Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 29.1

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Chapter 29.1 – Male Four was Cut Off

The program team of 《Sunny Weekend》 showed the content of the second episode with great expectation. The ratings of the single episode aired rewarded them with a hundred percent effect.

Following the content of the first episode of the second season, several people are still living a comfortable and nostalgic life on the azure coast of Sanya. Like other guests, Zhou Jinchen and An Xumo, who appeared in this episode, were stunned by the beautiful scenery of the beach and then quickly adjusted to the happy atmosphere.

An Xumo who was dragged by Tang Tang to watch the show’s premiere was eating beef with a tray in his hand. When he saw the colorful characters appearing on the TV, he even slowed down his eating for a beat.

He really couldn’t quite understand……The show isn’t even about himself, but why did the program team have to give Zhou Jinchen, who has no expression, with an air of “admiring the beautiful scenery” with three exclamation marks on the characters of the flowers.

Tang Tang on the side has long been accustomed to it. The program team is considering the final broadcast effect. The editing effect of variety shows can definitely be reversed in black and white, and there is nothing to say.

“Hey, this is just for you to express the charm of the local scenery. If the environment there is a little better, the audience will feel “Wow, I want to go” after watching it. This can be regarded as a success in arousing the mood.”

“Well……I’ve watched variety shows before,” An Xumo forked a small piece of beef, “I just didn’t expect that there would be such a big gap between the actual shooting and the show’s effect.”

“It’s still early, you wait for more.” Tang Tang had gotten a bit of information from Xin Zimai and was now looking forward to it, “There’s definitely a good show later.”

Let that Han Ming and Yi Tianming step on Xiao Mo overtly and secretly, hmm, the show airs to teach them how to behave!

Early in the morning, the seaside is gloomy, and the seagulls scratched the screen. The program team plays the “rainy weekend” stunt as usual, which opened the prelude to a new day with the fragrant heat of rice porridge. The three people staying in the house packed up in their rooms to prepare lunch, while Han Ming took the two guests to the beach to pick up ingredients. It was only when An Xumo watched the familiar pace that he finally recovered a bit of his memories of filming that time.

But soon, he noticed something new and different.

“Hey, isn’t it…Han Ming deliberately gave you the wrong method at that time, ah?!” Tang Tang opened her eyes wide and looked at the screen angrily, “He is too dishonest. I didn’t follow him at that time. I didn’t expect him to target you from the beginning.”

An Xumo looked at the screen and was also slightly surprised. He never thought that the show would broadcast the footage of Han Ming introducing the method of searching for seafood. Not only that, but they also cut in the footage of the first episode where the tour guide gave Han Ming and Yi Tianming the explanation of the correct method, so that everyone knew Han Ming and Yi Tianming deliberately lied to the guests. An Xumo couldn’t help but feel a little strange, wasn’t Han Ming the resident of 《Sunny Weekend》, why did the program team purposely broadcast such scenes?

He silently destroyed a new piece of beef, thinking about what Tang Tang had just said. Maybe….this is also the variety effect that the program team wanted, right?

Not only the footage, but even the soundtrack showed a bit of tension. After Han Ming deliberately said the wrong method, the camera even intentionally played a close-up of An Xumo responding seriously. If it wasn’t for An Xumo’s presence, he would’ve thought that he had been bullied so badly.

An Xumo feels nothing to himself, but Tang Tang on the side is getting more and more angry. The next part is a contrasting shot between An Xumo, Han Ming, and Zhou Jinchen. An Xumo who earnestly searched by the sea found nothing, while Zhou Jinchen, who was actively helped by Han Ming, harvested a basket full of seafood.

“Han Ming is too much!” Tang Tang exhaled and angrily hit the table. An Xumo silently moved the other steak on the table a bit to avoid it from spilling over.

“It’s okay.” On the contrary, the poor and innocent victim of the camera spoke up to Tang Tang, “I found a big lobster later.”

An Xumo gave Tang Tang spoilers in advance, but when the content appeared on camera, it was dozens of times more effective than his brief sentence. The show first used An Xumo’s scream as a twist, coupled with the others looking over at the action, plus a few tense screen transitions with exciting background music, before finally finishing with a big close-up of the lobster.

An Xumo: “……..” So, the lobster he found was such a glorious and significant achievement.

He didn’t have to think about what kind of emotions the scene would make the viewer feel—Tang Tang on the side was concentrating on the screen, leaning her upper body forward, not turning her eyes away. When the close-up shot of the lobster came out, she was even more excited than An Xumo, who was carefully removing the lobster’s claw in the scene.

“Xiao Mo! You’re too amazing! Look at you, you big lobster!”

An Xumo rubbed his forehead, feeling a bit puzzled.

But he was also clear that this was the desired outcome of the variety show. The reason behind the text seemingly looking at the mountain, it should have ups and downs and not flat, An Xumo could finally understand it.

