Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 29.2

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Part 2/2 of Chapter 29~~(‘。• ω •。’)

Chapter 29.2 – Male Four was Cut Off

The original resident guest, Yi Tianming, was replaced from the third stage for some reason, his scenes in the second stage were also cut to pieces. The backbone of 《Sunny Weekend》 was Yan Xiangyan and Zhang Zhiwei. Among the new permanent guests, Han Ming’s popularity is much higher than Yi Tianming’s, coupled with the fact that Yi Tianming is a funny artist, his loyal fans are even more scarce.

Except for a few fans protesting under the 《Sunny Weekend》 official WeChat account, it didn’t make much of a splash. Passers-by who only watched the show didn’t even know that Yi Tianming was replaced midway through the show, and thought that the second season of 《Sunny Weekend》 was the same as the first, with only Yan Xiangyan and Zhang Zhiwei being permanent.

Yi Tianming’s presence was greatly weakened, and Han Ming’s actions were even more clearly revealed.

If we’re talking about the amount of hate that was drawn in it, it was definitely An Xumo’s fans who hated Han Ming even more —— after all, his intentional wrong guidance directly made An Xumo search long and hard, almost returning home empty-handed.

But in fact, the main force behind the bombardment of Han Ming came from Zhou Jinchen’s fans.

Unlike the fandom name that An Xumo’s fan just set, Zhou Jinchen’s fan title was determined a long time ago. Zhou Jinchen, who has made his debut for five years, has a large number of loyal fans. Because of Zhou Jinchen’s own character, coupled with the fact that his main business is filming, his fans usually adhere to the principle of self-meng[1]cute in the circle. All of which are very lowkey, striving to maintain a very good popularity for Zhou Jinchen.

However, their usually low profile doesn’t mean that they are always weak, their fighting ability at key moments is worthy of their unique name — “Jin” Yiwei.[2]Royal guards

Han Ming happened to cut in the biggest lightning point of the “Royal Guards” as he unilaterally wanted to get intimate with Zhou Jinchen without his cooperation. Coupled with the faint rumors related to Zhou Jinchen during Han Ming’s scandal, the fuse is finally lit. Although Zhou Jinchen was an actor, among the fan base, the strongest fighters are definitely the girlfriend fans. The largest percentage of his fans are also purely girlfriend fans.

Zhou Jinchen has never been rumored on a scandal, and fans know that he doesn’t like this type of speculation. As a result, there are people who want to challenge this absolute minefield — if it doesn’t blow up, do you want to keep the high-pressure water gun to play in the fountain?

Before An Xumo’s fans could go up to condemn Han Ming’s malicious targeting, Zhou Jinchen’s fans quickly started a “declaration of war” on various social media platforms. Han Ming is a young idol who has been on the scene for three years, also has his own group of fans. However, the role they play is completely unable to compete with Zhou Jinchen’s fans—not to mention the fighting power, even with the number of fans, this is an absolute crush.

This battle between the fans only lasted one day. On the second night after the show was aired, Han Ming’s studio had to come out with a statement saying that their own artist didn’t mean to offend Zhou Jinchen. The statement was supposed to save the situation, but in less than an hour, after it was issued, a member of Han Ming’s studio had a spat with Zhou Jinchen’s fans on Weibo. The staff directly said, “No matter who you pinch,[3]*(slang) to fight Zhou Jinchen will never marry you.”

This divine assistance directly pushed Han Ming into the fire pit.

The fact that Li Xiuqing has been transferred and Xin Zimai has always maintained an attitude of “I’ll listen to everything you say, but I won’t just do it.” The resources available to Han Ming have been drastically reduced, coupled with the attacks of those artists who had been robbed by him before, it didn’t take two days for Han Ming’s endorsements to lose by three. His Weibo was also captured by fans of Zhou Jinchen and An Xumo. Even the traces of fans in the comments were directly drowned.

To make matters even more dramatic, an artist who has been robbed off of their resources by Han Ming uploaded a video from the set of a previous movie Han Ming had been in. The video not only exposes the rehearsal schedule that proves Han Ming is a supporting actor but uses three doubles. The artist also captured him publicly pushing a young female artist on the set.

The wall was pushed down by everyone, not to mention it’s a wall made of paper.

When things developed later, Han Ming, Zhou Jinchen, and An Xumo were not the only ones involved. Han Ming originally relied on robbed resources to get to the top. All kinds of black material since his debut have been picked up. The two partners who would be in the same group as him and were later kicked out also spoke out publicly, accusing of Han Ming’s original behavior. The topic #Han Ming Get out of the Entertainment Industry was repeatedly topped on major search lists. Han Ming himself had to cancel all his recent activities.

In the end, the program team of 《Sunny Weekend》 deleted all of Han Min’s solo promotional blogs on Weibo, and Han Ming’s last solo tour that was to be held soon was also postponed. As for the other endorsements, activities, and collaborations were also cut off and pushed.

In just one week, Han Ming’s situation directly illustrates the difference between heaven and earth.

By the time the third phase of 《Sunny Weekend》 aired, there was almost no more footage of Han Ming on screen. Zhou Jinchen’s fans had also officially called it a day and returned to their harmonious loves of washing dishes and peeling shrimp.

After this battle, Zhou Jinchen’s fans also formed a strange fate with An Xumo’s fans. Originally, because they appeared on the same show, it was inevitable that the two fans would have a big or small friction. However, as a result of having such a common target of fire, Royal Guards and Cuttlefish instead became friends who had a battle with each other.

An Xumo had heard a little bit of these things done by his own fans from Tang Tang. After the show aired, his Weibo account had gone up another wave of followers very quickly, and his twice a week posting frequency has been changed to once a week under Tang Tang’s orders.

