Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – Feed my younger brother at night too

After mealtime, the crew resumed work.

The afternoon was still the run-in phase for the test shoot, but it was a lot faster than the morning, and Ma Lao was watching the whole thing. Although Ma Zechi never gave him the horn, it still didn’t stop him from giving instructions on the progress.

The arrangement of not filming directly on the first day was not only to give the actors a chance to get into the process but also to give Ma Lao himself a buffer. His health in recent years has not been good, but he still has the same strict requirements directing the movie, and the intensity is the same. Even if the trained actors can survive dozens of reshoots, he himself may not be able to take it.

However, according to the situation, the first day went quite smoothly. Even An Xumo, who was watching from the sidelines, gained a lot from it.

The things that the acting teacher handed over in class before, An Xumo could only memorize and didn’t know how to adapt. Now, after directly watching on the set, those things that were supposed to cast a shadow on An Xumo, have unknowingly played a new role.

In fact, at the very beginning, An Xumo was able to imitate some of the very natural emotions, otherwise, his acting teacher would not have thought that he had this talent. The teacher could see the potential in An Xumo that was necessary for an actor, that’s why he always wanted to help An Xumo unleash that potential.

That’s what the teacher thought, and in fact, he did. But because An Xumo was under too much pressure, that he was so determined not to behave badly in front of his brother, he ended up overloading himself with a heavy burden, which caused him to become more and more rigid in the class.

It wasn’t until he fainted in the ballet class and was accompanied by his brother in a dream that An Xumo’s mindset really changed. After letting go of the heavy pressure, he had a new outlook on acting. As a result, when he was able to observe the actual shooting on the set, the skills that had only been on the surface slowly took root.

The person who touched An Xumo and inspired him the most was his brother, Zhou Jinchen.

The character played by Zhou Jinchen is named Ling Sihang. Due to an old case with a new imitator, he was called to his hometown by Lin Cheng Police after being away for many years. In the process of solving the case, Ye Qisheng, Ling Sihang’s rival, also returned to Lin Cheng Police. In order to clear their suspicions, Ling Sihang and Ye Qisheng have to spend time with each other again. It was not until the case progresses, the public discovers that the two opponents who had vowed to never see each other again, were close friends who have grown up together and were once like brothers.

Lin Rui plays the role of another male protagonist, Ye Qisheng, and their personalities are similar to those of the real person. Ye Qisheng always kept a kind smile throughout the film, and he always smiled even in his teenage years. Zhou Jinchen as Ling Sihang is relatively cold and hard in terms of characters, and the script includes several scenes in which he is the protagonist.

The opening scene of the film was set ten years later in Lin Cheng, but the first day of filming was filled with scenes from his student days that appeared in his memories. At this time, both Ling Sihang and Ye Qisheng were still at their purest age and their emotional state was relatively simple. For Zhou Jinchen and Lin Rui, it wasn’t difficult to portray the hearts of their characters in this part of the film. The hardest part was for them to truly act out the unique youthfulness of high school students.

An Xumo didn’t know much about Lin Rui before, so he didn’t feel too deeply about him. However, the difference between Zhou Jinchen’s role in the movie and his role outside of it was a good lesson for An Xumo.

In the classroom, Ye Qisheng, who had finished wiping the blackboard, patted his hands and raised them to blow the chalk dust off the back of his hands. He stepped down from the podium with two steps at a time and said with a long sigh, “Sihang, let’s go!”

“Okay.” Ling Sihang, who was standing at the end of the classroom tidying up the cleaning tools, placed the last broom and walked back to his seat.

Seeing that Ling Sihang was still tidying up, Ye Qisheng didn’t rush forward. He sat directly on the desk, his long leg on the other leg, the toe of his shoe almost touching the next table.

Ye Qisheng took out his lunch card from his uniform pocket, sitting on the desk with his leg raised, and looked at his hairstyle on the card’s reflective mirror. As he fiddled with his bangs on both sides of his forehead, he said, “Oh yeah, did you hear about the new game the next class is playing?”

Ling Sihang zipped up his schoolbag, raising his hand and put the long shoulder bag strap over one shoulder, and spoke in a somewhat careless tone, “What’s that, they’re playing immortal pen[1]笔仙: Basically, it’s kind of a magic game in which the pen is used to communicate with a kind of energy in the body. At the same time, it’s also the name of a horror movie. It’s … Continue readingagain?”

Ye Qisheng stuffed his lunch card back into his pocket and jumped down from the table. He picked up the bag with one hand and put it on his shoulder. He reached out to Ling Sihang’s shoulder, “No, this time it’s different.” He said while touching the back of Ling Sihang’s head.

Ling Sihang had expectedly dodge forward, not letting him succeed, “Don’t mess up my hair.”

The two of them quarreled with a grin and made a mess. After the trouble, Ye Qisheng hooked Ling Sihang’s shoulders again: “Come, I’ll show you the new game.”


With a command from Liu Longfei, this shot passed smoothly. The two inside the classroom set separated at the door. Lin Rui smiled and patted Zhou Jinchen’s back, “Jinchen is really tall, I can’t reach the shoulders any higher.”

When Liu Longfei heard this, he said jokingly, “Brother Lin, did you secretly tiptoe just now?”

