Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – Zhou Jinchen sneered

During the trainee period, An Xumo had always been alone and had never taken the initiative to fight with anyone. So, as soon as Tang Tang mentioned the trainees, An Xumo remembered the time when he was blocked in the dance studio.

After Lu Yingtuo and the others have been sent down to Tianxiang, Tang Tang had also been paying attention to their movements. After all, this was the entertainment industry where the slightest movement would be magnified a thousand times, and any narrative could be dug up and make as a scandal by those who were interested. But, no one knows if it was Chen Li’s arrangement or Zhou Jinchen’s order, who had previously said that they would help solve this matter. The next encounter with Lu Yingtuo and the others had left them completely incapable of being distracted and making trouble. At least, in this industry, there was indeed no way for them to turn back

Other than Lu Yingtuo and the others, the only ones who knew about this were Zhou Jinchen, Chen Li, and…Han Ming.

An Xumo paused for a moment, then said: “Is the situation very serious?”

“It’s unlikely,” Tang Tang shook her head, “The PR plan has already been prepared, and the current situation is all under control. The only thing that’s a bit strange is that these rumored water army* seems different from what we’ve premeditated.”

[*a group of Internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments with particular content.]

An Xumo asked, “Different?”

Tang Tang said, “Originally, we envisioned that you would be questioned about your professional ability and performance during the show. Because the speed of your popularity is fast, it will have a partial impact on artists who have overlapping positioning in a short period of time. If they want to suppress you, they will surely work on the 《Dance to the Top Show》 that made you famous and look for your black spots.”

“As a result, now, someone has released this news during your trainee period. You didn’t debut before, no one paid attention to you. After you became famous, those previous things had already been dealt with us beforehand. It’s reasonable to say that even if someone went back and dug it up, it wouldn’t be possible to do it in a short period of time.”

The black material must have convincing parts to spread. Although the rumors were exaggerated, some of the events were real, but they have been shifted and the contents have been secretly changed. To be able to release such rumors in a short period of time it’s obvious that the main preparator had already prepared a long time ago.

“But you only debuted in the Dance show, how could someone have tried to set you up before?” Tang Tang was puzzled.

An Xumo pursed his lips, “If you can, can you pay attention to the movements inside Jin Dian?”

“Jin Dian?” Tang Tang’s eyes widened in surprise.

An Xumo didn’t explicitly say it and only said, “They know what happened during the trainee period, and the trainee’s movement is well known within the company, right?”

“…….” Tang Tang frowned, “Okay, I’ll pay attention to it.”

After the finals of 《Dance to the Top Show》 ended, An Xumo was quickly invited by three or four similar variety shows, more than a dozen advertising endorsements, and countless interviews. If he hadn’t signed in Jin Dian, there would have been teams coming to him and wanting to pack him.

However, it is precisely because he signed with Jin Dian that An Xumo had to hand over all the numerous commercial activities to a professional team for selection. But a few days later, he received an opportunity that was even more precious than all the commercial activities combined — Zhang Zhiwei called and asked if he wanted to audition for a supporting role in a new movie.

The movie was a new film by a major director and it is just in the casting stage. Zhang Zhiwei had worked with the great director before, so he recommended An Xumo. This was the actual big screen, and if it came to fruition, the results would never be worse than recording the episode of 《Sunny Weekend》.

“Can I?” An Xumo was a little uncertain, “I haven’t studied acting yet…”

“It’s fine, the role is a young dancer. Dancing skills and appearance are more important.” Zhang Zhiwe’s voice came over leisurely from the phone, “The exact time has not been set yet, someone will notify you, just prepare for this first.”

Until after the phone hung up, An Xumo was still somewhat unresponsive. Tang Tang on the side was much more direct than him. She threw the documents in her hand, fell into the swivel chair, and swung three times.

“Am I dreaming!”

An Xumo smiled helplessly at her. It took a while before Tang Tang finally calmed down. She herself picked up the papers that had been thrown flying. Although she still had the annoying black material to deal with in her hands, Tang Tang’s tone was incredibly calm and the way she looked at the papers was even somewhat kind.

“Alas, this little bit of trouble, what can it be in front of our Da Mo*

[*big mo]

An Xumo: “……..”

Nothing had even been confirmed yet, and he’d already been promoted from Little Mo to Big Mo.

After making a scene, Tang Tang finally regained her serious expression. “The black water army does have a connection within the company, but it’s still unclear why. It is estimated that it might be a matter of dividing resources, and someone doesn’t like what they see. But don’t worry Xiao Mo, we’ll handle this matter, you’ll definitely still have better resources after the broadcast of 《Sunny Weekend》.

The 《Sunny Weekend》 which was recorded a few months ago had stepped on a very precise spot and would air just when An Xumo needed to strengthen his popularity the most. By the time the show takes off, in a short period of time, An Xumo’s limelight will definitely shine left and right.

