Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 28.1

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Chapter 28.1 – He is worried about Jinchen’s Illness

On the night that Zhou Jinchen won the Wutong Awards for Best Actor, his related data on various platforms directly exploded.

Zhou Jinchen has always been an actor before, but because of his age and his outstanding appearance, he naturally attracted a large number of fans. Not to mention the other fans community word[1]RAW: 不提十几年前的其他天降紫薇星 not sure if this was correct. from over a decade ago, at least among all male artists whose age difference is no more than ten years, Zhou Jinchen’s win-win achievement in terms of both actual performance and commercial value could indeed be considered unique.

For the entire entertainment industry, the audience that focuses on acting and the fans who are attracted to faces are not of the same groups. The former contributes to the ratings, while the latter is responsible for carrying the data. Therefore, works of veteran artists with strong acting skills are household names, while the Weibo data is not comparable to the one-ten thousandth of the popular young fresh meat.

However, this situation is understandable. After all, the strength of an actor and the traffic[2]I looked it up online and found this: Website traffic refers to web users who visit a website. Web traffic is measured in visits, sometimes called “sessions,” and is a common way to … Continue reading of idols are in different fields. Their respective footholds also have distinct differences. For example, in Japan and South Korea, where idols have developed for a long time, there is a clear line between idols and actors. These are completely two different professions.

It’s only in recent years that the country’s entertainment industry has poured into a large number of capital forces. When considering their own interests, investors turned their attention to idols with a huge amount of traffic. Even a recognized director who has accumulated countless box office will publicly make a statement that he has chosen a leading role of “not an actor, but a star” at the award ceremony of Liuye Awards, one of the three golden awards for domestic films.

At a time when the flow of traffic is a matter of success or failure, using these idols is tantamount to giving the work a natural buzz in advance. That’s why the figure of each idol will appear on the screen in turn.

Prior to the filming of 《The Scarecrow》, although Zhou Jinchen had a huge fanbase, his comments in the industry have never been upstream. The evaluation “subject matter is more important than his business ability” was always expressed in various verbal and written comments.

Therefore, for Zhou Jinchen, this Film Emperor is indeed a real turning point.

The award ceremony of the Wutong Awards is scheduled for the night. After the ceremony concluded, several official accounts related to the entertainment industry stepped on the spot to send out the day’s posts. In addition to the intuitive WeChat index and push reading display, on other major platforms that are not subject to a daily limit, all kinds of marketing accounts have worked hard to send out these messages.

The Wutong Awards features more than twenty awards, among which the four most important awards are Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, and Best Film. This year’s four awards went to four films and killed off a single big winner that formed an all-or-nothing trend, focusing more on the winner, Zhou Jinchen.

A rough count of the Webo posts of the day after the Wutong Awards showed that among the hundreds of daily posts, with more than 100,000+ readers, more than 90 percent of the entertainment-related official accounts were on the topic of Zhou Jinchen.[3]Not really familiar with Weibo, so I might MTL-ed it wrongly QAIn order to promote the content of the topic around Zhou Jinchen, more than half of the official accounts chose him as the main content of the picture submissions. “Newly promoted Film Emperor” and “Deserved to the Name”[4]实至名归: fame follows merit [idiom] became popular together. At least for a long time, there will be no more marketing accounts that dare to attract attention with “Zhou Jinchen can only depend on his face.”

In addition to the spectacular “slaughter page” on WeChat, on Weibo, where Zhou Jinchen did not create an account, there was also a glorious display of news, images, confessions, and new text content. The official Weibo of Wutong Awards automatically sent out a link to announce that Zhou Jinchen won the Best Actor Award, which was reposted nearly a million times a day.

Moreover, Zhou Jinchen’s trench silk also sent out a number of celebratory raffles with prizes that were tempting enough to drive the passerby to forward it. People have to once again marvel at the fighting power of Zhou Jinchen’s fans. When the degree was the most enthusiastic, “fans forwarding lottery” the related words also briefly climb to the hot search list for a short time. Later, the fans worried that this kind of thing will bring Zhou Jinchen a bad influence. Several big fans jointly voiced, which temporarily lowered the trend of the lottery.

In the major film and television forums, the high-rise postings related to Zhou Jinchen can turn pages in minutes. Some business fans also enthusiastically opened a handling post, live-streaming the data indexes of major platforms in real-time. The award was not the only turning point for Zhou Jinchen who rarely makes appearances except for acting and necessary activities, but also a chance for his long-awaited fans to get a proper, sweet burst of joy.

Zhou Jinchen’s ability to attract fans had long been doubted. If the grand occasions on social media platforms and major forums are considered to be the power of fans, then various comprehensive news platforms’ reports on Zhou Jinchen have more to show passers-by favorable impressions of him. After all, Zhou Jinchen’s strength has been laid out here. Among the idols with a large number of fans, he has become the first person to stand out by virtue of his acting skills.

Not only in Jin Dian, but the entire entertainment industry is also still lacking a leader who stands out from the crowd. The Wutong Award had undoubtedly added weight to Zhou Jinchen.

