Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 27.1

Chapter 27 will be in two parts (≧◡≦) ♡

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Translated by: mochimúwù

Editor: Qiaone

Chapter 27.1 – My Brother is Dazzling and Cool[1]RAW: 哥哥狂炫酷霸拽。

Zhou Jinchen’s voice still didn’t fluctuate, as if he was not the one who was directly questioned, “Literally, the contract can end.”

Han Ming restrained his smile and narrowed his eyes at the other party, “You really want to break the contract?”

Han Ming had long understood Zhou Jinchen’s personality. It was only because he was confident before, certain that he would become the most special one in Zhou Jinchen’s heart and that he had taken it as a pleasure to strategize Zhou Jinchen’s coldness. However, now that all the pretense were torn away, he then looked at the other party’s unmoved look, and it became full of irony.

Han Ming was indignant in his heart, the calmer the other party was, the more he wanted to go forward and ruthlessly smash that unfeeling ice mask!

How could he be willing to let himself be the only one who was not calm? Han Ming sneered and stared at the expression on Zhou Jinchen’s face as he slowly said, “Is it because of that An Xumo?”

As he expected, Zhou Jinchen’s appearance really had a slight fluctuation, and the man frowned slightly, “Who?”

Han Ming spoke one word at a time, and his pronunciation was exceptionally clear: “An, Xu, Mo. What, Brother Shen doesn’t even remember his own younger brother’s name?”

As soon as the word “younger brother” was uttered, Zhou Jinchen’s burst of light grew even darker.

His relationship with An Xumo was in complete secrecy within the circle. For Han Ming to know, he must have gotten the information from Li Xiuqing.

When Han Ming came over, Zhou Jinchen was preparing to leave with Xin Zimai. This was a slightly remote passageway, but there were still vehicles coming and going from time to time. Even if Xin Zimai brought the bodyguards who came with him to block the entrance and exits, this wasn’t a good place to keep secrets after all.

Compared to Zhou Jinchen’s defenses, Han Ming didn’t care at all. He finally ripped Zhou Jinchen’s mask, he would naturally not give it up: “When we recorded Sunny before, Brother Chen was so caring and considerate. Even when he was injured, you had to apply the medicine yourself.”

“Previously, they all thought An Xumo and Zhang Zhiwei’s relationship was the reason he’s added in, but An Xumo has long been a contracted artist of Jin Dian. Without the company’s consent, he couldn’t have crashed into signing a contract with Greentown TV…..Brother Chen, if An Xumo can go to Sunny, surely, there must be some intervention on your part, right?”

Zhou Jinchen did not say anything, and Han Ming gave a low laugh, “Calling him a younger brother when he is just an adopted son. The Zhou family has abandoned that An Xumo, yet Brother Chen is taking such good care of him……Why do I feel like this doesn’t look like a play between a brother and younger brother?”

Han Ming’s voice fell, and the surroundings became extremely quiet.

In the end, it was still Han Ming who broke the silence. He gave time for Zhou Jinchen to digest the information, and softened his tone again, “Brother Chen, the contract is a good plan that was signed long ago. If it is carried out truthfully, it will end up being a win-win deal. If not….”

Han Ming purposely sighed, “Alas, I really don’t want to see Brother Chen fall into the gossip of a brother going against his morals.”

He satisfactorily finished the play, holding his arms leisurely as he looked at Zhuo Jinchen. What Han Ming didn’t expect was that he didn’t see the look of panic on the other party’s face.

Zhou Jinchen looked at Han Ming with an inexplicable gaze, the white light in the passage fell from above his head and falling on his well-defined face.

His voice was cold, almost blowing chills into one’s heart: “The contract ended because you violated the terms and conditions, it has nothing to do with others.”

“Several times you arranged for sneak shots, issued a round of announcements, and even tampered with the editing at the post-production program.” Zhou Jinchen said, “Han Ming, I signed a promotional contract that helped you boost your popularity, not a bundle hype to allow you to suck blood.”

“To put it so grandiosely, it’s obvious you’re the one who wants to break the contract because you have a new goal.” Han Ming snorted, “Think carefully, if I expose your brotherly love and scandalous deeds with An Xumo, neither of you will think….”

“By you?”

Zhou Jinchen spoke in a light tone, but the words that came out almost choked Han Ming who was interrupted midway.

“You’re dreaming.”

“Zhou Jinchen!” Han Ming was so angry that he immediately raised his voice, “You think I don’t dare interfere with your affairs?!”

“You dare.” Zhou Jinchen picked up his hand and flicked the lapel on his chest, “but you can’t.”

“Huh?” Han Ming laughed angrily, he took out his phone and tried to unlock the screen. “Fine, I’ll do it in front of you.”

His words were cut off lightly by the man’s voice before he could finish.

“Do you think that the Zhou family will allow you to expose An Xumo’s identity to the world?”

Han Ming frowned with his phone in his hand. He clearly didn’t believe Zhou Jinchen’s words. “…..Why would the Zhou family care about An Xumo’s affairs?”

“This isn’t An Xumo’s business.” Zhou Jinchen’s expression returned to its original calmness as if the slight fluctuation that had appear earlier was just Han Ming’s own delusion. “This is the Zhou family’s reputation. If An Xumo wanted to become famous, it would have been enough to directly reveal his identity. As a result, has any single media outlet ever exposed his identity?”

Han Ming stood there stunned, not even noticing as the phone screen went back to black.

“There’s no impenetrable wall in the world.”