Lin Rui’s face did not change and compared the camera beside him, “Did I? No, the footage wasn’t even shot.”

Liu Longfei is one of the assistant directors of the film. In addition to the casting work that he had led before, today’s unofficial shooting is also his responsibility. Ma Lao only speaks when he is picking up on a problem. This one passed, which is why Liu Longfei called for a pause.

Due to the misunderstanding during the last casting, An Xumo also went to Liu Longfei after entering the group, but it seems that Zhou Jinchen has already explained to him. Liu Longfei didn’t care, patting him on the shoulder and told him to perform well. Liu Longfei helped An Xumo find a spot on the set where he could observe the performance as closely as possible without interfering with the filming.

The difference between this kind of close observation and watching a movie through a screen is obvious. At least for An Xumo, he learned a lot. Zhou Jinchen and Lin Rui both played teenage high school students, and each of them had their own unique way of acting.

Lin Rui designed a lot of detailed actions for his character, which is in line with his personal status. He had a slight disadvantage in terms of age. Movements like fiddling his bangs and sitting on the table complement the overall image well. When combined with the hair and make-up styled by the stylist specifically for him, the teenage schoolboy feel is very obvious.

Zhou Jinchen’s approach is different from Lin Rui’s.

An Xumo was thinking about it when a makeup artist walked over to him and went up to fix Zhou Jinchen’s makeup. Zhou Jinchen’s eyebrows and eyes have been deliberately softened that his original sharpness is visually weakened quite a bit. Yet, when the make-up artist stepped back and the man’s gaze swept over, An Xuemo still felt that the man in the school uniform not far in front of him was still an imposing twenty-two year old, Zhou Jinchen himself.

[T/N: I’m also surprised that ML is just 22 lmao. I thought he’d be at least in the late 20s.]

But when he was on camera, he was really the image of a seventeen-year-old high school student.

Lin Rui and Zhou Jinchen’s performances were almost evenly matched, with both of them familiar with their acting. The only difference is that An Xumo could see the skillfulness of Lin Rui’s performance, but he could hardly find any traces of it in Zhou Jinchen’s.

If you really want to describe it, Zhou Jinchen seems to have a switch on him. On the camera, you can tell that he is on duty by looking at the way he cleans the broom. Once he leaves the set, he gives the impression of an adult even in his oversized school uniform.

An Xumo couldn’t help but recall a word that his acting teacher would repeatedly mention to him: State.

He was definitely not able to transform as freely as Zhou Jinchen, but vaguely, An Xumo felt as if he had touched the edge a little.

The afternoon progressed smoothly. Except for An Xumo, a bystander who joined the group in advance, the rest of the actors were on camera. Before six o’clock, the whole day’s plan was complete.

There were no night scenes scheduled for the evening, and the rest of the time seems to be ampler. A few actors had a brief discussion, and hit it off in less than two minutes—off to dinner!

The people who were going to the dinner were all actors who were filming together today, a few more than at noon. After all the discussion, they thought of asking the crew. Ma Lao was old and knew that he would not have fun with them and he just asked Ma Zechi to go for him. The producer and other big heads didn’t say they were going to go. Finally, after a round of questions, only Liu Longfei and a few other crew leaders followed. A party of more than 20 people, went to the hotel next to the set.

When Tang Tang heard that An Xumo was going to a dinner party, her first reaction was to return and bring back supper. Although there were other hotels near the set, An Xumo still had to keep his body in shape and was limited in the kinds of food he could eat. When An Xumo didn’t look for a moment, Tang Tang was anxiously following the driver in a hurry.

An Xumo was a little helpless and had no choice but to follow the large group to the hotel first. The atmosphere at the banquet was quite active. An Xumo also met several other young artists. Everyone was eating and chatting, and it didn’t end until after eight o’clock.

Originally, the bill was AA system[2]AA system “Going Dutch” means to split the bill equally. but when they checked out, Zhou Jinchen asked his assistant to directly play for the entire meal, which was regarded as him inviting the crew for this meal.

The money for a meal is not too much, but this favor was impressive. Initially, there were two main characters in the original movie. After Lin Rui said that he would treat them when the film was finished, the bill for the dinner was even more logical. At the end of the banquet, several young artists went to say thank you to Zhou Jinchen. An Xumo thought about it and followed him to say thank you.

In the end, Zhou Jinchen, who had just been nodding his head in response, looked down at him.

The surroundings were a mess, everyone in the room was getting up to leave. The young actors who had finished speaking also went to find their coats, leaving An Xumo alone beside Zhou Jinchen.

When the man opened his mouth, although his voice was low, it clearly fell on An Xumo’s ears.

He said, “I’ll pay you back for the soup earlier.”

An Xuemo remembered afterward that when he ordered the food earlier, everyone ordered two dishes because of the small amount of food in the hotel. Even An Xumo was told to choose two dishes.

Zhou Jinchen was the only one.

He didn’t even look up the menu until the very end, and only ordered a large portion of the rib soup.


The author has something to say:

Uh, brother seems to be slowly melting…..


1 笔仙: Basically, it’s kind of a magic game in which the pen is used to communicate with a kind of energy in the body. At the same time, it’s also the name of a horror movie. It’s a game asking ghosts to summon spirits, which is easy to stimulate inner fear.
2 AA system “Going Dutch” means to split the bill equally.

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