After a night of celebrating with the crew, Zhou Jinchen gets back to work, with media outlets waiting for first-hand interviews, endorsement deals, magazine shoots, and new film scripts that also came one after the other. Coupled with the need to give attention to and guard against the family’s infiltration, Zhou Jinchen is even busier than before when he was dealing with Han Ming’s contract.

When Zhou Jinchen has to work overtime, Xin Zimai is naturally not idle. After finally having a chance to breathe a sigh of relief, he remembered that he hadn’t been home for over half a month.

The one text message a day on his phone had accumulated more than a dozen, and this was the daily duty list sent over by Li Qiucheng. Xin Zimai usually used WeChat to communicate with people and with Li Qiucheng as well. A doctor is usually a busy profession, plus Li Qiucheng also participated in an extra project in the research group, and when both of them are busy, there were several times when they didn’t see each other for half a month like this.

Xin Zimai didn’t really have any idea about this, but Li Qiucheng insisted on sending over his working hours, so he received a schedule sheet every day. The other party said that he could call anytime during his free time, although he hadn’t once taken the initiative to call.

Xin Zimai’s parents and Li Qiucheng’s parents were old friends for decades, but the latter had left to settle abroad more than a decade ago. Xin Zimai himself hadn’t really been much involved in the feelings of the previous generation. How could he have imagined that the son of his parents’ old friends would actually return to China a year ago to develop his career, and even made a special visit with a generous gift? In less than a day’s time, he had coaxed Xin Zimai’s parents into exhilaration and how he looked at it was pleasing to his eyes.

When Li Qiucheng returns home alone, he has to adapt to life in China again. When Xin father and mother saw that he was alone, they often called Li Qiucheng home to have dinner with them. Xin Zimai had no problem with this, as he was busy with work and felt guilty for not being able to be with his parents to show filial piety to them. Now he has reconnected with his old friends for decades, Xin Zimai can be happy that they can get emotional satisfaction.

But the problem was that Li Qiucheng wasn’t just in charge of connecting the feelings of the elders, he also wants to continue the feelings of the next generation.

It wasn’t that Xin’s father and mother hadn’t mentioned the events of many years ago, but Xin Zimai only listened to those as a joke. Negligence can only taste the bitter fruit. When Li Qiucheng showed to Xin’s parents the yellow paper he had kept for nearly twenty-one years, Xin Zimai who had been called back, nearly jumped up from the sofa—who could tell him that this man would want to fulfill a children’s marriage that spanned twenty-one years as if it were real?!

Xin Zimai thinks that he and Li Qiucheng didn’t have any emotional foundation, so it would be too hasty if they were to really be together just because of this child’s marriage that was set up back then. If it wasn’t for the Xin parents’ emotions, Xin Zimai would even wanted to settle this matter with Li Qiucheng on the spot. Unfortunately, Xin parents were very fond of Li Qiucheng and coupled with decades of emotional filters, they actually abandoned their own son and stood on a united front with Li Qiucheng.

After that, the two people got along almost as if they were chickens flying and dogs jumping.[5]鸡飞狗跳: This phrase is used to describe a great disorder or mass confusion. One explanation for this is that chicken and dogs were the most common animals people kept on farms, so people … Continue readingXin Zimai stubbornly refused to agree with the rash marriage contract. Since the work of the two was not considered idle, he managed to dodge it for half a year. It wasn’t until the last time that Zhou Jinchen called Li Qiucheng with his cellphone that Xin Zimai met with him reluctantly.

Xin Zimai locked his phone and stared at the dark screen, rubbing his temples. He himself was not sure why the two of them had become the way they are now. They not only had to do that damn pre-wedding task every day but also lived together in a muddled manner.

Although it was common for both of them to stay late and work overtime, the steaming food and warmth that emanated from the details that belong only to home still gave Xin Zimai a sense of nostalgia he didn’t want to admit.

Xin Zimai looked at his phone to empty his sight. When he was in the midst of reminiscing his memories, a soft knock came from the side of the car window.

Xin Zimai pressed the lift button, and the figure of a man was gradually revealed outside the car window. Li Qiucheng was wearing a long trench coat, with a thin scarf around his neck. Xin Zimai was used to seeing outstanding appearances in the circle, and he himself was asked every day why he didn’t make his debut with such an appearance. But even so, Xin Zimai had to admit that Li Qiucheng is a handsome and attractive man.

Li Qiucheng was wearing his usual gold-rimmed glasses he used every day. He bent his back slightly and looked at him with a smile, “Waiting for me?”

Xin Zimai closed the car window again, got out of the car, and locked the door. Rubbing the tip of his nose, and coughed lightly, “I just got back.”


1 RAW: 不提十几年前的其他天降紫薇星 not sure if this was correct.
2 I looked it up online and found this: Website traffic refers to web users who visit a website. Web traffic is measured in visits, sometimes called “sessions,” and is a common way to measure online business effectiveness at attracting an audience.
3 Not really familiar with Weibo, so I might MTL-ed it wrongly QA
4 实至名归: fame follows merit [idiom]
5 鸡飞狗跳: This phrase is used to describe a great disorder or mass confusion. One explanation for this is that chicken and dogs were the most common animals people kept on farms, so people likened mayhem to hens flying and dogs jumping up and down.

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