But now, what An Xumo was most concerned about was not the benefits that the broadcast of 《Sunny Weekend》 brought him, what really made him sleepless was the upcoming movie auditions.

As early as a month ago, An Xumo had started a systematic ballet training. He had learned everything before, but because the movie character was a professional ballet dancer, he still needed to be stronger in his technique.

The ballet lessons were arranged by Tang Tang, and An Xumo didn’t ask too much, so he didn’t know that the top ballet teacher was approved by Xin Zimai for Tang Tang. In addition to dance practice, An Xumo was also increasing his flexible training. Ballet requires a high degree of flexibility in the waist of the performer, although An Xumo’s own conditions were very good, it’s still also essential to the practice.

Besides a flexible waist, the ballet dancer’s body shape also has very strict requirements. Difficult jumps and throws require a solid physical base, yet the stage presentation requires that male ballerinos not have overly exaggerated muscles—otherwise, it will affect the look and feel. Fortunately, Tang Tang doesn’t give him those unreliable fitness meals these days, but rather, limited types and quantities of meals according to his teacher’s requirements so that An Xumo has the stamina to keep up with the exercises.

A month later, An Xumo met Zhang Zhiwei at an event in Jin Dian. The latter specifically asked him to stay after the event, and the two of them had a face-to-face chat about the next audition.

After the event, An Xumo and Tang Tang waited for Zhang Zhiwei at the promised café.

Only An Xumo and Zhang Zhiwei were left in the semi-sealed booth. Zhang Zhiwei adjusted his sitting posture and opened his mouth to ask him, “How is the ballet training going?”

An Xumo said, “Teacher said that there is almost no problem anymore.”

Zhang Zhiwei nodded, he had always been satisfied with An Xumo’s diligence.

An Xumo hesitated for a moment, but still said, “Thank you for this opportunity. I troubled you for taking such good care of me.”[4]all italicized you are spoken in a polite/formal way

Zhang Zhiwei waved his hand, he had originally had days of youthful exuberance, but the accumulated years had slowly settled into steady wisdom with each passing day. He smiled, “Why are you still polite to me? Your mother took care of me for so long in the first place, and she especially……”

He got stuck in the middle of his sentence, An Xumo looked over and heard him say, “Hey Xiao Mo, your collar is a bit folded, on the right side, there, yes, turn it over.”

An Xumo touched his collar when he heard the words. He couldn’t see the specifics himself. Zhang Zhiwei quickly said, “Good”, but in fact, An Xumo did not even confirm what the condition of his collar just now.

Zhang Zhiwei naturally spoke up again and said, “Now all of this is just a hand up,[5]举手之劳: lit. the exertion of lifting one’s hand (idiom); fig. a very slight effort. no need to mention.”

An Xumo pursed his lips, Tang Tang has not yet returned, he asked very lightly and quickly, “The first time you see me and you’re so sure, this matter…”

Zhang Zhiwei heard the words and said, “How can something like this go wrong, have you seen a picture of your mother when she was young?”

An Xumo frowned, he really hadn’t seen it and really didn’t quite understand how Zhang Zhiwei was taking care of him.

Zhang Zhiwei seemed to have sensed An Xumo’s emotions, but his reaction was not what An Xumo had imagined. He crossed his fingers and laced his two thumbs together, “Xiao Mo, I know you, young people don’t like to nag, but there are some things that you will understand afterward. Being a parent is also well-intentioned. What problem is there that can’t be solved by sitting down properly?”

As he spoke, he brought up the matter of his own children, saying that all parents all over the world are the same. An Xumo listened in a cloud of confusion, vaguely feeling that something was wrong, but he never grasped the point.

Just then, Tang Tang came back with the coffee and Zhang Zhiwei stopped the conversation. After giving the coffee, he took a sip from his cup and was about to open his mouth when the phone in his hand rang.

Zhang Zhiwei looked at it and smiled, “Coincidentally, it happens to be the assistant director in charge of casting over there.”

He didn’t hide it from An Xumo, and just picked up the phone. As it was very close, even though An Xumo didn’t deliberately listen to it, the voice from the phone still came through very clearly.

The voice over there seems a little anxious. After a brief greeting, he got straight to the point, “Old Zhang. There is something I want to tell you, Ma Zechi just came and mentioned that there is an investor who wants to come over to see the casting process. I listened to what he meant, it seems that he wants to close the casting early.”

Zhang Zhiwei frowned and suddenly felt a bad premonition, “Which position does the person in Ma’s novel did they fancy?”

An Xumo was sitting across the room, and the assistant director’s voice raised by a half degree because of urgency. The worse answer made the aroma of the coffee on the table cool down.

“Aiya, it’s the male number four, ah. The ballerina you told Lao[6]老: old, experienced, wise, and to show respect. I will be using Lao Ma from now on. Ma about!”

The author has something to say:

Zhou Jinchen: My money, my play, casting for others to succeed? Impossible.

Zhang Zhiwei: My kid here has been in ballet for a month! Even the XX Royal Ballet’s royal teacher says it’s top-notch! Now you’re telling me to change people? Where would you look to find a more suitable one, do you still want to directly shame?!

An Xumo:…..(Watching)[7]watching/observing from the sidelines.


1 cute
2 Royal guards
3 *(slang) to fight
4 all italicized you are spoken in a polite/formal way
5 举手之劳: lit. the exertion of lifting one’s hand (idiom); fig. a very slight effort.
6 老: old, experienced, wise, and to show respect. I will be using Lao Ma from now on.
7 watching/observing from the sidelines.

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