It was only because his own emotional fluctuation was not so intense at that time, and now that he was looking at Tang Tang who was completely excited, he felt a little contrast.

Moreover, if An Xumo remembered correctly, the next scene should be……

Sure enough, the key ingredient brought a new wave of shock. The scene changed to where Zhou Jinchen was applying medicine to An Xumo. He looked at the two people in the scene as the sound of his heart beating from inside through his chest, hitting his chest one by one.

He slowly bit the beef in his hand, feeling a little uncontrollable nervousness. Even though it had been a long time since the incident, An Xumo still remembered how he felt at that time.

Worried about his bad condition would affect the shooting, worried about what he had done wrong, worried that he wouldn’t be able to present his emotions properly in front of the camera. Too inexperienced, always looked green…

Most of all, worried that he won’t be able to perform at his best while standing next to his brother.

However, An Xumo was relieved that the camera didn’t stay on the two for too long. After the simple treatment, the scene was cut to the next part of the content.

“Brother Zhou is quite considerate.” Tang Tang sighed, looking over sideways, “How does it feel to be up close and personal with your idol?”

An Xumo coughed, “A little nervous.”

“Relax,” Tang Tang smiled. “There will be more opportunities for cooperation in the future.”

The camera quickly shifted to the scene of preparing ingredients inside the house. In the part where Zhou Jinchen used a palm-length dagger to remove the shrimp thread, Tang Tang had already seen it during the live recording, but that didn’t prevent her from marveling at Zhou Jinchen. The main reason is that the scene is so beautiful even though it’s just an ordinary cleaning of ingredients, it makes Zhou Jinchen pleasing to the eye.

Each episode of 《Sunny Weekend》 was about ninety minutes long, which contains two days of filming, so only the most exciting clips were shown. About sixty percent of the content on the first day was seafood dinner, dancing for coconuts, etc,. After releasing Yan Xiangyan and Zhang Zhiwei’s product placement commercial, the starry sky on the beach after the rain became the transition between two days. With it, there was a small climax that renewed the audience’s appetite —— the folk dance that was called up to dance by the group at two in the morning.

Tang Tang was there when the recording was first in the middle of the night. To be honest, she was actually a little worried that An Xumo’s performance would be a little too eye-catching. Fortunately, after the buildup of 《Dance to the Top Show》 viewers no longer questioned An Xumo’s professional abilities, instead, it became a very clever way to attract fans.

The show didn’t use any fancy post-production techniques when dealing with this content. Perhaps because they felt that the situation was already dramatic enough, the scene aired just showed An Xumo’s performance as it was. But in fact, the result was not less impressive. The more understated it is, the more it reveals An Xumo’s solid foundation.

Unreserved extreme expressions may be too much, but occasional glimpses will make one even more curious. An Xumo’s ability is naturally more than enough for this segment. He only showed one point of his skills, but he is able to draw people to imagine all of his skills, thus, creating a more idealized effect of wonder.

Even Tang Tang couldn’t help but exclaim, “Xiao Mo, you’re really lucky. With 《Dance to the Top Show》 in front as your prelude and such a suitable performance opportunity here, even passers-by will definitely see it and have a good impression of you.”

Professional skills are always the basic foundation of an artist’s life.

“But having said that, opportunities only favors those who are prepared.” Tang Tang turned around and was in high spirits to continue to praise but forgot what she had just wanted to say when she saw An Xumo.

She was stunned to see An Xumo who was carrying a steak. Her eyes swept to the empty plate on the table, and she was suddenly glued to it, unable to pull out, “…..Did you eat all of that big plate of chopped beef?”

An Xumo nodded honestly, “En.”

The screen was showing An Xumo’s brilliant shot, but the real one is wholeheartedly dealing with the beef. Tang Tang didn’t know whether she should be attracted to the child’s big heart or worry about the other person for eating too much.

“I know you’ve been practicing ballet training a lot lately, but Xia Mo….uh, that, even if it’s beef, it’s best not to eat too much.” Tang Tang said in a tactful tone, “otherwise you’ll accumulate fat….”

An Xumo looked at her, then at the steak in his hand, and obediently put the plate down.


Looking at An Xumo’s action, Tang Tang was filled with guilt inside, she was busy remedying the situation, “It’s fine. It doesn’t matter today, you have extra training in the evening anyway, so eat your fill first.”

Anyway, Xiao Mo has to practice for so long every day, and he eats strictly according to the diet. His weight and body fat are always monitored, even if he eats a little more…it shouldn’t matter…it doesn’t matter.

A certain young star’s manager is starting to worry about planning her own artist’s future salary. She has to help people earn more money to save. Other artists are throwing money to buy houses, cars, and high luxury goods…….the most important thing in their family[1]Referring to An Xumo is food.

So sad ah!


After the second episode of season two of 《Sunny Weekend》 aired, the reactions it received were even stronger than the show’s initial expectations.