Zhou Jinchen’s words struck Han Ming’s ears one word at a time.

“There are only ears and eyes that are broadcasted.”

“An Xumo is an orphan, his guardian is the resident committee of Chonghua Community in S City. He grew up on government support, he has no relatives nor friends. He took the money raised from his part-time jobs to sign up for Jin Dian’s trainee program.”

“This is his family information, the only information you can see from the past, present, and future.”

Han Ming couldn’t be more clear about the Zhou family’s power, otherwise, he wouldn’t have had so much hope for Zhou Jinchen in the first place. He only wanted to get Zhou Jinchen to agree to the hype but forgot that the Zhou family wasn’t the kind of giants who were willing to spread their own family affairs out in the open.

“Even if it is, so what. Even if you don’t talk about An Xumo’s identity, if the scandal between you two broke out, your fans will definitely step on him in the mud. And there’s no way the Zhou family will sit by idly and watch the ambiguity between you two…..”

Zhou Jinchen coldly looked at Han Ming who had lost his footing, as if he were watching a fire from across the river.

“Qian Zhipeng, do you know this person?”

Han Ming’s voice was instantly choked back into his throat. He opened his eyes incredulously as if Zhou Jinchen had turned into a monster with teeth and claws.[2]to bare fangs and brandish claws (idiom); to make threatening gestures.

Zhou Jinchen ignored his gaze and continued, “H City’s mandatory Drug Rehabilitation Center, which ended his rehabilitation a month ago. He has now a certain degree of freedom including facing the camera.”

“Do you think he resembles the height as the same sneak shots you put out?”


Han Ming’s face was pale, and all his complacency had now disappeared. Cold sweat slid down his face to his jaw, hitting his expensive formal wear on the shoulder with a “pop”.

“Sneaking pictures of me in violation of the contract, and making me come out to admit being in a relationship. This task isn’t suitable for me, so I might as well give it to your ex-boyfriend. After all, you have accumulated feelings and he’ll be happy to take the job.”

Han Ming never knew that Zhou Jinchen could speak so harshly. He could barely steady himself and had to reach out on the pale white wall beside him to continue standing.

The Zhou Jinchen in front of him was looking directly at him, a sight that Han Ming was expecting. Yet, at this moment, it was like a majestic mountain that could crush him in an instant.

Han Ming’s chest rose and fell violently, “The contract, I won’t mention the contract again. I’ll tell my aunt to cancel…but you, if Qian Zhipeng appears on camera, I will never be soft….”

Despite being only a meter apart, the two were in completely different states. Zhou Jinchen’s voice was smooth: “Remember what you said yourself.”

Han Ming gasped sharply as if he had been robbed. He looked at Zhou Jinchen rather scrupulously.

Fortunately… He thought to himself. Fortunately, the other party did not continue to delve deeper. Damn it, why would even the ex-boyfriend matter was dug up…

But Zhou Jinchen’s stopping there is not because he has a good heart. He looked down condescendingly at the arrogant Han Ming. “With Li Xiuqing’s side, there’s no need for you to talk.”

“What?” Han Ming looked at him with lingering fear.

“Li Xiuqing has been hired away at a high salary by the Zhou Consortium. Her position in Jin Dian had been taken over by Xin Zimai.” Zhou Jinchen said, “Pass on a congratulations for me.”

“What did you say?!” Han Ming cried out in disbelief.

Li Xiuqing’s departure was definitely not good news for Han Ming to congratulate. After three years of debut, he had been able to get to this point, and his greatest reliance was his aunt who worked at Jin Dian. In these three years, he had robbed countless resources from many people, but those people couldn’t shake him. Just like Yi Tianming, who had been stepped on long ago.

But now that Li Xiuqing had left her job, who could still protect him? The number of people in the company who were eyeing him with a tiger’s eye are not few and Han Ming himself knew that the ones he robbed of resources would never let him go in the future.

“No, this can’t be…..”

Han Ming muttered, raising the phone again with trembling hands. His trembling was so great that it took him several tries to unlock the phone with his fingerprint.

By the time Han Ming dialed Li Xiuqing’s phone, Zhou Jinchen had already turned towards the exit. He raised his hand and signaled the guards who were guarding the other side of the corridor to come and quickly follow. Several tall men with imposing aura passed by Han Ming and none of them gave any alms to the young idol who was already close to collapsing.

Xin Zimai who was waiting at the exit saw Zhou Jinchen come out and quickly followed after being stunned for a moment. He asked in a low voice, “Jinchen, Han Ming’s matter…”

There were only a few street lights shining around, this area which had just been extremely prosperous due to the award ceremony, restored its calm for the night. Zhou Jinchen’s burst of light grew deeper and deeper as he said, “Take a few shots as possible, when he’s cleaned up by someone else, help step on it a little bit.”

Xin Zimai nodded, “Okay.”

Although the matter of the contract was resolved, in the end, Zhou Jinchen still had to use the Zhou family’s power to remove Li Xiuqing, who was protecting Han Ming. Although the opportunity to solve the problem of Li Xiuqing can also be done in the future, there’s still no substantial progress in bringing the situation back to the original Zhou family.

But the good news is that the original resources that Li Xiuqing was responsible for were taken over by Xin Zimai. Now, they finally have a new power within Jin Dian. Coupled with the golden trophy he won tonight, Zhou Jinchen was able to look forward to a broader situation.

After that, he has a new light source on the road.

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1 RAW: 哥哥狂炫酷霸拽。
2 to bare fangs and brandish claws (idiom); to make threatening gestures.

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