Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 27.2

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Translated by: Jie Jie

Editor: Qiaone

Chapter 27.1 – My Brother is Dazzling and Cool[1]RAW: 哥哥狂炫酷霸拽。

During the celebration banquet of the award ceremony, Zhou Jinchen drank quite a bit by the toasts of the people in the crew. When he woke up after drinking, he realized that he was sleeping on the sofa bed in Xin Zimai’s living room.

Zhou Jinchen rolled over and sat up, looking expressionlessly towards the open kitchen not far away. A man wearing a simple apron was busy there with several brightly colored steaming hot porcelain bowls on the table.

He had fallen asleep after taking a shower last night, but he was actually not very conscious at that time. Zhou Jinchen only remembered that the phone kept ringing last night after Xin Zimai stopped him from drinking more, helped pick up the phone in passing, and simply hung up afterward.

Yesterday with the crew, Zhou Jinchen didn’t want to expose his identity, so he didn’t let his bodyguards into the hotel. Later, he received a call from the bodyguard because he was already in Xin Zimai’s car he didn’t ask the bodyguard to pick him up.

Zhou Jinchen raised his hand and rubbed the corner of his forehead. He was wearing a set of new home clothes, but it definitely wasn’t Xin Zimai’s style. He was ten centimeters taller than Xin Zimai, and the two of them were far from the same size.

Thinking about it, it should be Li Qiucheng’s clothes.

When Li Qiucheng served the congee, he saw Zhou Jinchen sitting on the sofa. He greeted the man and said, “Something happened at the hospital temporarily after picking you up, so I didn’t send you back.”

“It’s fine,” Zhou Jinchen pinched the bridge of his nose, “I troubled you yesterday.”

Li Qiucheng smiled and said, “There are disposable utensils on the table. Come and have breakfast. I made congee to sober you up.”

Zhou Jinchen nodded, Li Quicheng took off his apron and walked into the bedroom. When Zhou Jincheng got up to go to the bathroom, he heard Xin Zimai’s confused voice faintly from the bedroom. Soon after, the voices just disappeared.

Before they could make even stranger sounds, Zhou Jinchen walked into the bathroom and closed the door conveniently.

Li Quicheng still had to work. He had eaten in advance and left after waking up Xin Zimai. Zhou Jingchen sat down to eat the congee and Xin Zimai, who was in a good mood, sat across him— the redness and swelling on his lips still not subsiding

Xin Zimai was no better than Zhou Jinchen, he was prone to headaches after drinking. Last night, he was too happy to make an exception, but today, he woke up and lost his spirit. Zhou Jinchen knew that this sobering congee was completely in Xin Zimai’s good graces, but he was at peace.

Li Qiucheng’s skill is good. After being the first to finish breakfast, Zhou Jinchen went to get the new script that had just arrived last night. Leaving the listless Xin Zimai alone to sit at the table and slowly scoop up the congee.

After Zhou Jinchen flipped through the script roughly, Xin Zimai finished his breakfast. He put the dishes in the dishwasher and moved slowly to the living room.

When Zhou Jinchen looked up because of his slow movements. Xin Zimai sat on the couch across from him and propped his head up, asking, “Is it that new film with Lin Rui?”

“Hmm. ” Zhou Jinchen responded.

“Isn’t that the one Old Ma is directing? No wonder Ma Zechi even brought you something yesterday….”

Old Ma was Ma Zechi’s father, and one of the few great directors in China. Xin Zimai rubbed his eyes, “But isn’t that the one still casting, why did you start reading it so early?”

Zhou Jinchen looked up at him again.

Xin Zimai was confused, “What’s wrong?”

Zhou Jinchen asked, “Do you still remember your bank card password?”

Xin Zimai didn’t understand the situation: “Remember ah…..”

“Then give your bank card to Qiucheng as soon as possible, the sooner the better.” Zhou Jinchen’s face was expressionless, “Lest, you can’t even remember the password in a few days.”

Xin Zimai thought for a while before he realized what was going on, “Ah, it’s that…the film you invested in with your new company?”

Zhou Jinchen ignored him and continued to flip through the script.

Xin Zimai stroked his nose before the cattle rang out and found a topic of conversation, “So, aren’t you just going to work with Lin Rui again?”

“Mm.” Zhou Jinchen couldn’t help but frown slightly at the mention of this.

“It’s good to collaborate, and 《The Scarecrow》 just won awards. The two of you are very hot now, and this wave of heat can definitely be saved for the new film.” Xin Zimai nestled on the sofa and analyzed seriously, “I just don’t know if Lin Rui……”

Zhou Jinchen shook the script and the paper gave a soft thud as he suddenly said, “I just received information that the post-production of 《Sunny Weekend》 is almost complete.”

Xin Zimai was unsure, “Hmm……?”

Zhou Jinchen looked at him, “There are many shots of Han Ming and me in the same frame in the recordings.”

Xin Zimai was stunned, “So what should we do, cut it out?”

“Only two of the shots were mostly cut. Other than that, all three people’s shots were kept without compromising the integrity of the show.”

“That’s good,” Xin ZiMai patted his chest and he casually asked, “Three people, who is the remaining one?”

Zhou Jinchen looked at him and did not speak.

“….. Is it Xiao An?” Xin Zimai tested the waters.

“En,” Zhou Jinchen nodded, his gaze returning to the script in his lap. His eyes locked on one of the names, “One of the supporting actors in Old Mao’s new film is a dancer.”

Xin Zimai opened his mouth, unable to speak.

Zhou Jinchen said, “I plan to give it a try.”

Xin Zimai only found his voice halfway through, “But….. Xiao An has never studied acting, right?”

Zhou Jinchen said, “It’s still early, so it’s not too late for temporary additional training.”

Xin Zimai thought for a moment before realizing what he had just forgotten, “Is the supporting actor male four? If you look through the character sheet at the front, I remember there seems to be a mark…”

Zhou Jinchen flipped to the top few pages, “It’s male four, why?”

Xin Zimai said, “Yesterday, Ma Zechi mentioned to me that some of the supporting cast have already been flagged. He said he wanted me to tell you that if you are not sure, you can go and have a look at the film when it is being cast.”

Zhou Jinchen was one of the investors, and he also had some decision power.

“En.” Zhou Jinchen was straightforward, “Let An Xumo come to the audition. When the time comes, I’ll go over and just cut off the candidates who have been greeted directly.”

The author has something to say:

Reminder: The next chapter is a plot transition, which explains why the brother is an actor. Brother and Little Mo did not appear.

Zhang Zhiwei: Who’s going to replace the supporting role I greeted to?

Zhou Jinchen: Me

An Xumo: That, it seems, there’s no changeQAQ?


1 RAW: 哥哥狂炫酷霸拽。

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