The first hit was Zhou Jinchen’s ten-way omnipotence.[2]RAW: 第一个爆点就是周谨沉的十項全能。Not sure about the translation. This is not the first reality show that Zhou Jinchen has been on, but it is the first time that he has shown his charm in life. Zhou Jinchen himself rarely reveals his private life, and there are various speculations about him. But even the most beloved old fans didn’t expect that their Brother Chen would actually be the master! Move! Wash! Bowl!

“Oh, my god! Is there anything more Su[3]derived from the term “Mary Su”. than a man who lights up his dishwashing skills? In particular, this man also has the face of Zhou Jinchen.”

When the second episode of 《Sunny Weekend》 premiered on Greentown TV, fans on Weibo exploded. “Remove shrimp thread” and “dishwasher” became two brand-new stems. Those who firmly believe that they were not girlfriend fans also began to fall on a large scale. With hundreds of thousands of fans, a big fan even changed their name to “Mr. Zhou’s Bowl.” In less than two hours, shrimp and bowl successfully jumped onto Zhou Jinchen’s second associated tags.

“Once, I thought the most beautiful dream I could imagine would be to say good morning to Brother Chen. But now, I realized that the most beautiful thing would be to watch Brother Chen wash the dishes.”

“Mr. Zhou can do more than just washing dishes and peeling shrimp, right, look at how skilled he is, his cooking skills are definitely not bad. This kind of man is terrible, all right? Can you leave some room for others to live!”

“I’m announcing that I’m retiring from Brother Chen’s face fan. From now on, I’m Brother Chen’s shrimp fan! Drops, shrimp fan card.”

“What’s a shrimp fan? It sounds too hungry….. I was trying to control myself from getting too hungry. Among other things, I just hope Brother Chen will take up a family’s cook husband’s book next time, a double-faced character who is a family cook during the day and a killer at night. As long as there are clips of him cooking, it’s worth going to the cinema for ten times!”

In addition to Zhou Jinchen’s recent frightening heat, An Xumo’s performance is also very eye-catching. What his fans didn’t expect was that the boy who shined on stage and dances like he’s the center of attention of the entire world—he’s such an introverted and shy character in private!

Previously, in the 《Dance to the Top Show》 footage, An Xumo also had some scenes, but he was not a big name guest, and he was not someone who had been paid by the dance company to do promotion. The show didn’t expect him to be so hot at first, and even if all the material from the bottom of the box was turned over, there was not much footage of An Xumo.

The 《Sunny Weekend》 is different. It shows the guests’ real personalities throughout the show. In daily life, An Xumo wears a refreshing white t-shirt. His unstyled hair is so soft that it can be seen visually, which makes people like him at first sight. He is so cute. He looks just like a high school boy who just came back from school with a backpack.

Moreover, when Zhou Jinchen was washing the dishes, An Xumo, who had just been in a hurry, stood by and watched the scene which was simply exhilarating……blood boiling.

Since there weren’t many traces to be found before, there were two main factions within An Xumo’s fandom. One part believes that An Xumo is usually a good-natured little wolf-dog character. On the grounds that he is extremely strong on stage, as evidenced by a hot dance he did in 《Dance to the Top Show》.

There are also some fans who believed that An Xumo is a well-behaved cute little milk cat. The reason is that he has always been very humble to people off stage, and more than one guest in 《Dance to the Top Show》 has praised him. As for the evidence, even if you don’t mention the cat ears picture that was retweeted by tens of thousands of people, An Xumo’s face here is the best evidence, isn’t it?

After 《Sunny Weekend》 aired, the Milk Cat faction took over the Wolf Dog faction with the autumn wind sweeping the fallen leaves. The Wolf Dog faction crumbled and went down to the other side.

Not to mention the original fans, the attracted new fans also reached a friendly consensus with the old fans. They all passed the previously unresolved fan title issues— one by one, with a high vote, An Xumo’s fans will be unified as “cuttlefish”. The cat and the fish were a perfect match.

For a while, in the official blog, comments and reposts of 《Sunny Weekend》, as well as in An Xumo’s own Weibo, fans began to line up to suck up to him. The Cloud Raising Mo Fan Group was officially established, and many members directly replaced their avatars with an expression pack that has been P.[4]Photoshopped With a small, round face being sucked up by another small round chirp, with a line below: Mo cub, I’ll take a bite.

While Zhou Jinchen and An Xumo’s fans were going crazy internally for New Year’s Eve, there was another person who directly attracted the two fanbases who shared the same concern.

—That is Han Ming, who misled An Xumo with wrong methods on the first day and deliberately took Zhou Jinchen’s hand in the mission on the second day.


1 Referring to An Xumo
2 RAW: 第一个爆点就是周谨沉的十項全能。Not sure about the translation.
3 derived from the term “Mary Su”.
4 Photoshopped

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