Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 33

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Short chapter~


Chapter 33 – Tearful An Xiao Mo

After An Xumo fainted, the ballet teacher quickly informed Xin Zimai who transferred him to the training. Xin Zimai just happened to be working overtime in the company. The office building and practice area of Jin Dian are connected to the two buildings where you can walk over directly to one floor. When Xin Zimai came over, even Tang Tang hasn’t rushed over yet.

An Xumo’s condition wasn’t so good. He knocked the back of his head on the handrail of the treadmill when he fell, and the noise was enough to make people feel scared. The ballet teacher didn’t dare to move him easily, so he laid a mat on the floor and carefully turned the person off the treadmill. He even found some new towels to cover An Xumo.

The boy’s face was frighteningly white, and even his lips were bloodless as if he had applied a white foundation.

After listening to the ballet teacher’s story, Xin Zimai’s heart sank. He raised his hand cautiously and touched the back of An Xumo’s head. He felt an obvious bump under the soft hair of the other party.

Tang Tang rushed over at that moment. She was stunned when she heard An Xumo hit his head. She almost didn’t dial the emergency number directly, but Xin Zimai stopped her from getting the call through.

There are cameras guarding all around Jin Dian. If an ambulance came, it would make the headlines that night. Xin Zimai and the ballet teacher carried An Xumo downstairs. Tang Tang ran back to get a long thick down jacket. It was already late autumn, the temperature at night was not small.

The company building was brightly lit, and carrying an unconscious person down would inevitably cause people to glance at him. Fortunately, it’s not too early now. A few people went off the elevator, and they walked through the side door so it didn’t attract much attention.

Xin Zimai himself had other work to do and it was not a good idea to trouble the ballet teacher to follow him over. He first asked the teacher to go home from work and waited for Tang Tang to follow the driver on duty and take An Xumo to the hospital. He hesitated for a moment and dialed Zhou Jinchen’s phone.

Zhou Jinchen was busy with the investment company, but he picked up the phone quickly. After Xin Zimai finished telling the story, he heard the man over there say, “Which hospital?”

Xin Zimai said, “Linshan Hospital.”

This was also the hospital affiliated with the university where Li Qiucheng was.

There was a pause on the phone. Zhou Jinchen seemed to be talking to the person next to him, after a while, his voice became clear again, “I’ll go and have a look.”

Xin Zimai was taken aback, “…..Are you done with your work?”

This approach is really not like Zhou Jinchen’s style.

Zhou Jinchen said, “Qiucheng said that my re-examination report is out. I’ll stop by to get it back.”

Xin Zimai was just about to respond when he heard Zhou Jinchen say, “Come over here after you finished your work in Jin Dian, there must be someone to finish up here.”

Xin Zimai: “……” Where’s the labor union? He wants to complain about the excessive exploitation of labor.

Zhou Jinchen seemed to hear his thoughts, so he added, “Otherwise, you go to the hospital and bring back the report?”

Xin Zimai is avoiding Li Qiucheng these two days. How could he take the initiative to send himself to the door, “No, no. You go first, I’ll go over once I’m done here.”

As soon as he hung up the phone, he received another text message from Li Qiucheng. Looking at the other party’s usual indifferent tone, Xin Zimai finally couldn’t resist and swiped right to delete the message prompt.

See the last task of this crafty premarital task….Who would agree to do something like that![1]Raw: 见了鬼的婚前任务最后一项……谁会同意去做那种事!I’m not really sure on the first part~

Let Li Qiucheng play by himself. He is very busy and has to work overtime for at least twenty days without going back.

At least twenty days!

Throwing the matter to Xin Zimai, who was in pain but volunteered to work overtime, Zhou Jinchen quickly rushed to the hospital. After the temperature dropped, the disguise of going out became less conspicuous. Zhou Jinchen took a mask and sunglasses to get his re-examination report and went to the ward where An Xumo was in the message forwarded by Xin Zimai.

Li Qiucheng was not there, Zhou Jinchen took the report back first and waited for some time to get a specific analysis. However, when he arrived at An Xumo’s ward, he saw another diagnostic report from Tang Tang.

