy of Han Ming’s original itinerary. The report said that Han Ming was supposed to fly from E City to S City on Wednesday to prepare for the last concert of his tour, but he went north to B City and stayed a day before moving to S City.

The journalist’s sneak shot of Han Ming was when he was in B City. In the photo, he was tightly wrapped and only showed some obvious features in a side shot. The person photographed with Han Ming was even vaguer, and can only be judged by his height as a male.

The Weibo post said that Han Ming met with the person in the evening and stayed together for seven hours before leaving at the dawn to go to the airport. This kind of news of flying thousands of miles to meet up during the workday naturally makes people’s imagination run wild. Just like the onlookers said in the comments: if it’s really a couple dating, this kind of painstaking meeting must be true love.

Han Ming has enjoyed a good upwards trend in recent years, his variety shows and solo albums have good ratings and sales. In addition, he’s taking the idol route, attracting a lot of young fans and the fighting power of fans was quite impressive. The news broke on Weibo for three hours. In the hot comments, “We only believe the official announcement, paparazzi stay away.” and “Just mention the name. Welcome to follow Han Ming’s upcoming single, 《xxx》” which is sporadically mixed with the hot reviews of passerby. When you look at it, the reviews are already controlled by fans.

Tang Tang watched An Xumo for a while, but she became less interested. She was in this business, so she naturally knew how this kind of explosive information without real evidence came about. Either the paparazzi were trying to get attention, Han Ming’s side was speculating heat, or Han Ming was trying to pave the way for his romance to be announced, and there wouldn’t be any other possibilities.

“What a coincidence…this scoop coincided with the announcement of 《Dance to the Top Show》. Hey, Xiao Mo, forget about that for now, just take a look at your own Weibo account.”

Tang Tang’s first sentence mentioned what An Xumo is worried about. If this was deliberate news that happened to clash with the announcement of 《Dance to the Top Show》, An Xumo’s own hot search would surely wash away the attention of the news. Reasonably, An Xumo didn’t want to let himself interfere with his brother’s arrangements.

However, there were only a few ambiguous photos in today’s news, and they were not the secret shots took that night. In addition, the identity of the other person was not confirmed in the news, and no one mentioned Zhou Jinchen in the comments. It seemed that it wasn’t instructed by Zhou Jinchen, and An Xumo’s worries slightly alleviated.

He had his own private Weibo before, but he hadn’t posted any original content and only followed a few Weibo accounts related to his brother. Zhou Jinchen himself didn’t have Weibo, but his fans never took advantage of the social media platform like Weibo. Because of being the master of low-profile, his fans will not take the initiative to stir up trouble, they are the typical “not shooting easily but killing everything with one shot”. If Han Ming’s fans’ ability to control the field is placed in front of Zhou Jinchen’s fans, being “crushed” can not even describe them.

An Xumo was on Weibo before, and he just looked at Zhou Jinchen’s HD pictures and promotional information, so that he would not miss his brother’s various magazines and endorsements. However, he later signed a contract with Jin Dian and his daily free time dropped sharply, and he hasn’t been on his Weibo for a long time.

Tang Tang let An Xumo read Weibo and hot searches, but didn’t ask him to post new content. Tonight is a very important point, and using this time to win the most favorable impressions was precisely the key. After attracting so many new fans, what should be posted on the first new Weibo was also something to focus on.

“I originally fought for you to get on a hot search after the first episode of the show. The company promised to buy it, but before the money was spent, you went up by yourself.” Tang Tang said happily, “The people above called me just now, saying that you will be given a new promotional plan. The marketing team is no longer the original public group. If the follow-up is good, you may be able to sign a long-term contract with a new marketing team. The follow-up publicity will be more powerful.”  

“I’m going to a meeting first to discuss your Weibo. Are you going to rehearse and take time off?

An Xumo smiled: “I won’t go. Thank everyone for me and for the trouble.”

Tang Tang took care of other things, and An Xumo plunged into the game with all his heart. Unlike many melon-eating accounts who guessed the “highs and lows”, An Xumo’s performance in the show is also very eye-catching. In the four rounds, he partnered with the two of the only female guests. As a result, after the preliminary rounds, among the three finalists were the two female guests.

Wang Yixiang also entered the finals together, his fans were happy to watch the other two fans fighting. They are also delighted as they watched their idol join the finals, and showed what a real winner he is.