It was just that in An Xumo’s mind, he felt that the broadcast of 《Sunny Weekend》 would not necessarily bring the expected benefits.

Tang Tang had said before that these water armies involved in the fight had come prepared. Although they hadn’t been dominant, they had always been unclean. They don’t look like they’re slacking off, but rather they are like warming up as if waiting for something big.

What An Xumo is really worried about is that the other party is thinking about the upcoming 《Sunny Weekend》.

While Tang Tang is busy with her team to solidify An Xumo’s subsequent fan acquisition process, new news is constantly emerging within the circle. Looking at the heated discussion during the period, Han Ming is definitely an important figure that can’t be bypassed.

From the last time when Han Ming’s relationship as a same-sex couple came out, the information related to his romance began to be released one after another continuously. According to further information, some media have speculated that Han Ming’s other half is also a member of the circle. His scandal intensified, but he never came out to deny it. Even the studio did not come out to issue a statement. For a while, ‘Han Ming is in love’ has almost become solid news.

Han Ming’s fans are divided into two groups from the inside. One firmly believes that their idol is not in love, and the other believes that it is normal to be in love. Coupled with the object of gossip of gender relations, even a small group of people are excited. The CP fans had been derived and the figures of male stars in the circle are compared with men in several candid photos.

As soon as they were guessed by this group of fans, the other male artist’s fans were not happy. While Han Ming’s fans were busy giving their main master reviews, they also had to restrain their own chaotic CP fans, which was very lively for a moment.

However, how could Han Ming’s fans guess? They did not directly link the person in the photo and the male artist with the most similar height——they wanted to include Zhou Jinchen on the candidate list, but the difference in strength between the two fans was too far apart. They started a small fire, which was then extinguished by Zhou Jinchen’s fans with a high-pressure spray gun.

In addition to Han Ming’s scandal, another important piece of news has also caught the attention of many —— the Wutong Awards, one of the three major awards in Chinese language cinema, will soon be held. The film screening week has already begun, in less than two or three days, it will be the day of the new Wutong Awards.

As a person directly related to these two news, Zhou Jinchen who had been working non-stop for more than thirty hours had just found some time to rest.

Xin Zimai looked at his friend who has always had a straight back, but at this time was leaning directly on the back of the chair. His voice couldn’t help but bring some concern: “Jinchen, do you want to sleep for a while?

“Didn’t you have news for me?” Zhou Jinchen raised his hand and rubbed the corner of his forehead. His tired look didn’t damage his handsomeness, but instead added a different temperament, “Say it before going to bed.”

Xin Zimai then said, “It’s good news. There is a piece of information from the Wutong Awards’ organizing committee that 《The Scarecrow》 has been shortlisted for at least five candidates, the situation is looking good this time.”

《The Scarecrow》 was an art film that Zhou Jinchen had previously teamed up with the film star Lin Rui. Although the box office can’t compare with commercial movies, the reputation is not bad. Even though the reviews from various movie rating websites are somewhat polarized, from the current point of view, the film’s momentum towards the award is so far promising.

Being shortlisted candidates is something that has long been expected. This news can only be regarded as a reassurance that has already in hand, but it is impossible for the relations in the organizing committee to reveal further information. As for the result, it will be revealed at the award ceremony.

Zhou Jinchen supported his forehead with his hand and responded in a low voice. Xin Zimai looked at him carefully and said, “The momentum is much better this time than the last time in that 《Snow Road in the Forest》 if nothing else…”

His voice disappeared in Zhou Jinchen’s gesture, raising his hand to stop.

Two years ago, Zhou Jinchen starred in 《Snow Road in the Forest》. At that time, Zhou Jinchen was gaining momentum and wanted to hit the best male actor in one fell swoop. It’s a pity that the ending is unpredictable when he failed to win the anticipated Wutong Award. The star journey, which has always been smooth, also encountered the first deep hurdle.

Bringing it up again, Zhou Jinchen who is extremely exhausted is not in a good mood. He only said in a slightly hoarse voice, “Let it go.”

Leaving this matter unmentioned, there was another piece of news from Xin Zimai: “Another thing is the situation on Li Xiuqing’s side.”

Li Xiuqing was Han Ming’s aunt. In addition to serving in Jin Dian, she’s also involved in business with the Zhou family. Xin Zimai hesitated for a moment and said, “The news that is spread over there has been suppressed by our fans. They haven’t dared let Han Ming one-sidedly speak out, worrying that your fans are not easy to control. Li Xiuqing wants you to come forward and let you take the initiative to show kindness to Han Ming. She has been urging me these past few days…”

Before Xin Zimai’s voice could be heard, his phone on the desktop lit up and the words ‘Jin Dian Li Xiuqing’ flashed brightly on the screen, which looked quite dazzling.

Zhou Jinchen sneered and lowered his right hand that was propped on his forehead. His eyes were already a bit dry from the days of intense work, but there was a cold gloom on his pupils.

“She really is a relative of Han Ming. Both of them are so fond of dreaming.”

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