“Concussion?” Zhou Jinchen took the result from Tang Tang’s hand and raised his hand to take off his sunglasses, “How did he fall?”

Tang Tang recounted the process she heard from the ballet teacher. Zhou Jinchen frowned after hearing it and said, “Where is An Xumo’s schedule? Show me.”

When she came in a hurry, Tang Tang took nothing but her phone and down jacket, but she had a spreadsheet on her phone, thus, she sent the schedule for the last week to Zhou Jinchen.

Zhou Jinchen looked at the screen and his face became more and more uncertain. He put down his phone and looked at Tang Tang, “Who made the course plan?”

Tang Tang was frightened by him. She was already a little flustered because of An Xumo’s fainting and stuttered even more when Zhou Jinchen asked her, “Me, I reported it to Director Xin.”

Zhou Jinchen asked, “From 6 am to 11 pm, besides course training, there are activities to attend, catch up to four announcements in three days, and eight classes per day. This kind of high-intensity plan was really approved by Xin Zimai?”

Tang Tang has never heard Zhou Jinchen say such a long sentence, she said with a bitter expression, “The original plan was to……to cancel the course as soon as he was notified, but after An Xumo came back…..he made up the classes again……”

Zhou Jinchen was about to say something, but he suddenly stopped and turned his head toward the boy sleeping on the bed.

Tang Tang also followed his line of sight and saw that the boy who had been sleeping had opened his eyes.

“…..Xiao Mo!”

An Xumo didn’t sleep well, he felt as if his chest was heavily pressed by something, and he felt sick even when he breathed. There was still something banging desperately in his head, his ears were ringing, and it was barely possible to hear a little extra sound.

“…..Mild concussion….gastrointestinal digestion….unsuitable….”

He could vaguely hear a bit of Tang Tang’s anxious voice, but it was hard to hear what the other was saying. An Xumo wondered if he should get up, there was a new training session coming up soon. But he was never able to wake up, something behind him was tugging him, and pulling him into the endless darkness bit by bit.

It wasn’t until a familiar deep male voice appeared in his ears that An Xumo gave up his desire to open his eyes.

It turned out I was dreaming, and I dreamed of my brother again. An Xumo thought vaguely that the alarm clock hadn’t gone off yet, he could probably sleep a little longer.

After a while, An Xumo somewhat felt that he had slept for a bit too long. Since signing with Jin Dian, he has never had the opportunity to stay in bed. It’s time to get up when he closes his eyes and opens them again. An Xumo was worried that he would retreat, but in the end, he tried to roll over and sit up from the bed.

As a result, as soon as he exerted himself, there was a stabbing pain in his right hand, and the body he was trying to hold up lost strength and fell back, knocking the back of his head that was already stuffy and painful making it even worse.


An Xumo opened his eyes but he felt like he couldn’t see anything clearly, in front of him was white and full of stars.

The pain brought out tears in his eyes, blurring his vision in front of him even more until a familiar man appeared in his line of sight. An Xumo, who was suffering from pain and nausea to the point of tears, caught sight of something.

How did he….still didn’t wake up from such pain like this?

A hand reached out as if trying to help him adjust his position. It was just that the dizzy An Xumo didn’t have the strength to discern anything else. He carefully but extremely eagerly tilted his head over and pressed against that hand.

The warmth from the palm of his hand made An Xumo feel a little less sick. He wrinkled his nose and couldn’t help but whisper out the name from the bottom of his heart, “Brother…..”

Originally wanted to take away the hand.

An Xumo didn’t notice the stiffness of that hand. He only thought that he was still in a dream. A dream that was too unpleasant, painful, and dizzying that he hadn’t been able to wake up.

Fortunately, my brother was there.

An Xumo pressed a little closer, burying half of his face on that hand.

The tip of his nose was sore, and his voice became a little smaller, “Brother….I feel sick….”


1 Raw: 见了鬼的婚前任务最后一项……谁会同意去做那种事!I’m not really sure on the first part~

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