After the preliminary round, An Xumo not only gained hundreds of thousands of fans but also gained the favor of the three guests. The two female guests’ best scores in the previous rounds were all danced with An Xumo. His dance skills are very good and his live performance has been very stable. Even when the guests made mistakes, An Xumo was able to make up for them with his on-the-spot reflexes, which are distinct from other dancers.

That’s not the only reason why the two women who worked with him appreciated him, but more importantly —— An Xumo never steals the spotlight of the host on the stage. He knew his place very well, even though he’s shinning brilliantly and has become popular in a few days, he still maintained a very disciplined attitude during the recording of the final round of preliminary rounds, doing his best to draw attention to the guests with his dancing.

As a result, when it came to the finals, An Xumo directly became the most sought-after powerful foreign aid in the process of selecting a partner. When the final results came out, it was Wang Yixiang, who partnered with An Xumo won the crown.

The ratings of the third season of 《Dance to the Top Show》 went up instead of down, and An Xumo was the biggest contributor among them. He is also the biggest winner himself. His popularity is based on luck, but maintaining his fame requires a constant investment of resources. The new fans who spontaneously reposted his screenshots were indispensable, and the promotion of the company’s team also played a considerable role.

Before the broadcast of 《Dance to the Top Show》, An Xumo hadn’t made his official debut yet. Although Tang Tang won a hot search for him, for the company, it was just testing water. If it didn’t have much success, the company wouldn’t continue to do charity. Unexpectedly, when the trailer was aired, An Xumo got on the hot search based on a gif and a video. The marketing account that didn’t originally say hello to him took advantage of the heat and forwarded it, which actually gave An Xumo a lot of fans.

In this way, the resources that the company invested in An Xumo were not just hot searches alone. Because of An Xumo’s own relationship, the conversion rate of these resources also became very impressive. Tang Tang mentioned to him that several marketing accounts that have been cooperating with Jin Dian for a long time even took the initiative to send a message to the company, asking if they needed their cooperation to promote.

The marketing accounts also need to publish hot content to maintain the attention of netizens, which is a win-win deal. An Xumo could be said to have become an overnight sensation with this, and even set off a wave of dance clubs applying to dance classes.

However, after the finals of 《Dance to the Top Show》 ended, An Xumo himself made a suggestion with Tang Tang.

“Are you saying don’t market too much content?” Tang Tang was rejecting back an endorsement, and after listening to An Xumo’s words, she moves her computer screen away, “I have noticed this, the marketing plan is also drastically reduced. You can rest assured that there is a special analysis of popularity in the team, and your fame won’t be overdrawn.”

Tang Tang had now stopped bringing other artists and had become An Xumo’s exclusive manager and assistant. An Xumo had never doubted her ability. After telling her what he thought and saw that the other party agreed, he didn’t ask anymore.

The speed of fame was too fast that An Xumo himself hadn’t had too many real feelings. He just keeps remembering what Zhou Jinchen had said before —— whether it was a variety show or marketing, it’s like a magnifying glass that could enlarge the sparkling points on the stars and attract more attention.

However, it was still the artist’s own business ability that could really make the artists stand on his or her feet. And that was knowing what could be magnified by the magnifying glass.  

But Tang Tang didn’t stop there: “Our focus now is no longer attracting attention, but on consolidating these attracted fans. If we continue marketing, it’s likely that there will be a wave of backlash.”

This was a normal phenomenon within the circle, and An Xumo didn’t care too much about it. Being famous was just a way for him, and the final result was the most important thing to him.

Tang Tang frowned as she said: “But now it’s a little strange. It seems like someone has already deliberately led to spread rumors about you.”

An Xumo asked: “Spread what?”

“Some people have reported that you are short-tempered, that you fought with people during your trainee period, and disrespected your seniors…” Tang Tang has skipped the more exaggerated words and only picked out some simple ones to say, “But I just confirmed last week that the trainees who came to provoke you before have already been sent back to the closed training camp by Tianxiang because of their failed debut.”

“There’s no way they’d come out and talk nonsense, so how would there be someone who specifically carried out the rumors about what happened during your trainee period?”

The author has something to say:

The presence of Mr. Zhou Jinchen is back online in the next chapter! Han Ming’s scene will end soon.

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1 Raw: 小莫升级打怪中。If anyone has a better wording~ let me know in the comments! ♥

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